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Effect of Different Application Methods on the Nematicidal Activity of Bio and Synthetic Chemicals against Root Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita(Kofoid and White) Chitwood. Report Dec 31, 2020 5728
Comparative Study of the Water-Soluble Antioxidants in Fodder Additives and Sheep Blood Serum by Amperometric and Biochemical Methods. Zaitsev, Sergei Yu.; Savina, Anastasia A.; Volnin, Andrei A.; Voronina, Oksana A.; Bogolyubova, Nade Report Jul 1, 2020 7108
Application of Meta-Analysis and Machine Learning Methods to the Prediction of Methane Production from In Vitro Mixed Ruminal Micro-Organism Fermentation. Ellis, Jennifer L.; Alaiz-Moreton, Hector; Navarro-Villa, Alberto; McGeough, Emma J.; Purcell, Peter Apr 1, 2020 10242
Endogenous Losses of Fat and Fatty Acids in Growing Pigs Are Not Affected by Vegetable Oil Sources but by the Method of Estimation. Wang, Lu; Wang, Li; Lyu, Zhiqian; Huang, Bingbing; Hu, Qile; Lai, Changhua Report Jan 1, 2020 7473
How to repair damaged hair with items you already have at home. Nov 21, 2019 785
Heart Health Ingredients Market 2019 / Size, Share, Research Methodology, Emerging Trend, Business Statistics, Top Key Players, Gross Margin and Foresight to 2023. Sep 3, 2019 786
Can the Image Processing Technique Be Potentially Used to Evaluate Quality of Frying Oil? Udomkun, Patchimaporn; Innawong, Bhundit; Sopa, Wantakan Jul 31, 2019 5799
A Tasty Way to Get Your Omega-3s. Recipe Jul 3, 2019 285
10 ways to make your periods less of a pain; Could the humble sesame or sunflower seed be the answer to your monthly woes? A new trend in the US - seed syncing - is being hailed the great new hope when it comes to dealing with period pain. Kim Jones has the lowdown. May 21, 2019 1376
10 ways to make your Periods less of a pain; Could the humble sesame or sunflower seed be the answer to your monthly woes? A new trend in the US - seed syncing - is being hailed the great new hope when it comes to dealing with period pain. Kim Jones hasthe lowdown. May 21, 2019 1376
Traditional Techniques Applied in Olive Oil Production Results in Lower Quality Products in Northern Cyprus/Kuzey Kibris'ta Zeytinyagi Uretiminde Kullanilan Geleneksel Yontemler Daha Dusuk Kaliteli Urunler Olusturmaktadir. Fallah, Amirhossein; Gulcan, Hayrettin Ozan; Gulcan, Canan; Ercetin, Tugba; Kabaran, Seray; Kunter, Aug 1, 2018 7094
Production of Biodiesel by Ultrasonic-Assisted Methanolysis of Cantaloupe Seed Oil and its Optimization by Taguchi Method. Report Jun 30, 2018 6952
Evaluation of Potentiometric Methods for Acid Number Determination in Commercial Biodiesel Samples and Proposal of Alternative Method. da Silva Santos, Ellen Paula; Ferreira de Souza, Eliane; Pina Moreira Ramos, Talita Cuenca; Soares d Report Jan 15, 2018 4314
Influence of Drying Method on the Composition, Physicochemical Properties, and Prebiotic Potential of Dietary Fibre Concentrates from Fruit Peels. Garcia-Amezquita, Luis Eduardo; Tejada-Ortigoza, Viridiana; Campanella, Osvaldo H.; Welti-Chanes, Jo Jan 1, 2018 10157
Influence of Aerobic and Nitrogen Flush Packaging Methods and Frozen Storage on Quality Characteristics of Prune Puree Incorporated Ready-to-Eat Mutton Kheema. Prasad, B. Gowtham; Reddy, K. Kondal; Rao, V. Kesava; Kumar, M. Shashi; Krishnaiah, N.; Reddy, G.V. Report Mar 1, 2017 6603
Preparation of a Nanoemulsion with Carapa guianensis Aublet (Meliaceae) Oil by a Low-Energy/Solvent-Free Method and Evaluation of Its Preliminary Residual Larvicidal Activity. Jesus, Flavia L.M.; de Almeida, Fernanda B.; Duarte, Jonatas L.; Oliveira, Anna E.M.F.M.; Cruz, Rodr Jan 1, 2017 5244
Rapid Analysis Procedures for Triglycerides and Fatty Acids as Pentyl and Phenethyl Esters for the Detection of Butter Adulteration Using Chromatographic Techniques. Naviglio, Daniele; Dellagreca, Marina; Ruffo, Francesco; Andolfi, Anna; Gallo, Monica Report Jan 1, 2017 7120
Rancidity Estimation of Perilla Seed Oil by Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis Techniques. Hong, Suk-Ju; Rho, Shin-Joung; Lee, Ah-Yeong; Park, Heesoo; Cui, Jinshi; Park, Jongmin; Hong, Soon-J Report Jan 1, 2017 6681
Response Surface Methodology for Biodiesel Production Using Calcium Methoxide Catalyst Assisted with Tetrahydrofuran as Cosolvent. Chumuang, Nichaonn; Punsuvon, Vittaya Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5753
Analysis quality fish oil (Decapterus sp.) containing omega-3 using extraction method (Steam Press) and (Bligh and Dyer). Luthfiah; Genisa, Jalil; Metusalach; Abustam, Effendi; St. Sabahannur; Ramadhan, Wahyu Report Nov 1, 2014 3803
A comparison of indexing methods to evaluate quality of horticultural soils. Part II. Sensitivity of soil microbiological indicators. Romaniuk, Romina; Giuffre, Lidia; Costantini, Alejandro; Bartoloni, Norberto; Nannipieri, Paolo Report Jul 1, 2014 8602
Diagnostic value of heart-type fatty acid binding protein determined by the rapid qualitative chromatographic immunoassay method for the detection of minor myocardial damage in patients presenting with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome/Kalitatif immunkromotografik yontemle bakilan kalp tipi serbest yag asidi baglayici protein'in minor miyokardiyal hasarla seyreden ST yukselmesiz akut koroner sendromlardaki tanisal degeri. Cavusoglu, Yuksel; Gok, Bulent; Demirustu, Canan; Birdane, Alparslan; Gorenek, Bulent; Ata, Necmi Clinical report Nov 1, 2012 5783
A comparison of indexing methods to evaluate quality of soils: the role of soil microbiological properties. Romaniuk, Romina; Giuffre, Lidia; Costantini, Alejandro; Bartoloni, Norberto; Nannipieri, Paolo Report Nov 1, 2011 7356
Optimization of roasting temperature and time during oil extraction from orange (Citrus sinensis) seeds: a response surface methodology approach. Akinoso, Rahman; Aboaba, S.A.; Olajide, W.O. Report Oct 1, 2011 5106
The ultimate way to win the fight against saw palmetto extract adulteration: this communication demonstrates the benefits of free fatty acid determination in commercial saw palmetto extracts. Mikaelian, Gary; Sojka, Magdalena; Minatelli, John Sep 1, 2009 3603
Improved method for gas chromatographic--mass spectrometric analysis of 1-[sup.13]C-labeled long-chain fatty acids in plasma samples. Hernandez-Perez, Jose M.; Cabre, Eduard; Fluvia, Lourdes; Motos, Agata; Pastor, Cruz; Corominas, Aug Jun 1, 2002 4520
Addition of quantitative 3-hydroxy-octadecanoic acid to the stable isotope gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for measuring 3-hydroxy fatty acids. Jones, Patricia M.; Tjoa, Susan; Fennessey, Paul V.; Goodman, Stephen I.; Bennett, Michael J. Jan 1, 2002 2366
Improved stable isotope dilution-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for serum or plasma free 3-hydroxy-fatty acids and its utility for the study of disorders of mitochondrial fatty acid [beta]-oxidation. Jones, Patricia M.; Quinn, Rebecca; Fennessey, Paul V.; Tjoa, Susan; Goodman, Stephen I.; Fiore, Ste Feb 1, 2000 5178
Genotyping method for point mutation detection in the intestinal fatty acid binding protein, using fluorescent probes. Galluzzi, Jennifer R.; Ordovas, Jose M. Jul 1, 1999 1302

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