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The Art and the Skills of Vocal Coaching: Final Thoughts from Master Coaches, Noted Accompanists, and Collaborative Pianists. Garrett, Margo Column May 1, 2019 4112
The German School of Singing: A Compendium of German Treatises 1848-1965. Whitener, Joshua J. May 1, 2019 4344
One More Thing ... McCoy, Scott Column May 1, 2019 2781
Reading and Listening Between the Lines: Ideas on Singing the Short and Open Vowels [i], [??], and [Y], and the Long and Closed Vowels [e[??]], [o[??]], and [o[??]] in German. De'Ath, Leslie; Neubert, Nils May 1, 2019 2565
Choose Your Own Adventure. Manternach, Brian May 1, 2019 1491
Incorporating Motivation Into Your Model of Motor Learning. Maxfield, Lynn May 1, 2019 2552
Rocking the Boat and Riding the Wave. Brunssen, Karen May 1, 2019 2017
Inspiring Autonomous Artists: A Framework for Independent Singing. Sherwood, Travis May 1, 2019 3989
Create the Link: Engaging Music Theory through the Italian Songs and Arias. Harter, Courtenay L. Jan 1, 2019 8294
A Mentoring Paradigm For Voice Pedagogy Programs. MacDonald, Lorna Jan 1, 2019 3808
Melodrama. De'Ath, Leslie Jan 1, 2019 7783
Lifting the Curse of Knowledge in Voice Pedagogy. Treinkman, Melissa Jan 1, 2019 5302
A Venture Back to Move Forward. Broadwater, Kimberly Column Jan 1, 2019 5107
The Art and Skills of Vocal Coaching: Lessons in Print from Master Coaches. Garrett, Margo Column Jan 1, 2019 3277
The Efficacy of Vocal Cool-down Exercises. Ragan, Kari May 1, 2018 3625
Voice Class: A Learner-Centered Approach. Sauerland, William May 1, 2018 3787
Why /i/ and /e/ Can Be Effective Belting Vowels. Titze, Ingo R. May 1, 2018 814
Dvorak's Biblical Songs, Op. 99: A Concise Guide To Performance. Francalangia, Amalia; De'Ath, Leslie May 1, 2018 4151
W. J. Henderson, Music Critic Extraordinaire. Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale May 1, 2018 2923
The Hole in the Sky. Nix, John Jan 1, 2018 3288
What's the Rush? McCoy, Scott Column Jan 1, 2018 2283
The Voice and Diction Connection: A Diction Instructor's Approach to Voice Pedagogy. Montgomery, Cheri Jan 1, 2018 4585
The Pedagogic Use of Absolute Spectral Tone Color Theory. Mccoy, Scott Nov 1, 2017 2962
A 21st Century Primer on Vocalizing. Titze, Ingo Nov 1, 2017 5041
Voicing In Stop Consonants: Phonological Awareness. De'Ath, Leslie; Neron, Martin Nov 1, 2017 2750
Best Practices: Using Exercise Physiology and Motor Learning Principles in the Teaching Studio and the Practice Room. Nix, John; Helding, Lynn Column Nov 1, 2017 3135
The Art of Performance: Song Intepretation (Concluded). De Young, Richard Essay Nov 1, 2017 2373
RECENT RESEARCH IN SINGING. Simonson, Donald Nov 1, 2017 1037
The diminished vowel space in classical singing and the tug of war between "speech-true" and modified vowel qualities. Ophaug, Wencke Column Jan 1, 2017 5473
Optimal singing with PMS[R]. McCoy, Scott Column Nov 1, 2016 2063
The role of kinesthesia in a pedagogy for singing. Bauer, Karen Tillotson Nov 1, 2016 4865
Closing your mouth to "open" your sound. Nix, John Sep 1, 2016 4233
L'ultimo canzone! Austin, Stephen F. Column Sep 1, 2016 1272
Shinichi Suzuki and Bird Song: assessing Suzuki's claim that musical talent is not inborn. Ebin, Zachary Report Mar 22, 2016 5104
Vibrato by the Seashore. Austin, Stephen; Seashore, Carl E. Reprint Mar 1, 2016 3717
The energy crisis. McCoy, Scott May 1, 2015 1190
Techniques for maintaining a low larynx and open throat in classical singing. LeFevre, Carla Mar 1, 2015 3274
The intimate simplicity of group singing: a reflection of practice. Delaney, Angela Report Jan 1, 2015 4055
Timely orders: A new viewpoint of the vocal onset and release. Indik, Lawrence Jan 1, 2015 4099
More from Hints on Singing. Austin, Stephen Column Nov 1, 2014 1870
Measuring Mozart: a pilot study testing the accuracy of objective methods for matching a song to a singer. Nix, John May 1, 2014 6786
Singing in Danish: a guide to diction. Hersey, Anna May 1, 2014 6442
Herman Klein: a "contemporary" link to Mozart (IV). Austin, Stephen F. Critical essay Mar 1, 2014 2131
Imagine that! Kimball, Carol Essay Mar 1, 2014 2466
Adjustment of glottal configurations in singing. Herbst, Christian T.; Svec, Jan G. Jan 1, 2014 3366
On breathing and support. McCoy, Scott Jan 1, 2014 2345
The combination of imaging and computer simulation: a likely new wave in studio voice technology. Titze, Ingo Jan 1, 2014 606
Texting in Italian. De'Ath, Leslie Jan 1, 2014 5836
Why sing art songs? Kimball, Carol Jan 1, 2014 2471
Recent research in singing. Simonson, Donald Jan 1, 2014 1038
Preparing singers for college auditions: musical theater and vocal performance. Edwards, Matthew; Flom, Jonathan Aug 1, 2013 3234
Some thoughts on singing and science. McCoy, Scott Conference notes May 1, 2012 2283
An appreciation of the Bozeman and Miller descriptions of Formant--harmonic relations in singing. Titze, Ingo R. Essay May 1, 2012 974
Voice pedagogy for aging singers (including the author). Edwin, Robert Essay May 1, 2012 1901
Teaching lower laryngeal position with EMG biofeedback. Kirkpatrick, Adam; McLester, John R. Report Jan 1, 2012 3956
Volitional control of vibrato in trained singers. Carter, Neisha; Hopkin, J. Arden; Dromey, Christopher Report Sep 1, 2010 5400
Carlo Bassini's The Art of Singing, Part 2. Austin, Stephen Sep 1, 2010 3445
The pronunciation of /r/ in German classical singing: the development of various r-allophones and their distribution in today's German classical singing. Ophaug, Wencke Essay May 1, 2010 7327
Carlo Bassini's The Art of Singing, Part 1. Austin, Stephen Reprint May 1, 2010 5774
When "proper" is dead wrong: how traditional methods fail aspiring artists. Wigginton, James R. Mar 1, 2010 1972
Pillars of voice work. Gener, Randy Jan 1, 2010 547
Tremor into action: Catherine Fitzmaurice, an innovator of voice work, prescribes a holistic regimen of freedom, release and transcendence. Meier, Paul Jan 1, 2010 2091
The naked voice: free the voice and release the body, Patsy Rodenburg says, so you can express yourself fully with truth and authenticity. Gener, Randy Jan 1, 2010 3267
A quest for the original voice: a renowned voice teacher advocates feeling, not intellect, to activate the creative visionary within. Lessac, Arthur Jan 1, 2010 2603
Voice check: 10 tips for healthy singing: voice therapists, trainers and performers give expert advice on how to protect and maintain your singing voice. Veltman, Chloe Jan 1, 2010 2383
Dubroca's Traite and French style soutenu in the nineteenth century, Part 1. De'Ath, Leslie Sep 1, 2009 5454
What's going on on Broadway? Edwin, Robert Essay Sep 1, 2009 1593
Stockhausen's method of singing (concluded). Austin, Stephen; Stockhausen, Julius Excerpt Sep 1, 2009 2363
Vibrato or nonvibrato in solo and choral singing: is there room for both? Sublett, Virginia May 1, 2009 4068
Text rendering in eighteenth century recitativo secco. De'Ath, Leslie Critical essay May 1, 2009 8195
Performance styles and musical characteristics of black gospel music. Robinson-Martin, Trineice May 1, 2009 3165
Stockhausen's method of singing (Continued). Austin, Stephen Excerpt May 1, 2009 2565
A solution for simple (secco) theater recitative. Jerold, Beverly Mar 1, 2009 4887
Stockhausen's method of singing (continued). Austin, Stephen Mar 1, 2009 2087
Vocal vibrato: new directions. Isherwood, Nicholas Jan 1, 2009 3376
Italian vowel clusters in singing, Part I: syllable, vowel length, and stress. De'Ath, Leslie Jan 1, 2009 8847
Filling the gap with guideppe aprili. Austin, Stephen F. Nov 1, 2008 3647
Christmas caroling: make more than a joyful noise! Bell, Barbara Nov 1, 2008 371
The legacy of Garcia, Part 2. Myers, Myron Reprint Sep 1, 2008 6742
Singing in French: between theory and practice. Neron, Martin May 1, 2008 6416
Music theater singing ... let's talk. Part 2: examining the debate on belting. Spivey, Norman May 1, 2008 5381
The legacy of Garcia. Myers, Myron Critical essay May 1, 2008 4380
Open throat: acoustic and perceptual support for pedagogic practice. Mitchell, Helen F.; Kenny, Dianna T. Mar 1, 2008 6331
The road not taken. Mabry, Sharon Essay Mar 1, 2008 1196
Christmas caroling: make more than a joyful noise! Bell, Barbara Nov 1, 2007 371
Effect of multifactorial constraints on intelligibility of opera singing (II). Di Carlo, Nicole Scotto May 1, 2007 4146
Herman Klein; a "contemporary" link to Mozart (II). Austin, Stephen F. May 1, 2007 3552
Christmas caroling: make more than a joyful noise! Bell, Barbara Nov 1, 2003 363
Christmas Caroling: Make MORE Than a Joyful Noise! Bell, Barbara Dec 1, 1999 355
Fakin' it/makin' it: falsetto's bid for transcendance in 1970s disco highs. Francois, Anne-Lise Jan 1, 1995 5838

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