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Low-Temperature Synthesis of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films by Sol-Gel Dip Coating Method. Chotirat, Ladawan; Niyomwas, Sutham; Wongpisan, Witthawat; Supothina, Sitthisuntorn Jan 1, 2021 4402
Synthesis of Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite Thin Film by Two-Step Method Modified with a Double Dipping Circle to Control Its Crystallization and Morphology to Improve Solar Cells' Performance. Dinh, Huy Anh; Nguyen, Thuy Thanh Thi; Nguyen, Le Thi; Nguyen, Hai Tri; Trinh, Dien Minh; Tran, Vy A Jan 1, 2021 4152
Droplet Impact on a Moving Thin Film with Pseudopotential Lattice Boltzmann Method. He, Jinchao; Yuan, Hao; He, Xiaolong; Xie, Chunhang; Peng, Haonan; Hu, Ruichang Report Jul 31, 2020 7184
Structural, Topographical and Optoelectronic Properties of ZnIn2S4 Thin Films Deposited from Dual Source Using Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD) Technique. Umar Daraz, Tariq Mahmood Ansari, Shafique Ahmad Arain, Muhammad Adil Mansoor and Muhammad Mazhar Apr 30, 2020 5231
Presenting a New Wireless Strain Method for Structural Monitoring: Experimental Validation. Gregori, Amedeo; Di Giampaolo, Emidio; Di Carlofelice, Alessandro; Castoro, Chiara Nov 30, 2019 8380
Nanostructured Ce[O.sub.2] Thin Films Prepared by the Sol-Gel Dip-Coating Method with Anomalous Behavior of Crystallite Size and Bandgap. Acosta-Silva, Y.J.; Toledano-Ayala, M.; Torres-Delgado, G.; Torres-Pacheco, I.; Mendez-Lopez, A.; Ca Nov 30, 2019 5232
A Novel Approach for Fabricating LaMN[O.sub.3] Thin Films Using Combined Microwave Combustion and Pulsed Electron Deposition Techniques. Tran, Thi Ha; Tang, Thi Trung Anh; Pham, Nguyen Hai; Bach, Thanh Cong; Sai, Cong Doanh; Nguyen, Quan Mar 31, 2019 4825
Novel Evaporation Process for Deposition of Kesterite Thin Films Synthesized by Solvothermal Method. Estrada-Ayub, J.A.; Contreras, L. Avarez; Aguirre, M. Roman; Ramirez, J.G. Murillo; Ochoa-Lara, M.T. Jan 1, 2018 4157
An Electrochemical Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Zinc Nanocomposite Coating through Pulse-Potential Electrodeposition Technique and the Consequent Corrosion Resistance. Asl, S. Moshgi; Afshar, A.; Yaghoubinezhad, Y. Jan 1, 2018 7418
Preparation of InSe Thin Films by Thermal Evaporation Method and Their Characterization: Structural, Optical, and Thermoelectrical Properties. Boolchandani, Sarita; Srivastava, Subodh; Vijay, Y.K. Jan 1, 2018 2739
Scanning Techniques for Nanobioconjugates of Carbon Nanotubes. Umemura, Kazuo; Sato, Shizuma Jan 1, 2018 12947
Quantitative Analysis and Band Gap Determination for CIGS Absorber Layers Using Surface Techniques. Jang, Yun Jung; Lee, Jihye; Lee, Kang-Bong; Kim, Donghwan; Lee, Yeonhee Jan 1, 2018 5485
Characterization of Urban Particulate Matter by Diffusive Gradients in Thin Film Technique. Dufka, Michaela; Docekal, Bohumil Jan 1, 2018 6777
High-Performance Solution-Processed Amorphous InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors with a Metal-Organic Decomposition Method. Xi, Yingtao; Wang, Dongping; Fon, Hon Hang Jan 1, 2018 4361
Fractal Method for Modeling the Peculiar Dynamics of Transient Carbon Plasma Generated by Excimer Laser Ablation in Vacuum. Ursu, C.; Nica, P.; Focsa, C.; Agop, M. Jan 1, 2018 4276
PowerPoint & LED Projector Enable New Technique for Self-Folding Origami. Apr 29, 2017 815
Characteristic Evaluation of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Prepared with Stamp Printing Technique. Chittawanij, Apisit; Locharoenrat, Kitsakorn Jan 1, 2017 3260
Characteristics of Nanocrystallite-CdS Produced by Low-Cost Electrochemical Technique for Thin Film Photovoltaic Application: The Influence of Deposition Voltage. Echendu, Obi Kingsley; Dejene, Francis Birhanu; Dharmadasa, Imyhamy Mudiy; Eze, Francis Chukwuemeka Jan 1, 2017 7972
Under Pressure: New Technique Could Make Large, Flexible Solar Panels More Feasible. May 17, 2016 361
Effect of Annealing on Structural Properties of [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] thin Film Prepared by PVD Method. Rahmati, Somayyeh; kangarlou, Haleh Oct 1, 2014 907
Structural, optical, and electrical characterization of the poly[9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl]-co-1,4-benzo-(2,1,3)-thiadiazole thin film fabricated by electrostatic spray technique. Mustafa, Maria; Kim, Hyung Chan; Doh, Yang-Hui; Choi, Kyung Hyun Report Mar 1, 2014 3967
Optical properties of silicon layers produced by PVD method as a function of thickness. Khezri, Kamal Hasan; Kangarlou, Haleh Report Feb 14, 2014 1678
Spectroscopic Study of Film Formation From Polystyrene Latex/Ti[0.sub.2] Nanocomposites Prepared by Dip-Coating Method. Sunay, M. Selin; Pekcan, Onder; Rahman, Mahbubor; Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Ugurl, Saziye Report Feb 1, 2014 7012
Optimization of the cathode arc plasma deposition processing parameters of ZnO film using the grey-relational taguchi method. Hsu, Shuo-Fu; Chou, Jyh-Horng; Fang, Chun-Hsiung; Weng, Min-Hang Jan 1, 2014 3784
Structural and optical properties of germanium thin films prepared by the vacuum evaporation technique. Sharafi, Z. Al-; Mohyeddine, S.; Mohammed, Samir Osman; Kershi, R.M. Jan 1, 2014 2838
Optimization of the electrodeposition parameters to improve the stoichiometry of [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] films for solar applications using the Taguchi Method. Mughal, Maqsood Ali; Newell, M. Jason; Vangilder, Joshua; Thapa, Shyam; Wood, Kayla; Engelken, Rober Jan 1, 2014 5524
Study on the cross plane thermal transport of polycrystalline molybdenum nanofilms by applying picosecond laser transient thermoreflectance method. Miao, Tingting; Ma, Weigang; Zhang, Xing; Kubo, Keisuke; Kohno, Masamichi; Takata, Yasuyuki; Ikuta, Jan 1, 2014 4359
Gold-catalyzed growth of aluminium-doped zinc oxide nanorods by sputtering method. Rosli, A.B.; Marbie, M.M.; Herman, S.H.; Ani, M.H. Jan 1, 2014 3108
Effect of Mn-site for Al substitution on structural, electrical and magnetic properties in [La.sub.0.67][Sr.sub.0.33][Mn.sub.1-x][Al.sub.x][O.sub.3] thin films by sol-gel method. Abdullah, H.; Zulfakar, M. Syafiq; Chen, S. Kien Jan 1, 2014 4322
Synthesis of colloidal ZnO nanoparticles and deposit of thin films by spin coating technique. Alvarado, Jose Alberto; Maldonado, A.; Juarez, H.; Pacio, M. Jan 1, 2014 4964
Characterizations of cuprous oxide thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating technique with different additives for the photoelectrochemical solar cell. Halm, D.S.C.; Talib, I.A.; Daud, A.R.; Hamid, M.A.A. Jan 1, 2014 3082
OLED fabrication by using a novel planar evaporation technique. Tung, Fu-Ching; Wang, Yi-Shan; Lai, Shih-Hsiang; Chen, Chien-Chih; Chen, Szu-Hao; Wang, Ching-Chiun; Jan 1, 2014 3491
Effect of different deposition power of [In.sub.2][O.sub.3] target on the characteristics of IGZO thin films using the cosputtering method. Hung, Shang-Chao; Lam, Kin-Tak; Yang, Cheng-Fu; Liou, Yu-Jhen Jan 1, 2014 4789
Effect of Zn site for ca substitution on optical and microwave dielectric properties of Zn[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] thin films by Sol Gel method. Jalal, Wan Nasarudin Wan; Abdullah, Huda; Zulfakar, Mohd Syafiq Jan 1, 2014 5251
Annealing effect on the thermoelectric properties of [Bi.sub.2][Te.sub.3] thin films prepared by thermal evaporation method. Lin, Jyun-Min; Chen, Ying-Chung; Lin, Chi-Pi Jan 1, 2013 2918
Structural and surface morphology studies of [La.sub.0.67][Ba.sub.0.33]([Mn.sub.1-x][Al.sub.x])[O.sub.3] thin films prepared by sol-gel method. Abdullah, H.; Zulfakar, M.S. Jan 1, 2013 2728
Block copolymer alignment method for mobility anisotropy and enhancement of poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin-film transistors. Cheng, J.-W. John; Ho, Jeng-Rong; Tseng, Yu-Wei; Su, Hung-Jie; Chien, Chi-Horng; Tsiang, Raymond C.- Report Dec 1, 2012 4133
Technique Creates Piezoelectric Ferroelectric Nanostructures. Feb 23, 2012 636
Deposition and characterization of tin sulphide thin films by chemical bath deposition technique. Kassim, Anuar; Tee, Tan Wee; Min, Ho Soon; Yee, Teh Xui May 1, 2011 2113
New technique that makes LEDs more efficient developed. Jan 26, 2011 299
Physical properties of copper-treated cadmium telluride thin films by vacuum evaporation technique. Shah, Nazar A. Jul 1, 2010 2205
[CdCl.sub.2]-treated CdTe thin films deposited by the close spaced sublimation technique. Shah, N.A.; Ali, A.; Hussain, S.; Maqsood, A. Jan 1, 2010 2926
Numerical simulation of flows in beadless disperser by finite difference lattice Boltzmann method. Zhang, X.F.; Ecomura, M.; Tsutahara, M.; Takebayashi, K.; Abe, M. Mar 1, 2007 3720

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