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HEADING FOR CHANGE; FOOTBALL ACTS OVER BRAIN INJURIES Tough new guidelines on way to limit number of 'high-force' headers at all levels of game. TONY BANKS Jul 29, 2021 503
MGH Breakthrough May Lead to Earlier Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease: Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital develop a way to detect and track the buildup of certain proteins in the brain. Apr 1, 2021 737
How to outsmart your Covid-19 fears and boost your mood in 2021. Jan 20, 2021 853
Boost your mood in 2021: How to outsmart your Covid-19 fears. Jan 1, 2021 806
A Novel Metabolic Connectome Method to Predict Progression to Mild Cognitive Impairment. Wang, Min; Yan, Zhuangzhi; Xiao, Shu-yun; Zuo, Chuantao; Jiang, Jiehui Report Aug 31, 2020 5727
Minimum Clinically Important Difference of Gross Motor Function and Gait Endurance in Children with Motor Impairment: A Comparison of Distribution-Based Approaches. Storm, Fabio Alexander; Petrarca, Maurizio; Beretta, Elena; Strazzer, Sandra; Piccinini, Luigi; Magh May 31, 2020 6988
Convolutional Neural Network Based Prediction of Conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease: A Technique using Hippocampus Extracted from MRI. Mukhtar, Gulshan; Farhan, Saima May 1, 2020 7398
Morphometric Analysis of Ventricular System of Human Brain --A Study by Dissection Method. Baruah, Prabahita; Choudhury, Purujit; Choudhury, Pradipta Ray Feb 24, 2020 3351
Simulation-based method to target Epilepsy goes into clinical trial. Dec 10, 2019 2600
Researchers develop new method to detect light in brain. ANI Nov 19, 2019 462
An Investigation for Enhancing Registration Performance with Brain Atlas by Novel Image Inpainting Technique using Dice and Jaccard Score on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Tissue. Faisal, Fahim; Nishat, Mirza Muntasir Sep 1, 2019 4741
Noninvasive Technique Tested In Mice Snows Promise As Stroke Treatment. Jul 15, 2019 202
How to Enhance or Suppress Memories. May 25, 2019 1010
Traumatic Brain Injury by Weight-Drop Method Causes Transient Amyloid-[beta] Deposition and Acute Cognitive Deficits in Mice. Shishido, Hajime; Ueno, Masaki; Sato, Kana; Matsumura, Masahisa; Toyota, Yasunori; Kirino, Yutaka; T Mar 31, 2019 5575
Collision Reconstruction Methodologies; Volume 11: Biomechanics. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 110
15-year-old Oxshott tech genius develops computer program to create stunning art; This teenager knows how to use neural networks which are computer systems modelled on the human brain. Nov 30, 2018 564
AI technique can boost brain scans to predict Alzheimer early. Nov 7, 2018 342
Natural ways to protect yourself from Alzheimer's; Reduce your risk of dementia with this brain-protecting plan from nutrition expert Dr Marilyn Glenville. Jan 28, 2018 677
Exploring Pharmacological Mechanisms of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury via a Network Pharmacology Approach. Zhong, Yuanyuan; Luo, Jiekun; Tang, Tao; Li, Pengfei; Liu, Tao; Cui, Hanjin; Wang, Yang; Huang, Zebi Jan 1, 2018 11529
Study of the Influence of Age in [sup.18]F-FDG PET Images Using a Data-Driven Approach and Its Evaluation in Alzheimer's Disease. Jiang, Jiehui; Sun, Yiwu; Zhou, Hucheng; Li, Shaoping; Huang, Zhemin; Wu, Ping; Shi, Kuangyu; Zuo, C Report Jan 1, 2018 10506
Development and Validation of an LC-MS/MS Method and Comparison with a GC-MS Method to Measure Phenytoin in Human Brain Dialysate, Blood, and Saliva. Hosli, Raphael; Konig, Stefan; Muhlebach, Stefan F. Jan 1, 2018 5131
New Way To Study Brain Disease Uses Neuro-Cells From Stem Cells. Dec 4, 2017 482
Tricks of the trade are a magic way to help kids. Aug 16, 2017 366
Millions of human brain, muscle cells created quickly with new stem cell method. Apr 3, 2017 423
Millions of human brain, muscle cells created quickly with new stem cell method. Apr 3, 2017 424
Millions of human brain, muscle cells created quickly with new stem cell method. Mar 27, 2017 414
Novel Methods for Measuring Depth of Anesthesia by Quantifying Dominant Information Flow in Multichannel EEGs. Cha, Kab-Mun; Choi, Byung-Moon; Noh, Gyu-Jeong; Shin, Hyun-Chool Report Jan 1, 2017 8158
Research of Hubs Location Method for Weighted Brain Network Based on NoS-FA. Weng, Zhengkui; Wang, Bin; Xue, Jie; Yang, Baojie; Liu, Hui; Xiong, Xin Report Jan 1, 2017 5802
MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound in Parkinson's Disease: A Review. Schlesinger, Ilana; Sinai, Alon; Zaaroor, Menashe Report Jan 1, 2017 4439
Tranquilizing and Allaying Excitement Needling Method Affects BDNF and SYP Expression in Hippocampus. Zheng, Peng; Xu, Xiaohong; Zhao, Hongyan; Lv, Tingting; Song, Bailin; Wang, Fuchun Jan 1, 2017 4630
Scientists developing MRI-gujded neural stem cell delivery method. Oct 24, 2016 473
The Education Revolution: How to Apply Brain Science to Improve Instruction and School Climate. Book review Aug 1, 2016 130
New Technique Captures Activity of Entire Brain in Snapshot. May 31, 2016 747
One more concussion could end my career claims Hartley... I need to work on my tackling technique. May 28, 2016 331
How to delay brain aging by 11 years. Faloon, William Apr 1, 2016 3788
NFL athletes test TBI technique: an emerging neurofeedback treatment that reorganizes brainwaves shows promise. Enos, Gary A. Jan 1, 2016 794
Cell delivery method using magnetic field could treat traumatic brain injury. Nov 9, 2015 397
Intraoperative neuronavigation for transoral surgical approach: use of frameless stereotaxy with 3D rotational C-arm for image acquisition. Jackson, Garrett J.; Sedney, Cara L.; Fancy, Tanya; Rosen, Charles L. Clinical report May 1, 2015 1814
The brain's aging and a new report urges ways to stay sharp. Apr 15, 2015 567
Your brain is aging -- here's how to be sharp. Neergaard, Lauran Apr 15, 2015 278
Frequency dependence of focus localization using directional information measures from the EEG. Adkinson, Joshua; Vlachos, Ioannis; Iasemidis, Leonidas Report Apr 1, 2015 2150
On point: in an age of digital media, artist Olivia Knapp opts for old-world techniques. Akel, Joseph Mar 1, 2015 365
Antidepressant fluoxetine modulates the in vitro inhibitory activity of buffalo brain cystatin: a thermodynamic study using UV and fluorescence techniques. Amin, Fakhra; Bano, Bilqees Jan 1, 2014 4821
New way to grow neural stem cells may accelerate therapy development for brain injuries and disease. Nov 1, 2013 320
Stanford Scientists: Method of Recording Brain Activity Could Lead to Mind-Reading Devices. Oct 16, 2013 1118
US researchers develop new way to measure cumulative effect of football head hits. Jul 19, 2013 422
New Method Found for Mapping Brain Activity. Apr 12, 2013 764
Coma brain image techniques being developed in Aberdeen. Mar 16, 2013 365
Novel Brain Imaging Technique Explains Why Concussions Affect People Differently. Jun 11, 2012 747
The surgical management of intracranial hypertension following traumatic brain injury. Honeybul, S.; Ho, K.M. Letter to the editor May 1, 2012 827
New MRI technique predicts progression of dementia. Apr 11, 2012 479
New method detects biological sign of autism in young toddlers. Jul 27, 2011 286
New method detects biological sign of autism in young toddlers. Jul 26, 2011 286
Scientists develop method of sorting brain cells for potential transplants. Jul 11, 2011 681
Differentiated surgical treatment of patients with hypertensive intracerebral hematomas. Agzamov, Mansur; Agzamov, Istam; Bersnev, Valery; Ivanova, Natalia Clinical report Apr 1, 2011 2961
MEMORY TRANSPLANT TO CURE ALZHEIMER'S; Docs find a way to grow brain cells. Mar 5, 2011 249
New technique points out cellular-level changes within deep brain regions. Jan 19, 2011 307
Scientists discover precise method of isolating neural stem cells in brain tissue. Dec 20, 2010 849
Scientists discover precise method of isolating neural stem cells in brain tissue. Dec 13, 2010 837
New method to cleanse brain of Alzheimer's plaques developed. Dec 10, 2010 242
Coil embolization of intracranial aneurysms, the LSUHSC-S experience. Cardenas, Raul; Connor, David; Javalkar, Vijayakumar; Williams, Michael; Nanda, Anil Report Sep 1, 2010 2850
Welsh sensory study aims to improve autism treatments; RESEARCHERS TO USE LATEST BRAIN IMAGING TECHNIQUES. Aug 4, 2010 564
Brain Stimulation Technique Boosts Language Ability in Alzheimer's Patients. Jun 25, 2010 406
New method paints clearer picture of brain's language areas. May 17, 2010 454
Functional imaging and related techniques: an introduction for rehabilitation researchers. Crosson, Bruce; Ford, Anastasia; McGregor, Keith M.; Meinzer, Marcus; Cheshkov, Sergey; Li, Xiufeng; Editorial Feb 1, 2010 16398
New imaging techniques show longer-term effects of TBI. Sullivan, Michele Dec 1, 2009 458
Scientists find potential way to stop cancers seed in brain. Jun 10, 2009 205
Deep brain stimulation lifts severe depression; Technique may suppress activation of brain region that malfunctions in cases of resistant disease. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 826
Awareness problems following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: prevalence, assessment methods, and injury correlates. Vanderploeg, Rodney D.; Belanger, Heather G.; Duchnick, Jennifer D.; Curtiss, Glenn Report Dec 1, 2007 7207
Acute ischemic stroke review. Hinkle, Janice L.; Guanci, Mary McKenna Clinical report Oct 1, 2007 6683
Hereditary angioedema: a case study. Vacca, Vincent M., Jr. Clinical report Oct 1, 2007 3607
Israeli Scientists Developing Ways to Fix Heart and Brain. Jan 19, 2007 474

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