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Focusing of the Electromagnetic Field in Several Given Areas of Space. Iuzvik, Denis; Stepanov, Maksim Report Sep 1, 2022 4406
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through Stratified Lossy Conductive Media. Smolyaninov, Igor I.; Kozyrev, Alexander B. Report Sep 1, 2022 4300
The Propagation of Thermoelastic Waves in Different Anisotropic Media Using Matricant Method. Ispulov, Nurlybek A.; Zhumabekov, Almar Zh.; Qadir, Abdul; Kurmanov, Almas A.; Sarymova, Sholpan N.; Jul 1, 2022 3718
The Exact Solutions of the Conformable Time-Fractional Modified Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation by the Trial Equation Method and Modified Trial Equation Method. Aderyani, Safoura Rezaei; Saadati, Reza; Vahidi, Javad; Allahviranloo, Tofigh Feb 1, 2022 3238
A Study on LoRa Signal Propagation Models in Urban Environments for Large-Scale Networks Deployment. Petrariu, Adrian Ioan; Mutescu, Partemie-Marian; Coca, Eugen; Lavric, Alexandru Report Nov 1, 2021 5644
Radio-Propagation Measurement Based on a Low-Cost Software Defined Radio. Perotoni, Marcelo B.; Silva, Felipe A.A.; Vieira, Marcos S. Report Jul 1, 2021 3821
Near-Field Focused Reflectarray Antenna and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: The Potential of Wave Propagation Control for Smart Radio Environment. Elshennawy, Wael Report Feb 1, 2021 6438
Accurate Vortex Beam Mode Measurement Based on Rotational Antenna Method. Nie, Yuming; Ju, Gaohua; Chen, Jiarun; Ma, Lu; Zhao, Yufei Report Jan 1, 2021 3426
Evaluation Method of the Gas Hydrate and Free Gas System and Its Application in the Shenhu Area, South China Sea. Su, Pibo; Li, Tingwei; Liang, Shurong; Liang, Jinqiang; Wang, Xiaoxue; Wan, Xiaoming; Wang, Feifei Jan 1, 2021 5258
Improvement of Automatic Calculation Method of CASE Bearing Capacity. Liu, Guosong; Wang, Junlin Jan 1, 2021 5347
The Method of Determining Excavation Damaged Zone by Acoustic Test and the Application in Engineering Cases. Sun, Qian-Cheng; Guo, Hao-Sen; Xu, Zhi-Hua; Liu, Yue; Xu, Xiao Jan 1, 2021 5884
Multiband Below-Cutoff Propagation in Rectangular Waveguides Filled with Multilayer Left-/Right-Handed Metamaterials. Weng, Qianru; Lin, Qian; Wu, Haifeng Report Jan 1, 2021 5193
Transient Wave Propagation Dynamics with Edge-Based Smoothed Finite Element Method and Bathe Time Integration Technique. Chai, Yingbin; Zhang, Yongou Report Aug 31, 2020 6599
The Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Generalized Alternating Flux Applied to the Second-Order Wave Equations. Zhang, Rongpei; Liu, Jia; Jiang, Shaohua; Wang, Di Aug 31, 2020 5075
Assessment of the Excavation Damaged Zones in the Surrounding Rock of an Underground Powerhouse under High In Situ Stress Using an Acoustic Velocity Detecting Method. Zhang, Liguo; Wang, Dong; Dong, Jiaxing Jul 31, 2020 7007
Design of a Transmitarray Antenna Using 4 Layers of Double Square Ring Elements. Chua, Xian Wei; Chia, Tse-Tong; Chia, Kerrell Boon Khim Report Jul 1, 2020 3442
Investigation of Dominant Wave Mechanism and Optimal Antenna Excitation for Body-Centric Wireless Propagations. Agu, Daniel U.; Leece, Mary; Alcala-Medel, Jose; Sahdev, Anna; Lim, Jim; Olsen, Matthew; Ngan, Bithi Report Jul 1, 2020 4196
A Chebyshev Spectral Method for Normal Mode and Parabolic Equation Models in Underwater Acoustics. Tu, Houwang; Wang, Yongxian; Liu, Wei; Ma, Xian; Xiao, Wenbin; Lan, Qiang Jun 30, 2020 6371
Design of a Directional Antenna Based on a Resonance Based Reflector and Its Applications on Bio-Electromagnetics. Li, Xiao-Feng; Hua, Yan-Ru; Wen, Bao-Jian; Peng, Lin; Jiang, Xing Report Jun 1, 2020 2529
Application of Hybrid ARIMA and Artificial Neural Network Modelling for Electromagnetic Propagation: An Alternative to the Least Squares Method and ITU Recommendation P.1546-5 for Amazon Urbanized Cities. Lopes, Ramz L. Fraiha; Fraiha, Simone G.C.; Gomes, Herminio S.; Lima, Vinicius D.; Cavalcante, Gerva Mar 31, 2020 5547
Multiscale Method for Seismic Response of Near-Source Sites. Li, Shutao; Liu, Jingbo; Yang, Zhou; Bao, Xin; Wang, Fei; Wang, Xiaofeng; Asheghabadi, Mohsen Saleh Mar 31, 2020 8190
An Experimental Study of the Feasibility of Identifying the Impact Damages of Reinforced Concrete Piers Using a Modal Frequency Method. Zhou, Xiwu; Zhang, Wenchao; Gao, Yushen; Zhang, Guoxue; Wen, Mengdan Report Mar 1, 2020 6652
Scattering and Coupling Reduction of Dipole Antenna Using Gradient Index Metamaterial Based Cloak. Bisht, Mahesh S.; Srivastava, Kumar V. Report Mar 1, 2020 3295
Propagation Characteristics for UAVs Operating at Short Range and Low Altitude. Tejada, Giselle M. Galvan; Mejia, Jorge E. Aviles; Lugo, Aldo G. Orozco; Cruz, Luis A. Arellano; Lea Report Mar 1, 2020 5445
A New Analytical Method for Studying Higher Order Modes of a Two-Wire Transmission Line. Gholizadeh, Mehdi; Kashani, Farrokh Hojjat Report Jan 1, 2020 3943
H-Shaped Fractal Slots Based Highly Miniaturized Substrate Integrated Waveguide Metamaterial Bandpass Filters for C-Band Applications. Hamzah, Ayad M.; Audah, Lukman; Alkhafaji, Nasr Report Jan 1, 2020 8104
Multiblock SBP-SAT Methodology of Symmetric Matrix Form of Elastic Wave Equations on Curvilinear Grids. Sun, Cheng; Yang, Zai-Lin; Jiang, Guan-Xi-Xi; Yang, Yong Jan 1, 2020 7221
Fluctuation Characteristic Test of Oblique Stress Waves in Infilled Jointed Rock and Study of the Analytic Method. Yu, Jin; Liu, Zehan; He, Ze; Zhou, Xianqi; Ye, Jinbi Report Jan 1, 2020 6626
Surface Wave-Based Radio Communication through Conductive Enclosures. Smolyaninov, Igor I.; Balzano, Quirino; Young, Dendy Report Oct 1, 2019 2872
Analysis of GPR Wave Propagation in Complex Underground Structures Using CUDA-Implemented Conformal FDTD Method. Lei, Jianwei; Wang, Zibin; Fang, Hongyuan; Ding, Xin; Zhang, Xiaowang; Yang, Man; Wang, Haitao Sep 30, 2019 5101
Application of the Spectral Element Method in a Surface Ship Far-Field UNDEX Problem. Lu, Zhaokuan; Brown, Alan Aug 31, 2019 9902
Estimation of Spatial Channel Model in a Wireless Ultra-Wide-Area Backhaul Network using the Deterministic Ray Tube Method. Yun, Daljae; Kim, Youngdam; Jung, Inil; Jung, Haewon; Kang, Hoon Aug 1, 2019 3921
Analysis of GPR Wave Propagation Using CUDA-Implemented Conformal Symplectic Partitioned Runge-Kutta Method. Fang, Hongyuan; Lei, Jianwei; Yang, Man; Li, Ziwei Jul 31, 2019 5952
Development of a Circularly Polarized HMSIW Antenna. Tian, Haozhan; Itoh, Tatsuo Report Jul 1, 2019 2558
HF Skywave Polarized MIMO Channels with Oblique One-Hop Paths. Umaisaroh, Umaisaroh; Hendrantoro, Gamantyo; Dear, Varuliantor Report Jun 1, 2019 5243
Wave Propagation in RH/LH Periodic Lumped Circuits Using Iterative Method WCIP. Azizi, Mohamed K.; Elbellili, Taieb; Gharsallah, Ali; Baudrand, Henri Report Jun 1, 2019 2947
Detection Technology of Foamed Mixture Lightweight Soil Embankment Based on Ultrasonic Wave Transmission Method. Pu, Shikun; Hong, Baoning; Liu, Xin; Xu, Fenqiang; Shan, Hao May 31, 2019 6475
Health Monitoring of Bolt Looseness in Timber Structures Using PZT-Enabled Time-Reversal Method. Zhao, Ze; Chen, Pengcheng; Zhang, En; Lu, Guoyun Apr 30, 2019 3656
Implementation of Two Methods for Designing the Profiles of Mirrors in Quasi-Optical Mode Converter for 170 GHz Transverse Output Gyrotron. Zhao, Guohui; Xue, Qianzhong; Wang, Yong; Wang, Xuewei; Zhang, Shan; Liu, Gaofeng; Zhang, Lianzheng Report Apr 1, 2019 3632
Novel Method for Generating Electromagnetic Vortex Wave. Zheng, Gengqi; Sun, Baohua; Gong, Shuhong Report Apr 1, 2019 4811
Method to Improve Fault Location Accuracy Against Cables Dispersion Effect. Osman, Ousama; Sallem, Soumaya; Sommervogel, Laurent; Carrion, Marc Olivas; Peltier, Arnaud; Bonnet, Report Mar 1, 2019 2137
Long Term Irradiance Statistics for Optical GEO Downlinks: Validation with ARTEMIS Experimental Measurements. Kapsis, Theodore T.; Lyras, Nikolaos K.; Panagopoulos, Athanasios D. Report Feb 1, 2019 2481
Surface Wave Suppression in LHCP Microstrip Patch Antenna embedded on Textured Pin Substrate. Roy, Manidipa; Mittal, Ashok Report Jan 1, 2019 3533
Application of Non-Contact Laser Impact with Acoustic Emission Analysis and Tomography Technique for Damage Detection in Concrete. Shiotani, Tomoki; Hashimoto, Katsufumi; Nishikino, Masaharu; Mikami, Katsuhiro Jan 1, 2019 2028
A Multilevel Scheduling MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks. Sampath, Sri Lekha; Subashini, S. Report Aug 1, 2018 6240
Soft Fault Diagnosis in Wire Networks Using Time Reversal Concept and Subspace Methods. Kafal, Moussa; Benoit, Jaume; Cozza, Andrea; Pichon, Lionel Report Apr 1, 2018 3643
Analysis of Bending Response of Tubes Conveying Fluid by the Method of Characteristics. Al-Rajihy, Ahmed; Kadhom, Mohanned Feb 1, 2018 2732
The Application of the exp(-[PHI]([xi]))-Expansion Method for Finding the Exact Solutions of Two Integrable Equations. Sajid, Naila; Akram, Ghazala Jan 1, 2018 3028
Modeling Free Surface Flows Using Stabilized Finite Element Method. Garg, Deepak; Longo, Antonella; Papale, Paolo Jan 1, 2018 6061
The Resonance Reliability and Global Sensitivity Analysis of Curved Pipe Conveying Fluid Based on TIS Method. Yuzhen, Zhao; Yongshou, Liu; Qing, Guo; Baohui, Li Jan 1, 2018 6875
69 - Application of AE technique and thermography for assessment of sludge volume inside crude oil storage tanks. Baran, Ireneusz; Dunaj, Tomasz; Nowak, Marek Jan 1, 2018 1724
Numerical Simulation of Thermoacoustic Wave Induced by Thermal Effects by Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Pranowo, Pranowo; Widyaparaga, Adhika Report Jan 1, 2018 3414
A Novel Radio Wave Propagation Modeling Method Using System Identification Technique over Wireless Links in East Africa. Girma, Solomon T.; Konditi, Dominic B.O.; Maina, Ciira Jan 1, 2018 3851
An Unconditionally Stable Cylindrical FDTD Method to Analyze the EM Ground Wave Propagation. Huang, Zheng-Yu; Shi, Li-Hua; Sun, Zheng; Zhou, Ying-Hui Jan 1, 2018 2472
Finite-Difference Time Domain Techniques Applied to Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Inhomogeneous Plasma Structures. Nicolini, Julio L.; Bergmann, Jose Ricardo Jan 1, 2018 5346
The Study of Large-Scale Fading Using a Wavelet Transform Method. Lu, Guizhen; Cao, Zhi; Jia, Xingning; Liang, Jingjing Jan 1, 2018 3949
Parabolic Equation Accumulated Split Error and Its Correction Method for Tropospheric Radio Propagation. Wei, Peipei; Du, Xiaoyan; Hu, Xinwei; Jiang, Changyin Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 4588
A New Approximate Method for Lightning-Radiated ELF/VLF Ground Wave Propagation over Intermediate Ranges. Hou, Wenhao; Zhang, Qilin; Zhang, Jinbo; Wang, Lei; Shen, Yuan Jan 1, 2018 4765
A Validation of the Ultrasound Wave Velocity Method to Predict Porosity of Dry and Saturated Cement Paste. Zou, Zhenting; Meegoda, Jay N. Jan 1, 2018 5272
Sensors and Data Processing Techniques for Future Medicine. Matsui, Takemi; Suzuki, Satoshi; Sun, Guanghao; Kwee, Eddie Ng Yin Jan 1, 2018 659
Motion of Small Spherical Particles in an Arbitrary Oriented Cluster Due to the Microwave Propagation. Moqadam, Asian Nouri; Pourziad, Ali; Nikmehr, Saeid Report Sep 1, 2017 4755
Laplace Transform Collocation Method for Solving Hyperbolic Telegraph Equation. Adewumi, Adebayo O.; Akindeinde, Saheed O.; Aderogba, Adebayo A.; Ogundare, Babatunde S. Report Jan 1, 2017 3197
The CFS-PML for 2D Auxiliary Differential Equation FDTD Method Using Associated Hermite Orthogonal Functions. Jiang, Feng; Miao, Xiao-Ping; Lu, Feng; Su, Li-Yuan; Ma, Yao Report Jan 1, 2017 2995
Dispersion and Sensitivity Analysis of Quasi-Scholte Wave Liquid Sensing by Analytical Methods. Onen, Onursal Jan 1, 2017 5543
An Improved Traveling-Wave-Based Fault Location Method with Compensating the Dispersion Effect of Traveling Wave in Wavelet Domain. Jia, Huibin Report Jan 1, 2017 6331
An Effective Way to Control Numerical Instability of a Nonordinary State-Based Peridynamic Elastic Model. Gu, Xin; Zhang, Qing; Yu, Yangtian Jan 1, 2017 3881
Computation of Aerodynamic Noise Radiated from Ducted Tail Rotor Using Boundary Element Method. Ma, Yunpeng; Yi, Mingxu; Wang, Lifeng; Huang, Jun Report Jan 1, 2017 5261
A Study on the Scattering Energy Properties of an Elastic Spherical Shell in Sandy Sediment Using an Improved Energy Method. Wang, WenKai; Zhu, GuangPing; Sun, Hui; Yin, JingWei; Zhang, MingHui Report Jan 1, 2017 2901
Small-Scale Fading Analysis of the Vehicular-to-Vehicular Channel inside Tunnels. Loredo, Susana; del Castillo, Adrian; Fernandez, Herman; Rodrigo-Penarrocha, Vicent M.; Reig, Juan; Report Jan 1, 2017 3889
Parameter Estimation for the Field Strength of Radio Environment Maps. Gao, Zhisheng; Li, Yaoshun; Xie, Chunzhi Report Jan 1, 2017 7971
A Review on Human Body Communication: Signal Propagation Model, Communication Performance, and Experimental Issues. Zhao, Jian Feng; Chen, Xi Mei; Liang, Bo Dong; Chen, Qiu Xia Report Jan 1, 2017 11680
Modeling of Non-WSSUS Double-Rayleigh Fading Channels for Vehicular Communications. Gutierrez, Carlos A.; Jaime-Rodriguez, J.J.; Luna-Rivera, J.M.; Campos-Delgado, Daniel U.; Castillo, Report Jan 1, 2017 10438
Keyholes in MIMO-OFDM: Train-to-Wayside Communications in Railway Tunnels. Garcia-Loygorri, Juan Moreno; de Haro, Leandro; Riera, Jose Manuel; Cuellar, Luis; Rodriguez, Carlos Report Jan 1, 2017 4078
A computationally inexpensive radio propagation model for vehicular communication on flyovers and inside underpasses. Qureshi, Muhammad Ahsan; Mostajeran, Ehsan; Noor, Rafidah Md.; Shamim, Azra; Ke, Chih-Heng Report Sep 1, 2016 9968
Survey of Beam Steering Techniques Available for Millimeter Wave Applications. Uchendu, Iyemeh; Kelly, James Report Jul 1, 2016 10541
The Forward Transmission Matrix (FTM) Method for S-Parameter Analysis of Microwave Circuits and Their Metamaterial Counterparts. Siddiqui, Omar F. Report Mar 1, 2016 5552
Research on Maritime Radio Wave Multipath Propagation Based on Stochastic Ray Method. Wang, Han; Du, Wencai Jan 1, 2016 4229
Finite Element Method Analysis of Symmetrical Coupled Microstrip Lines. Musa, Sarhan M.; Sadiku, Matthew N.O. Sep 1, 2014 3262
Velocity structure and hypocentral location of earthquakes by simultaneous inversion method: Application to the area of Kalabagh Pakistan. Jun 30, 2014 3752
On Inhomogeneous Metamaterials Media: A New Alternative Method for Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields Propagation. Bellver-Cebreros, Consuelo; Rodriguez-Danta, Marcelo Jun 1, 2014 3114
Study of macro-bending of polymer fiber in multimode POF couplers development by lapping technique. Supian, L.S.; Ab-Rahman, Mohd Syuhaimi; Arsad, Norhana; Ramza, Harry Report Jan 1, 2014 2691
Efficient bi-iterative method for source position and propagation speed estimation using TDOA measurements. Zhu, Guo-Hui; Feng, Da-Zheng; Zhou, Yan Report Jan 1, 2014 5971
Miniaturized Thin Soft Surface Structure Using Metallic Strips with Ledge Edges for Antenna Applications. Abushamleh, Said A.; Al-Rizzo, Hussain; Kishk, Ahmed A.; Abbosh, Ayman; Khaleel, Haider Report Jan 1, 2014 4069
Realistic and efficient radio propagation model for V2X communications. Khokhar, Rashid Hafeez; Zia, Tanveer; Ghafoor, Kayhan Zrar; Lloret, Jaime; Shiraz, Muhammad Report Aug 1, 2013 8834
Scalability in MANETs Under the Influence of Dynamic Propagation Loss Models. Amjad, K. Case study May 1, 2013 4620
Theoretical analysis of sub-wavelength light propagation through the double-chain silver nanorings. Chau, Y.-F.; Yang, W.Y. Report Jan 1, 2013 5117
Investigation of Wi-Fi indoor signals under LOS and NLOS conditions. Japertas, S.; Orzekauskas, E.; Slanys, R. Report Jan 1, 2012 2519
Design and characterization of planar waveguide new optical add and drop multiplexer by using beam propagation method simulator. Ab-Rahman, Mohammad Syuhaimi Technical report Apr 1, 2011 2120
Fast wave propagation by model order reduction. Pereyra, V.; Kaelin, B. Report Jan 1, 2008 4701
Reflected waves analysis in case of the deformable bodies' impact using longitudinal wave's propagation theory. Hule, Voichita Ionela; Tarca, Ioan Constantin; Blaga, Florin Sandu; Polojintef Corbu Nicolae Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1711
Generating a plane wave in the near field with a planar array antenna. Haupt, Randy Sep 1, 2003 3249

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