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MR perfusion imaging, techniques and role in differentiating radiation necrosis and tumor recurrence. Raima Zakaria, Fatima Mubarak and Muhammad Shahzad Shamim Dec 31, 2019 1432
New Method Estimates Risk for Recurrence in Breast Cancer; Higher recurrence risk linked to older age, more advanced stage, HR-negative tumors. Oct 30, 2018 282
Zulekha uses new technique for cancer treatment. Apr 19, 2018 418
New Methodology Measures Tumor Aggressiveness, Risk Of Relapse. Apr 9, 2018 693
Ways to overcome spring avitaminosis with natural products. Mar 26, 2018 679
Multiport Combined Endoscopic Approach to Nonembolized Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma with Parapharyngeal Extension: An Emerging Concept. Janakiram, Tiruchy Narayanan; Sharma, Shilpee Bhatia; Gattani, Vijayshree Nahata Jan 1, 2017 3915
The impact of method of distal ureter management during radical nephroureterectomy on tumour recurrence. Kapoor, Anil; Dason, Shawn; Allard, Christopher B.; Shayegan, Bobby; Lacombe, Louis; Rendon, Ricardo Report Nov 1, 2014 5138
Mammography reporting at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. Pitcher, Richard; Lotz, Jan; Ackermann, Christelle; Bagadia, Asif; Davis, Razaan; du Plessis, Anne-M Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2014 1415
The case of cranberry juice vs. UTIs. Nov 1, 2012 501
Elephant-based medicine. Schwartz, Joel Mar 1, 2012 1169
Leptospirosis in Hawaii, USA, 1999-2008. Katz, Alan R.; Buchholz, Arlene E.; Hinson, Kialani; Park, Sarah Y.; Effler, Paul V. Report Feb 1, 2011 4257
Association between residences in U.S. northern latitudes and rheumatoid arthritis: a spatial analysis of the Nurses' Health Study. Vieira, Veronica M.; Hart, Jaime E.; Webster, Thomas F.; Weinberg, Janice; Puett, Robin; Laden, Fran Report Jul 1, 2010 5306
Laboratory-based dengue fever surveillance in Tamil Nadu, India. Victor, T. John; Malathi, M.; Asokan, R.; Padmanaban, P. Aug 1, 2007 1883
Graduate program brings public health, journalism together. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Oct 1, 2006 946
INFERNO: a system for early outbreak detection and signature forecasting. Naumova, Elena N.; O'Neil, E.; MacNeill, I. Aug 26, 2005 4197
High-fidelity injection detectability experiments: a tool for evaluating syndromic surveillance systems. Wallstrom, Garrick L.; Wagner, M.; Hogan, W. Aug 26, 2005 3179
Linked analysis for definition of nurse advice line syndrome groups, and comparison to encounters. Magruder, Steven F.; Henry, J.; Snyder, M. Aug 26, 2005 3585
Simulation for assessing statistical methods of biologic terrorism surveillance. Kleinman, Ken P.; Abrams, A.; Mandl, K.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 4597
An evaluation model for syndromic surveillance: assessing the performance of a temporal algorithm. Buckeridge, David L.; Switzer, P.; Owens, D.; Siegrist, D.; Pavlin, J.; Musen, M. Aug 26, 2005 4541
Evaluation of syndromic surveillance based on National Health Service direct derived data--England and Wales. Doroshenko, Alexander; Cooper, D.; Smith, G.; Gerard, E.; Chinemana, F.; Verlander, N.; Nicoll, A. Aug 26, 2005 4153
Initial evaluation of the early aberration reporting system--Florida. Zhu, Yiliang; Wang, W.; Atrubin, D.; Wu, Y. Aug 26, 2005 5129
Deciphering data anomalies in BioSense. Sokolow, Leslie Z.; Grady N.; Rolka, H.; Walker, D.; McMurray, P.; English-Bullard, R.; Loonsk, J. Aug 26, 2005 4424
Connecting health departments and providers: syndromic surveillance's last mile. Daniel, James B.; Heisey-Grove, D.; Gadam, P.; Yih, W.; Mandl, K.; DeMaria, A., Jr.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 2757
Ambulatory-care diagnoses as potential indicators of outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness--Minnesota. Yih, W. Katherine; Abrams, A.; Danila, R.; Green, K.; Kleinman, K.; Kulldorff, M.; Miller, B.; Nordi Aug 26, 2005 4388
Emergency department visits for concern regarding anthrax--New Jersey, 2001. Allegra, Paul C.; Cochrane, D.; Dunn, E.; Milano, P.; Rothman, J.; Allegra, J. Aug 26, 2005 3628
Hospital admissions syndromic surveillance--Connecticut, October 2001-June 2004. Hadler, James L.; Siniscalchi, A.; Dembek, Z. Aug 26, 2005 2954
Three years of emergency department gastrointestinal syndromic surveillance in New York City: what have we found? Balter, Sharon; Weiss, D.; Hanson, H.; Reddy, V.; Das, D.; Heffernan, R. Aug 26, 2005 4627
Public health surveillance for World Youth Day--Toronto, Canada, 2002. Bassil, Kate L.; Henry, B.; Rea, E.; Varia, M.; Cole, D. Aug 26, 2005 506
Three stages of evaluation for syndromic surveillance from chief-complaint classification--Pennsylvania and Utah. Chapman, Wendy W.; Dowling, J.; Ivanov, O.; Olszewski, B.; Wagner M. Aug 26, 2005 668
Using self-testing to augment syndromic surveillance--United Kingdom, December 2003-January 2004. Cooper, Duncan L.; Smith, G.; Loveridge, P.; Chinemana, F.; Gerard, E.; Joseph, C.; Baker, M.; Mant, Aug 26, 2005 539

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