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Influence of fractional carbon-dioxide laser in comparison to ErCr-YSGG on the dentin bond integrity of bioactive materials. Zaid Al-Jeaidi Apr 2, 2020 3278
Ameloplasty is counterproductive in reducing microleakage around Resin Modified Glass Ionomer and Resin based fissure sealants. Tabinda Nawaz Khan, Farhan Raza Khan and Syed Yawar Ali Abidi Apr 2, 2020 3660
Flexipharm Austrading unveils first vial and generic Methylthioninium Chloride for NHS hospitals. Mar 30, 2020 194
Flexipharm Austrading unveils first vial and generic Methylthioninium Chloride for NHS hospitals. Mar 30, 2020 190
Progressive Vaccinia Acquired through Zoonotic Transmission in a Patient with HIV/AIDS, Colombia. Laiton-Donato, Katherine; Avila-Robayo, Paola; Paez-Martinez, Andres; Benjumea-Nieto, Paula; Usme-Ci Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 2284
Effect of Feeding Dried Orange Pulp to Lactating Dairy Cows on Nutrients Digestibility, Blood Constituents, Plasma Antioxidant Biomarker, and Pathogenic Fecal Bacteria. Sabbah M. Allam, T.M. El-Bedawy, M.H. Bakr and A.E.M. Mahmoud Feb 14, 2020 5371
Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Durable and Reusable Superabsorbent Core-Shell Particles. Maijan, Pattarawadee; Chantarak, Sirinya Feb 1, 2020 4014
Impact of wilting and additives on fermentation quality and carbohydrate composition of mulberry silage. Zhang, Ying Chao; Wang, Xue Kai; Li, Dong Xia; Lin, Yan Li; Yang, Fu Yu; Ni, Kui Kui Feb 1, 2020 7811
The Persistence of Foodborne Pathogens on Produce Box Cartons. Sirsat, Sujata A. Report Jan 1, 2020 2993
Studies on Adsorption of Fluorescein Dye from Aqueous Solutions Using Wild Herbs. Senani, Ghadah M. Al-; Kadhi, Nada S. Al- Jan 1, 2020 5694
Highly Efficient Photocatalysis by Zinc Oxide-Reduced Graphene Oxide (ZnO-rGO) Composite Synthesized via One-Pot Room-Temperature Chemical Deposition Method. Ngaloy, Roselle T.; Fontanilla, Aixeen M.; Soriano, Ma. S. Rebecca; Pascua, Chelo S.; Matsushita, Yo Jan 1, 2020 6926
Methylene Blue Photodegradation under Visible Irradiation on Ag-Doped ZnO Thin Films. Vallejo, William; Cantillo, Alvaro; Diaz-Uribe, Carlos Jan 1, 2020 7014
Influence of Seed Layer Surface Position on Morphology and Photocatalysis Efficiency of ZnO Nanorods and Nanoflowers. Bourfaa, Fouzia; Boutelala, Abderhamane; Aida, Mohamed Salah; Attaf, Nadir; Ocak, Yusuf Selim Jan 1, 2020 4383
Ti[O.sub.2]/Diazonium/Graphene Oxide Composites: Synthesis and Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue. Hoan, Nguyen Thi Vuong; Minh, Nguyen Ngoc; Nhi, Thoi Thi Kim; Van Thang, Nguyen; Tuan, Vu Anh; Nguye Jan 1, 2020 9423
Advances in Smart Nanomaterials: Environmental Perspective. Palchoudhury, Soubantika; Aich, Nirupam; Zhou, Ziyou Jan 1, 2020 1375
Preparation and Characterization of Strong Cation Exchange Terpolymer Resin as Effective Adsorbent for Removal of Disperse Dyes. Bayramoglu, Gulay; Kunduzcu, Gul; Arica, Mehmet Yakup Jan 1, 2020 7901
Evaluation of Crack Formation and Propagation with Ultrasonic Root-End Preparation and Obturation Using a Digital Microscope and Optical Coherence Tomography. Rashed, Bayan; Iino, Yoshiko; Ebihara, Arata; Okiji, Takashi Jan 1, 2020 4277
Exploration of Dye Degradation Potential of Eco-friendly Synthesized TiO2 Nanoparticles Using Extract of Acacia nilotica. Mehar Ali Kazi, Zahid Ali Memon, Farman Ali Shah and Zeenat M. Ali Dec 31, 2019 2440
Synthesis of an Efficient Pb Adsorption Nano-Crystal under Strong Alkali Hydrothermal Environment Using a Gemini Surfactant as Directing Agent. Chen Chen, Ting Cheng, Xiao Zhang, Ruixin Wu and Qingying Wang Dec 31, 2019 2199
Performance Evaluation of Fenton Oxidation Treatment Method for the Reuse of Reactive Dyeing Effluent. Sana Islam, Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Nabeela Firdous, Azhar Ali and Yumna Sadef Report Dec 31, 2019 4545
Strontium Carbonate was Induced by Fruit Extracts and Graphene Oxide and its Application in Degradation of Methylene Blue. Chengli Yao, Hongying Li, ChuanminTao, Yanxin Wei, FabaoLuo and Jinmiao Zhu Dec 31, 2019 4648
Incidence of Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli Pathotypes in Children Suffering from Diarrhea in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Quetta, Pakistan. Zil-e-Huma, Abdul Malik Tareen, Kaleem Ullah, Tauseef M Asmat, Abdul Samad, Asim Iqbal, Mohammad Zah Dec 31, 2019 4253
QU students showcase graduation projects on environmental issues. Dec 12, 2019 385
Excision and tension-free primary closure of pilonidal disease. Alkatta, Mohamed A.; Mejally, Abdallah Dec 1, 2019 3804
Synthesis and Application of Fe-Doped Ti[O.sub.2]-Halloysite Nanotubes Composite and Their Potential Application in Water Treatment. Nyankson, Emmanuel; Agyei-Tuffour, Benjamin; Adjasoo, Jonas; Ebenezer, Annan; Dodoo-Arhin, David; Ya Dec 1, 2019 8999
Foregut Development and Metamorphosis in a Pyramidellid Gastropod: Modularity and Constraint within a Complex Life Cycle. Harms, K.S.; Hesketh, A.V.; Page, L.R. Dec 1, 2019 9679
Management of Multiple Arteriovenous Malformations of the Small Bowel. Hirakawa, Masahiro; Ishizuka, Rie; Sato, Masanori; Hayasaka, Naotaka; Ohnuma, Hiroyuki; Murase, Kazu Dec 1, 2019 1959
Risk Factors for Bacterial Contamination of Bovine Meat during Slaughter in Ten Indonesian Abattoirs. Diyantoro; Wardhana, Dhandy Koesoemo Dec 1, 2019 4585
Impact of Resected Gastric Volume on Postoperative Weight Loss after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. D'Ugo, Stefano; Bellato, Vittoria; Bianciardi, Emanuela; Gentileschi, Paolo Dec 1, 2019 3515
Characterization of Activated Charcoal Obtained from Malt Bagasse. de Lima, Renata Candido Araujo; Anschau, Andreia Nov 15, 2019 2246
Anesthesia Practice: Review of Perioperative Management of H-Type Tracheoesophageal Fistula. Edelman, Bret; Selvaraj, Bright Jebaraj; Joshi, Minal; Patil, Uday; Yarmush, Joel Nov 1, 2019 3597
Hydrogen Sulfide: Emerging Role in Bladder, Kidney, and Prostate Malignancies. Akbari, Masoud; Sogutdelen, Emrullah; Juriasingani, Smriti; Sener, Alp Nov 1, 2019 9297
Assessment of Performance of Posidona oceanica (L.) as Biosorbent for Crude Oil-Spill Cleanup in Seawater. Jmaa, Senda Ben; Kalle, Amjad Nov 1, 2019 6749
Cap-Assisted Endoscopic Mucosal Resection of an Incidental Rectal Traumatic Neuroma. Estifan, Elias; Patel, Varun; Grossman, Matthew Nov 1, 2019 1388
Removal of the Rhodamine B Dye at Ti/[Ru.sub.0.3][Ti.sub.0.7][O.sub.2] Anode Using Flow Cell System. Baddouh, Ali; Ibrahimi, Brahim El; Amaterz, Elhassan; Rguiti, M. Mohamed; Bazzi, Lahcen; Hilali, Mus Nov 1, 2019 6620
Characterization of Prototype Formulated Particleboards from Agroindustrial Lignocellulose Biomass Bonded with Chemically Modified Cassava Peel Starch. Kariuki, Stephen Warui; Wachira, Jackson; Kawira, Millien; Leonard, Genson Murithi Nov 1, 2019 8992
Global Crack Tooth Syndrome (CTS) Market to Reach USD 4.96 Bn. by 2023 Registering approx. 6% CAGR. Oct 11, 2019 1202
Testing Silica: Substitutes for Green Sand Casting. Oct 1, 2019 1898
Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Vanadium-Doped Sn[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles in Rhodamine B Degradation. Letifi, H.; Litaiem, Y.; Dridi, D.; Ammar, S.; Chtourou, R. Oct 1, 2019 7556
Nitrate Poisoning due to Ingestion of Cabbages (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) (Brassicaceae) in Kitui County, Kenya. Nguta, Joseph Mwanzia Oct 1, 2019 3242
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection of a Proximal Esophageal Pyogenic Granuloma. Estifan, Elias; Patel, Varun; Grossman, Matthew Oct 1, 2019 1752
Synthesis of Porous Octahedral ZnO/CuO Composites from Zn/Cu-Based MOF-199 and Their Applications in Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes. Minh, Tran Thanh; Tu, Nguyen Thi Thanh; Van Thi, Tran Thi; Hoa, Le Thi; Long, Hoang Thai; Phong, Ngu Oct 1, 2019 9342
Preparation of Ag-Coated Si[O.sub.2]@Ti[O.sub.2] Core-Shell Nanocomposites and Their Photocatalytic Applications towards Phenol and Methylene Blue Degradation. Fu, Ning; Ren, Xue-chang; Wan, Jian-xin Oct 1, 2019 5024
Inhibitory Substances Produced by Native Lactobacillus plantarum UTNCys5-4 Control Microbial Population Growth in Meat. Tenea, Gabriela N.; Martin Guana, Juan Oct 1, 2019 5763
Cytokine Profile in Early Infection by Leptospira interrogans in A/J Mice. Bavia, Lorena; de Castro, Iris A.; Amano, Mariane Tami; da Silva, Ana Maria Goncalves; Vasconcellos, Oct 1, 2019 8942
Si[O.sub.2]/Ti[O.sub.2] Composite Coating on Light Substrates for Photocatalytic Decontamination of Water. Bibova, Hana; Hykrdova, Lenka; Hoang, Hiep; Elias, Milan; Jirkovsky, Jaromir Oct 1, 2019 6206
Eco-Friendly Photocatalyst Derived from Egg Shell Waste for Dye Degradation. Amarasinghe, Achala; Wanniarachchi, Dakshika Oct 1, 2019 7170
Intraoperative Near-Infrared Autofluorescence and Indocyanine Green Imaging to Identify Parathyroid Glands: A Comparison. Lerchenberger, Max; Arabi, Norah Al; Gallwas, Julia K.S.; Stepp, Herbert; Hallfeldt, Klaus K.J.; Lad Oct 1, 2019 4758
A Novel Thiazolyl Schiff Base: Antibacterial and Antifungal Effects and In Vitro Oxidative Stress Modulation on Human Endothelial Cells. Login, Cristian Cezar; Tiperciuc, Ioana Baldea Brindusa; Benedec, Daniela; Vodnar, Dan Cristian; Dec Oct 1, 2019 7580
Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Orange Peel Extract Prepared by Plasmochemical Extraction Method and Degradation of Methylene Blue under Solar Irradiation. Skiba, Margarita I.; Vorobyova, Victoria I. Oct 1, 2019 5176
Tea Stem as a Sorbent for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Phase. Lee, Tzan-Chain; Wang, Shumao; Huang, Zonggui; Mo, Zhongxing; Wang, Gangxing; Wu, Zhuanrong; Liu, Ch Oct 1, 2019 8833
Antimicrobial thermoplastic elastomers: Strategic pathways for the future of broad-spectrum anti-infective materials. Peddinti, Bharadwaja S.T.; Scholle, Frank; Ghiladi, Reza G.; Spontak, Richard J. Oct 1, 2019 6669
Non-Surgical Retreatment After Failed Intentional Replantation: A Case Report. Ong, Teng Kai Oct 1, 2019 2437
Common Pain Reliever Turns Woman's Blood Blue. Sep 20, 2019 406
Action of Light on Metabolism of Yeast FT-858. Santos, Maria do Socorro Mascarenhas; Mueller, Larissa Pires; de Amorim, Murilo Goncalves; Cardoso, Sep 15, 2019 2717
Virulence genes in Escherichia coli isolates from commercialized saltwater mussels Mytella guyanensis (Lamarck, 1819)/Presenca de genes de virulencia em isolados de Escherichia coli provenientes de sururu Mytella guyanensis (Lamarck, 1819) comercializado. Barbosa, C.A.; Conceicao, T.A.; Baliza, M.D.; Camilo, V.M.A.; Juiz, P.J.L.; Silva, I.M.M. Sep 12, 2019 2985
Ex Vivo Microscopy: A Promising Next-Generation Digital Microscopy Tool for Surgical Pathology Practice. Krishnamurthy, Savitri; Quincy Brown, Jonathan; Iftimia, Nicusor; Levenson, Richard M.; Rajadhyaksha Sep 1, 2019 10712
Tracheal Rupture: A Rare Complication of Endotracheal Intubation. Misirlioglu, Merve; Yildizdas, Dincer; Asian, Nagehan; Horoz, Ozden Ozgur; Ozden, Onder Sep 1, 2019 1494
Prevalence and Factors Associated with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) among Presumptive MDR-TB Patients in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia. Mehari, Kibriti; Asmelash, Tsehaye; Hailekiros, Haftamu; Wubayehu, Tewolde; Godefay, Hagos; Araya, T Sep 1, 2019 5215
Antibiotic Resistance of Enteric Bacteria in HIV-Infected Patients at the Banka Ad-Lucem Hospital, West Region of Cameroon. Ngalani, Ornella J.T.; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Marbou, Wiliane J.T.; Ngai, Roland Y.; Kuete, Victor Sep 1, 2019 4789
Cyanobacterial Biomass Pigments as Natural Sensitizer for Ti[O.sub.2] Thin Films. Patino-Camelo, Karen; Diaz-Uribe, Carlos; Gallego-Cartagena, Euler; Vallejo, William; Martinez, Vinc Sep 1, 2019 5554
A Green and Facile Approach for Synthesis of Starch-Pectin Magnetite Nanoparticles and Application by Removal of Methylene Blue from Textile Effluent. Nsom, Mih Venasius; Etape, Ekane Peter; Tendo, Josepha Foba; Namond, Beckley Victorine; Chongwain, P Sep 1, 2019 5863
Synthesis of [Bi.sub.0.5][Li.sub.0.5]Ti[O.sub.3] Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Method for Photocatalytic Methylene Blue Degradation and Antibacterial Activity. Le, Thanh T. Hai; Phung, Bao Quoc; Dang, Dung Duc Sep 1, 2019 5686
Ultrasonic-Assisted Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Application of Si[O.sub.2]@Ti[O.sub.2] Core-Shell Nanocomposite Particles. Bahadur, Newaz Mohammed; Chowdhury, Farhana; Obaidullah, Md.; Hossain, Md. Shahadat; Rashid, Rumana; Sep 1, 2019 7840
Effects of erythropoietin on bacterial translocation in a rat model of experimental colitis. Arikan, Turkmen; Akcan, Alper; Donder, Yunus; Yilmaz, Zeki; Sozuer, Erdogan; Oz, Bahadir; Baykan, Me Sep 1, 2019 5550
Diagnostic Value and Safety of Emergency Single-Balloon Enteroscopy for Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding. Liu, Yipin; Jiang, Weiwei; Chen, Guoxun; Li, Yanqing Sep 1, 2019 7036
Preparation of Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles on Laterite for Methylene Blue Degradation. Le, Thu-Huong; Ngo, Thu Hong Anh; Doan, Van Thuan; Nguyen, Le Minh Tri; Le, Manh Cuong Sep 1, 2019 6311
Synergistic Adsorption and Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Irradiation Using Ag-ZnO/GO Nanoparticles Derived at Low Temperature. Thi, Viet Ha Tran; Cao, The Ha; Pham, Tri Nhut; Pham, Tien Thanh; Le, Manh Cuong Sep 1, 2019 8059
Removal Properties, Mechanisms, and Performance of Methyl Green from Aqueous Solution Using Raw and Purified Sejnane Clay Type. Satlaoui, Yosra; Trifi, Mariem; Romdhane, Dalila Fkih; Charef, Abdelkrim; Azouzi, Rim Sep 1, 2019 9189
Characterization and Evaluation of Zeolite A/[Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] Nanocomposite as a Potential Adsorbent for Removal of Organic Molecules from Wastewater. Nyankson, Emmanuel; Adjasoo, Jonas; Efavi, Johnson Kwame; Amedalor, Reuben; Yaya, Abu; Manu, Gloria Sep 1, 2019 8206
Antifungal Resistant in Non-albicans Candida Species are Emerging as a Threat To Antenatal Women with Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. Das, Kanishka Hrishi; Mangayarkarasi, V.; Sen, Maitrayee Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 5186
Phytochemical Analysis and Biochemical Characterization of Terminalia chebula Extracts for its Medicinal Use. Vemuri, Praveen Kumar; Dronavalli, Lohitha; Nayakudugari, Poojitha; Kunta, Ankitha; Challagulla, Ris Sep 1, 2019 2011
Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous Extract of Momordica charantia and Terminalia catappa on Multidrug Resistant Invasive Escherichia coli isolated in Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Foods from Ekiti State. Oluwasegun, Ariyo David; Adeyemi, Ajenifuja Oluwafemi Sep 1, 2019 3143
Houttuynia cordate Thunb Boosts the NonSpecific Immune Response and Enhances Resistance to Edwardsiellosis in the Olive Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus). Yi, Fan; Yang, Xiaobin; Ye, Shigen; Li, Hua; Li, Ruijun Report Aug 31, 2019 3728
Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Commensal Escherichia coli Isolates Recovered from Cloacal Samples of Japanase Quails and Chickens in Turkey. Buyukunal, Emel Banu; Albazaz, Rojan Ibrahim; Bal, Mehmet Ali Report Aug 31, 2019 4602
The Analysis of In Vivo Aging in Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Using Colony-Forming Unit-Fibroblast Assay and the [CD45.sup.low][CD271.sup.+] Phenotype. Ganguly, Payal; Jawhari, Jehan J. El-; Burska, Agata N.; Ponchel, Frederique; Giannoudis, Peter V.; Aug 1, 2019 10056
Analysis of the Possibility and Conditions of Application of Methylene Blue to Determine the Activity of Radicals in Model System with Preaccelerated Cross-Linking of Polyester Resins. Heclik, Karol; Duliban, Jerzy; Dcbska, Barbara; Lubczak, Jacek Aug 1, 2019 4379
Methylene Blue-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy Induces Macrophage Apoptosis via ROS and Reduces Bone Resorption in Periodontitis. Jiang, Chunlan; Yang, Wenyi; Wang, Chengyi; Qin, Wei; Ming, Jiajun; Zhang, Manman; Qian, Haixin; Jia Aug 1, 2019 8385
Effect of Folic Acid on Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity: A Functional and Morphological Study. Tanyeli, Talip Talha; Karadas, Hatice; Akyildiz, Ilker; Gokdogan, Ozan; Sonmez, Cigdem; Cavus, Mehme Report Aug 1, 2019 4977
Preparation of a biosorbent complex (clay particles/Streptococcus thermophilus) to treat polluted water with methylene blue. Aissa, Hadj Said; Meriem, Moulay; Mourad, Benbeguara; Laredj, Hocine Report Aug 1, 2019 3973
Molecular and Phenotypic Characteristics of Escherichia coli Isolates from Farmed Minks in Zhucheng, China. Qiu, Jianhua; Jiang, Zhiyu; Ju, Zijing; Zhao, Xiaonan; Yang, Jie; Guo, Huijun; Sun, Shuhong Jul 1, 2019 7850
Phenothiazinium Dyes Are Active against Trypanosoma cruzi In Vitro. Portapilla, Gisele Bulhoes; Pereira, Luiz Miguel; da Costa, Cassia Mariana Bronzon; Providello, Maia Jul 1, 2019 5440
Age and growth parameters of the Panamic stingray (Urotrygon aspidura). Torres-Palacios, Katherine; Mejia-Falla, Paola A.; Navia, Andres F.; Cruz-Escalona, Victor H.; Felix Jul 1, 2019 8856
Antibiotic Resistance of Enterobacteria present in an Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Public Health Problem. Paliz, Karina Paredes; Cunachi, Ana Maria; Cruz, Lisseth Ortiz; Arias, Fabian Report Jul 1, 2019 5278
Comparison of Nonexposed Endoscopic Wall-Inversion Surgery with Endoscopic-Navigated Laparoscopic Wedge Resection for Gastric Submucosal Tumours: Results of a Two-Centre Study. Hajer, Jan; Havluj, Lukas; Kocian, Petr; Klimbacher, Gunther; Shamiyeh, Andreas; Gurlich, Robert; Wh Report Jul 1, 2019 3551
Optimization of the Production Parameters of Composites from Sugarcane Bagasse and Iron Salts for Use in Dye Adsorption. da Silva, Carine Pereira; Souza, Marluce Oliveira da Guarda; dos Santos, Walter Nei Lopes; Silva, La Jul 1, 2019 8768
Reduced Graphene Oxide Decorated with AuNPs as a New Aptamer-Based Biosensor for the Detection of Androgen Receptor from Prostate Cells. Crulhas, Bruno P.; Basso, Caroline R.; Parra, Joao P.R.L.L.; Castro, Gustavo R.; Pedrosa, Valber A. Jul 1, 2019 6698
Fast Determination of the Main Reduced Sulfur Species in Aquatic Systems by a Direct and Second-Derivative Spectrophotometric Method. Dupraz, Sebastien; Menez, Benedicte; Guyot, Francois Jul 1, 2019 8613
Fast and Effective Route for Removing Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Using Red Mud-Activated Graphite Composites. Linh, Ha Xuan; Thu, Ngo Thi; Toan, Tran Quoc; Huong, Do Tra; Giang, Bui Thanh; Ha, Huynh Ky Phuong; Jul 1, 2019 3556
Evaluation of Photocatalytic and Protein Adsorption Properties of Anodized Titanium Plate Immersed in Simulated Body Fluid. Sawada, Ryoji; Katou, Yuya; Shibata, Hirofumi; Katayama, Max; Nonami, Toru Jul 1, 2019 4072
Effect of Adsorption Characteristics of Rhodamine 6G Dye Solution in [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] Magnetic Nanoparticles on Fluorescence Quantum Yield. Phoemphoonthanyakit, Suwaphit; Seeharaj, Panpailin; Damrongsak, Pattareeya; Locharoenrat, Kitsakorn Jul 1, 2019 2952
Fabrication of Electrospun Keratin Nanofiber Membranes for Air and Water Treatment. Figoli, Alberto; Ursino, Claudia; Ramirez, Diego Omar Sanchez; Carletto, Riccardo Andrea; Tonetti, C Jul 1, 2019 4448
LOCAL ANESTHETICS AND STEROIDS: CONTRAINDICATIONS AND COMPLICATIONS --CLINICAL UPDATE. Simurina, Tatjana; Mraovic, Boris; Zupcic, Miroslav; Zupcic, Sandra Graf; Vulin, Marina Jul 1, 2019 5854
Hemolytic Crisis following Naphthalene Mothball Ingestion in a 21-Month-Old Patient with Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency. dela Cruz, Maricel; Khalid, Muhammad Masood; Mostafa, Ahmed; Ershad, Muhammed; Vearrier, David; McKe Jul 1, 2019 1496
Utilization of Emulsiflex Prepared Escherichia coli Strain EC4 Oxyrase for Improved Cultivation of Anaerobic Bacteria by using Hungate Technique and Determination of its Kinetic Parameters. Ahmad, Muhammad Usman; Haq, Ikram-ul Report Jun 30, 2019 6213
Effects of Biotechnologically Produced Fulvic Acid on Nutritional Status and Health Indicators of Sprague-Dawley Rats. Liu, Yang; Mao, Jing-xin; Wei, Xiao-dong; Yi, Man; Zhang, Xiao-long; Zheng, Ke; Chen, Xian-xin; Wang Report Jun 30, 2019 5416
Molecular Identification and Characterization of Lactic Acid producing Bacterial Strains Isolated from Raw and Traditionally Processed Foods of Punjab, Pakistan. Afzaal, Sohaib; Hameed, Usman; Ahmad, Nasir; Rashid, Naeem; Haider, Muhammad Saleem Report Jun 30, 2019 5726
Bacterial Colonization of Ureteral Double-J Stents in Patients with Negative Urine Culture/Idrar Kulturu Negatif Olan Hastalarda Ureteral Cift-J Stentlerin Bakteriyel Kolonizasyonu. Ulker, Volkan; Yilmaz, Nisel; Agus, Neval; Can, Ertan; Cakmak, Ozgur; Yucel, Cem; Celik, Orcun; Ilbe Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 3186
Transurethral Resection of Ejaculatory Duct in Primary Infertile Men with Distal Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction/Distal Ejakulatuvar Kanal Tikanikligi Olan Primer Infertil Erkeklerde Transuretral Ejakulatuvar Kanal Rezeksiyonu. Ozer, Cevahir; Goren, Mehmet Resit Jun 1, 2019 2320
Effects of Probiotic Use on Bacterial Translocation in Created Rat Models with Biliary Obstructions. Celikkaya, Mehmet Emin; Akcora, Bulent; Hakverdi, Sibel; Ozer, Burcin; Ulutas, Kemal Turker; Duran, Report Jun 1, 2019 4278
Combined Real-Time Three-Dimensional Hysterosalpingo-Contrast Sonography with B Mode Hysterosalpingo-Contrast Sonography in the Evaluation of Fallopian Tube Patency in Patients Undergoing Infertility Investigations. Chen, Sumin; Du, Xiya; Chen, Qingzi; Chen, Shaoqi Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 4434
Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Biochar/g-[C.sub.3][N.sub.4] Composites for Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution. Li, Xiaodong Jun 1, 2019 4970
Robot-Assisted Infratrigonal Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair. Manzano, Joao Padua; Crochik, Fabio da Silva; Pugliesi, Felipe Guimaraes; de Almeida, Renato Vasconc Jun 1, 2019 2418
Preparation and Characterization of a Hydrophilic Polysulfone Membrane Using Graphene Oxide. Nguyen, Hoan Thi Vuong; Ngo, Thu Hong Anh; Do, Khai Dinh; Nguyen, Minh Ngoc; Dang, Nu Thi To; Nguyen Jun 1, 2019 5361
Preparation, Characterization, and Application of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution. Alouani, Marouane El; Alehyen, Saliha; Achouri, Mohammed El; Taibi, M'hamed Jun 1, 2019 8235
Clinical Toxicology and Overdose of Psychiatric Medications. Chan, Y.C. Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2019 3728
Asymptomatic microperforated transverse vaginal septum presenting with primary infertility: a rare form of mullerian anomaly/Primer infertilite ile basvuran asemptomatik olguda perfore transvers vajinal septum rezeksiyonu: nadir gorulen bir mullerian anomali formu. Dogan, Erbil; Yavuz, Onur; Altay, Canan; Ozmen, Samican Jun 1, 2019 1466
Greener Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobiological Effects of Helba Silver Nanoparticle-PMMA Nanocomposite. Awad, Manal A.; Hendi, Awatif A.; Ortashi, Khalid M.O.; Alanazi, Amnah B.; ALZahrani, Batool A.; Sol May 1, 2019 4436
Optimization and Adsorption-Based Recovery of Cobalt Using Activated Disordered Mesoporous Carbons. Bernabe, I.; Gomez, J.M.; Diez, E.; Saez, P.; Rodriguez, A. May 1, 2019 6837
Nanosized Zincated Hydroxyapatite as a Promising Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton-Like Catalyst for Methylene Blue Degradation. Doan, Van Dat; Thuan Le, Van; Le, Thi Thanh Nhi; Nguyen, Hoai Thuong May 1, 2019 5387
The Alexipharmic Mechanisms of Five Licorice Ingredients Involved in CYP450 and Nrf2 Pathways in Paraquat-Induced Mice Acute Lung Injury. Liu, Zi-Jing; Zhong, Jing; Zhang, Mei; Chen, Ze-Hui; Wang, Ji-Ye; Chen, Han-Ying; Wang, Xiao-Qin; Zh May 1, 2019 11496
Comparative Study of Antimicrobial and Staining Activity of Selected Anthraquinone Dyes. Ajayi, Olufunmilayo Adeola; Olatunji, Gabriel Ademola May 1, 2019 3075
Visible Light-Active CdS/Ti[O.sub.2]Hybrid Nanoparticles Immobilized on Polyacrylonitrile Membranes for the Photodegradation of Dyes in Water. Nyamukamba, Pardon; Moloto, Makwena Justice; Mungondori, Henry May 1, 2019 5616
Endoscopic Resection of Gastric Submucosal Masses by a Dental Floss Traction Method. Zeng, Chunyan; Zhu, Yin; Shu, Xu; Lv, Nonghua; Cai, Qiang; Chen, Youxiang May 1, 2019 2191
Investigation of Bacteriological Quality of Meat from Abattoir and Butcher Shops in Bishoftu, Central Ethiopia. Bersisa, Abebe; Tulu, Dereje; Negera, Chaluma May 1, 2019 6187
State-of-the-Art Preclinical Photoacoustic Imaging in Oncology: Recent Advances in Cancer Theranostics. Gargiulo, Sara; Albanese, Sandra; Mancini, Marcello May 1, 2019 20364
Adsorption of Uranium(VI) from Aqueous Solution by Modified Rice Stem. Xiao-teng, Zhang; Dong-mei, Jiang; Yi-qun, Xiao; Jun-chang, Chen; Shuai, Hao; Liang-shu, Xia Report May 1, 2019 6414
Metal-Organic Framework MIL-101: Synthesis and Photocatalytic Degradation of Remazol Black B Dye. Du, Pham Dinh; Thanh, Huynh Thi Minh; To, Thuy Chau; Thang, Ho Sy; Tinh, Mai Xuan; Tuyen, Tran Ngoc; May 1, 2019 8166
Nasal Delivery Devices: A Comparative Study on Cadaver Model. Moffa, Antonio; Costantino, Andrea; Rinaldi, Vittorio; Sabatino, Lorenzo; Trecca, Eleonora Maria Con Report Apr 1, 2019 4097
Comparison of Clinical Efficacy and Anatomical Investigation between Retrolaminar Block and Erector Spinae Plane Block. Onishi, Eiko; Toda, Noriko; Kameyama, Yoshinobu; Yamauchi, Masanori Clinical report Apr 1, 2019 4693
Solution Plasma-Assisted Green Synthesis of Mn[O.sub.2] Adsorbent and Removal of Cationic Pollutant. Kim, Hye-min; Saito, Nagahiro; Kim, Dae-wook Apr 1, 2019 4125
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Malaysia brings home gold from International Nanotechnology Olympiad. Apr 18, 2018 356
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