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All About Inventory: Learn more about how to become an NHPA Premier Member at Aug 1, 2021 411
Forecasting the laboratory supply chain use. Williams, Marisa L. May 1, 2021 2206
Time to tighten up on INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: The pandemic stressed supply chains, including how much inventory to plan for and hold at the network level, as well as how to best manage it within the four walls of DCs. Using fresher, short-term demand data, by adjusting slotting, or simply by gaining greater accuracy though solid data capture and verification processes in WMS, should help keep inventory under better control. Michel, Roberto Jan 1, 2021 2698
The FUTURE of INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: RTLS technology combined with the continued evolution of WMS user interfaces promises to take inventory management to a new level by allowing improved visibility and control. Here's how RTLS may end up helping inventory management, alongside proven methods like rigorous bar code data collection and validation of moves within WMS. Michel, Roberto Jan 1, 2020 1756
Managing the COMPLEXITIES of inventory: As e-commerce continues to expand, both B2C and B2B shippers are sharpening their inventory management skills to come up with fresh ways to meet the demands of the "new normal.". McCrea, Bridget Oct 1, 2019 1515
Comparison of Time Series Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms for Forecasting Taiwan Blood Services Foundation's Blood Supply. Shih, Han; Rajendran, Suchithra Sep 30, 2019 4194
Fuzzy Multi Item Inventory Model with Deterioration and Demand Dependent Production Cost Under Space Constraint: Neutrosophic Hesitant Fuzzy Programming Approach. Das, Satya Kumar; Islam, Sahidul Sep 24, 2019 5175
Joint Optimization of Production and Maintenance Using Monte Carlo Method and Metaheuristic Algorithms. Ma, Xiao-Zhi; Lv, Wen-Yuan Jun 30, 2019 10623
TAKING INVENTORY OF CRITICAL ONSITE PARTS: When is a single point of failure going to make you pay? Simpkins, Jerry Apr 1, 2019 2137
In the money: From slotting to shipping, dimensioning equipment delivers a rapid ROI as it provides data that expedites inventory movement at several nodes across the supply chain. Oct 1, 2018 1441
Move It Out: How to Manage Unproductive Inventory. Carleton, Jesse Oct 1, 2018 2035
The drug inventories evaluation of healthcare facilities using ABC and VED analyzes. Yilmaz, Faruk Report Aug 1, 2018 3671
'Net Realizable Value Is the New 'Market': The Effects of ASU 2015-11 and Other Inventory Valuation Issues. Levy, Howard B. Column Jun 1, 2018 1025
Help Is Here: How to Change Equipment Authorizations: Leaders who recognize problems with their equipment authorizations can implement changes to improve readiness. Kennedy, James L., Jr. May 1, 2018 2515
Supply and Demand: Are You Taking Full Advantage of Vendor Managed Inventory? Interview Apr 11, 2018 1598
Population Based Metaheuristic Algorithm Approach for Analysis of Multi-Item Multi-Period Procurement Lot Sizing Problem. Kumar, Prasanna; Herbert, Mervin; Rao, Srikanth Report Jan 1, 2018 8649
CREATING AN INVENTORY CONTROL CENTER OF EXCELLENCE: Here's The story of how one team enhanced inventory management and control, reduced costs, and became true business partners. McNally, J. Stephen Dec 1, 2017 3594
6 WAYS to Improve Your Inventory Management Right Now. McCrea, Bridget Oct 1, 2017 1112
Empty Container Management at Ports Considering Pollution, Repair Options, and Street-Turns. Bernat, Norberto Sainz; Schulte, Frederik; Voss, Stefan; Bose, Jurgen Report Jan 1, 2017 9741
Improvement for Amelioration Inventory Model with Weibull Distribution. Tuan, Han-Wen; Lin, Shu-Cheng; Julian, Peterson Report Jan 1, 2017 4626
Keeping count: an accurate physical inventory will help with the overall production process. Simpkins, Jerry Oct 1, 2016 2458
An empirical classification of ABC inventory system with critical items and exponential smoothing weights. Jamshidi, Hossein; Jain, Ajeet Report Jun 22, 2016 4391
6 Best practices for better inventory management: distribution centers are dealing with more inventory and more SKUs than ever, and the need to fill orders for multiple channels is making inventory management more important and complex. Michel, Roberto Feb 1, 2016 2183
Optimization of the inflationary inventory control model under stochastic conditions with Simpson approximation: Particle swarm optimization approach. Orand, Seyed Mostafa; Mirzazadeh, Abolfazl; Ahmadzadeh, Farzaneh; Talebloo, Farid Report Apr 1, 2015 4140
Courses for Inventory Control Methods Released by BISCUE App/e-Learning in 7 Languages. Feb 4, 2015 460
The tip of the (inventory) Iceberg. Gupta, Sandeep; Iyengar, Charanyan Nov 1, 2014 3889
Leveraging the principle of availability to show ROI. Gable, Julie Jul 1, 2014 2912
The real cost of dead SKUs. Comstock, T.J. Column Mar 1, 2014 1504
Intelligent inventory control via ruminative reinforcement learning. Katanyukul, Tatpong; Chong, Edwin K.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 5489
Research on optimal policy of single-period inventory management with two suppliers. Yang, Baimei; Sui, Lihui; Zhu, Peipei Report Jan 1, 2014 3424
The effect of adopting new storage methods for extending product validity periods on manufacturers expected inventory costs. Chen, Po-Yu Report Jan 1, 2014 3460
Uncovering hidden savings: from a manufacturing perspective, PWE looks at how much every aspect has changed over the past twenty-five years simple processes have now been replaced by complex automated machinery and the pen and paper method of transactional reporting and inventory control has been replaced by expensive applications. Nov 1, 2013 1107
Beverage distributors: masters of the end-to-end supply chain: retail distributors are looking to the storage, fulfillment and delivery strategies of beverage distributors to learn how to more closely connect the DC with the storefront. Bond, Josh Jul 1, 2013 2736
Inventory purgatory: using one or more of these tactics can get products moving. Johnson, Tory Jun 1, 2013 631
Dock logistics: the final frontier of the modern warehouse: new technologies, and creative uses of old ones, are enabling the dock to keep up with the rest of the warehouse as it transitions from brute force to efficient allocation. Bond, Josh Jun 1, 2013 1748
Information sharing in supply chain: a review. Yang, Zhonghua; Zhang, Ling Report Apr 1, 2013 3886
Top 8 guidelines to improve inventory management: our panel--representing a combined 80 years of inventory experience--gets back to the basics, reviewing critical strategies that some organizations have been neglecting over the past several years. Napolitano, Maida Discussion Mar 1, 2013 1985
Inventory management: from counting supplies to analyzing expenses. McHugh, Thomas M. Jun 1, 2012 1624
Reaccessioning and stocktaking exercise: experiences of the Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology library, Kumasi, Ghana. Teye, Victor; Borteye, Edward Mensah; Asare-Kyire, Afia Report Mar 1, 2012 5811
On the security of RFID-based monitoring mechanism for retail inventory management. Chen, Yu Yi; Jan, Jinn Ke; Tsai, Meng Lin; Ku, Chun Ching; Huang, Der Chen Report Feb 1, 2012 4923
An evaluation of the size in the management of inventory in Tamilnadu cement industry. Kumar, N. Ashok; Manohar, V. Report Jan 1, 2011 4456
Tool control - out of control? Hess, John Brief article Sep 22, 2010 234
Forward positioning and consolidation of strategic inventories. Skipper, Joseph B.; Bell, John E.; Cunningham, William A., III; Mattioda, Daniel D. Report Mar 22, 2010 6940
Adapting Baumol's inventory theoretic to landed cost decisions. Brady, Stephan P.; Swan, Peter F.; Young, Richard R. Report Mar 22, 2010 5673
What's hiding in your vendor inventories? Mar 1, 2010 544
An appraisal of project procurement methods in the Nigerian construction industry. Babatunde, S.O.; Opawole, A.; Ujaddughe, I.C. Report Mar 1, 2010 4013
ABC inventory control to boost profit and carve out tax-free cash. Jan 1, 2010 1317
Integrated inventory system with the effect of inflation and credit period. Agrawal, Rakesh; Rajput, Debangana; Varshney, N.K. Report Nov 1, 2009 3822
Planning and the process industries: to build for future success, process companies and others that operate in industries with a high fixed-cost asset base need to evaluate their current people, processes and systems. Khemani, Kish; Walberer, Andrew; Zeranski, Oliver Sep 1, 2009 1171
Good time to get stronger. Quinn, Frank Jul 1, 2009 455
Impact of inventory management flexibility on service flexibility and performance: evidence from mainland Chinese firms. Song, Hua; Song, Yuan-Fang Jun 22, 2009 7069
Strategic development projects for logistics structures sports. Popa, Cristian Report Jun 1, 2009 1144
Don Frazier materials handling program dedicated. May 1, 2009 514
Are you stockpiling? Brief article Jan 1, 2009 124
Welding wire monitoring over Internet. Sintea, Sorin; Pomazan, Valentina; Bordea, Nicolae Report Jan 1, 2009 1260
Industrial products inventory management using deterministic and probabilistic models. Zapciu, Miron; Zapciu, Georgeta; Georgescu, Luminita; Colt, Marilena Report Jan 1, 2009 1485
SDDC's first Lean Six Sigma project completed. Coe, Jim Jun 22, 2008 392
Transforming inventory into a competitive advantage: best practices and productivity tools. McKay, Kaye Cee Apr 1, 2008 1875
Taking inventory: keeping on top of your IT assets is an imperative. The newest products can ensure license compliance while helping with budgeting, software updating, and bug fixing. Dern, Daniel P. Jun 1, 2007 1268
Modeling of control loop in production sheduling and inventory level control process. Gjeldum, Nikola; Tufekcic, Dzemo; Veza, Ivica Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1582
60 seconds with... Brief article Jan 1, 2007 289
Energy's impact on the supply chain. Kator, Corinne Dec 1, 2006 1716
Meeting the product lifecycle challenge. Marien, Edward J. Report Oct 1, 2006 4504
Improving reverse supply chain operational performance: a transshipment application study for not-for-profit organizations. Reyes, Pedro M.; Meade, Laura M. Jan 1, 2006 6998
Evaluating lateral transshipment policy in a two-echelon inventory system. Satyendra, Kumar; Venkata, Rao V. Dec 1, 2005 2818
Wi-Fi system delivers real-time inventory control: advanced technology gives beer and wine distributor better visibility. Brief Article Oct 15, 2005 255
Trouble shooter: the answer to this month's Trouble Shooting teaser is provided by Jonathan Davies, sales director, SSL-WinMan. Brief article Apr 1, 2005 286
Copping a DC attitude: Associated Food Stores has evolved its buying from pencil-and-paper hunches to a system of profit-building, computerized analysis--one warehouse at a time. Tarnowski, Joseph Feb 15, 2005 1534
Taking stock of inventory. Rumberg, Jimelle Dec 1, 2004 333
Inventory management agreements rewrite rules of game. Brief Article Nov 8, 2004 282
Transition to new contractual model in works. Nov 8, 2004 350
How to improve your inventory deployment. Metersky, Jeff; Kilgore, J. Michael Oct 1, 2004 4795
Safety inventory analysis: why and how? Hadley, Scott W. Sep 1, 2004 3601
A modern view of inventory: how do you decide what level of stock is right for you? Hadley, Scott W. Jul 1, 2004 2345
The power of postponement. Matthews, Paul; Syed, Nadeem Apr 1, 2004 4126
Solving the supply-demand mismatch. Vitasek, Kate L.; Manrodt, Karl B.; Kelly, Mark Sep 1, 2003 4496
The buffer zone: finding a happy medium between supply and demand in inventory management. Milroy, Peter Apr 1, 2003 1756
Should you take the virtual fulfillment path? At first glance, the decision to use virtual inventory to fill online orders seems a no-brainer. Randall, Taylor; Netessine, Serguei; Rudi, Nils Nov 1, 2002 3062
Level sensors: improved technology tightens your grip on materials inventory control. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Oct 1, 2002 3597
Supply chain management. Sheffi, Yossi Sep 1, 2002 6746
New Ident[R] tracking system. (Packaging Equipment). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 123
The perceived impact of supply chain management on organizational effectiveness. Elmuti, Dean Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 6497
Just-In-Time: Revisiting a popular management technique. Petersohn, Henry Mar 1, 2002 2500
Taking Charge of the Supply Chain: If only the electronics industry could have seen the current slowdown coming. If only companies had a better view into inventory levels relative to demand. If only they could have substituted information for inventory. Jan 1, 2002 1865
Is just-in-time returning to just-in-case?: The September 11 attacks clearly disrupted supply chains initially, but have not moved companies away from lean operations longer term. (INVENTORIES). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 798
The Heavy Hiters of Heavy Equipment: How do these Dealers Keep Enough Stock on Hand to Satisfy Construction Customers, Without Breaking the Budget During the Slower Winter Months? Jones, Patricia Nov 1, 2001 1962
THE NETWORK IS NOT ENOUGH. Harris, Terry Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 1199
How to Steal Beer from a Wholesaler. Schuhmacher, Harry C. Brief Article Jan 29, 2001 899
Chapter Eight Organizing the event. Jan 1, 2001 8513
Toward Diversified Cost Accounting Systems. Timian, Karen A.; K. Fleming, Mary M. Feb 1, 2000 4974
Chapter 8 Food and beverage department. Weissinger, Suzanne Stewart Jan 1, 2000 2151
Guenzler breaks its (bottle) necks for increased productivity. Adams, Larry Oct 1, 1999 1456
Very Narrow Aisle Storage System Offers More Room In Less Space. Jun 1, 1999 310
Taking the hit-or-miss out of make-to-order. May 15, 1999 1145
Keep inventory at the ready. May 15, 1999 1368
An alternative approach for computing dollar-value LIFO. Harper, Robert M., Jr.; Patterson, Denise M. Dec 1, 1998 2182
A contingent-claims approach to the inventory-stocking decision. Stowe, John D.; Tie Su Dec 22, 1997 7785
Inventory management of repairable service parts for personal computers: a case study. Ashayeri, J.; Heuts, R.; Jansen, A.; Szczerba, B. Dec 1, 1996 8462
'Much talk of EDI, little action.' (electronic data interchange; survey of retail logistics executives: Reshaping Logistics Operations for the Future) Erlick, June Carolyn Sep 16, 1996 867
Managing people, not products. Mathews, Ryan Aug 1, 1996 1542
Put the kibosh on returns. Stanley, Louise Apr 1, 1996 548
Straight talk on cross docking. Blaser, James; Yeager, Loren Sep 1, 1995 1325
Breaking the time barrier, part six: ready, set, begin. Allred, James K. Feb 1, 1995 411
Tool management systems save money. Jan 1, 1995 1063
Laser beaming your inventory. Rice, Judy Dec 1, 1994 1043
Reading between the lines: using bar-code technology is a smart way to keep track of business data. Cohen, Eric E. Aug 1, 1994 2058
Running with the pack; JIT & automation for small manufacturers. Phillips, Thomas E.; Ledgerwood, John R. Jun 1, 1994 1989
Finished goods: managing for maximum efficiency. May 15, 1994 1272
Why "safety stock" isn't safe. Goddard, Walter E. May 1, 1994 473
SIMS streamlines operations. Dec 6, 1993 802
Efficient replenishment: the key to ECR. Garry, Michael Dec 1, 1993 1906
Trim the deadwood. Raftery, Dan Sep 1, 1993 936
Linking supply with demand. Goddard, Walter E. Column Aug 1, 1993 449
Economic stability in the 1990s: the implications of improved inventory control. Bechter, Dan M.; Stanley, Stephen Jan 1, 1993 1886
An inconvenient problem. Parker, Edward M. Jul 1, 1990 3946
Understanding your shrink. Masuda, Barry Jul 1, 1990 876
Beware: end of the month is coming! Goddard, Walter E. column Jun 1, 1990 469
Manage inventory to be world class. White, John A. column Apr 1, 1990 386
Focus on the fundamentals. Marshall, James D. Dec 1, 1989 2584
How to turn a failing business around: five challenges of firearms retailing. Outcalt, Richard F. Dec 1, 1989 1537
An inventory control and money management system that works. Manus, Connie Dec 1, 1984 1728

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