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CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Biallelic Knockout of IRX3 Reduces the Production and Survival of Somatic Cell-Cloned Bama Minipigs. Zhu, Xiangxing; Wei, Yanyan; Zhan, Qunmei; Yan, Aifen; Feng, Juan; Liu, Lian; Tang, Dongsheng Report Mar 1, 2020 9326
Are Larger Litters a Concern for Piglet Survival or An Effectively Manageable Trait? Ward, Sophia A.; Kirkwood, Roy N.; Plush, Kate J. Report Feb 1, 2020 9148
Comparison of Single, Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination in Gilts Using Two Different Protocols to Synchronize Ovulation. Rodrigues, Lima; Amezcua, Rocio; Cassar, Glen; O'Sullivan, Terri L.; Friendship, Robert Report Feb 1, 2020 3671
Variance components estimation for farrowing traits of three purebred pigs in Korea. Lopez, Bryan Irvine; Kim, Tae Hun; Makumbe, Milton Tinashe; Song, Chol Won; Seo, Kang Seok Report Sep 1, 2017 5353
Effect of Prokaryotic Expressed Nucleoplasmin on the Efficiency of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Banna Mini-pig Inbred Line. Cheng, Wenmin; Pan, Weirong; Qing, Yubo; Liu, Yingchao; Zha, Xingqin; Huang, Yan; Xin, Jige; Wei, Ho Report Feb 28, 2017 5151
Production of transgenic pigs with an introduced missense mutation of the bone morphogenetic protein receptor Type IB gene related to prolificacy. Zhao, Xueyan; Yang, Qiang; Zhao, Kewei; Jiang, Chao; Ren, Dongren; Xu, Pan; He, Xiaofang; Liao, Rong Report Jul 1, 2016 8218
Optimization of swine breeding programs using genomic selection with ZPLAN+. Lopez, B.M.; Kang, H.S.; Kim, T.H.; Viterbo, V.S.; Kim, H.S.; Na, C.S.; Seo, K.S. Report May 1, 2016 4329
Embryo aggregation promotes derivation efficiency of outgrowths from porcine blastocysts. Lee, Sang-Goo; Park, Jin-Kyu; Choi, Kwang-Hwan; Son, Hye-Young; Lee, Chang-Kyu Report Nov 1, 2015 4498
Empirical selection of informative microsatellite markers within co-ancestry pig populations is required for improving the individual assignment efficiency. Li, Y.H.; Chu, H.P.; Jiang, Y.N.; Lin, C.Y.; Li, S.H.; Li, K.T.; Weng, G.J.; Cheng, C.C.; Lu, D.J.; Report May 1, 2014 12029
When the going gets tough, the tough make bacon. Cook, Jerri Company overview Jan 1, 2013 1244
Raising pigs for pork, plowing and more: Homegrown hogs will provide the best pork you've ever tasted--plus, you can employ your pigs to make compost and plow new ground. Will, Oscar H., III Dec 1, 2012 2242
Hog wild: wallow around with these five heritage pig breeds. Kendall, Jennifer Jul 1, 2011 1163
Boots on the homestead: lessons learned from Mrs. Cleaver. Crane, Terry R. Personal account Mar 1, 2010 1542
Raising grass-fed 'pigloo' pork. DeVault, George Apr 1, 2008 435
Swine of the times: the making of the modern pig. Johnson, Nathanael May 1, 2006 8412
Chapter 14 Feeding swine. Tisch, David A. Jan 1, 2006 5159
Chapter 1 Domestication and early history. Jan 1, 2003 4235
Chapter 5 Reproductive biology. Jan 1, 2003 4503
Chapter 6 Pig genetics. Jan 1, 2003 5087
Chapter 7 Modern breeds of pigs. Jan 1, 2003 2076
Chapter 10 Nutrients, nutrition, and life-cycle feeding. Jan 1, 2003 11638
Chapter 13 Creating a comfortable microenvironment for pigs. Jan 1, 2003 5191
Chapter 14 Production systems for adult pigs. Jan 1, 2003 6668
Chapter 15 Production systems for growing pigs. Jan 1, 2003 12282
Chapter 17 Management of the breeding herd. Jan 1, 2003 2801
Chapter 18 Management of sows and piglets: before, during, and after farrowing. Jan 1, 2003 7140

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