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A Configurable Software-based Approach for Detecting CFEs Caused by Transient Faults. Liu, Wei; Ci, LinLin; Liu, LiPing Report May 1, 2021 8259
Optimization Methods for Power Allocation and Interference Coordination Simultaneously with MIMO and Full Duplex for Multi-Robot Networks. GWang, uisheng; Wang, Yequn; Dong, Shufu; Huang, Guoce; Sun, Qilu Report Jan 1, 2021 8989
A Multimodal Fusion Method Based on a Rotation Invariant Hierarchical Model for Finger-based Recognition. Zhong, Zhen; Gao, Wanlin; Wang, Minjuan Report Jan 1, 2021 4696
A New Classification Approach with Deep Mask R-CNN for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation. Yayla, Ridvan; Sen, Baha Dec 1, 2020 3892
Continuity Detection Method in Binary Image Signal. Hercik, Radim; Machacek, Zdenek; Koziorek, Jiri; Vanus, Jan; Schneider, Miroslav; Walendziuk, Wojcie Dec 1, 2020 4197
Approximate Population Count Using the Harley-Seal Method for Error-Tolerant Applications. Jaffal, Reem; Abed, Sa'ed; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Bennaser, Mahmoud Nov 1, 2020 7123
Taxonomy on Healthcare System Based on Machine Learning Approaches: Tuberculosis Disease Diagnosis. Karmani, Priyanka; Chandio, Aftab Ahmed; Karmani, Vivekanand; Soomro, Javed Ali; Korejo, Imtiaz Ali; Nov 1, 2020 9960
THE ALGORITHM SERIES: LIVE-EVENT SCALING: There are four key delivery methods for live content, and understanding the math behind them can help decision makers determine which is the best for their applications. Siglin, Tim Oct 1, 2020 2872
A Four-Layer Robust Storage in Cloud using Privacy Preserving Technique with Reliable Computational Intelligence in Fog-Edge. Nirmala, E.; Muthurajkumar, S. Sep 1, 2020 6491
A Jacobi-Davidson Method for Large Scale Canonical Correlation Analysis. Teng, Zhongming; Zhang, Xiaowei Report Sep 1, 2020 7882
Taguchi Optimization Method for Testing Best Image Encryption Algorithm. Majeed, Samer Hammed; Jumaa, Noor Kareem; Mohamad, Auday A.H. Sep 1, 2020 3403
An Adjustment Method for the Suspender Tension of CFSTTTHAB Based on Influence Matrix of Single Suspender. Wang, Longlin; Wang, Hua; Li, Litao; Hao, Tianzhi; Wu, Changxia Aug 31, 2020 4898
A New Reliability Rock Mass Classification Method Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine Optimized by Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm. Zheng, S.; Jiang, A.N.; Yang, X.R.; Luo, G.C. Aug 31, 2020 7896
An Automatic Recognition Method of Microseismic Signals Based on S Transformation and Improved Gaussian Mixture Model. Wang, Kaikai; Tang, Chun'an; Ma, Ke; Wang, Xintang; Li, Qiang Aug 31, 2020 14944
Approximate Analytical Solution for a Coupled System of Fractional Nonlinear Integrodifferential Equations by the RPS Method. Al e'damat, Ayed Aug 31, 2020 4797
A Decoupling and Bidirectional Resampling Method for Multilabel Classification of Imbalanced Data with Label Concurrence. Zhou, Shuyue; Li, Xiaobo; Dong, Yihong; Xu, Hao Report Aug 31, 2020 6719
Simplified Geometric Approach to Freeform Beam Shaper Design. Wojtanowski, Jacek; Drozd, Tadeusz Aug 31, 2020 6962
Improved Error Reduction and Hybrid Input Output Algorithms for Phase Retrieval by including a Sparse Dictionary Learning-Based Inpainting Method. Su, Jian-Jia; Tien, Chung-Hao Aug 31, 2020 6552
Preprocessing Method for Encrypted Traffic Based on Semisupervised Clustering. Zheng, Rongfeng; Liu, Jiayong; Niu, Weina; Liu, Liang; Li, Kai; Liao, Shan Aug 31, 2020 8415
A Task Offloading Method with Edge for 5G-Envisioned Cyber-Physical-Social Systems. Jiang, Jielin; Zhang, Xing; Li, Shengjun Aug 31, 2020 6044
Rapid Penetration Path Planning Method for Stealth UAV in Complex Environment with BB Threats. Zhang, Zhe; Wu, Jian; Dai, Jiyang; He, Cheng Aug 31, 2020 7037
A Maintenance Task Similarity-Based Prior Elicitation Method for Bayesian Maintainability Demonstration. Wu, Zhenya; Hao, Jianping Report Aug 31, 2020 11585
Robust Waveform Design Based on Bisection and Maximum Marginal Allocation Methods with the Concept of Information Entropy. Wang, Bin; Hao, Xiaolei Report Aug 31, 2020 8474
A New Method for Feature Extraction and Classification of Single-Stranded DNA Based on Collaborative Filter. Yan, Bingyong; Cui, Haixu; Fu, Haitao; Zhou, Jiale; Wang, Huifeng Report Aug 31, 2020 4226
Dynamic Path Planning for Bevel-Tip Flexible Needle Insertion into Soft Tissue Based on a Real-Time Finite Element Model. Li, Murong; Gao, Dedong; Lei, Yong; Xu, Tian Report Aug 31, 2020 9072
Convergence Analysis of an Improved BFGS Method and Its Application in the Muskingum Model. Yang, Tianshan; Li, Pengyuan; Wang, Xiaoliang Report Aug 31, 2020 6714
Research on Evaluating Algorithms for the Service Quality of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy EDAS and CRITIC Methods. Li, Shihui; Wang, Bo Report Aug 31, 2020 8442
An SDP Method for Copositivity of Partially Symmetric Tensors. Wang, Chunyan; Chen, Haibin; Che, Haitao Report Aug 31, 2020 4822
A 3D Surface Reconstruction Method for Large-Scale Point Cloud Data. Guo, Baoyun; Wang, Jiawen; Jiang, Xiaobin; Li, Cailin; Su, Benya; Cui, Zhiting; Sun, Yankun; Yang, C Report Aug 31, 2020 8844
Performance Analysis of Parameter Estimator Based on Closed-Form Newton Method for Ultrawideband Positioning. Wang, Chuanyang; Ning, Yipeng; Wang, Jian; Yao, Guobiao; Zhang, Longping; Yang, Haichao Report Aug 31, 2020 5253
New Tseng-Degree Gradient Method in Variational Inequality Problem. Shan, Zhuang; Zhu, Lijun; He, Long; Wu, Danfeng; Wei, Haicheng Report Aug 31, 2020 3601
A Novel Deep Sparse Filtering Method for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis by Acoustic Signal Processing. Zhang, Guowei; Wang, Jinrui; Han, Baokun; Jia, Sixiang; Wang, Xiaoyu; He, Jingtao Aug 31, 2020 5416
UB-LSTM: A Trajectory Prediction Method Combined with Vehicle Behavior Recognition. Xiao, Haipeng; Wang, Chaoqun; Li, Zhixiong; Wang, Rendong; Bo, Cao; Sotelo, Miguel Angel; Xu, Youchu Aug 31, 2020 6808
A Novel Speckle Noise Removal Algorithm Based on ADMM and Energy Minimization Method. Chen, Bo; Lv, Yan; Zou, Jinbin; Chen, Wensheng; Pan, Binbin Aug 31, 2020 6062
A Three-Step Iterative Method for Solving Absolute Value Equations. Fen, Jing-Mei; Li, San-Yang Aug 31, 2020 3728
A Cross-Reference Line Method Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm to Enhance Population Diversity. Feng, Ya-Nan; Wang, Zhao-Hui; Fan, Jia-Rong; Fu, Ting; Chen, Zhi-Yuan Aug 31, 2020 13955
An Automatic Epilepsy Detection Method Based on Improved Inductive Transfer Learning. Yao, Yufeng; Cui, Zhiming Aug 31, 2020 7818
An Epilepsy Detection Method Using Multiview Clustering Algorithm and Deep Features. Zhan, Qianyi; Hu, Wei Aug 31, 2020 6231
Does Determination of Initial Cluster Centroids Improve the Performance of K-Means Clustering Algorithm? Comparison of Three Hybrid Methods by Genetic Algorithm, Minimum Spanning Tree, and Hierarchical Clustering in an Applied Study. Pourahmad, Saeedeh; Basirat, Atefeh; Rahimi, Amir; Doostfatemeh, Marziyeh Aug 31, 2020 5689
A Homomorphic Encryption and Privacy Protection Method Based on Blockchain and Edge Computing. Yan, Xiaoyan; Wu, Qilin; Sun, Youming Aug 31, 2020 5278
Accurate Attitude Determination Based on Adaptive UKF and RBF Neural Network Using Fusion Methodology for Micro-IMU Applied to Rotating Environment. Wan, Lei; Meng, Zhi Min; Guan, Ying Report Aug 31, 2020 8515
Relation and Application Method of Deep Learning Sea Target Detection and Segmentation Algorithm. Li, Guangfu; Wang, Zheng; Ren, Jia Report Aug 31, 2020 6938
Multistep-Ahead Stock Price Forecasting Based on Secondary Decomposition Technique and Extreme Learning Machine Optimized by the Differential Evolution Algorithm. Tang, Zhenpeng; Zhang, Tingting; Wu, Junchuan; Du, Xiaoxu; Chen, Kaijie Report Aug 31, 2020 8737
Analysis of Electrical Distribution Network Voltage Configuration with Mixed Integer Linear Programming Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm I Terms of Energy Cost. Akbulut, Leyla; Tezcan, Suleyman Sungur; Cosgun, Ahmet Report Aug 2, 2020 4485
Smoke Image Recognition Method Based on the optimization of SVM parameters with Improved Fruit Fly Algorithm. Liu, Jingwen; Tan, Junshan; Qin, Jiaohua; Xiang, Xuyu Aug 1, 2020 6315
Shannon Energy Application for Detection of ECG R-peak using Bandpass Filter and Stockwell Transform Methods. Suboh, Mohd Zubir; Jaafar, Rosmina; Nayan, Nazrul Anuar; Harun, Noor Hasmiza Aug 1, 2020 5379
A Method of Finding Hidden Key Users Based on Transfer Entropy in Microblog Network. Yin, Meijuan; Liu, Xiaonan; He, Gongzhen; Chen, Jing; Tang, Ziqi; Zhao, Bo Aug 1, 2020 6027
An Improved Full-Aperture ScanSAR Imaging Method Integrating the MIAA Based Aperture Interpolation. Ning, Jiaqi; Liu, Dacheng; Liu, Kaiyu; Zhang, Heng; Wang, Yingjie Jul 31, 2020 6874
A Crash Severity Prediction Method Based on Improved Neural Network and Factor Analysis. Zhang, Chen; He, Jie; Wang, Yinhai; Yan, Xintong; Zhang, Changjian; Chen, Yikai; Liu, Ziyang; Zhou, Jul 31, 2020 7682
Central DOA Estimation Method for Exponential-Type Coherent Distributed Source Based on Fourth-Order Cumulant. Li, Hao; Cui, Weijia; Ba, Bin; Xu, Haiyun; Zhang, Yankui Jul 31, 2020 6114
An Intelligent Diagnosis Method of Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and SVM Algorithm. Wu, Wentao; Li, Daning; Du, Jiaoyang; Gao, Xiangyu; Gu, Wen; Zhao, Fanfan; Feng, Xiaojie; Yan, Hong Jul 31, 2020 5437
Comparison of Variable Selection Methods for Time-to-Event Data in High-Dimensional Settings. Gilhodes, Julia; Dalenc, Florence; Gal, Jocelyn; Zemmour, Christophe; Leconte, Eve; Boher, Jean-Mari Jul 31, 2020 8615
Helicopter Autorotation Trajectory Planning Method Using Functional Tensor-Train-Based Dynamic Programming Algorithms. Wang, Yunjie; Jiang, Chen; Deng, Shuai; Wang, Haowen Jul 31, 2020 7073
Rapid Analytical Method to Characterize the Freshness of Olive Oils Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometric Algorithms. Orche, Aimen El; Bouatia, Mustapha; Mbarki, Mohamed Jul 31, 2020 5124
Evaluator: A Multilevel Decision Approach for Web-Based Landmark Evaluation. Yin, Meijuan; Yang, Wen; Liu, Xiaonan; Luo, Xiangyang Jul 31, 2020 8587
Leveraging Deep Learning Techniques for Malaria Parasite Detection Using Mobile Application. Masud, Mehedi; Alhumyani, Hesham; Alshamrani, Sultan S.; Cheikhrouhou, Omar; Ibrahim, Saleh; Muhamma Jul 31, 2020 8590
Pade Method for Construction of Numerical Algorithms for Fractional Initial Value Problem. Gao, Feng; Chi, Chunmei Jul 31, 2020 3001
Missing Value Estimation Methods Research for Arrhythmia Classification Using the Modified Kernel Difference-Weighted KNN Algorithms. Yang, Fei; Du, Jiazhi; Lang, Jiying; Lu, Weigang; Liu, Lei; Jin, Changlong; Kang, Qinma Report Jul 31, 2020 6078
Computationally Efficient Ambiguity-Free Two-Dimensional DOA Estimation Method for Coprime Planar Array: RD-Root-MUSIC Algorithm. Chen, Luo; Ye, Changbo; Li, Baobao Report Jul 31, 2020 5332
Shannon-Cosine Wavelet Precise Integration Method for Locust Slice Image Mixed Denoising. Wang, Haihua; Zhang, Xinxin; Mei, Shuli Report Jul 31, 2020 9444
Uncertainty Avoider Interval Type II Defuzzification Method. Aminifar, Sadegh Report Jul 31, 2020 9301
A Deep Cycle Limit Learning Machine Method for Urban Expressway Traffic Incident Detection. Fang, YunFeng; Yang, Qingfang; Zheng, Lili; Zhou, Xiangyu; Peng, Bo Report Jul 31, 2020 6868
A Novel Approach to Ensemble Classifiers: FsBoost-Based Subspace Method. Noor, Adeeb; Ucar, Muhammed Kursad; Polat, Kemal; Assiri, Abdullah; Nour, Redhwan Report Jul 31, 2020 6946
Touchless Authentication System Using Visual Fingertip Trajectories. Akman, Vefak Murat; Vural, Revna Acar; Koc, Kemal Talha Report Jul 14, 2020 6082
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
Text Semantic Annotation: A Distributed Methodology Based on Community Coherence. Makris, Christos; Pispirigos, Georgios; Simos, Michael Angelos Report Jul 1, 2020 7206
Machine-Learning Techniques Can Enhance Dairy Cow Estrus Detection Using Location and Acceleration Data. Wang, Jun; Bell, Matt; Liu, Xiaohang; Liu, Gang Jul 1, 2020 8917
A MULTIGRID FRAME BASED METHOD FOR IMAGE DEBLURRING. Buccin, Alessandro; Dgnatelli, Marco Jul 1, 2020 13312
A Method of Apple Image Segmentation Based on Color-Texture Fusion Feature and Machine Learning. Zhang, Chunlong; Zou, Kunlin; Pan, Yue Jul 1, 2020 6560
A Comprehensive Vehicle-Detection-and-Tracking Technique for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael Jul 1, 2020 8734
A New Hybrid Image Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy C-Mean and Modified Bat Algorithm. Boulanouar, Souhil Larbi; Lamiche, Chaabane Jul 1, 2020 5659
A Survey on Content Aware Image Resizing Methods. Garg, Ankit; Negi, Ashish Jul 1, 2020 11430
IKPCA-ELM-based Intrusion Detection Method. Wang, Hui; Wang, Chengjie; Shen, Zihao; Lin, Dengwei Jul 1, 2020 6406
A Novel Network Anomaly Detection Method based on Data Balancing and Recursive Feature Addition. Liu, Xinqian; Ren, Jiadong; He, Haitao; Wang, Qian; Sun, Shengting Jul 1, 2020 9854
Three-Dimensional Path Planning of Constant Thrust Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Artificial Fluid Method. Qi, Yongqiang; Li, Shuai; Ke, Yi Jun 30, 2020 6035
The On-Chip D-LMS Filter Design Method of Wireless Sensor Node Based on FPGA. Li, Jian; Li, Maojin; Meng, Ming; Liu, Zepeng Jun 30, 2020 5807
Vibration Control Method of an Electromagnetic Isolation System Based on LQR and Coevolutionary NGA. Zhang, Lei; Zhuan, Xiangtao Jun 30, 2020 5658
A Lagrangian Multiplier Method for TDOA and FDOA Positioning of Multiple Disjoint Sources with Distance and Velocity Correlation Constraints. Yang, Bin; Yang, Zeyu; Wang, Ding Jun 30, 2020 9887
Convergence Analysis of a Trust-Region Multidimensional Filter Method for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems. Wu, C.W.; Cao, J.P.; Wang, L.F. Jun 30, 2020 5914
Probabilistic Forecasting Method of Metro Station Environment Based on Autoregressive LSTM Network. Tian, Qing; Li, Bo; Qu, Hongquan; Pang, Liping; Zhao, Weihang; Han, Yue Jun 30, 2020 7842
An Improved Iterative Method for Solving the Discrete Algebraic Riccati Equation. Wang, Li Jun 30, 2020 3162
A Novel Collision-Free Navigation Approach for Multiple Nonholonomic Robots Based on ORCA and Linear MPC. Mao, Run; Gao, Hongli; Guo, Liang Jun 30, 2020 8155
Simulated Annealing Method-Based Flight Schedule Optimization in Multiairport Systems. Geng, Xi; Hu, Minghua Jun 30, 2020 4407
Integrated Transformer Health Estimation Methodology Based on Markov Chains and Evidential Reasoning. Milosavljevic, Srdjan; Janjic, Aleksandar Jun 30, 2020 8514
A Novel Parallel Assembly Sequence Planning Method for Complex Products Based on PSOBC. Yang, Yanfang; Yang, Miao; Shu, Liang; Li, Shasha; Liu, Zhiping Jun 30, 2020 6535
Real-Time Intelligent Recognition Method for Horizontal Well Marker Bed. Wu, Xuning; Li, Qian; Yin, Hu; Li, Zaoyuan; Jiang, Jianhua; Si, Menghan; Zhang, Yangyang Jun 30, 2020 4213
A Study on Stable Regularized Moving Least-Squares Interpolation and Coupled with SPH Method. Jiang, Hua; Chen, Yunsai; Zheng, Xing; Jin, Shanqin; Ma, Qingwei Jun 30, 2020 9978
A Real-Time Image Encryption Method of Networked Inverted Pendulum Visual Servo Control System. Li, Xue; Liu, Bing; Zhang, Changda Jun 30, 2020 6208
A Method for Solving LiDAR Waveform Decomposition Parameters Based on a Variable Projection Algorithm. Wang, Ke; Liu, Guolin; Tao, Qiuxiang; Wang, Luyao; Chen, Yang Jun 30, 2020 6934
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods and Conventional Logistic Regressions for Predicting Gestational Diabetes Using Routine Clinical Data: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Ye, Yunzhen; Xiong, Yu; Zhou, Qiongjie; Wu, Jiangnan; Li, Xiaotian; Xiao, Xirong Report Jun 30, 2020 7090
Agricultural Model for Allocation of Crops Using Pollination Intelligence Method. Ejieji, C. N.; Akinsunmade, A. E. Jun 30, 2020 4454
Improved ASM-TER Training Sequence Detection and Fine Doppler Frequency Estimation Methods from a Satellite. Zhang, Peixin; Wang, Jianxin; Ren, Peng; Yang, Shushu; Song, Haiwei Jun 30, 2020 5416
An Improved Method of Particle Swarm Optimization for Path Planning of Mobile Robot. Li, Xun; Wu, Dandan; He, Jingjing; Bashir, Muhammad; Liping, Ma Jun 30, 2020 7738
A Log-Based Anomaly Detection Method with Efficient Neighbor Searching and Automatic K Neighbor Selection. Wang, Bingming; Ying, Shi; Yang, Zhe Report Jun 30, 2020 11333
Machine Learning Approach for Answer Detection in Discussion Forums: An Application of Big Data Analytics. Khan, Atif; Ibrahim, Ibrahim; Uddin, M. Irfan; Zubair, Muhammad; Ahmad, Shafiq; Firdausi, Muhammad D Report Jun 30, 2020 5895
Evaluating Encryption Algorithms for Sensitive Data Using Different Storage Devices. Sassani, Bahman A.; Alkorbi, Mohammed; Jamil, Noreen; Naeem, M. Asif; Mirza, Farhaan Report Jun 30, 2020 5134
Enhancing Accuracy in a Touch Operation Biometric System: A Case on the Android Pattern Lock Scheme. Ng'ang'a, Allan; Musuva, Paula M.W. Report Jun 30, 2020 6417
Flink-ER: An Elastic Resource-Scheduling Strategy for Processing Fluctuating Mobile Stream Data on Flink. Li, Ziyang; Yu, Jiong; Bian, Chen; Pu, Yonglin; Wang, Yuefei; Zhang, Yitian; Guo, Binglei Report Jun 30, 2020 10133
Using Bluetooth Low Energy Advertisements for the Detection of People Temporal Proximity Patterns. Garcia-Alonso, Jose; Berrocal, Javier; Perez-Vereda, Alejandro; Galan-Jimenez, Jaime; Canal, Carlos; Report Jun 30, 2020 13726
Efficient Multitask Scheduling for Completion Time Minimization in UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing. Zhang, Bingxin; Zhang, Guopeng; Ma, Shuai; Yang, Kun; Wang, Kezhi Report Jun 30, 2020 7669
A Modified Bat Algorithm with Conjugate Gradient Method for Global Optimization. Ahmed, Huda I.; Hamed, Eman T.; Chilmeran, Hamsa Th. Saeed Jun 30, 2020 9533
Attention Optimization Method for EEG via the TGAM. Wu, Yu; Xie, Ning Jun 30, 2020 6745
Energy Harvesting Technique for Efficient Wireless Cognitive Sensor Networks Based on SWIPT Game Theory. Mukhlif, Fadhil; Noordin, Kamarul Ariffin Bin; Abdulghafoor, Omar B. Jun 1, 2020 8450
Colour-Range Histogram Technique for Automatic Image Source Detection. Woods, Nancy C.; Robert, Abiodun B.C. Jun 1, 2020 3943
Data Mining Approach to Effort Modeling on Agile Software Projects. Karna, Hrvoje; Gotovac, Sven; Vickovic, Linda Jun 1, 2020 6359
Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms and ChaoticTOPSIS Method for Solving Flowshop Scheduling Problem and Decision Making. Panda, Monalisa; Dehuri, Satchidananda; Jagadev, Alok Kumar Jun 1, 2020 16220
A Distributed Approach to the Evasion Problem. Khryashchev, Denis; Chu, Jie; Vejdemo-Johansson, Mikael; Ji, Ping Report Jun 1, 2020 5941
A Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers with a Substitution Procedure. Chao, Miantao; Zhao, Yongxin; Liang, Dongying May 31, 2020 5570
PTS-FNN-Based Health Prediction Method for Flexible Photoelectric Film Material Processing Equipment. Deng, Yaohua; Yao, Kexing; Jin, Tuo; Feng, Zhaoxi; Liu, Xiali May 31, 2020 5539
A Globally Optimal Robust Design Method for Complex Systems. Chen, Yue; Shi, Jian; Yi, Xiao-jian May 31, 2020 15714
Moving Vehicle Detection and Tracking Based on Optical Flow Method and Immune Particle Filter under Complex Transportation Environments. Sun, Wei; Sun, Min; Zhang, Xiaorui; Li, Mian May 31, 2020 7352
An Image Denoising Method Based on BM4D and GAN in 3D Shearlet Domain. Zhang, Shengnan; Wang, Lei; Chang, Chunhong; Liu, Cong; Zhang, Longbo; Cui, Huanqing May 31, 2020 6484
Multisensor Distributed Dynamic Programming Method for Collaborative Warning and Tracking. Ni, Peng; Zhan, Bo; Song, Yafei; Zhang, Mingliang May 31, 2020 10629
A Hybrid Computational Method of Desirability, Fuzzy Logic, ANFIS, and LAPO Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization Design of Scott Russell Compliant Mechanism. Tran, Ngoc Thoai; Chau, Ngoc Le; Dao, Thanh-Phong May 31, 2020 17325
Longwall Retreat and Creep Measurement Based on UWB Radar Imaging Method. Wang, Shijia; Wang, Shibo; Liu, Wanli May 31, 2020 7802
Energy-Saving Virtual Machine Placement Method for User Experience in Cloud Environment. Pang, Shanchen; Xu, Kexiang; Wang, Shudong; Wang, Min; Wang, Shuyu May 31, 2020 5405
An Adaptive Task Scheduling Method for Networked UAV Combat Cloud System Based on Virtual Machine and Task Migration. Li, Bo; Liang, Shiyang; Tian, Linyu; Chen, Daqing; Zhang, Ming May 31, 2020 7301
Lower Limb Motion Recognition Method Based on Improved Wavelet Packet Transform and Unscented Kalman Neural Network. Shi, Xin; Qin, Pengjie; Zhu, Jiaqing; Xu, Shuyuan; Shi, Weiren May 31, 2020 7980
Mathematical Optimization Method of Low-Impact Development Layout in the Sponge City. Men, Hong; Lu, Hao; Jiang, Wenjuan; Xu, Duo May 31, 2020 9990
Flight Recovery Method of Regional Multiairport Based on Risk Control Model. Shao, Quan; Shao, Mengxue; Bin, Yunpeng; Zhu, Pei; Zhou, Yan May 31, 2020 10724
Combinatory Attitude Determination Method for High Rotational Speed Rigid-Body Aircraft. An, Liangliang; Wang, Liangming; Liu, Ning; Fu, Jian Report May 31, 2020 7052
A Novel Method for Matching Reservoir Parameters Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine. Yin, Rongwang; Li, Qingyu; Li, Peichao; Lu, Detang May 31, 2020 4884
Multimode Process Monitoring Method Based on Multiblock Projection Nonnegative Matrix Factorization. Wang, Yan; Zhao, Yu-Bo; Li, Chuang; Zhu, Chuan-Qian; Han, Shuai-shuai; Gu, Xiao-Guang May 31, 2020 6141
Saliency Detection via the Improved Hierarchical Principal Component Analysis Method. Chen, Yuantao; Tao, Jiajun; Zhang, Qian; Yang, Kai; Chen, Xi; Xiong, Jie; Xia, Runlong; Xie, Jingbo May 31, 2020 6470
A Fast and Accurate Analytical Method for Parameter Determination of a Photovoltaic System Based on Manufacturer's Data. Ndegwa, Robinson; Simiyu, Justus; Ayieta, Elijah; Odero, Nicodemus May 31, 2020 12155
Sinking Velocity Impact-Analysis for the Carrier-Based Aircraft Using the Response Surface Method-Based Improved Kriging Algorithm. Xue, Xiao-Feng; Wang, Yuan-Zhuo; Lu, Cheng; Yun-Peng, Zhang May 31, 2020 9307
Epilepsy Detection in EEG Using Grassmann Discriminant Analysis Method. Yu, Hongbin; Fan, Chao; Zhang, Yunting May 31, 2020 7051
A Novel Radial Basis Neural Network-Leveraged Fast Training Method for Identifying Organs in MR Images. Xu, Min; Qian, Pengjiang; Zheng, Jiamin; Ge, Hongwei; Muzic, Raymond F., Jr. May 31, 2020 5483
A Noncontact Method for Locating Radial Artery above Radial Styloid Process in Thermal Image. Geng, Xingguang; Liu, Su; Zhang, Yitao; Hou, Jiena; Zhang, Shaolong; Zhang, Jun; Zhang, Haiying May 31, 2020 4650
A Comprehensive Real-Time Road-Lanes Tracking Technique for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael May 1, 2020 8644
A Vision Based Crop Monitoring System Using Segmentation Techniques. Rangarajan, Aravind Krishnaswamy; Purushothaman, Raja May 1, 2020 7073
A Novel Cryptosystem Based on Steganography and Automata Technique for Searchable Encryption. Truong, Nguyen Huy Report May 1, 2020 10021
ON IMAGE SEGMENTATION USING A COMBINATION OF FELZENSZWALB, SLIC AND WATERSHED METHODS. Mhaila, Alin-Florin; Penariu, Patricia-Steliana; Vlasceanu, Giorgiana Violeta; Prodan, Marcel May 1, 2020 2745
ON HOW TO COMBINE SINGLE IMAGE SUPER-RESOLUTION ALGORITHMS. Stanca, Robert; Cojocea, Eduard-Marius; Avatavului, Cristian; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton May 1, 2020 2993
p-Refined Multilevel Quasi-Monte Carlo for Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Applications in Civil Engineering. Blondeel, Philippe; Robbe, Pieterjan; Van hoorickx, Cedric; Francois, Stijn; Lombaert, Geert; Vandew Report May 1, 2020 12895
Change-Point Detection in Autoregressive Processes via the Cross-Entropy Method. Ma, Lijing; Sofronov, Georgy Report May 1, 2020 7955
A Cyclic Method for Solutions of a Class of Split Variational Inequality Problem in Banach Space. Ali, Bashir; Adam, Aisha A.; Ibrahim, Yusuf Apr 30, 2020 7368
Study on Software Vulnerability Characteristics and Its Identification Method. Luo, Chenlan; Bo, Wang; Kun, Huang; Yuesheng, Lou Apr 30, 2020 4355
An Adaptive First-Order Reliability Analysis Method for Nonlinear Problems. Wang, Zhiming; Zhang, Yafei; Song, Yalong Apr 30, 2020 5480
Interval Recognition Algorithm of the Pavement Surface Condition Based on Lagrange Interpolation Method. He, Ren; Zhang, Liwei Apr 30, 2020 4654
A New Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Based on SCA-FastICA. Miao, Feng; Zhao, Rongzhen Apr 30, 2020 5071
Integrated Data Mining and TOPSIS Entropy Weight Method to Evaluate Logistics Supply and Demand Efficiency of a 3PL Company. Yan, Xintong; Gong, Jian; He, Jie; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Changjian; Liu, Ziyang Apr 30, 2020 8905
Hybrid Consensus Algorithm Optimization: A Mathematical Method Based on POS and PBFT and Its Application in Blockchain. Wu, Yaqin; Song, Pengxin; Wang, Fuxin Apr 30, 2020 7955
On Randomized Sampling Kaczmarz Method with Application in Compressed Sensing. Sun, Mei-Lan; Gu, Chuan-Qing; Tang, Peng-Fei Apr 30, 2020 6370
An Improved Method of EWT and Its Application in Rolling Bearings Fault Diagnosis. Qiao, Zhicheng; Liu, Yongqiang; Liao, Yingying Apr 30, 2020 6637
Numerical Solution of Fractional-Order HIV Model Using Homotopy Method. Aljhani, Sami; Noorani, Mohd Salmi Md; Alomari, A.K. Apr 30, 2020 5382
An Intelligent Ship Image/Video Detection and Classification Method with Improved Regressive Deep Convolutional Neural Network. Huang, Zhijian; Sui, Bowen; Wen, Jiayi; Jiang, Guohe Apr 30, 2020 7217
Multiagent Task Allocation in Complementary Teams: A Hunter-and-Gatherer Approach. Dadvar, Mehdi; Moazami, Saeed; Myler, Harley R.; Zargarzadeh, Hassan Apr 30, 2020 12784
Efficient Data Collection Method in Sensor Networks. Cao, Keyan; Liu, Haoli; Liu, Yefan; Meng, Gongjie; Ji, Si; Li, Gui Apr 30, 2020 10537
A Seed-Expanding Method Based on TOPSIS for Community Detection in Complex Networks. Cheng, Jianjun; Zhang, Wenbo; Yang, Haijuan; Su, Xing; Ma, Tao; Chen, Xiaoyun Apr 30, 2020 10226
Virtual Network Construction Technique, Treating All VPNs Simultaneously. Krile, Srecko; Medvecky, Martin Apr 1, 2020 6060
Research and Study of the Hybrid Algorithms Based on the Collective Behavior of Fish Schools and Classical Optimization Methods. Deminova, Liliya A.; Gorchakov, Artyom V. Report Apr 1, 2020 9081
A Generalized Alternating Linearization Bundle Method for Structured Convex Optimization with Inexact First-Order Oracles. Tang, Chunming; Li, Yanni; Dong, Xiaoxia; He, Bo Report Apr 1, 2020 7834
How to Identify Varying Lead-Lag Effects in Time Series Data: Implementation, Validation, and Application of the Generalized Causality Algorithm. Stubinger, Johannes; Adler, Katharina Report Apr 1, 2020 9552
Variational Specific Mode Extraction: A Novel Method for Defect Signal Detection of Ferromagnetic Pipeline. Ju, Haiyang; Wang, Xinhua; Zhao, Yizhen Report Apr 1, 2020 8120
Real-Time Localization Approach for Maize Cores at Seedling Stage Based on Machine Vision. Zong, Ze; Liu, Gang; Zhao, Shuo Apr 1, 2020 6205
A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study. Borgonovo, Federica; Ferrante, Valentina; Grilli, Guido; Pascuzzo, Riccardo; Vantini, Simone; Guarin Apr 1, 2020 4151
A Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Method for an OFDM Signal Based on Deep Learning and Cycle Spectrum. Pan, Guangliang; Li, Jun; Lin, Fei Mar 31, 2020 4989
An Informative and Comprehensive Behavioral Characteristics Analysis Methodology of Android Application for Data Security in Brain-Machine Interfacing. Su, Xin; Gong, Qingbo; Zheng, Yi; Liu, Xuchong; Li, Kuan-Ching Mar 31, 2020 7517
Two-Dimensional Multiple-Snapshot Grid-Free Compressive Beamforming Using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers. Yang, Yang; Chu, Zhigang Mar 31, 2020 4955
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An Optimal Backoff Time-Based Internetwork Interference Mitigation Method in Wireless Body Area Network. Xie, Zhijun; Wang, Baocheng; Yu, Jiancheng; Wu, Huanming; Huang, Guangyan; Zarei, Roozbeh; He, Jing Mar 31, 2020 8001
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Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering Method Based on FCM and Enhanced Logarithmical PSO (ELPSO). Zhang, Jian; Ma, Zongheng Mar 31, 2020 7849
Evaluation Method of Multiobjective Functions' Combination and Its Application in Hydrological Model Evaluation. Huo, Jiuyuan; Liu, Liqun Mar 31, 2020 16060
A Distributed Conjugate Gradient Online Learning Method over Networks. Xu, Cuixia; Zhu, Junlong; Shang, Youlin; Wu, Qingtao Mar 31, 2020 7577
A Unified Approach for the Identification of Wiener, Hammerstein, and Wiener-Hammerstein Models by Using WH-EA and Multistep Signals. Zambrano, J.; Sanchis, J.; Herrero, J.M.; Martinez, M. Mar 31, 2020 15932
Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Enhance Sustainability of Industry 4.0: Design of an Artificial Neural Network Model as Dynamic Behavior Optimizer of Robotic Arms. Azizi, Aydin Mar 31, 2020 5773
Cough Expired Volume and Cough Peak Flow Rate Estimation Based on GA-BP Method. Ren, Shuai; Niu, Jinglong; Luo, Zihao; Shi, Yan; Cai, Maolin; Luo, Zujin; Yu, Qihui Mar 31, 2020 4782
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Parameter-Adaptive VMD Method Based on BAS Optimization Algorithm for Incipient Bearing Fault Diagnosis. Wang, Heng-di; Deng, Si-er; Yang, Jian-xi; Liao, Hui; Li, Wen-bo Mar 31, 2020 5949
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A New Reliable Operating Region Design Method. Chen, Yue; Shi, Jian; Yi, Xiao-jian Mar 31, 2020 8185
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Wind Pressure Coefficients Zoning Method Based on an Unsupervised Learning Algorithm. Li, Danyu; Liu, Bin; Cheng, Yongfeng Mar 1, 2020 7298
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A Screen Location Method for Treating American Hyphantria cunea Larvae Using Convolutional Neural Network. Gao, Yan; Zhao, Ying; Ji, Yujie; Zhao, Dongjie; Wang, Chong; Sun, Qun Mar 1, 2020 6016
Remote Aircraft Target Recognition Method Based on Superpixel Segmentation and Image Reconstruction. Chen, Yantong; Li, Yuyang; Wang, Junsheng Mar 1, 2020 4587
Two Optimized General Methods for Inverse Kinematics of 6R Robots Based on Machine Learning. Wang, Xiaoqi; Cao, Jianfu; Chen, Lerui; Hu, Heyu Mar 1, 2020 7154
Research on CEEMD-AGA Denoising Method and Its Application in Feed Mixer. Yang, Dong; Sun, Yu; Wu, Kai Mar 1, 2020 5464
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A Study of Agreement between WHO-UMC Causality Assessment System and the Naranjo Algorithm for Causality Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions Observed in Medical ICU of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital. Acharya, Tejas A.; Trivedi, Madhav D.; Joshi, Krupal J.; Chhaiya, Sunita B.; Mehta, Dimple S. Report Mar 1, 2020 2072
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Differential Diagnostic Reasoning Method for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Based on Dynamic Uncertain Causality Graph. Dong, Chunling; Wang, Yanjun; Zhou, Jing; Zhang, Qin; Wang, Ningyu Mar 1, 2020 10155
A Fault Diagnosis Method for Power Transmission Networks Based on Spiking Neural P Systems with Self-Updating Rules considering Biological Apoptosis Mechanism. Liu, Wei; Wang, Tao; Zang, Tianlei; Huang, Zhu; Wang, Jun; Huang, Tao; Wei, Xiaoguang; Li, Chuan Mar 1, 2020 11822
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A Convection Nowcasting Method Based on Machine Learning. Su, Aifang; Li, Han; Cui, Liman; Chen, Yungang Mar 1, 2020 6418
A Quality Control Method Based on an Improved Kernel Regression Algorithm for Surface Air Temperature Observations. Ye, Xiaoling; Kan, Yajin; Xiong, Xiong; Zhang, Yingchao; Chen, Xin Mar 1, 2020 8135
A New MPPT Technique for Fast and Efficient Tracking under Fast Varying Solar Irradiation and Load Resistance. Xu, Libin; Cheng, Ruofa; Yang, Jiajing Mar 1, 2020 7996
An Efficient Solving Method to Vehicle and Passenger Matching Problem for Sharing Autonomous Vehicle System. Li, Ming; Zheng, Nan; Wu, Xinkai; Li, Weihua; Wu, Jianhua Mar 1, 2020 8065
New Investigation for the Liu-Story Scaled Conjugate Gradient Method for Nonlinear Optimization. Hamed, Eman T.; Al-Kawaz, Rana Z.; Al-Bayati, Abbas Y. Mar 1, 2020 6046
An Improved Deep Residual Network-Based Semantic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Method for Monocular Vision Robot. Ni, Jianjun; Gong, Tao; Gu, Yafei; Zhu, Jinxiu; Fan, Xinnan Mar 1, 2020 6930
Multiperspective Light Field Reconstruction Method via Transfer Reinforcement Learning. Cai, Lei; Luo, Peien; Zhou, Guangfu; Xu, Tao; Chen, Zhenxue Mar 1, 2020 7360
A Fast Recognition Method for Space Targets in ISAR Images Based on Local and Global Structural Fusion Features with Lower Dimensions. Yang, Hong; Zhang, Yasheng; Ding, Wenzhe Mar 1, 2020 10322
A Dual-Thread Method for Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning in Joint Space Based on Improved NGA. Zhang, Kaipeng; Liu, Ning; Wang, Gao Mar 1, 2020 6129
Analysis of Current Ripples in Electromagnetic Actuators with Application to Inductance Estimation Techniques for Sensorless Monitoring. Konig, Niklas; Nienhaus, Matthias; Grasso, Emanuele Mar 1, 2020 9340
A Hand Gesture Recognition Method using Inertial Sensor for Rapid Operation on Embedded Device. Lee, Sangyub; Lee, Jaekyu; Cho, Hyeonjoong Feb 1, 2020 4680
Coarse-to-fine Method for Vision-based Pedestrian Traffic Light Detection. Wu, Xue-Hua; Hu, Renjie; Bao, Yu-Qing Feb 1, 2020 3911
An Improved Analytical Methodology for Joint Distribution in Probabilistic Load Flow. Wang, Tong; Xiang, Yuwei; Li, Congcong; Mi, Dengkai; Wang, Zengping Feb 1, 2020 4616
Design Time Temperature Reduction in Mixed Polarity Dual Reed-Muller Network: a NSGA-II Based Approach. Das, Apangshu; Pradhan, Sambhu Nath Feb 1, 2020 4380
FADIT: Fast Document Image Thresholding. Min, Yufang; Zhang, Yaonan Report Feb 1, 2020 5603
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Image Completion with Large or Edge-Missing Areas. Ji, Jianjian; Yang, Gang Report Jan 1, 2020 6126
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Top Position Sensitive Ordinal Relation Preserving Bitwise Weight for Image Retrieval. Wang, Zhen; Sun, Fuzhen; Zhang, Longbo; Wang, Lei; Liu, Pingping Report Jan 1, 2020 5611
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A Novel Method for Broiler Abnormal Sound Detection Using WMFCC and HMM. Liu, Longshen; Li, Bo; Zhao, Ruqian; Yao, Wen; Shen, Mingxia; Yang, Ji Jan 1, 2020 4287
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A Bayesian Classification Intrusion Detection Method Based on the Fusion of PCA and LDA. Shen, Zhidong; Zhang, Yuhao; Chen, Weiying Jan 1, 2020 7255
Transit Route Network Design for Low-Mobility Individuals Using a Hybrid Metaheuristic Approach. Zhang, Tao; Ren, Gang; Yang, Yang Jan 1, 2020 8785
Failure Process and Stability Analysis of Rock Blocks in a Large Underground Excavation Based on a Numerical Method. Chen, Shijie; Xiao, Ming; Chen, Juntao Jan 1, 2020 6859
Generalized Method of Modeling Minute-in-Trail Strategy for Air Traffic Flow Management. Huang, Jinglei; Xu, Qiucheng; Yan, Yongjie; Ding, Hui; Tian, Jing Jan 1, 2020 11174
A BLOCK J-LANCZOS METHOD FOR HAMILTONIAN MATRICES. Archid, Atika; Bentbib, Abdeslem Hafid; Agoujil, Said Jan 1, 2020 5052
On Incomplete Factorization Implicit Technique for 2D Elliptic FD Equations. Sabinin, Vladimir Jan 1, 2020 5838
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FAFS: A Fuzzy Association Feature Selection Method for Network Malicious Traffic Detection. Feng, Yongxin; Kang, Yingyun; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Wenbo Jan 1, 2020 8854
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Research on Novel Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Improved Krill Herd Algorithm and Kernel Extreme Learning Machine. Wang, Zhijian; Zheng, Likang; Wang, Junyuan; Du, Wenhua Dec 31, 2019 11633
A Heuristic Approach to Identify the Steel Grid Direction of R/C Slabs Using the Yield-Line Method for Analysis. Fenu, Luigi; Colasanti, Valeria; Congiu, Eleonora; Giaccu, Gian Felice; Trentadue, Francesco; Briseg Dec 31, 2019 10369
PSO-LocBact: A Consensus Method for Optimizing Multiple Classifier Results for Predicting the Subcellular Localization of Bacterial Proteins. Lertampaiporn, Supatcha; Nuannimnoi, Sirapop; Vorapreeda, Tayvich; Chokesajjawatee, Nipa; Visessangu Dec 31, 2019 7687
Technique for Reducing Dimensionality of Data in Decision-Making Utilizing Neutrosophic Soft Matrices. Guleria, Abhishek; Bajaj, Rakesh Kumar Dec 30, 2019 5168
Big Data Analytics Processes in Industrial Internet of Things Systems: Sensing and Computing Technologies, Machine Learning Techniques, and Autonomous Decision-Making Algorithms. Eysenck, Glenn; Kovalova, Erika; Machova, Veronika; Konecny, Vladimir Dec 1, 2019 1801
An Efficient Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Approach for Energy Management in Intelligent Buildings. Wahid, Fazli; Ismail, Lokman Hakim; Ghazali, Rozaida; Aamir, Muhammad Dec 1, 2019 7521
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Comparison of Bagging and Boosting Ensemble Machine Learning Methods for Automated EMG Signal Classification. Yaman, Emine; Subasi, Abdulhamit Nov 30, 2019 10806
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A Method for Obtaining Optimal Path in Angle and Avoiding Collision for Robotic Belt Grinding. Zhang, Tie; Liang, Xiaohong; Yu, Ye; Zhang, Bin Nov 30, 2019 9052
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Nondestructive Estimation of the Chlorophyll b of Apple Fruit by Color and Spectral Features Using Different Methods of Hybrid Artificial Neural Network. Abbaspour-Gilandeh, Yousef; Sabzi, Sajad; Hernandez-Hernandez, Mario; Hernandez-Hernandez, Jose Luis Report Nov 1, 2019 7937
Three-Dimensional Morphological Measurement Method for a Fruit Tree Canopy Based on Kinect Sensor Self-Calibration. Yang, Haihui; Wang, Xiaochan; Sun, Guoxiang Nov 1, 2019 4790
Adaptive Truncation technique for Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization. Zhang, Lei; Bi, Xiaojun; Wang, Yanjiao Report Nov 1, 2019 10098
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Stochastic Inversion Method for Concrete Dams on the Basis of Bayesian Back Analysis Theory. Gu, Chongshi; Cao, Xin; Xu, Bo Oct 31, 2019 6284
Assessing the Applicability of Random Forest, Stochastic Gradient Boosted Model, and Extreme Learning Machine Methods to the Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of the Radar Data: A Case Study to Gwangdeoksan Radar, South Korea, in 2018. Shin, Ju-Young; Ro, Yonghun; Cha, Joo-Wan; Kim, Kyu-Rang; Ha, Jong-Chul Case study Oct 31, 2019 9880
Prediction of Breast Cancer from Imbalance Respect Using Cluster-Based Undersampling Method. Zhang, Jue; Chen, Li; Abid, Fazeel Oct 31, 2019 6951
A Malware and Variant Detection Method Using Function Call Graph Isomorphism. Bai, Jinrong; Shi, Qibin; Mu, Shiguang Oct 31, 2019 9378
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Research on Apparent Resistivity Imaging of Transient Electromagnetic Method for Oil and Gas Pipelines Based on GA-BP Neural Network. Liang, Zheng; Tian, Bao; Zhang, Liang Sep 30, 2019 6139
A Vehicle Route Planning Method of Two-Phase Large-Scale Crowd Evacuation in Typhoon Relief Activities. Zhan, Sha-lei; Chen, Liang; Chen, Ping-Kuo; Ye, Yong Sep 30, 2019 5813
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Comparison of Time Series Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms for Forecasting Taiwan Blood Services Foundation's Blood Supply. Shih, Han; Rajendran, Suchithra Sep 30, 2019 4194
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Visual Inspection of the Aircraft Surface Using a Teleoperated Reconfigurable Climbing Robot and Enhanced Deep Learning Technique. Ramalingam, Balakrishnan; Manuel, Vega-Heredia; Elara, Mohan Rajesh; Vengadesh, Ayyalusami; Lakshman Sep 30, 2019 7169
GPU Parallelization Nested Decomposition Method for Solving Large Linear Systems in Reservoir Numerical Simulation/Metodo de descomposicion anidada a traves de paralelizacion con Unidades de Procesamiento Grafico para resolver Sistemas Lineales Grandes en la simulacion numerica de yacimientos. Shi, Xin; Di, Yuan Sep 1, 2019 6552
Analysis and Simulation of Bio-Inspired Intelligent Salp Swarm MPPT Method for the PV Systems under Partial Shaded Conditions. Premkumar, M.; Ibrahim, A. Mohamed; Kumar, R. Mohan; Sowmya, R. Report Sep 1, 2019 4648
Indoor Path Planning using Harmonic Functions via Half-Sweep Arithmetic Mean Method. Saudi, Azali; Sulaiman, Jumat Sep 1, 2019 2936
An Investigation for Enhancing Registration Performance with Brain Atlas by Novel Image Inpainting Technique using Dice and Jaccard Score on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Tissue. Faisal, Fahim; Nishat, Mirza Muntasir Sep 1, 2019 4741
Removing the Traces of Median Filtering via Unsharp Masking as an Anti-forensic Approach in Medical Imaging. Kaimal, Athira B.; Shan, B. Priestly Sep 1, 2019 3567
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RnRTD: Intelligent Approach Based on the Relationship-Driven Neural Network and Restricted Tensor Decomposition for Multiple Accusation Judgment in Legal Cases. Guo, Xiaoding; Zhang, Hongli; Ye, Lin; Li, Shang Jul 31, 2019 11772
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