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Pond scum could be next big food trend replacing meat and helping to save the planet; As the population of the world increases and more extreme weather patterns -- like droughts, floods and heatwaves -- become more frequent thanks to climate change, land for farming will get more sparse. So, the need to find new ways to boost food production is essential. By, Nada Farhoud Jan 12, 2020 433
Scientists find a way to extract and store CO2 from vehicle exhaust. ANI Dec 25, 2019 588
Earth's 'greenest person' Matthias Gelber points out simple ways to live sustainably. Dec 6, 2019 701
Agronomic Performances of Organic Field Vegetables Managed with Conservation Agriculture Techniques: A Study from Central Italy. Antichi, Daniele; Sbrana, Massimo; Martelloni, Luisa; Chehade, Lara Abou; Fontanelli, Marco; Raffael Dec 1, 2019 21394
Fiscal Monitor, October 2019: How to Mitigate Climate Change. Book review Dec 1, 2019 109
Austria : Ethiopian Plant Breeders Turn to a Nuclear Technique to Help Teff Farmers Adapt to Climate Change. Nov 8, 2019 759
New Way to Remove Carbon Dioxide from Air. Oct 28, 2019 1055
Research develops new way to remove carbon dioxide from air. ANI Oct 28, 2019 1107
I back Extinction Rebellion's aims 100%, but some of their methods are counter-productive -- Christine Jardine. Oct 14, 2019 1070
Make smart choices for Scotland's future; SMALL STEPS CAN MAKE BIG DIFFERENCE FOR ALL Everyone can take small, easy steps to help contribute to a more sustainable Scotland Scots are already leading the way to combat climate change but there is even more that we can do. Sep 14, 2019 605
CARIBBEAN-ECONOMY-Regional workshop makes advances in methodology for public spending on climate change. Sep 1, 2019 538
Cultivating less harmful ways to feed ourselves. Aug 8, 2019 842
CGIAR Researchers Present New Methodology For Farmers To Co-Design, Adopt Climate-Smart Agricultural Systems. Jul 23, 2019 377
Botswana,United States : Climate-Smart Agriculture Method to attain Food Security and Climate Change Effects. Jul 11, 2019 195
Indigenous-rights approach offers solution to climate-change crisis. Jul 8, 2019 1245
Combating poverty and climate change through natural methods. Jun 14, 2019 827
Illuminating the link between plants and carbon sinks: A new method to observe photosynthesis could improve understanding of how plants store atmospheric carbon. Jun 1, 2019 650
HOW TO COOL AN OCEAN: Climate change isn't just making the sea levels rise; it's making the oceans warmer. Now some desperate geoengineering researchers are looking into ways to slow that catastrophic trend. Buck, Holly Jean May 1, 2019 2533
A Design Method For Determining the Optimal Distance between Artificial Reefs. Tian, Tao Essay Dec 1, 2018 2058
The dividend f the spectrum: Imaging spectroscopy offers a powerful way to understand this world and others, and optical innovations are enhancing its capabilities. Extance, Andy Nov 1, 2018 2168
United States : Chemists demonstrate sustainable approach to carbon dioxide capture from air. Sep 27, 2018 617
Experts discuss ways to fight climate change. Sep 13, 2018 497
Methodologies published to assess impact of climate change on loan portfolios. Jul 27, 2018 287
Methodologies published to assess impact of climate change on loan portfolios. Jul 27, 2018 285
United States : UN Environment, Yale University demonstrate how to make modern living sustainable with new eco-housing module. Jul 13, 2018 448
Canada : The Government of Canada invests in a study to explore ways to protect the Chignecto Isthmus Trade Corridor from climate change. May 15, 2018 323
'Gulf nations don't know how to respond to climate change challenges'. Mar 6, 2018 449
France : TPE-PME, how to achieve the transition to carbon neutrality? Feb 22, 2018 324
UAE minister: Urgent need for sustainable methods in construction. Feb 20, 2018 640
UAE minister: Urgent need for sustainable methods in construction. Feb 20, 2018 640
The Use of Water Quality Index Technique to Assess Ground Water for Irrigation in Ashatnanr Area--Muthanna Governorate--Southern Iraq. Kadhim, Weam Hassan Feb 1, 2018 3210
Pakistan gets latest satellite based method of mapping CO2. Jan 23, 2018 404
The dirty way to a green planet. Jan 3, 2018 1357
An Assessment of GCM Performance at a Regional Scale Using a Score-Based Method. Shi, Fangxin; Wang, Zhihui; Qi, Liang; Chen, Rongxu Jan 1, 2018 6981
Austria : Fighting Climate Change, Doubling Incomes: Rice Variety Developed with Nuclear Techniques Expands in Indonesia. Nov 9, 2017 569
Everyday ways to fight climate change. Haskins, Julia Nov 1, 2017 794
We've Come a Long Way and Have a Long Way to Go Ford Reports Its Environmental Progress Across Business. Sep 4, 2017 868
Study Explores How To Talk To Climate Change Deniers. Aug 16, 2017 745
Adaptation to climate change: a comparative analysis of modeling methods for heat-related mortality. Gosling, Simon N.; Hondula, David M.; Bunker, Aditi; Ibarreta, Dolores; Liu, Junguo; Zhang, Xinxin; Report Aug 1, 2017 12071
Weathering the storm of climate change; In the wake of a new report on climate change, Hannah Stephenson looks at how our gardens may be transformed years from now, the plants which are likely to suffer and the techniques we may need to use to keep them alive. May 13, 2017 611
Ufoplan Fkz 3717 13 103 0 - Eia Directive Amending Directive 2014/52/Eu And Climate Change - Preparation Of The Principles And Methods For The Processing Of The New Requirements In The German Enforcement/Including Workshops In The German Area And At E. May 6, 2017 134
THE OUTSIDERS; In the wake of a new report on climate change, Hannah Stephenson looks at how our gardens may be transformed years from now, the plants which are likely to suffer and the techniques we may need to use to keep them alive. May 4, 2017 612
Scientist Finds Out How To Clean Air And Produce Energy - At The Same Time. Apr 26, 2017 494
Modern Techniques to be adopted in wake of Climate change: Experts say. Nov 22, 2016 411
Experts call for adopting modern techniques to enhance Agri-production. Nov 18, 2016 337
Experts call for adopting modern techniques to enhance Agri- production. Nov 17, 2016 346
Austria : IAEA to Inform COP22 Participants on Role of Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques in Climate Action. Nov 11, 2016 384
Adaptation of agricultural cultivation methods to climate change and stabilization of livelihoods Region Western Bar el Ghazal. Jun 21, 2016 512
New method to make climate change prediction more accurate. May 27, 2016 221
EPA underestimates methane releases: rising amounts of greenhouse gas missed by agency's methods. Sumner, Thomas May 14, 2016 1189
LIFE RE Mida - Innovative Methods for Residual Landfill Gas Emissions Mitigation in Mediterranean Regions. Mar 5, 2016 529
European Energy-from-Waste Association criticizes report on un data methodology. Dec 3, 2015 650
Report suggests ways to mitigate climate change in Pakistan. Jun 19, 2015 321
Methodology to Incorporate Different Climate Change Policy Scenarios into Prudent State Budget Management (the Assignment). Apr 1, 2015 168
Development of Versatile Compressor Modeling using Approximation Techniques for Alternative Refrigerants Evaluation. Abdelaziz, Omar; Shrestha, Som Dec 22, 2014 4150
How to avoid the climate change storm. Nov 21, 2014 854
Australia : Draft emissions reduction methods for industrial facilities, wastewater and transport released for consultation. Oct 16, 2014 342
Australia : Draft Emissions Reduction Fund methods released for public consultation. Sep 8, 2014 359
Adaptation of agricultural production methods to climate change and stabilisation of livelihoods project. Jul 22, 2014 282
Adapting agricultural cultivation methods of the Karimojong to climate change in the Karamoja sub-region. Jul 21, 2014 398
Reducing emissions is primary way to fight climate change: Study. Jun 2, 2014 321
LIFE-AGRICARE - Introducing innovative precision farming techniques in AGRIculture to decrease CARbon Emissions. May 16, 2014 447
Coastal Resilience to Climate Change: Developing a Generalizable Method for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation of Mangroves and Associated Ecosystems. Apr 7, 2014 141
Campus climate action plan legacies and implementation dynamics: an integrated assessment method should be used that simultaneously considers quantitative and qualitative, direct and indirect, outcomes. Alexander, Serena E. Report Apr 1, 2014 7501
Ecological education of youth as a method to combat climate change project. Feb 12, 2014 311
Climate change mitigation through utilization of solar energy, organic farming technique and agro-forestry practice project. Feb 11, 2014 474
Downscaling Statistical Model Techniques for Climate Change Analysis Applied to the Amazon Region. Mendes, David; Marengo, Jose Antonio; Rodrigues, Sidney; Oliveira, Magaly Jan 1, 2014 5279
Geoengineering techniques may fail to undo climate change. Dec 6, 2013 327
Sweden: Etanolix 2.0 for LIFE+ - Etanolix 2.0 - Demonstration of Innovative Method for converting Industrial Waste to Ethanol in oil refinery for LIFE+. Sep 14, 2013 465
China : Provincial Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Capacity Building and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Accounting Methodology for Enterprises of Key Industries Project. Sep 3, 2013 268
Finland-LIFE MONIMET - Climate change indicators and vulnerability of boreal zone applying innovative observation and modeling techniques Project. Aug 16, 2013 435
Measuring body size in small marine fishes: a comparison of three non-intrusive methods. Belford, Stanton G; Chadwick, Nanette E; Khalaf, Maroof A Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 4145
Southampton Varsity scientists develop a new approach to support future climate projections. Dec 3, 2012 516
Scrapheap challenge: with the IMechE calling for waste-to-energy to play a larger part in government energy policy, Ben Hargreaves looks at innovative ways to produce valuable power from what we throw away. Hargreaves, Ben Sep 1, 2012 1758
Geo-engineering methods can be used to moderate earth temperature. Sep 30, 2011 494
Geo-engineering methods can be used to moderate earth temperature. Sep 29, 2011 494
Debate will be held into how to store CO2 gas. Mar 9, 2011 261
Environmental impact assessment of a proposed thermal power plant using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix method. Kumar, K. Sundara; Kumar, B.V. Shiva; Bhaskar, P. Udaya Nov 1, 2010 3433
New Technique Developed for Lowering Cost of Solar Panels. Apr 4, 2010 666
Energy Fair to provide useful information; Homeowner tips on how to save will be offered. Mar 11, 2010 656
Energy savings on tap; Fair will promote ways to cut costs. Mar 11, 2010 656
What's your carbon footprint? Determining scope of greenhouse gas emissions is step one in figuring out how to reduce them. Readey, Michael Nov 1, 2009 2123
Condoms cheapest way to fight climate change: Report. Report Sep 10, 2009 186
Thermal effects on embryonic development and hatching for blue king crab Paralithodes platypus (Brandt, 1850) held in the laboratory, and a method for predicting dates of hatching. Stevens, Bradley G.; Swiney, Katherine M.; Buck, Loren Abstract Dec 1, 2008 6777
Chemical detectives follow nitrogen's elusive and essential trail in the ocean: the 'isotope effect' offers a new way to track nitrogen. Buchwald, Carly Dec 1, 2008 1425
Creating safe and healthy communities. Litman, Todd Dec 1, 2008 8391
Creating safe and healthy communities. Litman, Todd Jan 1, 2008 8410

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