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Individualised cognitive behaviour therapy in patients of substance use disorders: three case studies. Shahzadi, Maa; Abbas, Qasir Report Sep 30, 2020 2521
Including new services in dedicated education unit proves a success: Incorporating Canterbury's non-governmental alcohol and other drug services into the existing mental health and addictions dedicated education unit has proved successful for all concerned. Wilson, Maryann; Higgins, Shelley Sep 1, 2020 1258
Methodologies for Establishing the Relationship Between Alcohol/Drug Use and Driving Impairment--Differences Between Epidemiological, Experimental, and Real-Case Studies. Gjerde, H.; Ramaekers, J.G.; Morland, J.G. Report Jul 1, 2019 15078
Terry Harrell with Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, to Speak at TKG's How to Effectively Deal with Mental Health and Substance Use Issues for Lawyers Event. Apr 6, 2019 568
Addressing substance use in patients with intellectual disability: 5 Steps. Allen, Jessica Rivers Report Mar 1, 2019 735
What chaplains need to know about MAT. Sherrick, Robert; White, Michael; Young, David Jan 1, 2019 2267
Motivational interviewing: The RULES, PACE, and OARS. Haque, Shariq F.; D'Souza, Allen Jan 1, 2019 984
Diversion programs offer a fresh approach: Programs offered by law enforcement agencies support long-term recovery. Hoisington, Alicia Sep 22, 2018 1221
An African-Centered Approach to Intervening with African American Adolescents Involved in Substance Abusing Behavior. Stepteau-Watson, Desiree; Tolliver, Derise E. Report Sep 22, 2018 7377
Faith-based recovery: Transforming lives one inmate at a time. Noyes, Chaplain Denny; Young, Chaplain David Sep 1, 2018 1867
'You're not going to tell my parents about this are you?'. Jackson, Peter R. Jun 1, 2018 1005
Secrets: How and when patients should reveal: Clinicians can help patients understand when it's safe to share. Duffy, Brian Mar 22, 2018 846
Establish connection with the narcissistic patient: Too many programs engage in clinical pandering with the high-worth population. Hokemeyer, Paul L. Mar 22, 2018 1248
Five facts about recovery support group options: Commitment to a group--not the group's content--appears to make the difference. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 240
Substance abuse among older adults: A growing problem: Maintaining vigilance is the key to effective recognition and treatment. Cho, James; Bhimani, Jay; Patel, Milapkumar; Thomas, Matthew Navin Report Mar 1, 2018 2952
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Practical Tips and Strategies Lawyers Need to Consider. Feb 17, 2018 331
Link Christin with Caron Treatment Centers, to Speak at TKG's How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Practical Tips and Strategies Lawyers Webinar. Feb 3, 2018 544
James S. Walker, Ph.D. with Neuropsychology Consultants, PLLC, to Speak at The Knowledge Group's How to Deal with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Webinar. Jan 27, 2018 551
Vulnerability Is a Good Thing. Cuban, Brian Jan 1, 2018 729
Use of Telemedicine in Addiction Treatment: Current Practices and Organizational Implementation Characteristics. Molfenter, Todd; Brown, Roger; O'Neill, Andrew; Kopetsky, Ed; Toy, Alexander Report Jan 1, 2018 4767
Door-to-Door Opioid Outreach in Plymouth County. Cruz, Timothy J. Oct 1, 2017 1009
Efficacy indicators of four methods in outpatient addiction treatment. Moura, Andreia de; Pinto, Ricardo; Ferros, Ligia; Jongenelen, Ines; Negreiros, Jorge Sep 1, 2017 4636
Medication-assisted treatment: Effective application in jails and prisons webinar. Miskell, M.P.; Efeti, D.E. May 1, 2017 1003
Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery: A Cognitive Disciplinary Preventive Approach to Avoid Relapse into Substance Abuse. Weerasinghe, Swarna; Bartone, Shaun Report Dec 31, 2016 7918
Addiction therapy for drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Houston, Reagan Oct 1, 2016 614
Drug treatment: how to separate the good from the bad. Humphreys, Keith Jun 1, 2016 1146
Addiction--how are we being played? Ebbert, Jon O. May 15, 2016 549
The new substance abuse and mental health services administration oral fluid cutoffs for cocaine and heroin-related analytes applied to an addiction medicine setting: important, unanticipated findings with LC-MS/MS. Flood, James G.; Khaliq, Tahira; Bishop, Kenneth A.; Griggs, David A. Report May 1, 2016 5668
Updates on the treatment of drug addiction. Ross, Carolyn Feb 1, 2016 3871
Cognitive behavioral approaches in substance abuse treatment: renewing the mind. Shively, Randy May 1, 2015 3686
Addictions are the nation's #1 public health crisis: we must redesign addiction services using a chronic-disease model. Rosenberg, Linda Nov 1, 2014 502
Using mindfulness in a harm reduction approach to substance abuse treatment: a literature review. Bayles, Corliss Report Jun 22, 2014 4816
Alcohol and drug prevention, intervention, and treatment literature: a bibliography for best practices. Nissen, Laura Burney Report Apr 1, 2014 14228
Computerized working-memory training as a candidate adjunctive treatment for addiction. Bickel, Warren K.; Moody, Lara; Quisenberry, Amanda Report Mar 22, 2014 3056
Adult drug courts and the treatment of substance abuse: a marriage of corrections and substance abuse treatment. Cox, Andrew Anthony Essay Mar 22, 2014 3057
Editorial. Sharma, Manoj Editorial Dec 1, 2013 1155
SUD parity laws tied to improved treatment rates. Nogrady, Bianca Nov 1, 2013 450
Addressing to lerance in patients and families: clinicians can help clients accept newly emerging feelings. Avila, Maria A. Nov 1, 2013 1389
Back to basics to prevent relapse: the 12 Steps remain the most powerful tool to help chronic relapsers. Smith, Heidi Voet Nov 1, 2013 2179
A license to be happy. Roes, Nicholas A. Nov 1, 2013 880
Five sisters ranch: Petaluma, California. Brys, Shannon Nov 1, 2013 774
Powerlessness, the 12 steps of AA, and white women. Daverio, Marie Sep 1, 2013 492
As a physician, where do I fit in? A doctor in recovery becomes part of an effective clinical team. Sviokla, Sylvester "Skip" Sep 1, 2013 1735
Emphasizing the spiritual: a recovery-oriented system of care requires attention to individuals' spiritual needs. Nagib, Margaret Sep 1, 2013 1517
Enabling: it's not just for families: counselors must avoid crossing the line into controlling behavior. Anderson, William D., Jr. Sep 1, 2013 1351
Treating the recovering introvert: changes in thinking and behavior can come in small steps. Duffy, Brian Sep 1, 2013 1690
Getting beyond the 'gotcha' syndrome. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2013 715
Free others from the chains of addiction: launch your career as an addiction counselor at CalSouthern. Jul 1, 2013 602
Evolution or revolution? Where The ASAM Criteria and the DSM-5 fit in a changing environment. Mee-Lee, David Jul 1, 2013 1981
The unregulated world of intervention: some call for more clinical requirements for this significant entry point to treatment. Knopf, Alison Jul 1, 2013 3199
Dropping defenses through experiential therapy: facility offers menu of therapies to match diverse lifestyles. Brys, Shannon Jul 1, 2013 1490
A safe place for fathers and children: recovery residence founder's journey leads to innovative sober-living option. Landor, Sherry Jul 1, 2013 1529
Taking charge of the brain. Roes, Nicholas A. Jul 1, 2013 1224
Keeping strict house rules. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2013 838
Going to a place beyond the Steps: we admitted we were powerless over alcohol--that our lives had become unmanageable. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2013 741
Prevalence of substance use and mental distress among patients on waiting lists for substance use disorder treatment. Nordfjaern, Trond Report Jul 1, 2013 5490
Early maladaptive schemas of substance abusers and their intimate partners. Shorey, Ryan C.; Anderson, Scott; Stuart, Gregory L. Report Jul 1, 2013 6922
Getting beyond the 'gotcha' syndrome. Enos, Gary A. Editorial May 1, 2013 715
Integrating procedural care with addiction support: an example from a PICC nurse. Wilson, Kathleen Marie Mar 1, 2013 2657
The Ranch at Clear Springs. Mar 1, 2013 660
Substance abuse treatment for adolescents: how are family factors related to substance use change? Bertrand, Karine; Richer, Isabelle; Brunelle, Natacha; Beaudoin, Isabelle; Lemieux, Annie; Menard, J Report Jan 1, 2013 7900
An alternative perspective on steps. Roes, Nicholas A. Jan 1, 2013 879
Racial and ethnic differences in reported criminal justice referral at treatment admission. Arfken, Cynthia L.; Said, Manal; Owens, Darlene Dec 1, 2012 3575
Emerging approaches in addiction treatments. O'Connor, Teresa Conference notes Dec 1, 2012 568
Experiences associated with intervening with homeless, substance-abusing mothers: the importance of success. Slesnick, Natasha; Glassman, Michael; Katafiasz, Heather; Collins, Jennifer C. Report Oct 1, 2012 6923
Help-seeking by substance dependants presenting to healthcare professionals in the Free State Province. van Zyl, P.M.; Gagiano, C.A.; Mollentze, W.F.; Snyman, J.S.; Joubert, G. Report Aug 1, 2012 4632
Evolution of co-occurring mental health substance abuse programs for the forensic population: the Beaver County experience. Wald, Holly; Jaquette, Nancy; Koren, Matt; Corkos, Alex; Hall, Kimberly; Schoupe, William S. Aug 1, 2012 3061
Walking on: celebrating the journeys of Native American adolescents with substance use problems on the winding road to healing. Novins, Douglas K.; Boyd, Misty L.; Brotherton, Devan T.; Fickenscher, Alexandra; Moore, Laurie; Spi Report Jun 1, 2012 3840
Glendale Adventist Alcohol & Drug Services. Report May 1, 2012 643
A retrospective chart review of the clinical and psychosocial profile of psychotic adolescents with co-morbid substance use disorders presenting to acute adolescent psychiatric services at Tygerberg Hospital. Lachman, Anusha; Nassen, Rene; Hawkridge, Sue; Emsley, Robin A. Report May 1, 2012 5836
Chemical tools for treating alcoholism: a new study of the brain identifies how alcohol addiction starts--and stops. Docksai, Rick May 1, 2012 2059
Women and children first: some residential programs are helping women become better mothers as they get sober. Zubko, Nick Mar 1, 2012 1420
He reaches his contemporaries. Enos, Gary A. Mar 1, 2012 800
Accept no substitutes. Zubko, Nick Jan 1, 2012 877
Getting a clearer picture: NCAD will feature leading proponent of neuroimaging as clinical tool. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2011 1003
Who will be the new trainers? A project in Illinois seeks to carry forward the knowledge base. Sanders, Mark Jul 1, 2011 1382
Chasing leads: few treatment centers are limiting themselves to one method for gaining referrals. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2011 830
Addiction recovery. Flavell, Varina Jul 1, 2011 407
Relapse prevention: aftercare services to chemically addicted adolescents. van der Westhuizen, Marichen Report Jul 1, 2011 6281
Effet de l'implantation d'une clinique de prescription medicale d'heroine sur l'environnement communautaire. Ally, Marc-Andre; Brochu, Serge; Blais, Etienne Report May 1, 2011 3867
Want my advice? Clinicians must tread carefully when giving feedback to clients. Greaney, Thomas M. May 1, 2011 1063
Peer Assistance Program In Nursing (PAPIN). Whiting, Sylvia Apr 1, 2011 550
A data management system integrating web-based training and randomized trials. Muroff, Jordana; Amodeo, Maryann; Larson, Mary Jo; Carey, Margaret; Loftin, Ralph D. Report Apr 1, 2011 6785
Self-made miracle: former addict finds her way out of a tough situation and helps others do the same. Holmes, Tamara E. Mar 1, 2011 689
A voice from the wilderness: the drug-free treatment model is worth defending, now more than ever. Bennett, Andrew D. Mar 1, 2011 2024
Holistic, in more than name: an openness to new approaches characterizes a mind-body-spirit-environment mindset. Eisele, Joe Jan 1, 2011 1281
Attending to the whole person in the patient-centered medical home: the case for incorporating mental healthcare, substance abuse care, and health behavior change. deGruy, Frank Verloin; Etz, Rebecca S. Dec 1, 2010 5287
Substance abuse treatment key in persistent depression. Mahoney, Diana Dec 1, 2010 538
'Defeating the dragon'--can we afford not to treat patients with heroin dependence? Weich, Lize Report Oct 1, 2010 3569
Competency framework for nurses working in addiction. Sep 1, 2010 346
Inpatient hospitalization in addiction treatment for patients with a history of suicide attempt: a case of support for treatment performance measures. Glass, Joseph E.; Ilgen, Mark A.; Winters, Jamie J.; Murray, Regan L.; Perron, Brian E.; Chermack, S Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 7664
Bupropion: off-label treatment for cocaine and methamphetamine addiction. Magyar, Heidi B. Jul 1, 2010 404
Cocaine abuse among patients: a study at the Charleston Area Medical Center. John, Molly; Trout, Rachael; Nicholson, Bobbi; Cunningham, Michael; Williams, Carli; Davis, Elaine Report Jul 1, 2010 2502
Auricular acupuncture at Calvary Alcohol & Other Drug Services: the first year. Alster, Martin Report Jun 1, 2010 1873
Mindfulness training modifies cognitive, affective, and physiological mechanisms implicated in alcohol dependence: results of a randomized controlled pilot trial. Garland, Eric L.; Gaylord, Susan A.; Boettiger, Charlotte A.; Howard, Matthew O. Report Jun 1, 2010 12355
Dual environments for dual disorders: Brentwood Meadows utilizes both indoor and outdoor spaces as environments for addiction and mental health treatment. Hammer, Pat Apr 1, 2010 1424
Substance abuse treatment and motor vehicle fatalities. Freeborn, Beth A.; McManus, Brian Apr 1, 2010 9764
A comparative study of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of methadone addicts. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 135
Contemporary family systems approach to substance abuse. Adelson, Judith I. Report Mar 22, 2010 5470
How do residents of recovery houses experience confrontation between entry and 12-month follow-up? Polcin, Douglas L.; Galloway, Gantt P.; Bond, Jason; Korcha, Rachael; Greenfield, Thomas K. Report Mar 1, 2010 11068
Opioid addiction treatment booklets. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 83
A new Dad, nine years later. Enos, Gary A. Nov 1, 2009 815
Step by step: avoiding spiritual bypass in 12-step work. Cashwell, Craig S.; Clarke, Philip B.; Graves, Elizabeth G. Report Oct 1, 2009 5805
On the road to recovery self-discovery: the crown jewel of psychotherapy: traumatic brain injury/post-traumatic stress disorder series: part seven. Cancro, Lorraine Aug 1, 2009 3363
Questions: for productive treatment sessions: here are some ways to get clients to participate more openly. Duffy, Brian May 1, 2009 1195
Substance abuse counselors and moral reasoning: hypothetical and authentic dilemmas. Sias, Shari M. Report Apr 1, 2009 2772
From monastery to treatment center: a historic building becomes a place for people to seek recovery. Lemon, Joseph L. Apr 1, 2009 1205
A place to bury addictions: Serenity Ranch has a cemetery where people leave their addictions behind. Edwards, Douglas J. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 309
Tackling a weighty issue: Operation PAR develops an education program to counteract weight gain among clients enrolled in a methadone program. Staub, Deanna; Vargo, Mark A.; Leveille, Tommi L. Apr 1, 2009 1213
No margin, no mission: for Livengrin, improving quality included finding a way to survive financially. Mason, Keith Apr 1, 2009 1194
Promoting benchmarking in addiction treatment: three partners launch a national benchmarking initiative. Lefkovitz, Paul M.; Ford, Jay; Vaughn, Becky; Nance, Richard Apr 1, 2009 1678
Focused on mission and values: Timothy Sinnott aims to create better workplaces and treatment programs. Albright, Brian Apr 1, 2009 594
Overview of preventive interventions addressing underage drinking: state of the evidence and steps toward public health impact. Spoth, Richard; Greenberg, Mark; Turrisi, Robert Report Jan 1, 2009 10987
Improving treatment through research: directing attention to the role of development in adolescent treatment success. Wagner, Eric F. Report Jan 1, 2009 6858
Automating addiction treatment: experts envision a more technologically enabled care system. Gustafson, David H. Jan 1, 2009 1305
Help from within the ranks; a program treating gang members finds support from their fellow members. Kerr, David H. Report Jan 1, 2009 998
Identifying the proper drug-abuse treatment for offenders. Simpson, Mark T. Dec 1, 2008 2194
Substance use, mental health problems, and behavior at risk for HIV: evidence from CJDATS. Pearson, Frank S.; Cleland, Charles M.; Chaple, Michael; Hamilton, Zachary; Prendergast, Michael L.; Report Dec 1, 2008 9530
Tobacco-related practices and policies in residential perinatal drug treatment programs. Jessup, Martha A.; Song, Yeonsu Nov 1, 2008 5652
Respecting tradition: father Joseph Martin and the center he co-founded prepare for the future but gain strength from the past. Enos, Gary A. Nov 1, 2008 1359
DBT fits well in addiction treatment. Roes, Nicholas A. Report Nov 1, 2008 905
The substance abuse counseling needs of women in the criminal justice system: a needs assessment approach. Laux, John M.; Dupuy, Paula J.; Moe, Jeffry L.; Cox, Jane A.; Lambert, Eric; Ventura, Lois A.; Willi Report Oct 1, 2008 5723
Substance abuse training and perceived knowledge: predictors of perceived preparedness to work in substance abuse. Bina, Rena; Hall, Diane M. Harnek; Mollette, Angela; Smith-Osborne, Alexa; Yum, Joohee; Sowbel, Lynd Survey Sep 22, 2008 6111
Including the siblings of youth substance abusers in a parent-focused intervention: a pilot test of the best plus program. Bamberg, John H.; Toumbourou, John W.; Marks, Richard Report Sep 1, 2008 8786
SAMHSA Evidence-Based database posts 100th program review. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 95
Nothing's stopping this show's run. Enos, Gary A. Jul 1, 2008 578
A city embraces change; Philadelphia and provider agencies work with NIATx to create more effective services. Fitzgerald, Maureen Jun 1, 2008 917
A Clean and sober place to live: philosophy, structure, and purported therapeutic factors in sober living houses. Polcin, Douglas L.; Henderson, Diane McAllister Jun 1, 2008 4859
Helping patients step by step: a program finds success with the motivated stepped care treatment model. Quinlan, Kristen J. May 1, 2008 1364
Program structure and counselor-client contact in outpatient substance abuse treatment. Knight, Danica K.; Broome, Kirk M.; Simpson, D. Dwayne; Flynn, Patrick M. Report Apr 1, 2008 6643
Strengths-oriented family therapy for adolescents with substance abuse problems. Smith, Douglas C.; Hall, James A. Report Apr 1, 2008 2693
The Strengthening Communities for Youth (SCY) initiative: a cluster analysis of the services received, their correlates and how they are associated with outcomes. Dennis, Michael L.; Ives, Melissa L.; White, Michelle K.; Muck, Randolph D. Mar 1, 2008 11807
Predictors of early therapeutic alliance among adolescents in substance abuse treatment. Garner, Bryan R.; Godley, Susan H.; Funk, Rodney R. Report Mar 1, 2008 8469
One-year treatment patterns and change trajectories for adolescents participating in outpatient treatment for the first time. Godley, Susan H.; Passetti, Lora L.; Funk, Rodney R.; Garner, Bryan R.; Godley, Mark D. Mar 1, 2008 8586
Adolescent substance abuse treatment clinicians' self-help meeting referral practices and adolescent attendance rates. Passetti, Lora L.; Godley, Susan H. Mar 1, 2008 9299
Victimization among African-American adolescents in substance abuse treatment. Perron, Brian E.; Gotham, Heather J.; Cho, Dong Mar 1, 2008 6209
Getting the most out of meetings: clinicians can give patients these 12 tips for 12-step success. Duffy, Brain Jan 1, 2008 1323
A helping hand in recovery. McAlarney, Brion P. Jan 1, 2008 677
Substance abuse counselor certification in California: how is nicotine addiction addressed? Kurita, Keiko; Guydish, Joseph Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 3565
An integrated, multidimensional treatment model for individuals living with HIV, mental illness, and substance abuse. Bouis, Stephanie; Reif, Susan; Whetten, Kathryn; Scovil, Janet; Murray, Andrea; Swartz, Marvin Nov 1, 2007 6729
When anger complicates recovery. Roes, Nicholas A. Nov 1, 2007 953
The role of meditation in addiction recovery. Pruett, James M.; Nishimura, Nancy J.; Priest, Ronnie Clinical report Oct 1, 2007 6027
A qualitative study of recovering and nonrecovering substance abuse counselors' belief systems. Crabb, Ann C.; Linton, Jeremy M. Report Oct 1, 2007 7859
Integrating treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder. Ford, Julian D.; Russo, Eileen M.; Mallon, Sharon D. Case study Sep 22, 2007 13605
Examining the decay of HIV risk reduction outcomes following a community-friendly intervention targeting injection drug users in treatment ([dagger]). Copenhaver, Michael M.; Lee, I-Ching Sep 1, 2007 4790
Adolescents' participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous: review, implications and future directions ([dagger]). Kelly, John F.; Myers, Mark G. Sep 1, 2007 9108
Substance abuse treatment staff perceptions of intimate partner victimization among female clients ([dagger]). Kunins, Hillary; Gilbert, Louisa; Whyte-Etere, Antonette; Meissner, Paul; Zachary, Mary Sep 1, 2007 5628
Dual treatment best for co-occurring disorders. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2007 733
Recovery Assistance Program. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 164
Emphasizing the greater good: important traits need to be passed onto the next generation of addiction treatment leaders. Hunsicker, Ronald J. Apr 1, 2007 685
Strengths-Oriented Referrals for Teens (SORT): giving balanced feedback to teens and families. Smith, Douglas C.; Hall, James A. Feb 1, 2007 2165
Let's not be afraid of harm reduction. Erickson, Carlton K. Jan 1, 2007 730
Strategies can improve treatment adherence: if alcohol abusers don't improve, they may need to be reeducated about their medications. Kirn, Timothy F. Statistical data Jul 1, 2006 807
Physician programs inspiring substance abuse treatment efforts. Kirn, Timothy F. Statistical data Jun 1, 2006 713
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. Mar 1, 2006 335
Understanding the client's 'type': a widely used personality tool can help professionals tailor treatment. MacDonald-Kramer, Christine Mar 1, 2006 1864
New paradigm embraced for alcohol treatment. Kirn, Timothy F. Clinical report Jan 1, 2006 967
A tool for demonstrating the value of treatment. Kushner, Jeffrey N. Jul 1, 2005 742
Straight talk can help dry up teen alcohol abuse. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2005 622
The invisible substances that destroy your health (and how to avoid them). Jun 1, 2005 821
States wrestle with methamphetamine abuse. Frieden, Joyce May 15, 2005 1254
Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 42. Abstract Jan 1, 2005 458
CRA and CRAFT: behavioral approaches to treating substance-abusing individuals. Smith, Jane Ellen; Milford, Jaime L.; Meyers, Robert J. Sep 22, 2004 6345
Improved HPLC method for carbohydrate-deficient transferrin in serum. Helander, Anders; Husa, Asgeir; Jeppsson, Jan-Olof Clinical report Nov 1, 2003 6763

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