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Spring Cleaning: An Archivist's Advice to Writers. Kerrin, Jessica Scott Jun 22, 2018 2431
Written Documentation in Makerspaces. Fontichiaro, Kristin Feb 1, 2018 1588
Visual Documentation in Makerspaces. Fontichiaro, Kristin Dec 1, 2017 1549
documenting the engineering design process: Documentation of ideas and the engineering design process is a critical, daily component of a professional engineer's job. Hollers, Brent Oct 1, 2017 2529
You've asked: frequently asked questions about documentation. Guitard, Virgil Column Sep 22, 2015 1398
5 steps to improve documentation accuracy. Bredemeyer, Bess Ann Jan 1, 2015 462
One thousand words, plus a few more, is just right: a picture may be worth 1,000 words, but just a few of the right words in the right places can add clarity and meaning to students' technically focused multimedia presentations. Goldberg, Gail Lynn Nov 1, 2014 1340
Documenting new HIV/AIDS research and interventions in sub-Saharan Africa/Documenter les nouvelles recherches et interventions au sujet du VIH/SIDA en Afrique subsaharienne. Okonofua, Friday Editorial Dec 1, 2013 4601
How often do patient data end up in the wrong chart? Franki, Richard Brief article Oct 15, 2013 277
Transitioning exceptional students into college begins in middle school: on a campus of thousands of students, no one can keep track of one student and her learning differences, so learning how to advocate and provide documentation is vital to success. Sabella, Laura Sep 1, 2013 1752
Documentation of regional anaesthesia for caesarean delivery. Miu, M.; Paech, M.J. Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2013 605
Seven easy ways to document student learning. Balsley, Jessica May 1, 2012 501
Short-sighted approaches to documentation. Schraml, Todd Mar 1, 2012 652
Let's take this outside: students and scientists team up to document every living thing in Saguaro National Park. Kirkwood, Scott Jan 1, 2012 578
Clinical case reporting in sports and exercise medicine. Derman, Wayne E. Report Oct 1, 2011 1495
How to document your software: my goal here is a basic template to use for documenting software when you want you want to package it for sharing. Chudnov, Daniel Mar 1, 2011 2071
Advance Planning Document process. Ek, Robert Feb 1, 2011 627
Can we have an electronic medical record for every American by 2014? Wujcik, Debra M. Editorial Oct 1, 2010 474
Concurrent documentation wins trifecta: how one documentation project made clinicians, clients, and even accountants happy. Grantham, Dennis Sep 1, 2010 1813
Records management: a journey, not a task. Lamont, Judith Editorial May 1, 2010 1544
Revised NANB document: a framework for managing professional practice problems. Rogers, Ruth Sep 22, 2009 528
The documentation management program: a concerto for typically unaccompanied physician executives. Block, David Sep 1, 2009 4157
Historians gather lessons from sustainment soldiers in Iraq. Sep 1, 2009 226
Management and calculation of the most important document in construction: the estimate documentation. Breuer, Adela; Frumusanu, Natalita Mihaela Lesconi; Ciurea, Jeanina Biliana; Breuer, Beatrix Ligheza Report Jan 1, 2009 1897
Candid cameras: mission Mexico captures a day in its life. Myers, Matthew A.; Bassett, Leslie Nov 1, 2008 806
Recorded categories of non-principal diagnoses in Victorian public hospital transient ischaemic attack and stroke admissions. Nadathur, Shyamala G. Oct 1, 2008 6825
Mobile device improves documentation workflow and nurse satisfaction. Parker, Cheryl D.; Baldwin, Katherine Jun 22, 2008 2150
WHO Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Researching, Documenting and Monitoring Sexual Violence in Emergencies. Report May 1, 2008 131
The change experience: how we updated our perioperative nursing documentation. Healy, Kathleen; Hegarty, Josephine; Keating, Geraldine; Landers, Fiona; Leopold, Sheila; O'Gorman, Apr 1, 2008 3234
Web archiving of the 2007 federal election. Crook, Edgar Feb 1, 2008 539
The Documentation Process: The Administrator's Role and the Interplay of Necessity, Support and Collaboration. Charlton, Donna; Kritsonis, William Allan Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 159
How should you document a patient's refusal to undergo a necessary intervention. Tanner, Christina; Safranek, Sarah Dec 1, 2007 1036
Memo. Sep 1, 2007 400
Coding blunders. Hill, Emily Sep 1, 2007 699
Documenting procedures: just do it! (the right way). Tholen, Dan Sep 1, 2007 1149
Be consistent with the fifth digit across delivery codes! Witt, Melanie Brief article Jun 1, 2007 300
Avoid these common errors in self-defense! Thorough documentation is an essential tool of risk management. The onus - always - is on you. Dobbs, Claudia Apr 1, 2007 2117
8 simple rules to getting the documents you need. Mar 1, 2007 714
"Avoiding malpractice through proper documentation". Singh, Tracy L. Nov 1, 2006 851
Acrobatic archiving. Silbert, Marvin D. Feb 1, 2005 931
Documentation styles and discipline-specific values. Mueller, Susan Feb 1, 2005 2860
Demystifying documentation. Underwood, Reta A. Sep 1, 2004 1351
Document retention policies can help pare legal bills. (Managing Litigation). Lange, Michele C.S. Dec 1, 2002 1467
Documentation hot spots. SEVERSON, RANDALL Feb 1, 2000 782
Tax workpaper procedures. Holub, Steven F. Dec 1, 1998 1445
Focus groups or individual interviews? A comparison of text evaluation approaches. De Jong, Menno; Schellens, Peter Jan Feb 1, 1998 7690
Accentuate the negative: obtaining effective reviews through focused questions. Hart, Geoff Feb 1, 1997 3387
Developing technical documentation the smart way. Scholz, Jan Feb 1, 1994 3824
Using graphics in software documentation. Wise, Mary R. Nov 1, 1993 2232
Parallel product and document development. Bishop, Linda May 1, 1993 2645
The role of humor in documentation - or - laughing 'til it bytes. Todd, Peaco Nov 1, 1991 1525
Seeing eye to eye on international trade documentation. Harter, Greg Nov 1, 1991 984
Documentation suggestions for the small practitioner. Baggett, Walter Apr 1, 1990 3400

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