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Procedure turn, or not? With vectors to final the norm these days and not the exception, it's rare to perform the procedure turn. Yet, ATC may still expect it. When in doubt, ask. Burnside, Joseph E. "Jeb" Jul 1, 2012 1623
Low over water: ATC is in charge of traffic management, and we're in charge of getting to our destination alive. When those responsibilities are in conflict, it's up to us to prioritize. Haber, Dennis R. Jun 1, 2012 1090
Error analysis of the inertial measurement unit/Inercinio matavimu bloko klaidu analize. Adamcik, Frantisek Report Mar 1, 2011 2768
Does VOR+DME=GPS? Well, no, we can't work miracles. But here's an old hack that takes just one VOR and some DME to go direct to a fix. Whether it's legal to do this today is another matter. Van West, Jeff Aug 1, 2010 1033
Don't Ditch the ADF yet. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 222
VOR survival tricks: VOR tips in the 21st century? yes, as a matter of fact. Sometimes the old ways are just what you need when you least expect it. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2010 1244
No U-turns allowed: in a world of vectors, procedure turns are like your spare tire: rarely bothered with but always there in case you need them. Except, they aren't always there. Van West, Jeff May 1, 2010 602
Gettin' TEC-Route savvy: some of the worst clearances come pre-written if you know where to look. Getting them into a GPS, however, takes a bit more than simple waypoint selection. Singer, Neil May 1, 2010 1861
A scan for virtual VFR. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 124
The parenthetical fix: GPS navigators are terrific at doing all the things the designers planned for them to do. But no designer plans for everything. That's when you need to think differently. West, Jeff Van Feb 1, 2010 873
IFR by the sun and stars: not that long ago crews flew thousands of miles with no navigational aids except the sky itself. It's such an elegant solution. Castlen, Bill Aug 1, 2009 2065
Baby steps to NextGen: figuring out the what ATC's NextGen service will be is a hot debate, but pieces of the puzzle are already being installed. Richardson, Charles D. Oct 1, 2008 1088
Batteries not required: revisiting basic navigation skills can help enhance your situational awareness, especially when all the fancy stuff goes dark. Blank, Phil Sep 1, 2008 2111
Fly a pair of RNAVS: can two RNAV approaches be better than one? A close look at TERPS reveals why the answer may be a resounding "yes.". Holston, Ken Feb 1, 2008 798
Love those long legs: why truck outbound for an hour on an RNAV approach just to reverse course? van West, Jeff Jan 1, 2008 590
Approaches by George: coupled approaches aren't as simple as you might think. Surprise: Training and practice are the keys. Bowlin, Frank May 1, 2007 1607
Back in the database: when WAAS upgrades have center stage, here's a chart update from the wings that throws a bone to fliers of LNAV-only GPS. Brief article May 1, 2007 336
Flying below the MEA: when the MEAs over mountains stretch into the oxygen altitudes, you might sneak past a bit lower, but it's probably not kosher. Apr 1, 2007 657
What the heck is TACAN, anyway? McNamee, Jeff Sep 1, 2006 606
Bow-on recovery. Sproge, Kevin Sep 1, 2004 1184
What Do You Mean, They Went Inadvertent IMC? Phillips, Michael K. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 1037

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