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Weekend DIY hunts. Barringer, Bernie Sep 1, 2013 1020
Hunting the hot food: deer get a hankering for different foods at different times of the season. Key in on the hot foods for hot hunting action. Reilly, P.J. Sep 1, 2013 2122
10 recipes for tag soup: tired of collecting unfilled tags? Fix these 10 problems and your luck will likely change! Kayser, Mark Sep 1, 2013 1729
Hunting Hercules: with strict management strategies and diligent hunting practices on his side, an Arkansas rifleman pursues a giant Southern whitetail. Newcomb, Clay Sep 1, 2013 2063
10 tips to find more sheds: finding the occasional shed antler is easy, but if you want to increase your bone stash this spring, you'll need to get serious. Follow this 10-step program to become an antler addict. Kayser, Mark Mar 22, 2013 1974
Finding the next big buck mecca: the search for the next whitetail monarch doesn't have to end in pike county, Illinois, or Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Here's your guide to identifying your next big buck mecca. Warner, Darren Mar 22, 2013 1938
Major league whitetail: for three years, "Major League Bowhunter" host Jeff Danker followed the maturation of an Oklahoma buck named "Lucky." In 2012, the story came full circle. ... Lambeth, Mike Mar 22, 2013 1462
South Georgia giant: Randy Culpepper's worth county non-typical rifle kill is poised to shake up the Georgia record book! Cooper, Bill Mar 22, 2013 1241
Kentucky velvet: a year after sending an arrow over the back of the massive bluegrass non-typical, Thad Cartwright got a second chance at the buck of his dreams. Cooper, Bill Mar 22, 2013 1983
Realistic shooting practice: when was the last time you shot a broadside buck from a benchrest? It's time for your practice to get real. Metcalf, Dick Mar 9, 2013 1839
The colder, the better: the lower the temperature drops in the late season, the more serious the deer become about feeding. Take advantage of the cold for some red-hot action! Reilly, P.J. Dec 1, 2012 1338
Down to the wire: the lower the temperature drops in the late season, the more serious the deer become about feeding. Take advantage of the cold for some red-hot action! Reilly, P.J. Dec 1, 2012 2050
Mastering Mufasa: for whitetail properties' Pete Alfano, identifying the giant Kansas non-typical named Mufasa was the easy part. The challenge came in finding a way to break through his defenses. Alfano, Pete Dec 1, 2012 1432
Final encounter: regardless of previous encounters, challenging conditions and missed opportunities, in the end, it all comes down to the ... Erickson, Michael Dec 1, 2012 2143
Tag out now! Follow these tips for late-season success. Humphrey, Bob Dec 1, 2012 905
Tweak his nose: map the wind on your land to beat your buck's best line of defense. Warner, Darren Nov 1, 2012 2035
The November battle: contrary to popular belief, November can be one of the toughest times to hang in there as a whitetail hunter. When the rut rolls around, stay tough or go home. Allen, Thomas Nov 1, 2012 1264
Wait patiently ... Or go get 'em? Kayser, Mark Nov 1, 2012 2070
Public relations: David Majewski's world-class Iowa whitetail is a refreshing reminder that you don't have to hunt pristine private land to have a shot at a giant. Templeton, Randy Nov 1, 2012 1593
Archery tactics for gun season: use the skills and strategies you employed during bow season to literally drop the hammer on a brute when it's time to carry the gun into the woods. Reilly, P.J. Nov 1, 2012 1978
Bucks that break the: when it comes to understanding deer movements during breeding time, new research shows bucks defy conventional wisdom. Warner, Darren Nov 1, 2012 1970
Understanding the rut: when the rut rolls around, a true understanding of the factors that drive buck behavior can position you for success. Bartylla, Steve Nov 1, 2012 1995
Peak condition: Kevin Peak's Shelby County muzzleloader buck tops the Kentucky record book for clean 8-pointers. Cooper, Bill Nov 1, 2012 1503
Big field strategies: facing a field full of standing crops? Don't hang it up yet. These strategies will keep you in the game. Mark, Kayser Oct 1, 2012 2274
Stand placement for success: proper treestand placement requires more than simply picking the right tree. The details in your stand setup can make the difference between success and failure. Reilly, P.J. Oct 1, 2012 1546
Talkin' dirty: when the timing is right and the pre-rut is heating up, calling can be a deadly tactic for attracting mature bucks, but don't limit your strategy to buck vocalizations. Doe and fawn calls can help tip the balance in your favor! Allen, Thomas Oct 1, 2012 1517
Going after swamp ghosts: whether the wetlands in your area are hardwood swamps or low country marshlands, you can bet that mature bucks are making use of them. Warner, Darren Oct 1, 2012 1477
Box store special: it was no secret that a world-class non-typical was hanging out on the property behind Walmart in Carroll county, Iowa. The only question was which lucky hater would have a chance to kill him. Allen, Thomas Oct 1, 2012 2180
Frost bitten: Shane Frost used every bit of Arkansas' lengthy bow season to close the distance on the non-typical of a lifetime! Newcomb, Clay Oct 1, 2012 2178
Keep your seat: there is nothing comfortable about sitting in a treestand from sunup to sundown, but if you want a crack at a wall hanger, that might be what it takes. How bad do you want it? Barringer, Bernie Oct 1, 2012 2178
Ways to score big in the pre-rut: don't hold out for the rut to tag your trophy this season. Now is the time to make things happen. Howlett, Doug Oct 1, 2012 2456
Ground zero: "an inch high at 100 yards" isn't always good enough. Learning to properly zero your rifle and scope and make the appropriate adjustments for individual scenarios can vastly improve your odds of connecting. Pacheco, Erik Aug 29, 2012 2022
Hunting the interior fringe: hunting the edges of fields and food plots can be comfortable and effective, but when the timing and conditions are right, pushing closer to a buck's core areas can be absolutely deadly. Allen, Thomas Aug 29, 2012 1993
South Georgia sweet spot: within 48 hours, this South Georgia hotspot produced two of the state's most impressive typical whitetails. Cooper, Bill Aug 1, 2012 2385
Means to an end: after a nerve injury to his left hand, Ohio hunter Matt Sheterom was forced to change his entire hunting strategy, but that didn't stop him from knocking down the buck of a lifetime! Sheterom, Matt Jul 25, 2012 2138
Shipwreck showdown: Sam Collora's neighbor and friend had the honor of giving the massive Iowa buck the name "Shipwreck," but it was Collora who first laid hands on the antlers. Bestul, Scott Jul 25, 2012 2742
Are you too conservative? In order to consistently tag top-heavy whitetails, sometimes you have to take off the gloves and hit mature bucks with aggressive hunting strategies that push the edge of the envelope. Faulkner, Travis Jul 25, 2012 2238
Getting in, getting out: get the drop on a tall-tined whitetail by plotting and grooming strategic routes that allow you to sneak to and from your treestand setups. Reilly, P.J. Jul 25, 2012 1495
Second-chance success: though it required two encounters with the massive 5x5, 16-year-old Seth Bisbee ultimately closed the deal on North Dakota's new typical archery state-record! Bisbee, Seth Jul 25, 2012 1773
Don't hunt! Fill your tag this season by doing something simple--staying home. It might just be the trick that lets you get the drop on a bruiser buck. Reilly, P.J. Jul 25, 2012 1722
Arkansas stand-off: when Randy Morris constructed an "over-the-top" blind for his friend, Aaron Jolliff, he couldn't have known that the setup would produce one of Arkansas' top typical bowkills ever! Newcomb, Clay Jul 25, 2012 2213
Chasing "Ginormica": Travis Cockburn's son, Caden, took one look at the huge nontypical and aptly named the buck "Ginormica." little did he know that his dad would have a chance to kill the tremendous deer that season ... Willmore, Ron Jul 25, 2012 2229
Kentucky quality: fate smiled upon Kent Robinson by giving him a second chance at the tall-tined Kentucky whitetail, and this hunter made the most of it! Cooper, Bill Jul 25, 2012 2154
Kentucky takedown: it might have taken three years, but Kentucky's Ryan Cox ultimately caught up with the state's No. 2 typical bowkill! Cooper, Bill Jul 25, 2012 2201
Act like it's practice. Wunderle, Terry Jul 24, 2012 799
A case for crossing over. Sebben, Josh Jul 24, 2012 966
The winning the metal game: hunting mature whitetails is as much mental as it is physical. Lose your focus, and you just might lose the buck of a lifetime. Allen, Thomas Jul 1, 2012 1333
Pre-season preparation: don't let the mid-summer heat keep you from getting a jump on the season opener. Hit the woods and make sure your plan is intact before the season begins. Faulkner, Travis Jun 19, 2012 1389
Maintain control: just because your food plots are popping up according to plan doesn't mean you can sit back and relax. The key to getting the most out of your plots is to maintain control of them throughout the year! Kroll, James C. Mar 7, 2012 2333
For every tree that robs a food plot of sunlight, water and nutrition, there is another tree that provides supplemental nutrition and other benefits. The key is managing trees to your advantage. Koerth, Ben Mar 7, 2012 1660
Time machines: time-lapse technology has added an entire new tactical dimension to the trail camera empire. Here's how you can reap the benefits. Hogan, Patrick Mar 7, 2012 1381
The whitetail nose: countless hunters have been made fools by the mature whitetail's nose, but with an appropriate level of understanding and preparation--and perhaps a bit of luck--you might be able to improve your odds of success this season. Rex, Mike Mar 7, 2012 1914
Keeping your cool. Wunderle, Terry Dec 1, 2011 957
Late-season whitetails: with the end of the season in sight and a tag still in your hand, these "eleventh hour" tips and tactics could improve your odds of connecting. Templeton, Randy Dec 1, 2011 2346
The ground level: contrary to popular belief whitetail hunters are not limited to hunting from treestands and ground blinds our expert takes the hunt to the ground level. Anthony, Marc Dec 1, 2011 2051
Blue grass bucks: Dale Prather and Greg Reinhardt represent the latest evidence that Kentucky is emerging as one of the top whitetail destinations in the country. Cooper, Bill Nov 1, 2011 2336
Sure-Fire Rut Setups: when the rut cranks up, these five stand setups will put you on top of the action! Reilly, P.J. Nov 1, 2011 1661
Roads less traveled: whether it's a new hunting area or a risky strategy, sometimes a new idea is what it takes to find success. The author's venture into eastern Colorado is evidence. Dobbs, Brad Nov 1, 2011 1362
Hunt all day: you've heard that mature bucks don't move at midday. Don't believe it! When the rut is on, staying in the woods all day can maximize your potential for success. Faulkner, Travis Nov 1, 2011 1994
Table coffee table buck: from the moment Royce Patterson spotted the heavy shed antlers on his guide's coffee table, he was focused on his quest for the massive Kansas whitetail. Patterson, Royce Nov 1, 2011 2006
Bagging the Black Friday buck: monster whitetail bucks can cause hunters to do the unthinkable, and Michael Cole is a prime example. ... Lambeth, Mike Nov 1, 2011 1422
A true hunter. Williams, Tim Nov 1, 2011 781
The rut: forget the gloom and doom of modern times. Yeah, we know the stock market is down and unemployment is up, but luckily, the deer are unaware of our desperate need to fill the freezer with meat and walls with antlers. So get in the woods. Your best chance at a trophy whitetail is now. Nov 1, 2011 3635
The legend of old moses: neither hunting skill nor accuracy nor the best soil in the country can make up for simply being in the right place at the right time! Mentink, Adam Nov 1, 2011 2164
The rut trap: buck behavior evolves rapidly before and during the rut. If you want to capitalize this season, it's critical that your strategy evolve too! Templeton, Randy Nov 1, 2011 2653
Focus factor. Whittington, Gordon Oct 1, 2011 428
Bullet drop & range estination. Metcalf, Dick Oct 1, 2011 1170
Hunting bow compromises: like everything in life, there are compromises to be made in bowhunting. Here's how you can decipher what you're gaining in a hunting bow--and what you re losing. Meitin, Patrick Oct 1, 2011 1210
Heart land heart-stopper: at 18 years old, Ryan Cox had spent much of his life dreaming about killing a world-class whitetail. In a heartbeat, those dreams became reality. Cox, Byan Oct 1, 2011 2722
Exploting buck transitions: maximize your success in the field this year by taking advantage of these predictable buck transition patterns. Faulkner, Travis Oct 1, 2011 2157
An Idaho icon: haunted by the shed antler of a particularly distinct buck for three years, Levi Dawes finally earned a shot at one of Idaho's greatest whitetails ever. Dawes, Levi Oct 1, 2011 2014
Family affair: from the moment they saw their first trail camera photo of the giant Kansas buck, Andy Gill and his son, Trent, were on a mission to bring his antlers home. Gill, Andy Oct 1, 2011 1632
Into the wind: mature bucks use the wind for more than detecting threats. Having a clear understanding of how bucks use the wind to their advantage can help you capitalize this season! Bartylla, Steve Oct 1, 2011 1535
Buck in hand: Virgi Kidd was looking for a new challenge when he decided to try hunting whitetails with a pistol. What he ended up with was one of Pennsylvania's highest-scoring non-typicals ever! Kidd, Virgil Oct 1, 2011 1801
Midday rendezvous: when love is in the air and hunting pressure is at its peak, don't be surprised to see mature bucks on their feet in the middle of the day. Reilly, P.J. Oct 1, 2011 1365
Ouachita wonder: this public-land giant smashed the Arkansas muzzleloader record in 2010--but not without pushing a father and son to their limits! Newcomb, Clay Oct 1, 2011 1404
Risky business: with risk comes reward--or does it? Are you too conservative in the deer woods? Allen, Thomas Oct 1, 2011 1309
Technical scrape hunting: understanding when and how whitetails utilize scrapes--and how you can manipulate them--could put you in a position to capitalize this season. Herbert, Jason Oct 1, 2011 1590
The fruit factor. Kroll, James C. Oct 1, 2011 1091
The Bucks of summer: be the first hunter on your lease to join the big-buck contest. Howlett, Doug Sep 1, 2011 1095
Velvet underground. Reilly, P.J. Sep 1, 2011 801
The natural: for a young bowhunter new to the sport, a single trophy buck is an epic accomplishment. James Hamik killed three-in two seasons! Hamik, David Sep 1, 2011 2517
Raising a hunter: in the hunting world, few experiences compare to taking a child on his or her first whitetail hunt. Here are the keys to making sure your child's first hunt is not the last. Pridemore, Todd Sep 1, 2011 2003
CSI: whitetail: the lessons of a crime scene investigator could help you piece together the puzzle and recover your fugitive whitetail! Warner, Darren Sep 1, 2011 1539
Tempting fate: when Jeff Kaiser gambled on a new set-up on a chilly november day in ohio last season, he wasn't at all confident in his odds. As fate would have it, he gambled right! Cross, Tom Sep 1, 2011 2042
How to miss a whitetail: there's no debate that there are more ways to miss a shot at a good buck than there are ways to hit one. Take these factors into account before-and when-your shot arrives, and your odds of connecting will increase. Meitin, Patrick Aug 30, 2011 1290
An eye for an eye: despite losing a contact to a wayward tree branch, tom taylor decided to stay in the woods on november 2. It turned out to be the best decision of his hunting career. Peck, Ted Aug 30, 2011 2098
Plotting the kill: with the right game plan, you can employ food plots as a key tool in bagging mature bucks. Faulkner, Travis Aug 30, 2011 2087
Illinois' elite eight: Luke Terstriep's west-central Illinois buck ranks at the top of the state's list for bow-killed 8-pointers. Roux, Mike Aug 30, 2011 1364
Small woodlot success: get the drop on a big buck by targeting the skinny woods that other hunters overlook. Reilly, P.J. Aug 30, 2011 1953
Harvest season: Neal Newlin normally spends the Illinois bow season harvesting crops, but the fall of 2010 offered up a harvest of another sort! Willmore, Ron Aug 30, 2011 1633
Stand your ground: Jeff Edwards' massive Kansas whitetail stood its ground right up to the end, but ultimately this Arkansas bowhunter took home the trophy. Garner, Tommy Aug 30, 2011 2093
Relieve the pressure: it might not be possible to alleviate hunting pressure in your deer woods, hut with the right strategy and understanding, you can succeed in spite of it! Bartylla, Steve Aug 30, 2011 1492
Breaking through: when it comes to killing mature bucks, it pays to consider whether the business end of your arrow is getting the job done. Meitin, Patrick Aug 1, 2011 1227
Where the top meet the bottom: when hunting bluff country or rollin hills, set your sights right in the middle - on the shelf. Allen, Thomas Aug 1, 2011 1583
Inside the comfort zone: learn exactly how to exploit super-tough bucks by breaking into the heart of highly sensitive sanctuaries and safe zones. Faulkner, Travis Jul 29, 2011 2174
Legend of Lapeer County: in Michigan, where the hunting culture is steeped in tradition and lore, bucks of world-class proportions become the stuff of legend. Kyle Bonner's Lapeer County brute is now among them. Lambert, Jerry Jul 29, 2011 1609
Early-season whitetails: hunting during the earliest weeks of the season means dealing with sweat, Mosquitoes and Snakes, but it's also a chance to drop the hammer on a buck that hasn't yet been pressured. Landberg, Paul Jul 29, 2011 1527
Calling to the big boys. Danker, Jeff Brief article Jul 29, 2011 312
Gain ground: finding hunting land. Danker, Jeff Brief article Jul 29, 2011 316
The chase: Brian Inda's pursuit of Wisconsin's new state-record typical archery kill might have stretched over a year, but it was worth every ounce of effort. Rusk, Brian Jul 29, 2011 2132
Setting the stage: fall food plotting: fall food plots are all about putting a buck on the round, and the size, shape, location and type of plot are critical components of the process!. Bartylla, Steve Jul 29, 2011 2299
Calling all bucks: successful whitetail calling is equal parts science and art. here's our explanation of both. Bestul, Scott Jul 29, 2011 1646
Serious whitetail results: when it comes to pursuing giant bucks, Ron Dejonge is as serious as they come, and his results speak for themselves. Templeton, Randy Jul 29, 2011 1420
Angles & accuracy. Wunderle, Terry Jun 28, 2011 574
Staying sharp. Wunderle, Terry Mar 22, 2011 910
A perfect 10: J.T. Kreager's first-class 10-point typical from Ohio proves the point that hard work in the off-season can yield big-time results once fall arrives! Kreager, J.T. Mar 22, 2011 1333
Meet your needs: you don't need major agricultural equipment to turn your acreage into a whitetail haven. Here's how to meet your land management needs without breaking the bank. Haun, Matt Mar 22, 2011 1839
North & South planting the seed: whether your whitetail property is above or below the Mason-Dixon line, we've got a comprehensive food plot strategy bound to improve your herd and bring the big boys out into the open! Bartylla, Steve; Haun, Matt Mar 22, 2011 3668
Plotting your strategy: with the right plan, your food plots can meet the nutritional needs of the deer on your land and provide some excellent hunting opportunities! Kroll, James C. Mar 22, 2011 1721
Building a recon network: with the help of GPS units and wireless trail cameras, tech-savvy hunters can create a bird's-eye view of whitetail movement on their property. Rex, Mike Mar 22, 2011 1266
Confronting the threat: odds are you're not the only hunter chasing whitetails on your property. Dealing with the predator problem can have a real impact on the health of your herd. Guthrie, J. Mar 22, 2011 1736
The hardcore hunter: sometimes it takes more than "average" commitment and effort to bag the buck of your dreams. Bzawy, Dave Mar 22, 2011 1885
Caution: wide load! Jason Zieren's clean Illinois 10-pointer brings new definition to the term "wide"! Cannon, Steve Mar 22, 2011 1463
The lucky one: Kevin Petrzilka never thought of himself as lucky, until he found himself staring down the barrel at a buck that would challenge the typical world record. Petrzilka, Kevin Mar 22, 2011 1637
Adirondack whitetails: Pat and Tony Salerno have made a living chasing whitetails across the rugged 6 million acres of the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Here's how they do it. Maloney, Leo Mar 22, 2011 1937
Whitetails without woods: he lives in the shadows, skulking in the stump lot, lost in the deep woods--but out here there's no timber. Van Zwoll, Wayne Nov 1, 2010 1174
Shooting with sticks. Metcalf, Dick Nov 1, 2010 1009
Going after Goliath: Tracy Atchison knew the only route to killing the Kansas buck he had named "Goliath" was straight down the barrel of a muzzleloader. Newcomb, Clay Nov 1, 2010 1347
Bowhunting the late rut: the primary rut isn't the only time to whack a wall-hanger. Follow these tips to build a solid strategy for the end of the rut! Templeton, Randy Nov 1, 2010 2233
Mission impossible? When the perfect ambush location offers anything but the perfect stand setup, use these tricks to overcome the odds and bag your trophy buck. Bartylla, Steve Nov 1, 2010 2198
Let's get aggressive! When the rut arrives and the action ramps up, it's time to get aggressive with your calling. Take these hard-core calling tips into the woods this November! Reilly, P.J. Nov 1, 2010 1338
Blue's buck: when it's your first hunt in Iowa, on a piece of public land you've never seen, a little help from above can help to tip the odds in your favor. Just ask Sid Tingen. Templeton, Randy Nov 1, 2010 2358
To shoot or not to shoot? Fehr, Andrew Nov 1, 2010 890
Rut attack strategies: get after the rut-crazed bucks in your woods this fall with tactics that attack, exploit and engage all three of their primary senses. Faulkner, Travis Oct 1, 2010 2423
Of legends & longbows: to take down a trophy whitetail with a bow is no small feat. Oklahoma's Darren Ambrose did it with a wooden longbow, no sight and a maximum range of 20 yards! Newcomb, Clay Sep 1, 2010 1431
Early-season stands: don't wait until the rut to get that big buck. Make a plan, and do it now. Howlett, Doug Sep 1, 2010 1167
Whitetail tactics. Dolbee, Dave Sep 1, 2010 484
Focus on accuracy. Wunderle, Terry Sep 1, 2010 967
Too good to be true: when it comes to decoying mature whitetail bucks, timing and setup are paramount to success. Here's the truth behind four common decoy myths. Allen, Thomas Sep 1, 2010 1802
Crushed velvet: want a trophy more rare than a big rack, a drop tine or split brows? Try hunting a buck in velvet. Howlett, Doug Aug 1, 2010 1397
A tough season, but a good one. Boddington, Craig Aug 1, 2010 2428
Judge a buck on the hoof: determining a buck's age in the field is just as important as confirming rack size. Howlett, Doug Jul 1, 2010 1324
Choosing your hunting bow. Wunderle, Terry Jul 1, 2010 1089
The legends of Highland County. Hogan, Patrick Jul 1, 2010 736
Momentum matters: the "need for speed" has clearly infiltrated the bowhunting consciousness, but are you sacrificing increased penetration and dependability for lighter, faster arrows? Meitin, Patrick Jul 1, 2010 1250
Taking a stand; Part 1: the difference between success and failure in your early-season exploits could come down to managing your stand setups effectively without broadcasting your intentions to the Trophy buck you're targeting. Newcomb, Clay Jul 1, 2010 1879
Fall of a giant: forty-four yards. After multiple sightings and two seasons, Chris Kiernan's pursuit of a world-class whitetail buck came down to just 44 yards. The moment of truth had arrived. ... Kiernan, Chris Jul 1, 2010 1934
His way or the highway; that Tom Pisarchick downed a record-book buck 30 minutes into the first-ever crossbow season in Pennsylvania is impressive. That the kill took place from the ground, on public land, only a few hundred yards from an interstate highway is the stuff of legends ... Sorensen, Steve Jul 1, 2010 2149
First-strike strategies: jump-start your year with proven pre-rut tactics that will allow you to pinpoint, pattern and punish monster bucks during the opening weeks of the season. Faulkner, Travis Jul 1, 2010 2391
A Virginia giant: John Feazell's 22-point Virginia mountain monster crushed the state record for non-typicals by nearly 24 inches! read on for the inside story behind his hunt. Ingram, Bruce Jul 1, 2010 2232
Whitetail Q&A. Kroll, James C. Jul 1, 2010 1161
Conquering Canada: for most avid whitetail hunters, the lure of hunting giant-racked bucks in Canada is hard to ignore. If you do plan on going, here's some timely advice from a hunter who has learned the ropes through experience. Devaney, Michael Feb 17, 2010 1681
The flying deer hunter: we've all heard nightmare stories of lost or damaged hunting gear resulting from the rigors of air travel. So before you head to the airport for your next whitetail hunt far from home, check out these proven tips. They'll make the skies a lot friendlier! Reilly, P.J. Feb 12, 2010 1673
Spreading our wings. Whittington, Gordon Feb 12, 2010 650
An afternoon to remember: when Kansas bowhunter Jamie Farr headed out to his stand on Oct. 22, 2008, a cold front was moving in, and he thought it would be a great afternoon to hunt. But never in his wildest dreams did he expect to shoot a world-class buck! Farr, Jamie Feb 12, 2010 1321
The final gun: late-season hunting can be challenging, but with a little determination and grit, there are ways to close the deal on a mature buck. Templeton, Randy Feb 12, 2010 3002
Defeat his sense of smell: most experts agree that you cannot totally eliminate human odor in the woods. But it is possible to minimize your odor to such a degree that it often goes undetected. Here's how. ... Bartylla, Steve Dec 1, 2009 2188
This one's for you, dad! Last season, when Iowa bowhunter Steve Binkley encountered the biggest buck of his career, he couldn't help but pay tribute to his dad for teaching him to become a hunter. Binkley, Steve Dec 1, 2009 2679
The forgotten piece to the habitat puzzle: one of the keys to prime whitetail habitat is thick, secure cover. If you don't have desirable bedding cover on your property, the land will not hold many deer. Dec 1, 2009 2148
The Ghost Buck of Dry Ridge: Randy Delawder hunted this unusual Ohio buck for three seasons, but the big deer always disappeared every year before the rut. In 2008, Randy knew he would have to change his strategy if he wanted to hit pay dirt. Cross, Tom Dec 1, 2009 1700
My favorite whitetail: known far and wide as one of North America's top writers on hunting big game in Africa, this prolific hunter has long had a soft spot for gnarly whitetails. Boddington, Craig Dec 1, 2009 1927
A drop-tine buck for a Droptine Diva: as a member of this most unusual group of Wisconsin whitetail hunters, Tara Seiler had a most unusual encounter with the buck of a lifetime last season in early September. Knapp, Sarrah; Seiler, Tara Dec 1, 2009 1647
Three-year quest for a Tennessee megabuck: after spotting this huge buck in the summer of 2006, John Hutcheson and his dad bowhunted for the giant for the next two seasons. On his last hunt, just before the 2008-2009 season was about to end, John decided to hunt with a rifle. The rest is history. ... Hutcheson, John Dec 1, 2009 1819
A Grundy County giant: despite having limited time to bowhunt last season, avid whitetail hunter Joel Carpenter was determined to make every minute spent in the woods count, and he did so with amazing results! Carpenter, Joel Dec 1, 2009 1976
Deer dropping essentials: maximize your time afield with this whitetail ready equipment. Dolbee, Dave Nov 1, 2009 585
Taking the long shot. Metcalf, Dick Personal account Nov 1, 2009 1064
Always make safety a priority! Steward, Jim Nov 1, 2009 942
The Huck Buck: a chance meeting with a fellow sportsman in Illinois last season led this avid bowhunter from Tennessee on a journey that would yield one of his best bucks ever! Worthington, Bobby Nov 1, 2009 1265
Rut movement & how to hunt it: if you're a trophy hunter, you should be ub the woods as much as possible during the breeding season. Here is some sage advice on how to hunt that period of time, which spans some 20 to 30 days. Worthington, Bobby Nov 1, 2009 2738
Putting the sneak on big bucks: part 2 last month, the author shared some excellent tips regarding his proven techniques for "sneak hunting" through the woods. This month, he discusses several additional down-and-dirty tricks that have worked well for him in beating big bucks on the ground. Woods, Josh Nov 1, 2009 1785
A Kansas wallhanger and then some: Kansas resident Chad Christie had chased whitetails for 20 years without ever downing a true wallhanger. Then, last season he made up for lost time by shooting an incredible buck. Here's how it happened. Christie, Chad Personal account Nov 1, 2009 2004
GPS your next big buck! Think the only reason to use a handheld GPS is to avoid getting lost? Then you'd better think again. Today's multifaceted units are the best deer scouting tools ever devised! Hicks, Mark Nov 1, 2009 1553
Narrowing the field: killing a big buck is not impossible, but don't think he'll make it easy. Ackley, John Oct 1, 2009 1315
Crossbow accuracy. Wunderle, Terry Oct 1, 2009 853
Changing of the guard: veteran bowhunter Mike Rex had made a herculean effort to arrow an Ohio megabuck known as the "Sticker Tine Buck," but the 2008-2009 bow season was rapidly coming to a close. It fell to Mike's son Ryan to finish the job. Hicks, Mark Oct 1, 2009 2174
Putting the sneak on big bucks part 1: hunting on the ground is always challenging, but it can be highly productive if done properly. Here are some great tips from a veteran who knows how to put the sneak on mature bucks. Woods, Josh Oct 1, 2009 2258
Hunting suburban whitetails part 4: big bucks on tiny tracts: in this last installment about hunting suburban bucks, an expert bowhunter shares some unique insights about his experiences on hunting a close-in 7-acre tract where he had installed a small food plot to attract deer. Newcomb, Clay Oct 1, 2009 1614
New whitetail guns & optics for 2009: technology has come to the whitetail industry like nothing you've ever seen, and some of the new hunting rifles, pistols and optics being made these days are nothing less than technological marvels. Metcalf, Dick Oct 1, 2009 1294
Managing cull bucks: culling undesirable bucks from your herd is serious business, and there is much misinformation in the marketplace about how to do it. Here is some sound advice from an expert who has been managing his small farm in the Midwest for many years. Higgins, Don Oct 1, 2009 2189
Daniel's undoing: Scott Kruse and his brother-in-law had been watching a giant Wisconsin buck for several years. During the 2008 shotgun season, they planned to go all out in an effort to bag him. Kruse, Scott Oct 1, 2009 3353
Nutrition, age and genetics: the critical trinity, part 2. Kroll, James C. Oct 1, 2009 1597
Higher learning. Fehr, Andrew Oct 1, 2009 955
The 'Field & Stream' buck: it seemed like every deer hunter in North America knew about this great buck, and avid bowhunter Bob Decker knew the deer lived in the area where he was hunting. But never in his wildest dreams did Bob think he would actually encounter the buck, much less get a shot at it! Decker, Bob Sep 1, 2009 2245
"There's a rub!" Part 2: Last month, we discussed a variety of rubs, including velvet-shedding rubs and mock-combat rubs. This month, we'll delve into the much more complicated world of scent-post, or scent-communication, rubs. Without a doubt, these are the most significant rubs to hunters. Worthington, Bobby Sep 1, 2009 1942
Hunting suburban whitetails part 3: big-city brushers: it takes a lot of creativity to hunt in the shadows of skyscrapers and shopping centers, but if you can handle the distractions, you'll be hunting unpressured deer that are sometimes easy to pattern. Higgins, Al Personal account Sep 1, 2009 1579
The Coal Mine Monarch: not only was the author hunting an extremely woods-wise buck that was known to be nocturnal, but he compounded the challenge of the task by hunting the elusive buck with a traditional longbow. Hilt, Ben Personal account Sep 1, 2009 2537
Cheating the ice man: having never hunted in Canada because he hates cold weather, Tim herald had an opportunity to hunt Saskatchewan during the October muzzleloader season last year before cold weather set in. he was not disappointed! Herald, Tim Sep 1, 2009 2001
Decoying magic part 1: tips from the experts: a decoy is nothing more than a visual aid that adds realism to your setup. Here are some great tips from three renowned experts on how to make decoys work in your favor! Faulkner, Travis Sep 1, 2009 1775
All day in a tree: no pain, no gain. Typically, these words are used to remind athletes that victories are earned through tremendous self-sacrifice. But the same axiom can also be applied to whitetail hunters. Reilly, P.J. Sep 1, 2009 1785
8 great early-season hotspots: despite the discomfort of hot weather and insects, hunting one of these early-season locales might just be your ticket to out-smarting a real wallhanger this year! Faulkner, Travis Sep 1, 2009 2482
Paying his dues: this Ohio bowhunter put in plenty of time chasing his dream buck, and everything finally came together on a spur-of-the-moment afternoon hunt in mid-October 2007. Cooper, Bill Sep 1, 2009 1114
TEMPtation takes scent dispersal to the next level. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 95
A buck named 'Lucky': Mike Cauble and his sons had known about this great Illinois megabuck for four years, but the charmed deer always managed to elude everyone. In 2008, however, young Jeremy set out to even the score with his muzzleloader. Willmore, Ron Aug 1, 2009 2059
"There's a rub!": part 1: what good old red-blooded American hunter's pulse does not quicken when he hears these words whispered in the fall woods? Like scrapes, rubs are one of the most exciting and informative types of sign left by a buck in the fall woods. But in order to benefit from what rubs can tell us, we've got to be able to understand them. Worthington, Bobby Aug 1, 2009 2233
A 10-pointer and then some! Alex MacCulloch did what all good bowhunters are supposed to do after he saw antlers: he concentrated on the shot. Later, after the shot, he told his friends that he thought the buck had carried at least 10 points. In truth, Alex's new province record was a 23-point monster! Read, Nigel Aug 1, 2009 2661
Hunting suburban whitetails part 2: business-park bruisers: last month we discussed hunting small tracts near home communities in high-population areas. This month we switch gears and hunt bruiser bucks near office parks and interstate highways. Cameron, Kevin Aug 1, 2009 2043
The best bowhunt ever! Despite an ongoing battle with cancer, when Don Wages got together with his good friend Brent VanHoveln for a long overdue bowhunt in Illinois last year, it definitely turned out to be a day to remember! Vanhoveln, Brent Personal account Aug 1, 2009 2526
The Waupaca Swamp Buck: when Jim Paalman shot a massive 25-point non-typical buck during Wisconsin's gun season last year, little did he know that he had just taken the state's third-largest non-typical of all time! Bobula, Craig Aug 1, 2009 2391
Of bargains & bucks: times may be uncertain, but look on the bright side. This may be the best time in years to book that dream hunt, buy a new ATV or purchase some land for your own personal whitetail paradise. Whittington, Gordon Aug 1, 2009 1375
Decoding scrapes: does hunting a scrape increase your odds for a good buck? Ackley, John Jul 1, 2009 1395
Point of aim: which shot should a bowhunter take and which shot should be passed up? Should bowhunters aim for a specific point behind a deer's shoulder? The author tackles these tough questions and offers some cutting-edge advice. Worthington, Bobby Jul 1, 2009 3080
Quest for a 'little' giant: when Nate Lacost went hunting for a trophy Coues whitetail in the snowy mountains of Arizona last Dec. 28, he never dreamed he would arrow a new world record! Personal account Jul 1, 2009 1748
Testing the wind: without a doubt, a buck's most formidable defense is his sense of smell. in order to beat the buck, you must first beat his nose. Pridemore, Todd Personal account Jul 1, 2009 2344
Big buck movement: three keys to unlocking deer movement. Ackley, John Jun 1, 2009 1088
New heights: want to get the drop on a mature buck? Think out of the box. Dobie, Duncan Oct 1, 2008 1255
One-on-one: if you hunt one particular buck and succeed, there is no greater accomplishment. Dobie, Duncan Aug 1, 2008 1555
RATTLING DEER. Kolodziej, Ron Oct 1, 2000 1404
Tagging Trophy Whitetails. TROUT, JR., JOHN Aug 1, 2000 2078
Hot Buck Trails. TROUT, JOHN, JR. Jul 1, 2000 2023
Cornrow Whitetails. Yeske, Shannon Jun 1, 2000 815
Big Deer, Small Cover. Templeton, Randy May 1, 2000 1911
HIGH PLAINS WHITETAILS. Craig, Mike May 1, 2000 2021
MEANT TO BE. Williams, Mark Apr 1, 2000 1173
RUBS & SCRAPES 101. ROBBINS, CHUCK Mar 1, 2000 1750
Arrows For Whitetails. Winke, Bill Mar 1, 2000 1986
WHERE DO YOU STAND? WEISS, JOHN Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 2752
DON'T EVER GIVE UP! Lamade, Mike Dec 1, 1999 1685
Buck Sense. WOOTTERS, JOHN Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 841
THE CHASE PHASE. Clancy, Gary Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 1860
October Whitetails. Winke, Bill Oct 1, 1999 2245
Buck Sense. WOOTTERS, JOHN Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 758
MICRO-COVER'. BODDINGTON, COL. CRAIG Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 225
TROPHY BUCKS. Jul 1, 1999 3299

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