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Teens-as-teachers nutrition program increases interest in science among schoolchildren and fosters self-efficacy in teens. Bolshakova, Virginia L.J.; Gieng, John; Sidhu, C. Sheena Report Jun 1, 2018 6240
Student teaching changed me: a look at Kolb's learning style inventory scores before and after the student teaching experience. Smithm, Kasee L.; Rayfield, John Report Jan 1, 2017 6471
Using the tuning protocol to generate peer feedback during student teaching lesson plan development. Paulsen, Thomas H.; Clark, Taylorann K.; Anderson, Ryan G. Report Jul 1, 2016 6658
Cooperating teachers' perspectives of student teaching skills and activities. Smalley, Scott W.; Retallick, Michael S.; Paulsen, Thomas H. Report Oct 1, 2015 6854
Relevance of student teaching skills and activities from the perspective of the student teacher. Smalley, Scott W.; Retallick, Michael S.; Paulsen, Thomas H. Report Jan 1, 2015 7636
Principals' and cooperating teachers' expectations of teacher candidates. Bigham, Sarah G.; Hively, Dorothy E.; Toole, Georgiann H. Dec 22, 2014 8347
Kodorff your P/J classroom. Pretty-Norbury, Gena Jan 1, 2013 2749
Teaching through Mnemonics in Elementary School Classrooms. Waite-McGough, Arianne Abstract May 1, 2012 210
Creating a sustainable and supportive teaching practicum in rural and regional locations. Ryan, Josephine; Jones, Melitta; Walta, Caroline Report Jan 1, 2012 6641
Teaching Mathematics in the Pre-School Context. Backman, Kerstin; Attorps, Iiris Abstract Jan 1, 2012 185
Teaching Our Homeless Children. Sheldon, George H. Abstract Dec 29, 2011 205
The Promise of Partner Teaching in Urban Schools: A Case Study. Bronson, Carroll E.; Dentith, Audrey M. Abstract Dec 14, 2011 256
When Multiplication Facts Won't Stick: Could a Language/Story Approach Work? A Research Study Examining the Effectiveness of the "Memorize in Minutes" Curriculum. Mahler, Joni D. Abstract Dec 1, 2011 217
Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction. Creating Sound Policy for Digital Learning. A Working Paper Series from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Hassel, Bryan C.; Hassel, Emily Ayscue Abstract Nov 16, 2011 183
Rethinking Teacher Evaluation in Chicago: Lessons Learned from Classroom Observations, Principal-Teacher Conferences, and District Implementation. Research Report. Sartain, Lauren; Stoelinga, Sara Ray; Brown, Eric R. Abstract Nov 1, 2011 422
Constraints in Teacher Training for Computer Assisted Language Testing Implementation. Garcia Laborda, Jesus; Litzler, Mary Frances Abstract May 1, 2011 290
Integrating Theater Arts into the Classroom: The New Responsibilities of the Elementary School Teacher. Brock, Jessica Abstract May 1, 2011 297
The Learning Trip: Using the Museum Field Trip Experience as a Teaching Resource to Enhance Curriculum and Student Engagement. Tuffy, Jennifer Abstract May 1, 2011 293
The Effectiveness of Teaching Traditional Grammar on Writing Composition at the High School Level. Jaeger, Gina Abstract May 1, 2011 196
Mobile devices as essential tools: carts of laptops haven't raised student achievement--and neither will carts of iPads. Norris, Cathleen; Soloway, Elliot Apr 1, 2011 695
Results of Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEOI), Fall 2010. Abstract Jan 19, 2011 571
Plus 50: Impact Report. Abstract Nov 1, 2010 234
Instructional Leadership: A Pathway to Teacher Collaboration and Student Achievement. Miller, Robert J.; Goddard, Yvonne L.; Goddard, Roger; Larsen, Ross; Jacob, Robin Abstract Oct 1, 2010 234
Do Differences in School's Instruction Time Explain International Achievement Gaps in Maths, Science and Language? Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries. CEE DP 118. Lavy, Victor Abstract Oct 1, 2010 516
Teamwork in Relation to Quality of E-Learning: Business Education Context. Magzan, Masa; Aleksic-Maslac, Karmela; Juric, Visnja Abstract Sep 8, 2010 229
Social Dimension of Web 2.0 in Teacher Education: Pedagogical Guidelines. Ahrens, Andreas; Zascerinska, Jelena Abstract Sep 6, 2010 288
Social Dimension of WEB 2.0 in Teacher Education: Focus on Peer-Learning. Zascerinska, Jelena; Ahrens, Andreas Abstract Sep 6, 2010 219
Social Dimension of Web 2.0 in Engineering Education: Students' View. Zascerinska, Jelena; Bassus, Olaf; Ahrens, Andreas Abstract Jun 1, 2010 337
Social Dimension of Web 2.0 in Student Teacher Professional Development. Ahrens, Andreas; Zascerinska, Jelena Abstract May 7, 2010 383
Social Dimension of Web 2.0 in Engineering Education. Ahrens, Andreas; Zascerinska, Jelena Abstract Apr 22, 2010 228
Prospective Teachers' Skills in Planning and Applying Learning-Teaching Process. Selahattin, Arslan; Ilknur, Ozpinar Report Mar 1, 2010 287
Supervising the student teacher in the public school. Ediger, Marlow Dec 22, 2009 1512
Is there a disconnect between teaching styles and learning styles in high school economics classes? Lopus, Jane; Hoff, Jody Report Mar 22, 2009 2091
Algebraic Reasoning in the Middle Grades: A View of Student Strategies in Pictorial and Algebraic System of Equations. Falcon, Raymond Abstract Jan 1, 2009 236
Teachers' Use of Student Data Systems to Improve Instruction: 2005 to 2007. Gallagher, Lawrence; Means, Barbara; Padilla, Christine Author abstract Aug 1, 2008 456
Open the doors to parent shadowing. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 111
Developing a fitness to teach policy to address retention issues in teacher education. Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche Sep 22, 2006 4208
Films, videos, and DVDs. Campbell, Carole S. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 309
No teacher held back: we need to get over the idea that education is somehow about textbooks. McNealy, Scott Jul 1, 2006 667
Correlates of achievement with online and classroom-based MBL physics activities. Park, John Jun 22, 2006 5355
How do you spell parental involvement? S-I-S: student information systems are engaging parents, benefiting kids, and--finally--winning over teachers, too. Bird, Ken Feb 1, 2006 2384
Game on! Now educators can translate their students' love of video games into the use of a valuable, multifaceted learning tool. Deubel, Patricia Jan 1, 2006 2951
The cooperating teacher. Stephens, Pam Sep 1, 2005 484
Integrating psychology and mathematics via art: the "Impressionism Project". Hutchinson, Joseph Apr 1, 2005 3676
Fruits of chemistry. Schwarcz, Joe Column Mar 1, 2005 610
The Contents of My Backpack. Goldman, Arthur Dec 1, 2004 3588
Student input equals better survey. Crouther, Betty J. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 298
Grant to swat math problem-solving bugs. (Curriculum update: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 299
Empowering early childhood teacher to keep teaching fresh as a lifelong learner. Yoo, Seung-Yoeun Dec 22, 2002 2030
Literacy achievement in an urban middle-level professional development school: a learning community at work. Frey, Nancy Mar 22, 2002 4831
On Display: Preservice Teachers in the Museum. Cox, Linda H.; Barrow, Jill H. Oct 1, 2000 2453
Teaching as a two-way street: discontinuities among metaphors, images, and classroom realities. Dooley, Cindy Mar 1, 1998 7409
Student teaching portfolios: a tool for promoting reflective practice. Borko, Hilda; Michalec, Paul; Timmons, Maria; Siddle, Jean Nov 1, 1997 8244

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