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Ignore at Your Peril. Anderson, Eileen Instructions Sep 1, 2020 2362
Give Your Puppy a Smart Start: Wondering when and how you should start training your puppy? Immediately! Colman, Stephanie Apr 1, 2020 2747
Teach Your Puppy to "Leave it" Alone: Puppies put everything in their mouths! What can you do? Fortunately, plenty! Richmond, Mardi Jan 1, 2020 2321
"No-Look" Reinforcement: How to get your dog to "check in" with you even when you are checked out! Tucker, Nancy Dec 1, 2019 2045
Dog Days of Summer: A Busy Time of Year. Sep 19, 2018 1015
Meet and Greet? Or Not ...: Calm and collected is the name of the game, whether you would like your dog to greet others or pass them by. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2018 3599
Don't dash or dart. Colman, Stephanie Sep 1, 2017 1845
Ask (nicely) and receive. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2017 2742
Resources. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 210
Five tips to train like a pro. Colman, Stephanie May 1, 2017 1873
Look! A loose leash! Tucker, Nancy Apr 1, 2017 2117
Shaping up! Increase the fitness of your shaping skills; get back on track with some shaping practice drills. Tucker, Nancy Jan 1, 2017 2502
Fear aggression. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2016 3919
Chews wisely: how to manage your pup's chewing habit to ensure a destruction-free home. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2016 2745
Trainers spill the kibble on their favorite food-bowl alternatives. Oct 1, 2015 714
Divine intervention: a dog trainer helps her client make a major breakthrough with door-crazy dogs, with a little help from some timely visitors. Tucker, Nancy Oct 1, 2015 647
It really works: how bits of chicken can accomplish so much more than force. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Jun 1, 2015 680
At the door: solve your clog's overexcited behavior at the door (or any problem behavior) in three steps. Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2015 2091
Examples of management/training scenarios. Dec 1, 2014 411
"Come" have fun: games for building a reliable recall. Richmond, Mardi Sep 1, 2014 2029
Counter-conditioning. Sep 1, 2014 634
Yes power: try to "catch your dog doing something right" as often as possible. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Jul 1, 2014 741
No go: five things to do if your dog won't come to you. Miller, Pat Jun 1, 2014 666
Trade it for treats. Apr 1, 2014 434
Train a better grouse dog: close-working, steady pups are the ticket for these birds. Carty, Dave Oct 1, 2013 1208
Defensive growling: punishment is not the way to deal with this. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2013 1203
Healthy living: follow these steps and get pup off to the right start. Carty, Dave Oct 1, 2013 411
Locating downed game: it's our obligation to properly train bird dogs to recover cripples. West, Bob Oct 1, 2013 1081
Boat etiquette: our dogs love the water, but improper introduction can lead to disaster. Dokken, Tom Oct 1, 2013 991
Summer walk-throughs: get your dog's mind and body right for the fall's first flights. Dokken, Tom Sep 1, 2013 1051
Igniting the fire: pre-season bird work pays off come hunting season. McGonigle, John Sep 1, 2013 1227
Secondary socialization: plus, tips for overcoming shyness. Bailey, Ed Sep 1, 2013 1321
Whoa! Now! This command is absolutely non-negotiable. Carty, Dave Column Aug 1, 2013 1339
Hand signals: here's how to help your partner look good. McGonigle, John Aug 1, 2013 1281
The YIN and YANG of Yo: a stubborn griffon pup tests her trainer's patience. Carty, Dave Essay Aug 1, 2013 1594
Field etiquette: how to take your dog from crate ready to blind steady. Dokken, Tom Aug 1, 2013 1014
Testing vs. hunting: the transition between the two is sometimes difficult. Bailey, Ed Column Jun 1, 2013 1266
Twelve-gauge trained: gunfire introduction is an intense but critical process. Dokken, Tom Jun 1, 2013 1077
First year issues: forget the "terrible twos"; the first season is when problems begin. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2013 1293
Puppy benchmarks revisited: putting some misconceptions to rest. Baile, Ed Mar 1, 2013 1260
But can they parallel park? Brief article Jan 28, 2013 127
Police K-9 training. Wynkoop, Laura Jan 1, 2013 483
Positively winning! Being successful in the obedience ring without ever using compulsion-based training methods is challenging--and very rewarding. Colman, Stephanie Jan 1, 2013 2848
When ignoring him doesn't work. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 129
The art of heeling: this command is often ignored but it will come in handy. Carty, Dave Dec 1, 2012 1259
Training is a treat: there's nothing wrong with giving pup a few rewards. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2012 1335
Dealing with a 'Hot' dog: also, how to correct blinking a bracemate on point. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2012 1311
Old dog: same tricks: your seasoned hunter deserves some special attention. West, Bob Dec 1, 2012 1151
Giving chase: do running birds ruin pointing dogs? Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2012 1245
Ready for the uplands: on-the-job training is the name of this game. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2012 1119
Search behind the duck: enthusiasm is critical to keeping your dog motivated. Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2012 1106
A winter project: prepare yourself for training with these tools. West, Bob Nov 1, 2012 930
Training vs. hunting: it's a whole different ballgame once you're out in the blind. Spencer, B. James Oct 1, 2012 1411
Soft training: some dogs are sensitive, so go easy. Carty, Dave Sep 29, 2012 1297
Work hard, play later: interaction is key to getting pup comfortable with strangers. McGonigle, John Essay Sep 29, 2012 1252
Flushing on command: live birds and maintaining control are the keys. Bailey, Ed Sep 29, 2012 1033
The flat-coated retriever: handsome and fun-loving, this dog requires a gentle hand. Nelson, M.J. Sep 29, 2012 1804
In blind sight: keeping your retriever covered up makes a difference over the decoys. Romanack, Mark Sep 29, 2012 1891
The trained retrieve, part 2: these final steps will have your dog fetching reliably. West, Bob Sep 29, 2012 1489
Stop the drop: force-breaking will make sure your dog brings the bird all the way back. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2012 1256
Bark, whine, yelp, growl and howl! Learning how to interpret his vocalizations can help you understand and meet his needs. Sep 1, 2012 875
Rattled ... ... but not stirred to take up shock collar "snake avoidance" training. Kerns, Nancy Sep 1, 2012 666
Training a dependable retrieve. West, Bob Sep 1, 2012 1835
The convert. Editorial Aug 29, 2012 462
Quit being laissez: there is no reason for your pointer--or any dog--to be disobedient. Carty, Dave Aug 29, 2012 1246
Road tests & lessons learned: trips, long and short, can pose problems, so heed these words. Spencer, James B. Aug 29, 2012 1164
Chasing shoreline ducks: it's a great way to further enjoy your spaniel's versatility. McGonigle, John Aug 29, 2012 1042
Phone phobia: a puzzling case of sound sensitivity, or ...? Bailer, Ed Aug 29, 2012 1306
Tune up that pup: the season's almost here, make sure your dog's ready. Spencer, James B. Jul 29, 2012 1242
Train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Brief article Jul 29, 2012 152
There's still time: the season's fast approaching, so get in some last-minute lessons. McGonigle, John Jul 20, 2012 1134
Controllin range: start with a refresher course in basic obedience. Bailey, Ed Jul 20, 2012 1124
An accelerated retriever: have a high performance hunter in just 12 months. Hirt, Jack Jul 20, 2012 2082
Return of the spaniel Whisperer: Lisett trains with a soft voice and a calm attitude. Sisley, Nick Jul 20, 2012 2188
Scent success: help your dog make the best use of his nose. West, Bob Jul 20, 2012 1468
Fear not, wee one: prevention and modification of fear-related behaviors in puppies. Miller, Pat Jun 1, 2012 1189
Counter-conditioning and desensitization (CC&D). Jun 1, 2012 937
Building blocks: problems are always easier to prevent than cure. Carty, Dave May 12, 2012 1452
Brit gets English spaniels: Mike Gilpin tempers strictness with variety and fun. McGonigle, John May 12, 2012 1063
Foster the pointing instinct: for starters, put away the wing-on-a-string. Bailey, Ed May 12, 2012 1424
Gray ghost revival: despite setbacks, today's Weimaraner is a capable hunter. May 12, 2012 2587
Ask the experts. Miller, William H. Apr 1, 2012 974
Field tests for puppies: they're a valuable learning experience for both you and your pup. West, Bob Mar 1, 2012 906
Birds galore equals sensory overload: here's how to keep your dog under control when a nose full of scent pills him over the edge. Lynn, Brian Mar 1, 2012 1964
In search of style: you can't teach birdiness, trainability, coordination, or speed into a dog born without them. Spencer, Jim Mar 1, 2012 1341
You're bringing who? How to handle your friend's dog. Carty, Dave Feb 29, 2012 1506
"How to Train Your Dog" - Android Application with Dog Training Tips Launched by Webelinx. Jan 20, 2012 271
Steady does it: patience is needed to make a truly reliable dog. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2011 1409
Crate control: keep dogs calm when home alone. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2011 1321
Team Player: the Llewellin setter specializes in hunting for the gun. Thoms, Jerry Dec 1, 2011 1833
The most important command: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2011 1915
Antler ambitions shed-hunting dogs take the birding world by storm. Peterson, Tony J. Dec 1, 2011 1299
whoa! A pointing dog's most critical command. West, Bob Dec 1, 2011 1433
Wait, don't train: some training is best left for a dog's second season. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2011 1246
Retrievers in the uplands: use the familiar basics for the field. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2011 1381
Anxious destruction: what causes a dog to develop separation anxiety? Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2011 1135
Don't untrain your dog! The latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2011 1811
Tabletop training: a DIY project for you and your dog. West, Bob Nov 1, 2011 1068
Command expiration: here's how to release your dog without losing control. Spencer, James B. Oct 1, 2011 1433
Justifiable pride: hunting with a steady dog entitles you to bragging rights. McGonigle, John Oct 1, 2011 1554
Issues in hunt trials & tests: what to do if your dog rolls on a bird or breaks at the shot. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2011 1107
The best of the best: the value of being steady to wing and shot. McGonigle, John Sep 1, 2011 1254
Winging it: when should a pup be introduced to live birds? Bailey, Ed Sep 1, 2011 1156
Getting past hardmouth: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Aug 30, 2011 1913
Bird blunders: here's the right way to introduce pointers to birds. Carty, Dave Aug 30, 2011 1446
Join the club! become a member of a local retriever group for myriad benefits. Spencer, James B. Aug 30, 2011 1328
Good enough: what behavior is acceptable in the field? Carty, Dave Jul 23, 2011 1470
Out of sight: get to know the basics of the blind retrieve. Spencer, James B. Jul 23, 2011 1353
Introducing pups to water. Spencer, James B. Jul 23, 2011 1856
Bad Words? It's important to use language that respects every living being. Kerns, Nancy Jul 1, 2011 491
The next step: develop a training plan for your pup's first year. West, Bob Jun 1, 2011 1158
Understanding fear aggression: this troubling canine behavior can usually be solved with time and patience. Here's what you need to know. Jun 1, 2011 951
Q I've read numerous articles about precautions. Houpt, Katherine A. Jun 1, 2011 615
Have dog, can travel: how to prepare so that bringing your dog enhances your vacation for both of you! Richmond, Mardi Jun 1, 2011 3561
A hit or miss propositions: plus, what's the true definition of a "double"? Duffey, Dave May 24, 2011 1256
Housetraining your new puppy: whether you choose to use a crate or paper, there are basics you should understand when starting this important task. May 1, 2011 915
Vincent, our son's American pit bull terrier. Apr 1, 2011 666
Puppy preschool: the first six months are an ideal time to mold behavior. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1478
Be repetitive, fair & consistent: these three qualities are the key to instilling good habits. McGonigle, John Mar 1, 2011 1290
A pointer & flusher Combo? It can be done, but compromise is key. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1717
After you get 'Em home: a new puppy is a huge responsibility, and it's not short term. West, Bob Mar 1, 2011 1202
Lotis in love: discouraging doggy desire is futile. Liere, Alan Mar 1, 2011 1521
My four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier started a strange behavior at about a year old. Houpt, Katherine A. Column Mar 1, 2011 681
Stay in touch: ensure that your dog feels good about physical contact with you. Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2011 2425
Gratitude: my perspective from walking the dog. Kerns, Nancy Feb 1, 2011 665
Stop! Thief! Five things to do when your dog grabs stuff and runs away. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2011 781
Say my name: why your dog should know--and like hearing! --his name. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2011 2176
Preventing hardmouth: the problem usually stems from trainer error. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2010 1449
A pointer for pheasants: pointers can become great pheasant dogs, but it won't happen overnight. Carty, Dave Dec 1, 2010 1540
The shape of scent: unraveling what the nose knows. West, Bob Dec 1, 2010 1300
Honoring. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2010 1973
Strong foundations: how training Otto has reinforced the value of positive training for me. Kerns, Nancy Dec 1, 2010 1322
Guerilla tactics for birds: control makes these tips work. McGonigle, John Oct 29, 2010 1102
The Spaniel Whisperer: a soothing voice and calm demeanor are key to bringing dogs under control. Sisley, Nick Oct 29, 2010 2223
Outdoor DVD Library: train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Oct 29, 2010 676
Preventing gunshyness: proper gun-proofing is a gradual, multi-step process. Spencer, James B. Oct 1, 2010 1447
What? What? Five things to do when your dog starts losing his hearing. Miller, Pat Oct 1, 2010 755
Using the e-collar while hunting: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Sep 22, 2010 1962
Too hot, too cold: what's the optimum temperature range in which to work your dog? Duffey, Dave Sep 21, 2010 1533
Dominance or insecurity? Mistaking one for the other can have tragic results. Bailey, Ed Sep 21, 2010 1384
Training the untrainable dog: a Post staffer discovers the secret to a well-behaved pooch: learning to growl back. Yano, Alyssa Sep 1, 2010 1117
When the shark bites: five things to do when your dog grabs treats too roughly. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2010 847
Taking off the brakes: five things to do when your dog won't budge. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2010 763
Tools of the trade: the basic tools you need to teach your dog to walk politely don't change, despite advances in technology and understanding of canine cognition. Here are example of tools I like, and tools I avoid. Aug 1, 2010 979
British imports: after World War I, hunters desired retrievers they could train. Spencer, James B. Jul 31, 2010 2811
Outdoor DVD library: train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Buyers guide Jul 31, 2010 684
Obedience classes: structured weekly sessions can sharpen performance. Spencer, James B. Jul 30, 2010 1308
Reading your gun dog, part 2: more tips on understanding the signals he sends. Duffey, Dave Jul 29, 2010 1603
Clicker training: speeding learning through positive reinforcement. Bailey, Ed Column Jul 29, 2010 1919
Iron dog: tips on getting and keeping your dog in hunting shape. Anderson, Kurt Jul 29, 2010 1869
Owner-caused problems: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Jul 29, 2010 1994
A kid's best friend. Coffin, Adam Jul 1, 2010 512
Ask Dr. Cory. Sharp, Paul Jul 1, 2010 770
Water lessons: don't toss your puppy in to sink or swim. Spencer, James B. Jun 1, 2010 1482
How to Halt humping: the behavior is embarrassing and can even be dangerous in certain situations. Learn ways to stop it. Jun 1, 2010 1379
Q my toy poodle often escapes from the house. To get her back, I use a clicker and treats, but she pays no attention to me. What can I do? Jun 1, 2010 686
Nip this in the bud: five things to do when your dog chases and nips at kids. Miller, Pat Jun 1, 2010 688
Don't lose your dog: prevention and common sense will help prevent losing your best friend. Carty, Dave May 15, 2010 1499
Steadying the "non-slip" retriever: your dog should not retrieve until you send him to do so. Spencer, James B. May 15, 2010 1460
Diamonds can be a dog's best friend: drilling is repetitious, so provide pup with fun. McGonigle, John May 15, 2010 1359
Getting a handle on your dog, part 1: learning how to "read" what he "writes.". Duffey, Dave May 15, 2010 1681
What is a point? Plus, sensitivity and aggression. Bailey, Ed May 15, 2010 1739
Warm weather training: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. May 15, 2010 1986
Introducing pups to water; it's the perfect warm weather training exercise. West, Bob May 15, 2010 1037
Dogs can do the math; how to help them arrive at a positive answer. Kerns, Nancy May 1, 2010 543
Katherine A. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. May 1, 2010 621
Natural retrieving instinct: you must train your puppy to bring the dummy directly to you. Spencer, James B. Apr 1, 2010 1440
Invaluable training aids. Romanack, Mark Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2010 1838
Wait for a good thing: Five things to do when your dog gets overexcited before a walk. Miller, Pat Apr 1, 2010 598
When packmates fight: The challenge of defusing intra-pack aggression. Miller, Pat Apr 1, 2010 4354
Join the herd: lots of training is required to compete in herding--but the result should be a very well-trained and happy dog. Long, Terry Apr 1, 2010 3603
Pup-picking pointers; tips on choosing your next gunning partner. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2010 2186
A pup at any age; occasionally, dogs come along that recognize the perks of puppyhood--and devote their lives to being a professional youngster. Arnette, Joe Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 820
Don't let the bed dogs bite; Decide where your dog gets to sleep, and support good bed manners. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2010 3496
Knock, Knock: who's there? Cujo or lassie? Here's how to teach your dog to behave calmly when someone is at the door. Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2010 2739
Too cold to go? Five things to do when your dog won't potty outside in bad weather. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2010 722
Run, jump, and fun! Agility is the perfect sport for canine action junkies. Long, Terry Jan 1, 2010 4104
Dealing with growling: rewarding proper behavior is key. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2009 1625
Cold dog: cord-weather problems run the gamut from annoying to life-threatening. Carty, Dave Dec 1, 2009 1493
Planning for next year: keep training during the off-season to stay sharp. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2009 1476
Enlarging your year-end review: enjoy the present, but took to the future. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2009 1021
Outdoor DVD library. Dec 1, 2009 697
No more jumping up: five things to do when your dog jumps on people. Miller, Pat Dec 1, 2009 631
Revisiting CAT: "Constructional Aggression Treatment" is a controversial approach--but can miraculously improve a dog's behavior in certain cases. Miller, Pat Dec 1, 2009 4294
Like attracts like: a compatible, available playmate for your dog? Priceless. Kerns, Nancy Dec 1, 2009 367
Put your dog before a cart: in this case, it's a good thing! Long, Terry Dec 1, 2009 3139
A few retriever-speak terms: being able to talk the talk will help you walk the walk. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2009 1476
The perpetually happy dog ... not! Sometimes, effective training will rub your dog the wrong way. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2009 1528
New books & DVDs. Nov 1, 2009 331
Marking concepts: bring out your dog's potential to locate downed birds. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2009 1288
Alternate rewards: five things to do when your dog can't have, or won't take treats. Miller, Pat Nov 1, 2009 631
10 quick crate training tips. Nov 1, 2009 661
Dancing with dogs: don't fret; you don't actually have to dance to enjoy this sport! Long, Terry Nov 1, 2009 4326
The trainability of females: plus, eliminating on command. Duffey, Dave Oct 1, 2009 1298
"M" is for memorable: departing from his usual Q&A format, Dr. Tom expands on last issue's tribute to a favorite duck dog ... and offers some valuable insights, as well. Holcomb, Tom Oct 1, 2009 1326
Blind retrieve casting: master this critical step to perfect the blind retrieve. Spencer, James B. Oct 1, 2009 1470
A stitch in time saves nine: simple caution and a sensible approach will prevent gunshyness. McGonigle, John Oct 1, 2009 1312
The middle way: steady to flush is a practical way to finish your bird dog. Carty, Dave Oct 1, 2009 1503
The importance of consistency: be a leader, not an alpha male. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2009 2052
Passing fancy: how to teach your dog to calmly walk on-leash past other people, other dogs, bicyclists, skateboarders ... you name it! Miller, Pat Oct 1, 2009 2832
Do as I say, not as I do: every owner can make mistakes; sometimes, our dogs forgive them. Kerns, Nancy Oct 1, 2009 812
Positive show-offs: clickers and treats work as well for show dogs as they do for your pet. Ronchette, Vicki Oct 1, 2009 3295
Rally obedient dogs: handlers can encourage and reward their dogs in "rally obedience". Long, Terry Oct 1, 2009 4089
Stopping: save a lot of time and headaches by mastering this ever-important command. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 1465
Making fitness count: both you and your dog should start the season in good shape, so why not work out together? McGonigle, John Sep 1, 2009 1372
Train like an expert when you learn from the experts: "the best-selling training DVD's of all time make training easy and successful". Buyers guide Sep 1, 2009 677
Fallen leaves: a day without promise takes a turn for the better with the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Constalie, Rand Sep 1, 2009 1190
Making the transition: focus on your dog's behavior during early-season hunts. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 1426
Miraculous: exercise, training, and counter-conditioning. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Sep 1, 2009 666
Missing the mark: five things to do when your dog ... "marks" in the house. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2009 593
Pre-season refresher: tune-ups sharpen focus, build confidence. Spencer, James B. Aug 1, 2009 1348
Birds first! Introducing your pup to birds before you begin obedience training can prevent future problems. Carty, Dave Aug 1, 2009 1484
Boot camp gets results; but act like a trainer, not a drill sergeant. McGonigle, John Aug 1, 2009 1405
Hardmouth in retrievers. Spencer, James B. Aug 1, 2009 654
Hardmouth in spaniels. Spencer, James B. Aug 1, 2009 696
Potty break: five things to do when your dog ... has an "accident" in the house. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2009 561
Family planning: protect everyone in your family (the dog, too) by selecting a good family dog and getting him ready for kids. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2009 4547
Your dog nose no bounds: "fun nose work" is a new sport that dog can enjoy! Long, Terry Aug 1, 2009 3628
Door darting: five things to do when your dog ... dashes out the door! Miller, Pat Jul 1, 2009 533
Demanding times: how to eliminate your dog's "demand behaviors" (such as begging, whining, jumping up, or nose-nudging). Miller, Pat Jul 1, 2009 2923
Like cats and dogs: five things to do when your dog ... chases your cat! Miller, Pat Jun 1, 2009 611
Have ball, will fly: high-energy dogs have a blast in "flyball," a fast, loud sport. Long, Terry Jun 1, 2009 3782
Positive power: pain- and fear-free training methods are effective and enjoyable. Kerns, Nancy Jun 1, 2009 1815
Training groups: setting simple rules leads to success. Spencer, James B. Jun 1, 2009 1372
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. May 1, 2009 659
Eschew chewed shoes: five things to do when your dog chews up your shoes. Miller, Pat May 1, 2009 511
It's me and the dog: British dog trainer Victoria Stilwell promotes positive training on TV. Rodier, Lisa May 1, 2009 4060
Fence sense: how to avoid the hazards of inferior dog fencing. Miller, Pat May 1, 2009 2844
Doggie paddlers: swimming is the "perfect exercise" for you and your dog. Sarubin, Susan Report Apr 1, 2009 3898
The essential sit-whistle: from day 1, train your dog with the whistle for best results. Spencer, James B. Apr 1, 2009 1465
Socialize your puppy! Expose him to as many things as possible--safely and at his comfort level. And be sure to protect him against disease. Apr 1, 2009 364
Coping with a "Marley": this dog needs consistent training and plenty of daily exercise. Mar 1, 2009 786
Hunting: for the gun: tips for keeping flushing dogs in range. Duffy, Dave Mar 1, 2009 2128
Introducing: your puppy to cover: when pup accepts who's boss, it's time. Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2009 1471
What not to do with pup: remember, consistency is the key to success. McGonigle, John Mar 1, 2009 1038
Destructive chewing: plus, bolting and chronic barking. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2009 1954
"Quiet!" Silencing your gun dog with today's anti-bark collars. Thoms, Jerry Mar 1, 2009 2625
Pro tips: the latest training techniques for poiting breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2009 1980
Dog training is child's play: how to involve your kids In your dog's training for best results. Miller, Pat Essay Feb 1, 2009 4474
What's your sign? How to cue your dog with hand or other body signals. Miller, Pat Report Feb 1, 2009 2095
Holistic canine training: a better way of teaching good behavior. Swaby, Owen Column Jan 1, 2009 562
Who's the boss? An understanding of pack dynamics can help create harmony in your household. Here's why. Holland, C.C. Dec 1, 2008 904
Our dog: my first attempt at full joint legal and physical custody ... of a dog. Kerns, Nancy Dec 1, 2008 2781
Do you recall? Teach your dog a solid recall. Miller, Pat Dec 1, 2008 3209
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. Nov 1, 2008 461
Man's best friend also a good co-worker: dogs greet customers, learn how to socialize. Bonnell, Isaac Nov 1, 2008 1005
Dog guides: dog guide training revolutionized by technology. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 239
To sit and stay: how to teach these commands: in addition to keeping your dog safe, these lessons will make him a better companion. Dion, Jane Oct 1, 2008 1046
Ask Dr. Houpt. Oct 1, 2008 469
A life-changing experience: the long and winding road to success with a reactive dog. Long, Terry Oct 1, 2008 4661
Generally well-trained: what "generalization" is, and how to teach it to your dog. Miller, Pat Oct 1, 2008 1969
A nocturnal dog: we're trying to switch our nighttime adventurer to a daytime shift. Kerns, Nancy Oct 1, 2008 2517
Build a good partnership: your relationship with your dog is built in thousands of tiny moments. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2008 3133
Ask Dr. Houpt. Sep 1, 2008 636
Too much fun? Nah! If you don't enjoy your dog, why bother? Kerns, Nancy Aug 1, 2008 646
Obey this law of learning: if it's not rewarding to your dog in some way, he just won't learn. Donaldson, Jean Aug 1, 2008 803
Common interests: play provides incentives for participation and learning--for dogs and humans. McConnell, Patricia B. Aug 1, 2008 1466
The trials of the timid: socializing a pathologically shy dog is a challenge (but it's worth it). Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2008 3682
Dig this! (not that!): management, not training, solves this behavior problem. Kerns, Nancy Aug 1, 2008 1011
Request for leave: how to teach your dog to "leave it" alone on cue. Miller, Pat Aug 1, 2008 2400
Scared to be home alone: a dog with separation anxiety or isolation distress must be treated, lest he destroys your home--or himself. Miller, Pat Jul 1, 2008 3249
Don't worry, be happy: keep your training style loose and positive for best results. Kerns, Nancy Jun 1, 2008 2401
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. Jun 1, 2008 610
Walking on a Loose Leash: Impossible? For success, you '11 need to train your dog--and yourself. Here are the tools you '11 need. May 1, 2008 1318
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. May 1, 2008 495
Keeping four on the floor: teach your dog to greet everyone calmly and politely. Miller, Pat May 1, 2008 2562
Build better behavior: "Constructional Aggression Treatment," a promising new approach to modifying canine aggression. Miller, Pat May 1, 2008 5521
ID required: no dog should be without this vital equipment. Kerns, Nancy Editorial Apr 1, 2008 563
New dog, now what? ten tips for starting a good life with your new dog. Miller, Pat Apr 1, 2008 2825
Someone old, someone new: how to keep your mixed-age dog pack safe and happy. Richmond, Mardi Apr 1, 2008 3165
How to unstick the Velcro dog here's how to get distance from a too-clingy pet. first, understand the behavior. Holland, Cc Apr 1, 2008 1255
Uncommonly calm: some dogs are born calm, but a calm dog can also be made! Miller, Pat Report Mar 1, 2008 3793
Canine Mythbusting: how to analyze (and discard!) persistent myths about dog behavior. Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2008 3243
The complexity of punishment: there are several things to consider when your dog misbehaves. Column Feb 1, 2008 832
Litter boxes for toy dogs: with proper training and the right equipment, this can be a good elimination alternative for your tiny dog. Here's how to proceed. Stock, Judith Jan 1, 2008 1046
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. Jan 1, 2008 609
Great introductions: how to take the tension out of dog-dog greetings. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2008 4204
Chapter 15 Canine. Brandy, Colleen Jan 1, 2008 6455
There's no play like snow play: cold outside? No worries! Try these winter sports with your dog. Socie, Kathryn Dec 1, 2007 2092
Senior moments: training an older dog requires accommodations, but it can be done! Miller, Pat Dec 1, 2007 2744
Rely on me: how to positively increase the reliability of your dog's performance. Miller, Pat Report Nov 1, 2007 2778
On guard? How to reduce, eliminate, or better yet, prevent resource-guarding. Rodier, Lisa Oct 1, 2007 4833
Stimulus control: getting your dog to do what you want, when you want. Miller, Pat Oct 1, 2007 2835
Shoot for early admission: get your pup into the best puppygarten, as early as possible. Miller, Pat Sep 1, 2007 3289
Toilet-training at sea. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 146
Ring for potty time. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 121
The thrill of the (car) chase: this stereotypical canine habit can have dire consequences, so training is a must. Holland, C.C. Jul 1, 2007 1318
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine Jul 1, 2007 858
Off-leash angst: prepare, practice, breathe ... and then unsnap that leash! Aceti, Susan Jul 1, 2007 1476
Positive mistakes: the top five errors committed when training with positive techniques. Miller, Pat May 1, 2007 2928
Earning respect: dogs should obey all family members, but that's not always the case. Hetts Apr 1, 2007 777
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. Apr 1, 2007 510
Fear itself: how to reduce your dogs's fears, anxieties, and phobias. Miller, Pat Apr 1, 2007 3876
Spring action: acupressure techniques for conditioning athletic dogs. Snow, Amy; Zidonis, Nancy Mar 1, 2007 1121
Good dog walking: teaching your dog good leash manners is worth all the time it takes. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2007 2828
Times have changed: old-fashioned training methods come under scrutiny. Hetts Mar 1, 2007 818
Ask Dr. Houpt. Houpt, Katherine A. Mar 1, 2007 551
Ready, set, go! Teaching your dog to go potty on cue saves time (and maybe your carpet, too!). Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2007 2640
New year, old tricks: resolve to have more fun with your dog. Kerns, Nancy Jan 1, 2007 473
We're positive: how we know that training with lots of positive reinforcement--and without force or physical punishment--is best. Miller, Pat Jan 1, 2007 2999

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