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Phacoemulsification in the anterior chamber: An alternative surgical technique in post-vitrectomy cataract. Dec 31, 2018 2685
How to shorten hospital wait times in Canada. Urbach, David R. May 31, 2018 786
How to shorten hospital wait times in Canada. Urbach, David R. May 31, 2018 786
SmILE--the new paradigm in laser refractive surgery: This article outlines the technique, applications and relative merits of small incision lenticule extraction (SmILE). Bolger, John Apr 1, 2018 2391
Comparison of Two Intraocular Lens Implantation Techniques in Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Terms of Postoperative Complications. Cicik, Mustafa Erdogan; Dogan, Cezmi; Bolukbasi, Selim; Cinhuseyinoglu, Mehmet Necdet; Arslanl, Osma Report Mar 1, 2018 3271
10 smart ways to protect your eyes. Jan 2, 2018 918
Combined Surgical Techniques for the Management of Malignant Glaucoma. Tang, Jinfei; Du, Ergang; Li, Xingyu Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2018 3458
A Novel "Slit Side View" Method to Evaluate Fluid Dynamics during Phacoemulsification. Suzuki, Hisaharu; Igarashi, Tsutomu; Shiwa, Toshihiko; Takahashi, Hiroshi Jan 1, 2018 3506
Comparison of Two Toric IOL Calculation Methods. Kern, C.; Kortum, K.; Muller, M.; Kampik, A.; Priglinger, S.; Mayer, W.J. Jan 1, 2018 6395
Retrospective Study of Vitreous Tap Technique Using Needle Aspiration for Management of Shallow Anterior Chamber during Phacoemulsification. Nossair, Ashraf Ahmed; Ewais, Wael Ahmed; Ali, Lamia Samy Report Jan 1, 2017 4297
Air Bubble Technique for Fundus Visualization during Vitrectomy in Aphakia. Farouk, Mahmoud Mohamed; Naito, Takeshi; Elagouz, Mohammed; Ammar, Hatem; Alsmman, Alahmady Hamad; M Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2711
Analysis of Factors Associated with the Ocular Features of Congenital Cataract Children in the Shanghai Pediatric Cataract Study. He, Wenwen; Sun, Ting; Yang, Jin; Qin, Guoyou; Wu, Zhenyu; Zhu, Xiangjia; Lu, Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 5009
Cataract surgery after retinal detachment surgery with Arruga's sutures: Case report. Unsal, Erkan; Eltutar, Kadir; Kizilay, Osman; Karini, Belma Clinical report Nov 1, 2016 1433
Comparison of efficacy of peribulbar block with the combination of 2% lidocaine and 0.75% ropivacaine in comparison with 2% lidocaine and 0.5% bupivacaine for cataract surgeries. Ganesh, V. Gnana; Padmanabhan, K.R.; Ramadevi, S. Report Oct 13, 2016 2744
Comparative Evaluation of Corneal versus Limbal Approach for Lens Extracapsular Extraction for Cataract Management - A Study of 20 Dogs. Deuri, B.; Kalita, D.; Sarma, K.K.; Gogoi, D.; Singh, C.K. Report Jul 1, 2016 2230
Corneal approach 20 Guage vitrectomy system for the management of congenital cataract. Report Apr 30, 2016 2569
Visual outcome of Nd-YAG laser capsulotomy in posterior capsule opacification. Sirisha, Gantela; Chowdary, Nallabantu Lakshmi Report Apr 11, 2016 2285
J Zoo Wildl Med.: Retrospective investigation of cataract management in avian species in a zoologic collection. Rainwater, K.L.; Sykes, J.M.; Sapienza, J.S. Author abstract Mar 1, 2016 335
How to improve your odds of successful cataract surgery. Absher, Kenneth J. Nov 1, 2015 4127
A comparative study of early post operative corneal complications of manual small incision cataract surgery by four techniques of nucleus expression. Bhandary, S. Ananth; Shetty, Sathyendranath B.; Pradeep, T.M.; Rahman, Jasna Rabia Jul 6, 2015 5509
Comparison of topical anesthesia with peribulbar anesthesia small incision cataract surgery. Bhat, Mohd. Ayaz; Mahrukh; Raja, Waseem; Qureshi, Syed Tariq; Ashraf, Ambrine Report Jan 8, 2015 4391
Comparative study of MSICS technique by superior straight and oblique straight (9-12 o'clock) incision in terms of visual outcome, surgical duration, surgeon and patient comfort and BCVA up to 6 weeks. Tomar, Mandeep; Chaudhary, K.P.; Gupta, R.K.; Sharma, R.L.; Kashyap, Vinod Sep 18, 2014 3079
Go from cloudy to clear with cataract surgery: new techniques can restore vision lost to cataracts and may reduce your need for glasses. Jul 1, 2014 670
A comparative study of post operative astigmatism in superior versus temporal approach of manual small incision cataract surgery. Alam, Jawed; Bhattacharjya, Himadri; Roy, Abhijit; Das, Rathindra; Gupta, Surabhi; Bhattacharya, Utt Report Jun 30, 2014 1446
A comparative study of surgically induced astigmatism in frown versus chevron incision in manual small incision cataract surgery. Prakash, D.N.; Satish, K.; Patil, Savita; Tanwar, Meghana; Gopal, Madhumita; Acharya, Ambika A.; Kul Clinical report Nov 4, 2013 1372
Auditing a local cataract referral pathway: independent optometrist Stuart Townsend explores patient outcomes from cataract centres in North Staffordshire and Macclesfield from one referring practice. Townsend, Stewart Sep 20, 2013 1581
Drug prescribing pattern in cataract surgery by intra--ocular lens implantation. Binjawadgi, Ashok; Kakkeri, R.H.; Patil, Banderao V.; Dass, Prashant; Raikar, Shrinivas Clinical report Sep 2, 2013 3107
Outcomes of surgery for posterior polar cataract using torsional ultrasound/Arka polar kataraktta torsiyonel ultrason ile cerrahi sonuclari. Sizmaz, Selcuk; Pelit, Aysel Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1693
Outcome of cataract surgery in a soft eyeball. Kakhandaki, Anupama; Mallappa, Shivakumar; Prabhu, Vishma Clinical report May 6, 2013 1182
High volume camp surgeries--a clinical study. Prakash, D.N.; Sathish, K.; Sharma, Sankalp Singh; Soujanya, K.; Patil, Savitha Clinical report Mar 25, 2013 1571
Safety and benefit of simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery in tertiary care centre. Sowbhagya, H.N.; Patil, Pooja; Himamshu, N.V.V.; Kiran, Kumar L.; Rafi, Aisha; Raj, Kirthi; Liji, P. Clinical report Mar 25, 2013 3435
Visual outcome and complications after modified Cionni endocapsular tension ring and intraocular lens implantation in eyes with subluxated lenses. Siddiqui, Sorath Noorani; Shaikh, Ziauddin A.; Khan, Ayesha Report Sep 30, 2012 2839
Germany : Trifocal intraocular lenses and new methods for the laser correction of presbyopic patients in focus at congress for cataract and refractive surgery. Sep 8, 2012 410
Phaco-emulsification versus manual small-incision cataract surgery in South Africa. Cook, Colin; Carrara, Henri; Myer, Landon Report Jun 1, 2012 2672
Richard Kratz received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in improving modern methods used in cataract surgery. Brief article May 1, 2012 109
Hypnosis for cataract surgery in an American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status IV patient. Kiss, G.; Butler, J. Case study Nov 1, 2011 1975
The use of femtosecond laser in cataract surgery. Harper, Laura Feb 25, 2011 834
Latest developments in intraocular lenses. Spalton, David Brief article Oct 9, 2009 136
Cataract surgery without anaesthesia: two descriptions by Arthur Jacob. Haridas, R.P. Report Jul 1, 2009 3157
Intraoperative complications. Stainer, Louise Jun 19, 2009 4568
Local anaesthetic during cataract surgery: factors influencing perception of pain, anxiety and overall satisfaction. Modi, Neil; Shaw, Steve; Allman, Keith; Simcock, Peter Clinical report Jan 1, 2008 3211
A comparison of methods of local anaesthesia used for cataract extraction. Studholme, Suki Jan 1, 2008 3040
Effectiveness of superior versus inferior subconjunctival anaesthesia for cataract surgery. Yuen, J.S.; Prineas, S.; Pham, T.; Liu, H. Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 2410

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