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Vitamin D and Covid: why boosting your vitamin D levels could help protect against coronavirus - and how to avoid a deficiency; Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, and these nutrients are needed to keep muscle, teeth and bones healthy. Helen Johnson Oct 28, 2020 799
An Effective Method for Hybrid CNT/GNP Dispersion and Its Effects on the Mechanical, Microstructural, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Multifunctional Cementitious Composites. Abedi, Mohammadmahdi; Fangueiro, Raul; Gomes Correia, Antonio Jul 31, 2020 12755
Application of Statistical Experimental Design and Surface Plot Technique to Optimize Oxygenated Apatite Synthesis. Belouafa, Soumia; Chaair, Hassan; Digua, Khalid Jul 31, 2020 4364
Cleaning Method Validation for Estimation of Dipyridamole Residue on the Surface of Drug Product Manufacturing Equipment Using Swab Sampling and by High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Technique/Ilac Urun Imalat Ekipmaninin Yuzeyindeki Dipiridamol Kalintisinin Suruntu Orneklemesi ve Yuksek Performansli Sivi Kromatografisi Teknigi Kullanilarak Tahmin Edilmesi icin Temizleme Metodu Validasyonu. Valavala, Sriram; Seelam, Nareshvarma; Tondepu, Subbaiah; Sundaramurthy, Vivekanandan Apr 1, 2020 4065
Development and Validation of In Vitro Discriminatory Dissolution Testing Method for Fast Dispersible Tablets of BCS Class II Drug/BCS Sinif II Ilacinin Hizli Dagilabilir Tabletleri icin In Vitro Ayirt Edici Cozunme Test Yonteminin Gelistirilmesi ve Validasyonu. Bhatt, Shailendra; Roy, Dabashis; Kumar, Manish; Saharan, Renu; Malik, Anuj; Saini, Vipin Feb 1, 2020 3904
Development and Validation of Discriminative Dissolution Method for Metformin Immediate-Release Film-Coated Tablets. Mitrevska, Ivana; Achkoska, Tina; Brezovska, Katerina; Toshev, Krume; Dimitrovska, Aneta; Ugarkovic, Dec 31, 2019 4348
Development and Validation of an HPLC Method for Simultaneous Assay of MCI and MI in Shampoos Containing Plant Extracts. Hoa, Le Thi Huong; Hung, Vo Tran Ngoc; Trang, Do Thu; Thu, Thai Nguyen Hung; Le, Dinh Chi Dec 31, 2019 6062
Simultaneous Assay of Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate, Betamethasone, and Sodium Benzoate in Syrup by a Reliable and Robust HPLC Method. Le, Dinh Chi; Ngo, Thi Duyen; Le, Thi Huong Hoa Dec 31, 2019 6131
Quantification of the Disturbances of Phosphate Series Using the Box-Counting Method on Geoelectrical Images (Sidi Chennane, Morocco). Ayad, Abderrahim; Amrani, Mahacine; Bakkali, Saad Jun 30, 2019 4714
A Validated Reverse Phase-Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for the Determination of Gemifloxacin Mesylate in Bulk and its Pharmaceutical Preparation/Gemifloksasin Mesilatin Bulk ve Farmasotik Preparatindan Tayini icin Valide Edilmis Ters Faz-Ultra-Performans Sivi Kromatografisi Metodu. Wagdy, Hebatallah A.; Tarek, Mohamed; Amer, Ahmed; Gamal, Menna; Elmazar, Mohey Report Mar 1, 2019 3186
In Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Er,Cr:YSSG Laser and Conventional Etching Methods on the Microleakage and Adaptation of Pit and Fissure Sealants. Islam, Aylin; Kizilelma, Zerhan; Cetiner, Serap Aug 1, 2018 3276
A Validated HPLC-PDA Method for Simultaneous Quantitation of Four Oral Antidiabetic Drugs and Application to Pharmaceutical Preparations. AlShehri, Mona; Zoman, Nourah al; AlHarbi, Hend; AlSulaihim, Kholod; AlOdaib, Faten Technical report Jun 30, 2018 3548
Validated UV-Vis Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Copper using 2,3,4,6/-Tetrahydroxy-3/-Sulfoazobenzene in Real Samples. Guray, Tufan; Uysal, Ulku Dilek Technical report Jun 30, 2018 4365
Development and Validation of a High-performance Liquid Chromatography-Diode-array Detection Method for the Determination of Eight Phenolic Constituents in Extracts of Different Wine Species/Cesitli Sarap Orneklerinde Sekiz Fenolik Icerigin Tayini icin Bir HPLC-DAD Yonteminin Gelistirilmesi ve Gecerli Kilinmasi. Acar, Ebru Turkoz; Celep, Mehmet Engin; Charehsaz, Mohammad; Akyuz, Gulsah Selin; Yesilada, Erdem Report Apr 1, 2018 5253
Development and Validation of a Simple High Performance Liquid Chromatography/UV Method for Simultaneous Determination of Urinary Uric Acid, Hypoxanthine, and Creatinine in Human Urine. Wijemanne, Nimanthi; Soysa, Preethi; Wijesundara, Sulochana; Perera, Hemamali Jan 1, 2018 3623
An Ultrasound Assessed Extraction Combined with Ion-Pair HPLC Method and Risk Assessment of Nitrite and Nitrate in Cured Meat. Abdulkair, Babiker Yagoub; Elzupir, Amin O.; Alamer, Abdulaziz S. Jan 1, 2018 4602
New RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for Dorzolamide in Ophthalmic Dosage Form. Thangabalan, Boovizhikannan; Kahsay, Getu; Eticha, Tadele Jan 1, 2018 2224
Simple and Selective HPLC-UV/Vis Bioanalytical Method to Determine Aluminum Phthalocyanine Chloride in Skin Permeation Studies. Reis, Thaiene Avila; Jaculi, Ana Elise; Alves, Rubens da Costa; Gratieri, Tais; Azevedo, Ricardo Ben Jan 1, 2018 4497
Development and Validation of a Versatile UPLC-PDA Method for Simultaneous Determination of Paracetamol, Tizanidine, Aceclofenac, and Nimesulide in Their New Combinations. Bawazeer, Sami; El-Din, Khalid M. Badr; Abdel-Megied, Ahmed M. Jan 1, 2018 4808
Development of Micellar HPLC-UV Method for Determination of Pharmaceuticals in Water Samples. Silva, Danielle Cristina da; Oliveira, Claudio Celestino Jan 1, 2018 9615
Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric Method for Assay Determination and In Vitro Dissolution Studies of Sofosbuvir Tablets. Zaman, Bakht; Hassan, Waseem; Khan, Asghar; Noreen, Hamsa Report Dec 31, 2017 5360
Liquid Chromatography Method Development and Optimization for Valsartan: Pharmacokinetics of Oral Hydrogels in Rabbits. Sohail, Muhammad; Ahmad, Mahmood; Minhas, Muhammad Usman; Munir, Abubakar; Khalid, Ikrima; Rashid, H Report Dec 31, 2017 4296
Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Florfenicol and Flunixin Meglumine Combination in an Injectable Solution. Batrawi, Nidal; Naseef, Hani; Rimawi, Fuad Al- Report Jan 1, 2017 3742
A Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC-UV Method for Determination and Chemical Hydrolysis Study of a Novel Naproxen Prodrug. Hamid, Mohamed H.M.; Elsaman, Tilal Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4637
Assessment of the Efficacy of Home Remedial Methods to Improve Drinking Water Quality in Two Major Aquifer Systems in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka. Wijeyaratne, W.M. Dimuthu Nilmini; Subanky, Suvendran Report Jan 1, 2017 4148
Influence of enhanced efficiency fertilisation techniques on nitrous oxide emissions and productivity response from urea in a temperate Australian ryegrass pasture. Suter, H.C.; Sultana, H.; Davies, R.; Walker, C.; Chen, D. Report Aug 1, 2016 8788
Effect of core-shell zinc hydroxystannate nanoparticle-organic macromolecule composite flame retardant prepared by masterbatch method on flame-retardant behavior and mechanical properties of flexible poly(vinyl chloride). Li, Zhi-Wei; Shao, Bing; Huang, Yong-Shan; Li, Xiao-Hong; Zhang, Zhi-Jun Report Sep 1, 2014 3734
Comparison of methodologies to quantify phytate phosphorus in diets containing phytase and excreta from broilers. Naves, L. de P.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Bertechini, A.G.; Correa, A.D.; de Oliveira, D.H.; de Oliveira, E. Report Jul 1, 2014 7873
Fiche technique du Safi Phosphate Hub. Apr 19, 2013 118
Non-viral transfection methods optimized for gene delivery to a lung cancer cell line. Salimzadeh, Loghman; Jaberipour, Mansooreh; Hosseini, Ahmad; Ghaderi, Abbas Report Apr 1, 2013 4671
Finding a better way: is there a better way to degrease and phosphate metal prior to painting? Finishing found out. Jan 1, 2013 784
A novel synthesis method of porous calcium silicate hydrate based on the calcium oxide/polyethylene glycol composites. Guan, Wei; Ji, Fangying; Cheng, Yong; Fang, Zhuoyao; Fang, Dexin; Yan, Peng; Chen, Qingkong Jan 1, 2013 3884
Characterising the chemistry of micropores in a sodic soil with strong texture-contrast using synchrotron x-ray techniques and LA-ICP-MS. Jassogne, Laurence; Hettiarachchi, Ganga; McNeill, Ann; Chittleborough, David Aug 1, 2012 7129
New optimized method for assaying 5'-Nucletidase in biological fluids. Hadwan, Mahmoud H.; Almashhedy, Lamia A.; Alsalman, Abdul Razzaq S. Feb 1, 2012 2047
Methods of incorporation of the enzyme phytase in diets for laying hens/ Metodos de incorporacao da enzima fitase em racoes para poedeiras. Ebling, Patricia Diniz; Zanella, Irineo; Karkow, Ana Katia; Alves, Debora Aline; Santos, Joao Paulo Jan 1, 2012 3737
UV--visible analysis of free radical scavenging activities of lear extracts of Dacryodes edulis G. Don Lam (Burseraceae): a comparison of three assay methods. Onocha, Patricia A.; Oloyede, Ganiyat K. Report Aug 1, 2011 3727
Tissue culture technique as new approach to combat Striga Hermonthica. Hassan, M.M.; Osman, M.G.; Ahmed, M.M. Mohammed; Abdalaleem, Kh.G.; Abdel gain, M.E.; Babiker, A.G.T Report Jul 1, 2011 2909
Simultaneous estimation of paracetamol and tramadol in tablet formulation by reverse phase HPLC method. Kalra, Kapil; Naik, Sharmistha; Jarmal, Garima; Mishra, Neeti Report May 1, 2009 1464
Validated high performance liquid chromatographic stability indicating method for analysis of metformin HCl. Sakalgaonkar, A.A.; Mirgane, S.R.; Arbad, B.R. Report Jun 1, 2008 2238
Validated high performance liquid chromatographic stability indicating method for analysis of metformin HCl. Sakalgaonkar, A.A.; Mirgane, S.R.; Arbad, B.R. Report Mar 1, 2008 2240
Sensitive gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for simultaneous measurement of MDEA, MDMA, and metabolites HMA, MDA, and HMMA in human urine. Pirnay, Stephane O.; Abraham, Tsadik T.; Huestis, Marilyn A. Sep 1, 2006 4920
Gene expression analysis in platelets from a single donor: evaluation of a PCR-based amplification technique. Rox, Jutta Maria; Bugert, Peter; Muller, Jens; Schorr, Alexander; Hanfland, Peter; Madlener, Kathari Dec 1, 2004 6021
Validation of a rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for free and total mycophenolic acid. Streit, Frank; Shipkova, Maria; Armstrong, Victor William; Oellerich, Michael Jan 1, 2004 5418
Comparison of two homogeneous assays with a precipitation method and an ultracentrifugation method for the measurement of HDL-cholesterol. Arranz-Pena, Maria-Luisa; Tasende-Mata, Juan; Martin-Gil, Francisco J. Dec 1, 1998 3992
Improved method for measuring tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase activity in serum. Nakanishi, Mamoru; Yoh, Kousei; Uchida, Kagehiro; Maruo, Souji; Matsuoka, Akira Feb 1, 1998 3441
Multicenter study of Abbott AxSYM[R] Digoxin II assay and comparison with 6 methods for susceptibility to digoxin-like immunoreactive factors. Azzazy, Hassan M.E.; Duh, Show-Hong; Maturen, Andrew; Schaller, Elisabeth; Shaw, Leslie; Grimaldi, R Clinical report Sep 1, 1997 3065
Three generations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol assays compared with ultracentrifugation/dextran sulfate-[Mg.sup.2+] method. Harris, Neil; Galpchian, Vartouhi; Thomas, Jennifer; Iannotti, Elizabeth; Law, Terence; Rifai, Nader May 1, 1997 4791

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