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An Overview of Analytical Methods for Bisphenol A. Nilgun Yenil Harmanci and Fadim Yemis Dec 31, 2020 6705
Application and Evaluation of Novel Chromatographic Techniques to Detect and Quantitate 108 Pesticides and Metabolites in Muscle Samples From Wild Birds of Prey. Sabater, Mikel; Castillo, Mercedes; Gonzalez, Carmen; Perez, Maria Luisa; Lopez, Irene Report Sep 1, 2020 6657
Determination of Cassiarin A Level of Cassia siamea Leaf Obtained from Various Regions in Indonesia Using the TLC-Densitometry Method. Ekasari, Wiwied; Widiyastuti, Yuli; Subositi, Dyah; Hamsidi, Rini; Widyawaruyanti, Aty; Basuki, Sukm Aug 31, 2020 4073
Simultaneous Determination of 34 Amino Acids in Tumor Tissues from Colorectal Cancer Patients Based on the Targeted UHPLC-MS/MS Method. Yang, Yang; Zhang, Feng; Gao, Shouhong; Wang, Zhipeng; Li, Mingming; Wei, Hua; Zhong, Renqian; Chen, Aug 31, 2020 7995
Internal Standards for Quantitative Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents by the GC/MS Method: Nerve Agents. Capoun, Tomas; Krykorkova, Jana Aug 31, 2020 8414
Spectrophotometric and Multivariate Calibration Techniques for Simultaneous Determination of Different Drugs in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Human Urine: Evaluation of Greenness Profile. Mostafa, Ahmed Jun 30, 2020 9365
Development of the High Sensitivity and Selectivity Method for the Determination of Histamine in Fish and Fish Sauce from Vietnam by UPLC-MS/MS. Tran, Quang Hieu; Nguyen, Thanh Tan; Pham, Kim Phuong Jun 30, 2020 5826
Method Validation of Contact and Immersion TLC-bioautography for Determination of Streptomycin Sulfate in Shrimp/Karideste Streptomisin Sulfat Tayini icin Kontak ve Immersiyon ITK-biyootografi Yonteminin Validasyonu. Annuryanti, Febri; Isnaeni, Isnaeni; Darmawati, Asri; Rosyidah, Iftitahatur; Dwiana, Aprelita Nurell Jun 1, 2020 2590
A High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Method Using a Design of Experiment Approach for Estimation of Phytochemicals in Extracts of Moringa Oleifera Leaves/Yuksek Performansli Ince Tabaka Kromatografi Yontemi ile Moringa Oleifera Yaprak Ekstrelerindeki Fitokimyasallarin Deney Tasarimi Yaklasimi ile Tayini. Thomas, Asha; Kanakdhar, Abhilash; Shirsat, Adinath; Deshkar, Sanjeevani; Kothapalli, Lata Apr 1, 2020 6006
Identification of Plasma Fatty Acids in Four Lipid Classes to Understand Energy Metabolism at Different Levels of Ketonemia in Dairy Cows Using Thin Layer Chromatography and Gas Chromatographic Techniques (TLC-GC). Fiore, Enrico; Tessari, Rossella; Morgante, Massimo; Gianesella, Matteo; Badon, Tamara; Bedin, Silvi Report Apr 1, 2020 13160
Simple and Accurate HPTLC-Densitometric Method for Quantification of Delafloxacin (A Novel Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic) in Plasma Samples: Application to Pharmacokinetic Study in Rats. Alam, Prawez; Iqbal, Muzaffar; Ezzeldin, Essam; Khalil, Nasr Y.; Foudah, Ahmed I.; Alqarni, Mohammed Report Mar 1, 2020 5569
Model Predictive Control Method of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatographic Separation Process Based on Subspace System Identification. Yan, Zhen; Wang, Jie-Sheng; Wang, Shao-Yan; Li, Shou-Jiang; Wang, Dan; Sun, Wei-Zhen Nov 30, 2019 7523
Validation of a Simple and Robust Liebermann-Burchard Colorimetric Method for the Assay of Cholesterol in Selected Milk Products in Ghana. Adu, Joseph K.; Amengor, Cedric D.K.; Kabiri, Naomi; Orman, Emmanuel; Patamia, Stella Abla Gameli; O Oct 31, 2019 4463
Global Preparative & Process Chromatography Market Analysis to 2027 - Rising Focus on the Development of New & Improved Drug Assessment Techniques. Jul 26, 2019 941
Development of Gas Chromatographic Method with Electron Capture Detector for Determination of Some PCDDs in Wheat and Rice Grain Matrix. Jun 30, 2019 4953
Using UPLC-QTOF-MS Method to Analyse the Spot Constituents of the Thin Layer Chromatograms for Chuzhou Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.) Miq. Zhang, Ya-Zhong; Tao, Ye; Shen, Ai-Zong Apr 30, 2019 2002
Comparison of Two Detection Methods for Fragment Ions of Escherichia coli Carbon Center Metabolites. Rui, Bin; Wei, Xiaotao; Chen, Long; An, Yun; Wen, Han Report Dec 1, 2018 1815
Corrigendum to "Application of a New Method in Identifying the Sludge Deposits from Refineries and Gas Plants: A Case of Laboratory-Based Study". Sitepu, Husin; Ghamdi, Rasha A. Al-; Zaidi, Syed R. Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 228
Development of a Robust UPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of a Novel Combination of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir in Human Plasma: Clinical Application to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Tannak, Naser F. Al-; Hemdan, Ahmed; Eissa, Maya S. Jan 1, 2018 6174
Comprehensive Assessment of Degradation Behavior of Simvastatin by UHPLC/MS Method, Employing Experimental Design Methodology. Gigovska, Maja Hadzieva; Petkovska, Ana; Acevska, Jelena; Nakov, Natalija; Antovska, Packa; Ugarkovi Jan 1, 2018 10152
A Robust Static Headspace GC-FID Method to Detect and Quantify Formaldehyde Impurity in Pharmaceutical Excipients. Daoudy, Bashir Daoud Agha Dit; Khayat, Mohammad Ammar Al-; Karabet, Francois; Mardini, Mohammad Amer Jan 1, 2018 4910
Development and Validation of a Versatile UPLC-PDA Method for Simultaneous Determination of Paracetamol, Tizanidine, Aceclofenac, and Nimesulide in Their New Combinations. Bawazeer, Sami; El-Din, Khalid M. Badr; Abdel-Megied, Ahmed M. Jan 1, 2018 4808
Analytical Method Development and Validation for the Quantification of Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol in the Tartaric Acid Base Pellets of Dipyridamole Modified Release Capsules by Using Headspace Gas Chromatographic Technique. Valavala, Sriram; Seelam, Nareshvarma; Tondepu, Subbaiah; Jagarlapudi, V. Shanmukha Kumar; Sundarmur Jan 1, 2018 4340
High-throughput measurement methodologies for developing nutrient-dense crops. Guild, G; Parkes, E; Nutti, M; Palacios-Rojas, N; Stangoulis, J Report Apr 1, 2017 4796
Make your resins work for you: Despite a breadth of options, choosing resins for your next chromatographic run doesn't have to be daunting or overcomplicated if you follow a few simple rules. Khandelwal, Payal Feb 1, 2017 1629
A simple and efficient method for poly-3-hydroxybutyrate quantification in diazotrophic bacteria within 5 minutes using flow cytometry. Alves, L.P.S.; Almeida, A.T.; Cruz, L.M.; Pedrosa, F.O.; de Souza, E.M.; Chubatsu, L.S.; Muller-Sant Report Jan 1, 2017 5627
New Modified UPLC/Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Determination of Risperidone and Its Active Metabolite 9-Hydroxyrisperidone in Plasma: Application to Dose-Dependent Pharmacokinetic Study in Sprague-Dawley Rats. Ezzeldin, Essam; Tammam, Marwa; Talib, Nisreen F. Abo Report Jan 1, 2017 5698
GC Method Validation for the Analysis of Menthol in Suppository Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. Abualhasan, Murad N.; Zaid, Abdel Naser; Jaradat, Nidal; Mousa, Ayman Report Jan 1, 2017 3094
Quality Control of Mutton by Using Volatile Compound Fingerprinting Techniques and Chemometric Methods. Zhan, Ping; Tian, Honglei; Sun, Baoguo; Zhang, Yuyu; Chen, Haitao Report Jan 1, 2017 5332
Development of an Analytical Protocol for Determination of Cyanide in Human Biological Samples Based on Application of Ion Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detection. Jaszczak, Ewa; Ruman, Marek; Narkowicz, Sylwia; Namiesnik, Jacek; Polkowska, Zaneta Report Jan 1, 2017 3222
Optimized Multiresidue Analysis of Organic Contaminants of Priority Concern in a Daily Consumed Fish (Grass Carp). He, Wei; Chen, Yanru; Yang, Chen; Liu, Wenxiu; Kong, Xiangzhen; Qin, Ning; He, Qishuang; Xu, Fuliu Report Jan 1, 2017 8298
Semiautomated Alignment of High-Throughput Metabolite Profiles with Chemometric Tools. Wu, Ze-ying; Zeng, Zhong-da; Xiao, Zi-dan; Mok, Daniel Kam-Wah; Liang, Yi-zeng; Chau, Foo-tim; Chan, Report Jan 1, 2017 5608
Review: DNA Barcoding and Chromatography Fingerprints for the Authentication of Botanicals in Herbal Medicinal Products. Abubakar, Bashir Mohammed; Salleh, Faezah Mohd; Omar, Mohd Shahir Shamsir; Wagiran, Alina Report Jan 1, 2017 24543
Simple, Specific and Rapid HPLC/UV-Detector Approach for Determination of Glipizide. Mehsud, Saifullah; Khan, Gul Majid; Rauf, Musarrat; Akhlaq, Muhammad; Ahmad, Kamran; Khan, Zahid; Kh Report Aug 31, 2016 3282
Analyzing pesticides, PCBs with modern GCMS technology: a new method provides determination of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls using GC/MS/MS operated in MRM mode. Prakash, Brahm; Lipps, William Aug 1, 2016 1605
Analyzing pesticides, PCBs with modern GCMS technology: a new method provides determination of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls using GC/MS/MS operated in MRM mode. Prakash, Brahm; Lipps, William Aug 1, 2016 2845
Clean solutions fuel affinity chromatography: when using affinity chromatography to isolate proteins from solutions, ultrapure water and contamination-free chemicals are essential for reproducible data. Erwig, Jan; Herbig, Elmar Sep 1, 2015 1462
Self-interaction chromatography and human osteoprotegrin. McDonald, Heather M.; Macon, Kevin; Johnson, David; McCombs, Debbie; Teale, Mike; Wall, Stephanie B. Report Jan 1, 2015 5020
Chemical Investigation of Mesua nagassarium (Burm. f.) Kosterm. Report Dec 31, 2014 13858
pH gradient speeds separation of antibodies: pH gradient chromatography lends itself to the use of shorter, faster columns, enabling a speedier analysis cycle and continuous operation. Cook, Ken; Steiner, Frank; De Pra, Mauro Dec 1, 2014 1600
Root cause failure analysis of dendrite shorting: a comparison of analytical techniques: FTIR, SEM/EDS and ion chromatography used in concert with a pair of extraction methods offered varying degrees of precision. Munson, Terry Cover story Dec 1, 2014 1674
Frontal affinity chromatography: a unique research tool for biospecific interaction that promotes glycobiology. Kasai, Kenichi Report Jul 1, 2014 12027
New CDS functions to meet new regulatory requirements? Ensuring efficient method development and routine operation into the future. McDowall, R.D. Jun 1, 2014 1547
Oh, Grow up! Analytical methods in the age of PAT: Guidances developed for chromatography may not work for Process Analytical Technology. Don't wait for them to catch up; use other methods. Ciurczak, Emil W. May 1, 2014 1855
Standardization of Phytopharmaceuticals: Qualitative Evaluation and Quantification of Carbohydrates in Medicinal Plants using TLC, Matrix Free MELDI-TOF-MS and GC-MS. Report Apr 30, 2014 2325
Collaborative chromatography identifies multiple residue pesticides: global researchers are working together to develop methodologies to identify pesiticides in food with triple quadrupole chromatography systems. Studt, Tim Cover story Feb 1, 2014 1308
Water, ice or neat? GC evaluates whisky drinks: gas chromatography can be successfully used in the aroma study of potable spirits, such as whisky. Scott, David Feb 1, 2014 1201
Development and validation of an affinity chromatography-protein G method for IgG quantification. Fernandez, Lesly Paradina; Calvo, Loany; Vina, Lisel Report Jan 1, 2014 4213
Suaveolic acid: a potent phytotoxic substance of hyptis suaveolens. Islam, A.K.M. Mominul; Ohno, Osamu; Suenaga, Kiyotake; Kato-Noguchi, Hisashi Report Jan 1, 2014 3766
Several affinity tags commonly used in chromatographic purification. Zhao, Xinyu; Li, Guoshun; Liang, Shufang Report Jan 1, 2014 5919
HPLC method for analysis of red dye from marked Pectinophora gossypiella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Tomic-Carruthers, Nada; Mahoney, Noreen; Walters, Michelle; Claus, John; Tang, Guolei Report Dec 1, 2013 2300
SEC-MALS of silicones. Sep 1, 2013 314
How to keep your retention time reliable! Sep 1, 2013 677
Analyze 40% more semivolatiles samples per shift using split injection. Misselwitz, Michelle; Cochran, Jack Sep 1, 2013 400
Simultaneous chromatography and electrophoresis: comparison of copper and platinum electrodes. McKell, Justin Scott; Murphy, Tyrel; Collins, David Abstract Jun 1, 2013 144
Analyze 40% more semivolatiles samples per shift using split injection. Misselwitz, Michelle; Cochran, Jack Jun 1, 2013 398
Diagnostic value of heart-type fatty acid binding protein determined by the rapid qualitative chromatographic immunoassay method for the detection of minor myocardial damage in patients presenting with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome/Kalitatif immunkromotografik yontemle bakilan kalp tipi serbest yag asidi baglayici protein'in minor miyokardiyal hasarla seyreden ST yukselmesiz akut koroner sendromlardaki tanisal degeri. Cavusoglu, Yuksel; Gok, Bulent; Demirustu, Canan; Birdane, Alparslan; Gorenek, Bulent; Ata, Necmi Clinical report Nov 1, 2012 5783
More reliable on-site detection of cannabis in oral fluid. Verstraete, Alain G. Oct 1, 2012 2158
Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric validated method for the determination of bisphenol A in public-supply water: an investigation in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil. Montagner, Emerson; da Matta, Marcia Helena de Rizzo; Ribeiro, Maria Lucia; Fortunato, Guilherme Vil Oct 1, 2012 5346
Development of an immunoaffinity method for purification of streptokinase. Karimi, Zohreh; Babashamsi, Mohammad; Asgarani, Ezat; Salimi, Ali Jul 1, 2012 2661
Gonococcal antigen detection by Immunochromatographic assay: A reliable and point-of-care diagnostic test for gonorrhoea. Report Mar 31, 2012 2877
Detection of aflatoxins in various samples of red chilli. Alim-un-Nisa; Zahra, Naseem; Firdous, Shamma; Ejaz, Nusrat; Hina, Sajila Report Mar 1, 2012 2127
Analysis of two drying methods on the yield and activity of sulphated polysaccharides extracted from Halymenia sp. (Rhodophyceae)/Analise de dois metodos de secagem sobre o rendimento e atividade de polissacarideos sulfatados extraidos da rodoficea Halymenia sp. Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Vanderlei, Edfranck de Sousa Oliveira; Quindere, Ana Luiza Gomes; d Jan 1, 2012 4759
Improving chrom-based environmental analyses: new technologies, equipment and methodologies are being developed to provide enhanced analysis of environmental contaminants. Studt, Tim Jun 1, 2011 1405
Oxygen combustion unit utilizes Schoniger flask method. May 1, 2011 124
Carbon Nanotubes Improve Microextraction Quality Method. Apr 5, 2011 253
Development and validation of method for the determination of organochlorine pesticides and trihalomethanes in the water by HRGC-ECD/Desenvolvimento e validacao de metodo para a determinacao de pesticidas organoclorados e trihalometanos em agua usando HRGC-ECD. Alves, Maria Isabel Ribeiro; Filho, Nelson Roberto Antoniosi Oct 1, 2010 4035
Quo vadis CDS? As CDS users, we need to think about what we want from these systems in the present and future. McDowall, R.D. Jul 1, 2010 2218
Evaluation of Falcivax against Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) for the diagnosis of malaria. Gurung, Bimala; Bairy, Indira; Jagadishchandra; Manohar, Chetan Clinical report May 1, 2010 2863
Effects of processing methods on the protein quality of mucuna bean (Mucuna pruriens L.). Mugendi, J.B.; Njagi E.N.M.; Kuria, E.N.; Mwasaru, M.A.; Mureithi, J.G.; Apostolides, Z. Report Apr 1, 2010 5839
Organic geochemical characteristics of Sirnak asphaltites in Southeast Anatolia, Turkey. Kavak, O.; Connan, J.; Erik, N.Y.; Yalcin, M.N. Report Mar 1, 2010 5681
Cooling system provides alternative method for low-temp GC. Feb 1, 2010 134
Simultaneous estimation of paracetamol and tramadol in tablet formulation by reverse phase HPLC method. Kalra, Kapil; Naik, Sharmistha; Jarmal, Garima; Mishra, Neeti Report May 1, 2009 1464
Ion chromatographic analysis of carbohydrates in essential and non-essential foodstuffs. Steinbach, Alfred; Wille, Andrea Report Mar 1, 2009 1479
Advantage Business Media (Rockaway, NJ) has launched new web sites for "Laboratory Equipment" and "Chromatography Techniques" magazines. Dec 1, 2008 81
Robust solution for downstream processing of biotherapeutics: faced with tremendous cost pressures, the biomanufacturing industry is looking at options to simplify downstream processing. One solution is second-generation EBA purification alongside the development of disposable chromatography columns. Natalya Clark, Business Development Manager, Upfront Chromatography A/S, discusses these issues. Clark, Natalya Sep 1, 2008 1453
Effects of hemoglobin (Hb) E and HbD traits on measurements of glycated Hb ([HbA.sub.1c]) by 23 methods. Little, Randie R.; Rohlfing, Curt L.; Hanson, Steve; Connolly, Shawn; Higgins, Trefor; Weykamp, Cas Aug 1, 2008 3901
Determination of oseltamivir quality by colorimetric and liquid chromatographic methods. Green, Michael D.; Nettey, Henry; Wirtz, Robert A. Apr 1, 2008 2695
Liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry for detection of low concentrations of 21 benzodiazepines, metabolites, and analogs in urine: method with forensic applications. Quintela, Oscar; Sauvage, Francois-Ludovic; Charvier, Fabienne; Gaulier, Jean-Michel; Lachatre, Gera Jul 1, 2006 5756
Specificity and clinical utility of methods for the detection of macroprolactin. Kavanagh, Lucille; McKenna, T. Joseph; Fahie-Wilson, Michael N.; Gibney, James; Smith, Thomas P. Jul 1, 2006 4501
Speciation and quantification of thiols by reversed-phase chromatography coupled with on-line chemical vapor generation and atomic fluorescence spectrometric detection: method validation and preliminary application for glutathione measurements in human whole blood. Bramanti, Emilia; Vecoli, Cecilia; Neglia, Danilo; Pellegrini, Maria Paola; Raspi, Giorgio; Barsacch Jun 1, 2005 4992
Validation by a mass spectrometric reference method of use of boronate affinity chromatography to measure glycohemoglobin in the presence of hemoglobin S and C traits. Little, Randie R.; Vesper, Hubert; Rohlfing, Curt L.; Ospina, Maria; Safar-Pour, Sekineh; Roberts, W Jan 1, 2005 1339
Comparison of HPLC and small column (CDTect) methods for disialotransferrin. Turpeinen, Ursula; Methuen, Taina; Alfthan, Henrik; Laitinen, Kalevi; Salaspuro, Mikko; Stenman, Ulf Oct 1, 2001 3355
How to Detect GC Eluents. Franke, Beau Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 741
Analysis Software Shapes Data Into Useable Results. Masi, C.G. Jan 1, 1999 2033
Evaluation and intermethod comparison of the Bio-Rad high-performance liquid chromatographic method for plasma total homocysteine. Dias, Valerian C.; Bamforth, Fiona J.; Tesanovic, Maria; Hyndman, Matthew E.; Parsons, Howard G.; Ce Oct 1, 1998 2078
Analytical approaches of European Union laboratories to drugs of abuse analysis. Badia, Roser; de la Torre, Rafael; Corcione, Sergio; Segura, Jordi Apr 1, 1998 6388
Intrinsic and routine quality of serum total potassium measurement as investigated by split-sample measurement with an ion chromatography candidate reference method. Thienpont, Linda M.; Van Nuwenborg, Jean E.; Stockl, Dietmar Apr 1, 1998 5843
Development of FlexSure[R] HP--an immunochromatographic method to detect antibodies against Helicobacter pylori. Schrier, Wayne H.; Schoengold, Ronald J.; Baker, Josefina T.; Norell, Joyce L.; Jaseph, Corey L.; Ok Feb 1, 1998 4908
Differentiation between naproxen, naproxen-protein conjugates, and naproxen-lysine in plasma via micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography--a new approach in the bioanalysis of drug targeting preparations. Albrecht, Christiane; Reichen, Jurg; Visser, Jan; Meijer, Dirk K.F.; Thormann, Wolfgang Nov 1, 1997 3887
Highly sensitive gas chromatographic analysis of ethanol in whole blood, serum, urine, and fecal supernatants by the direct injection method. Tangerman, Albert Jun 1, 1997 4569
HPLC keeps growing among the separation sciences. Jones, Robert R. Jan 1, 1991 2410

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