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NDAA Delegation Visits Microsoft Cyber Crime Unit. Blodgett, Jonathan W. Mar 1, 2019 485
Prosecuting Corporate Crime when Firms Are Too Big to Jail: Investigation, Deterrence, and Judicial Review. Werle, Nick Mar 1, 2019 29768
A Shift in Focus & Responsibility: Moving Toward Offender-Focused, Victim-Centered Prosecution to Hold Offenders Accountable and Reduce Domestic Violence. Gallagher, Aylysh B. Oct 1, 2018 1883
RECREATIONAL SPACES: Designing safer and healthier places. Shepley, Mardelle Mar 22, 2018 759
Stranger Danger: When Not to Mind Your Manners; Advice for Vulnerable Victims. Patrick, Wendy L. Feb 1, 2018 936
Getting in Ahead of Tragic Endings and Changing the Tattletale Mindset. Godbehere, Gina Feb 1, 2018 1066
Contagious Criminal Career Models Showing Backward Bifurcations: Implications for Crime Control Policies. Raimundo, Silvia Martorano; Yang, Hyun Mo; Massad, Eduardo Report Jan 1, 2018 10464
A Smarter Approach to Federal Assistance with State-Level Criminal Justice Reform. Pfaff, John F. Essay Jan 1, 2018 9638
Abandoning criminal choices: Kansas City's No Violence Alliance offers new chance to fight violence. Conklin, Meredith Jan 1, 2017 2671
Developments of social (crime) prevention in Europe--a brief overview. Mesko, Gorazd; Flander, Benjamin Report Apr 1, 2016 2182
Demand reduction. Mar 1, 2016 1123
Profiting from punishment: Public education and the school security market. Simmons, Lizbet Report Dec 22, 2015 6008
Trigger warnings: inside the race to identify and stop the next mass shooter. Follman, Mark Cover story Nov 1, 2015 5609
Cared straight: inmates help deter youths from crime. Rogers, June Werdlow; Allison, Jeffrey May 1, 2015 2975
Improving the criminal justice system's response to victimization of persons with disabilities. Backstrom, James C. Apr 1, 2015 5230
Victimization and ways to reduce crime and felony about the victim according to Iran's penal code and international law. Ahmadi, Amir; Rafiei, Ahmad Reza; Pisheh, Heshmatollah Falahat Report Dec 15, 2014 5646
Shoot 'em in the head. Easterbrook, Gregg Brief article Sep 1, 2014 250
Frisky business: adapting New York City policing practices to ameliorate crime in modern day Chicago. Unger, Josephine Jun 1, 2014 14035
Containing the spillover effect: the use of rule of law to combat drug-related violence in Mexico. Durand, Rissel Jan 1, 2014 12415
The role of advances in industry and media in crime prevention. Fatahi, Nadieh; Hasani, Mohammad Hasan; Rezvani, Ali Report Nov 1, 2013 5018
Executions don't always come off smoothly: child dies playing at hanging. Oct 18, 2013 731
Rules of the road: six simple lessons that will help you stay alive. Spaulding, Dave Aug 1, 2013 1272
Class war: the latest attempt to cut crime by increasing gun costs. Wintersteen, Kyle Jun 1, 2013 1068
Crime, surveillance, and communities. Capers, I. Bennett Mar 1, 2013 15453
10 things a man can do to stop violence against women. Mar 1, 2013 561
The gun debate: it's as simple as you think. Wishart, Ian Feb 1, 2013 4111
Incentivizing local reform and urban renewal during an economic crisis. Ascunce, Christian J. Feb 1, 2013 12502
An empirical assessment of corporate environmental crime-control strategies. Simpson, Sally S.; Gibbs, Carole; Rorie, Melissa; Slocum, Lee Ann; Cohen, Mark A.; Vandenbergh, Mich Jan 1, 2013 18947
Coopting the antiviolence movement why expanding DNA surveillance won't make us safer. Sallomi, Megan Essay Dec 22, 2012 7022
Using victims' voices to prevent violence against women: a critique. Duggan, Marian Essay Sep 22, 2012 5966
There grows the neighborhood: plant tomatoes kale, and okra. Harvest a lower crime rate. Kotlowitz, Alex Jul 1, 2012 1320
Correction through omniscience: electronic monitoring and the escalation of crime control. Carney, Molly Jun 22, 2012 11450
Not all food and fun. Krey, Patrick Jan 9, 2012 731
Creating a crime-free property. Kirk, Nancye J. Jan 1, 2012 1340
A road map for beating Latin America's transnational criminal organizations. Andersen, Martin Edwin Essay Jul 1, 2011 6168
Down to the wire: as the deadline approaches to comply with federal rules on sex offenders, some states are saying "no thanks.". Lyons, Donna Jun 1, 2011 1648
Cooperation's cost. Baer, Miriam Hechler May 1, 2011 29028
Developing leadership in Aboriginal youth will help with crime prevention. Narine, Shari May 1, 2011 470
Decreasing urban crime. Hyatt, Esther; Dixon, John, III. Mar 1, 2011 1164
A new war on crime. Lagerfeld, Steven Editorial Jan 1, 2011 399
Beyond the prison bubble. Petersilia, Joan Jan 1, 2011 3022
The economist's guide to crime busting: the old divide between hard and soft strategies is breaking down under a wave of new thinking about how to control crime. Cook, Philip J.; Ludwig, Jens Jan 1, 2011 2875
Policing liquor establishments: a holistic approach. Gray, John L. Nov 1, 2010 1961
Workplace and School violence prevention. Albrecht, Steve Brief article Feb 1, 2010 2704
Reducing crime. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 166
iWatch: Big Brother L.A. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article Jan 26, 2010 164
Leveraging the criminal justice system to reduce alcohol- and drug-related crime: a review of three promising, and innovative model programs. DuPont, Robert L.; Shea, Corinne L.; Talpins, Stephen K.; Voas, Robert B. Jan 1, 2010 3324
Internet fraud on the rise: spike in Internet crime complaints concerns U.S. law enforcement. Wagner, Cynthia G. Jul 1, 2009 440
A research basis for addressing youth offending on the broadland 'stairway out of crime' programme. Boswell, Gwyneth; Poland, Fiona; Killett, Anne; Cross, John Report Jun 22, 2009 4898
Uncovering hidden risks: with angry stakeholders and regulators demanding a harder line on fraud, firms must go on the offense to uncover hidden risk with a triple layer of controls that prevent, detect and actively manage threats. Marks, Jonathan T. Report Jun 1, 2009 1537
Community safety and community justice--the Thames Valley partnership's journey, 1993-2008. Faulkner, David Report Mar 22, 2009 7023
Research report: understanding community involvement and engagement within community justice. McKenna, Katharine; Culshaw, Alex Report Mar 22, 2009 4949
Child sexual abuse among socially marginalized groups: cultural and governmental influences perpetuating maltreatment in American Indian Country. Steele, Paul D. Report Mar 22, 2009 13741
Two words that can get you life in prison; Prosecutors are labeling more people as gang members. Congress considers if it should take similar measures. Jayadev, Raj Nov 1, 2008 2224
'Shoot 'em dead', police are told; It seems the gloves are off. South Africa's violent criminals have been warned by Susan Shabangu, the country's deputy security minister, that she wants the police to shoot them dead. Tom Nevin reports on the reaction. Nevin, Tom Jul 1, 2008 1501
Meeting of the minds: seminar targets violence against women. May 1, 2008 340
Prior Knowledge of Potential School-Based Violence: Information Students Learn May Prevent a Targeted Attack. Pollack, William S.; Modzeleski, William; Rooney, Georgeann Report May 1, 2008 419
Burma and transnational crime. Sun Wyler, Liana Report Apr 1, 2008 5285
Steering clear of investment scams: a few simple rules can help you avoid scam artists taking you to the cleaners. Shouse, Cathy Mar 1, 2008 2486
Protecting your home: no one is immune from break-ins, but you can take precautions. Mar 1, 2008 933
Protecting yourself against identity theft. Exnicios, Lauren Feb 1, 2008 889
Securing online transactions: crime prevention is the key. Ena, Michael Jan 1, 2008 15643
Family violence prevention using workplaces as sites of intervention. Murray, Suellen; Powell, Anastasia Report Dec 1, 2007 6415
Crime and older people. Nov 1, 2007 1298
The MS-13 and 18th street gangs: emerging transnational gang threats? Franco, Celinda Nov 1, 2007 9912
Estimating the impact of incarceration on subsequent offending trajectories: deterrent, criminogenic, or null effect? Bhati, Avinash Singh; Piquero, Alex R. Sep 22, 2007 17638
Deterring (or preventing) crime: sector policing and visible policing in South Africa. Burger, Johan Nov 1, 2006 5429
Don't become a target for identity theft. May 1, 2006 664
FBI task force to target shrink. Brief Article Jan 9, 2006 305
LaserFiche fights crime with document management. Fritz, Mark Oct 1, 2004 705
Collaboration. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 138
Walk and talk: an intervention for behaviorally challenged youths. Doucette, Patricia A. Jun 22, 2004 6264
RxPATROL aims to enhance the security of pharmacies. Sep 29, 2003 347
Britain assesses public CCTV. Aug 1, 2003 464
Digital architecture as crime control. . Katyal, Neal Kumar Jun 1, 2003 15505
To video or not to video. Sobel, Curtis May 1, 2003 448
Universal principles of criminal behavior: A tool for analyzing criminal intent. (Research Forum). Schafer, John R. Jan 1, 2003 1743
How safe are you? Gorenflo, Philomena Dec 1, 2002 1692
Law versus force. (Up front: news and opinion from independent minds). Krieger, David Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 588
Who's been working the railroad? (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 320
The weal on the bus. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 318
Parking lots. (Home on the Page). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 156
Model Program Evaluations. Fact Sheet. Report Jul 1, 2002 198
Identity Theft: How To Fight The Scam. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 866
Norwegian crime prevention specialist suggests age restriction on mobile phones. Brief Article Apr 5, 2001 160
Safe Streets Task Force. ALLENDER, DAVID M. Mar 1, 2001 2756
Deconstructing Corruption. Celano, Anthony Dec 1, 2000 2000
Grounds for Protection. MURPHY, PATRICK M. Oct 1, 2000 2288
Probation-Police Partnerships in Britain. Evans, Donald G. Aug 1, 2000 1115
Rethinking Investigative Priorities. Glemboski, Gary J. Aug 1, 2000 1080
Locking them out. Williams, Jason Brief Article Apr 17, 2000 150
Attorney General Reno Challenges Cities To Take the Next Step in Fighting Crime. Ryder, Julianne Brief Article Mar 20, 2000 472
The 10th United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders. Hill, Gary Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 658
A Bullet With Your Name On It. FARRELL, SCOTT Feb 1, 2000 133
Defensive Tactics. Usher, Jerry Jan 1, 2000 1518
Reducing Violent Bank Robberies in Los Angeles. REHDER, WILLIAM J. Jan 1, 2000 2238
British Policing and the Ottawa Shift System Easing the Stress of Rotating Shifts. RICHBELL, SUZANNE Jan 1, 2000 4310
Problem-Solving Policing Eliminating Hot Spots. Zezza, Ralph Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 2977
On the other hand, never forget safety. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 362
CRIME Stoppers. Vellani, Karim H. Sep 1, 1999 1650
Defending your dollars. Hanno, Dennis M.; Hughes, Thomas A. Aug 1, 1999 2116
Operation Linebacker: using status offenses to reduce crimes in communities. Girod, Robert J. Jul 1, 1999 1198
Reexamining the importance of firearm investigations. Vizzard, William J. May 1, 1999 2722
Laser threats to law enforcement. Johnson, Douglas A. May 1, 1999 1705
Seeing through enemy eyes. Autera, Joseph; Scanlan, Michael Apr 1, 1999 2833
The Fugitive Task Force: an alternative organizational model. Buhler, Milan L. Apr 1, 1999 2180
California grant program reduces alcohol-related crimes. Stroh, Jay Nov 1, 1998 3225
Forging a police-probation alliance. Paris, Barry Nov 1, 1998 2714
Is your building safe from dangerous criminal activities? Oct 21, 1998 734
Building managers gain an edge on war on crime. Industry Overview Oct 21, 1998 687
Civil recovery to tested in UK. Gips, Michael Oct 1, 1998 541
Fighting crime by treating substance abuse. Belenko, Steven; Peugh, Jordon Sep 22, 1998 4305
Reducing violence in licensed venues through community safety action projects: the Queensland experience. Hauritz, Marg; Homel, Ross; McIlwain, Gillian; Burrows, Tamara; Townsley, Michael Sep 22, 1998 11842
Is law enforcement appropriately proactive? Morrone, Fred V. Sep 1, 1998 1023
Boston's Operation Night Light: new roles, new rules. Jordan, James T. Aug 1, 1998 2526
Effective law-enforcement techniques for reducing crime. Gallo, John N. Jun 22, 1998 3985
When evidence is on the line. Brayer, Ruth Feb 1, 1998 2268
Encouraging employee involvement. Cramer, George E. Jan 1, 1998 926
Crime plummets again: why? Peirce, Neal R. Brief Article Nov 24, 1997 793
Mugged by reality. Methwin, Eugene J. Jul 1, 1997 4820
The ultimate defense. Apr 1, 1997 2042
'Tis the season to be careful. Brief Article Dec 1, 1996 316
Security tips for the holidays. Brief Article Dec 1, 1996 371
Education opens doors. Gondles, James A., Jr. Editorial Dec 1, 1996 609
Crimes of convenience: a study of what motivates robbers finds that conventional wisdom may be wrong. Erickson, Rosemary J.; Stenseth, Arnie Oct 1, 1996 2591
Dole/Kemp. Oct 1, 1996 596
Perot/Choate. Oct 1, 1996 770
Businesses respond to crime. Jarrett, James E.; Huff, David L. Jun 1, 1996 1403
A cop next door. Oleksy, Walter Mar 1, 1996 1114
From blight to bliss. Robinson, Frank W. Feb 1, 1996 3221
Combatting vehicle theft along the Texas border. Gonzales, Raul Jan 1, 1996 1829
Arresting ideas: tougher law enforcement is driving down urban crime. DiIulio, John J., Jr. Sep 22, 1995 3589
Violent crime hits home: home invasion robbery. Hurley, James T. Cover Story Jun 1, 1995 2443
Opportunity knocks. Castleman, Michael May 1, 1995 4315
Forming partnerships to better serve the offender and victim. Evans, Donald G. Apr 1, 1995 632
Security alert as WTC bombing anniversary marked. Mar 1, 1995 1052
Northern exposure. Kirch, John F. Mar 1, 1995 815
Personal & corporate security in the current environment. Haji, Nazir F. Feb 1, 1995 1579
Cruising for trouble: gang-related drive-by shootings. Davis, Roger H. Jan 1, 1995 3582
America's efforts to curb violence: the anti-crime bill is not enough. Bradley, Bill Nov 1, 1994 3712
Criminal-catching computer. Oct 1, 1994 354
White nights. Zamengo, Edward Oct 1, 1994 1972
Making workplaces safer from crime. Howell, Marion; Shaughnessy, Cathy Sep 22, 1994 669
Swindles in the 1990s: con artists are thriving. Marvin, Mary Jo Sep 1, 1994 2556
Focusing on schools: the police fight back. Austin, Charles P., Sr. Aug 1, 1994 1640
Youth substance abuse: S.C. corrections organizations launch joint prevention effort. Hampton, George, Jr. Aug 1, 1994 1225
Targeting at-risk youths: Tennessee program prevents violence in young African American males. Grant, Rita A.; Buford, Juanita Aug 1, 1994 1248
The Mesa Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program. Zehring, Timothy L. Jun 1, 1994 2423
Senior citizens police advocates. Gilfillan, Christopher J. Jun 1, 1994 998
Roadblocks to crime: travel restrictions for convicted prostitutes. Leonhard, Chase Jun 1, 1994 1780
Really defensive driving. Ayoob, Massad Excerpt Jun 1, 1994 414
What is behind the growth of violence on college campuses? Siegel, Dorothy Cover Story May 1, 1994 2398
"I'm being stalked! Can you help me?" (protection from assault) (Lethal Force) Ayoob, Massad Apr 1, 1994 1061
Computer support for community-oriented policing. Campbell, J.J. Feb 1, 1994 1197
Triad: reducing criminal victimization of the elderly. Cantrell, Betsy Feb 1, 1994 1926
Body double: protecting company executives. Heine, Kimberly Feb 1, 1994 1286
Selling employees on loss prevention. Adler, Steven Dec 1, 1993 1788
Danger on the runway. Pizer, Harry; Sloan, Stephen Oct 1, 1993 1048
Corporate aircraft security takes off. Benny, Daniel J. Oct 1, 1993 417
Traveler safety: anticrime campaign under way. Sep 1, 1993 441
Broker gets 'bright' idea for safer Midtown streets. Fitzgerald, Therese May 5, 1993 374
Corporations can defeat deceit. Biancardi, Raul J. Nov 1, 1992 1132
NYC needs to be accountable for its upkeep. Lobel, Sheldon Oct 14, 1992 555
The violent crime gender gap. Kennedy, Daniel B. Oct 1, 1992 2554
Angels to the rescue. Basile, Frank; Wilson, Deana Jul 1, 1992 881
Safety first. Cape, Lisa M. Nov 1, 1991 1708
Safeguarding your staff. Friend, Daniel C. Jun 1, 1990 2263
Keeping watch over mass transit. O'Mahoney, Timothy Jan 1, 1990 3081
Crime stopping: how not to be an easy target. Bequeath, Jan Jul 1, 1989 1363
Case your space. Kennedy, Daniel B. Apr 1, 1989 2648

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