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Tracing the Effects of Teachers' Centered Teaching Methods on Students' Achievement Scores: Secondary Level Study. Mehboob Ul Hassan and Rafaqat Ali Akbar Apr 30, 2020 5297
Culturally Responsive Assessment 2.0: Revisiting the Quest for Equity and Quality in Student Learning. Logli, Chiara Report Dec 22, 2019 6962
The Use of Humor in Assessment: A Case Study. Blau, Julia J.C.; Blau, Eric T. Case study Dec 22, 2019 1949
Appraisal of the Curricular Assessment Process. Jenks, Viveka; Green, Abby Report Dec 22, 2019 4771
Perception of Learning Assessment Methods by Students at the End of Their Initial Training at the Faculty of Dentistry of Casablanca. Benkirane, L.; Hamza, M.; Sbihi, W.; Arabi, El Sep 1, 2019 3512
Multimodal literacy and large-scale literacy tests: Curriculum relevance and responsibility. Unsworth, Len; Cope, Jen; Nicholls, Liz Report Jun 1, 2019 8172
QU meet highlights importance of technology in teaching methods. Conference notes Mar 30, 2019 371
formative evaluation techniques. Buelin, Jennifer; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Clark, Aaron C.; Kelly, Daniel P.; DeLuca, V. William Essay Feb 1, 2019 1216
Students' Interest and Academic Achievement in the Light of New Instructional Approaches. Dec 31, 2018 2450
Objective structured practical examination/objective structured clinical examination as assessment tool: Faculty perception. D, Mamatha S; H, Kanyakumari D Report Nov 1, 2018 2051
Tier 4 evidence: ESSA's hidden gem: Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, state education leaders have a lot of flexibility to design and test new interventions for struggling schools. Conaway, Carrie May 1, 2018 827
Effectiveness of Problem Solving Method in Teaching Mathematics at Elementary Level. Behlol, Malik Ghulam; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali; Sehrish, Hifsa Case study Apr 30, 2018 5371
Teachers' Perceptions about the Use of Classroom Assessment Techniques in Elementary and Secondary Schools. Saeed, Muhammad; Tahir, Hafsa; Latif, Iqra Report Mar 31, 2018 5695
Effectiveness of Problem Solving Method in Teaching Mathematics at Elementary Level. Behlol, Malik Ghulam; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali; Sehrish, Hifsa Report Mar 31, 2018 5371
Implementing first-year assessment principles: An analysis of selected scholarly literature. Thomas, Theda Report Mar 1, 2018 6309
improving teacher-made assessments in technology and engineering education: Generating solid evidence of important student learning outcomes begins with good assessment practices at the classroom level. White, Jesse W.; Moye, Johnny J.; Gareis, Christopher R.; Hylton, Sarah P. Feb 1, 2018 3718
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Dec 29, 2017 5681
Validation of Screening Checklist for Learning Difficulties in Mathematics. Aftab, Muhammad Javed; Khan, Tariq Mehmood; Hussain, Tariq Report Dec 29, 2017 2371
SCHOOL ASSESSMENT--THE PAST WITHIN US. Harro-Loit, HallikiNeeme, Meedi Report Dec 1, 2017 6109
Connecting the Dots: Accountability, Assessment, Analytics, and Accreditation. Baer, Linda L. Essay Oct 1, 2017 7787
Does Australia need an assessment tool to measure literacy and numeracy achievement in Year 1 classrooms? Honan, Eileen; Connor, Jenni; Snowball, Diane Oct 1, 2017 3367
Using data wisely at the system level: District-level administrators carefully analyze their own performance data, practicing what they preach to local educators. Lockwood, Meghan; Dillman, Mary; Boudett, Kathryn Parker Sep 1, 2017 3204
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Aug 31, 2017 5681
Validation of Screening Checklist for Learning Difficulties in Mathematics. Aftab, Muhammad Javed; Khan, Tariq Mehmood; Hussain, Tariq Report Aug 31, 2017 2371
Moving to a mastery-based assessment system. Bendici, Ray Aug 1, 2017 915
ADVANCING EVALUATION OF CHARACTER BUILDING PROGRAMS. Urban, Jennifer Brown; Trochim, William M. Report Jul 1, 2017 6786
Investigating the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Method on Teaching of English Grammar. Khan, Asif; Akhtar, Mumtaz Report Jun 30, 2017 5969
Comparison of Evaluation Methods of Teaching Practice of Formal and Non-Formal Teacher Education Institutions of Punjab. Younos, Fouzia; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali Report Jun 30, 2017 4602
Antecedents of Early Childhood Special Education Program: A Stake's Model Perspective. Fatima, Ghulam; Malik, Misbah; Chaudhary, Abid Hussain; Nayab, Dur-e- Report Jun 30, 2017 6061
Proof in the pudding: implications of measure selection in academic outcomes assessment. Priniski, Stacy J.; Winterrowd, Erin Report Jun 22, 2017 6919
Strengths of Formative Assessments (Daily Time-pressured Quiz, Homework and Portfolio) on Students' Summative Assessment Performance in Integral Calculus. Roble, Dennis B.; Luna, Charita A. Report Jun 1, 2017 2649
Comparison of Evaluation Methods of Teaching Practice of Formal and Non-Formal Teacher Education Institutions of Punjab. Younus, Fouzia; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali Report Apr 30, 2017 4602
Got grit? Maybe.... Duckor, Brent Apr 1, 2017 3346
Just another student survey?--Point-of-contact survey feedback enhances the student experience and lets researchers gather data. Lake, Warren; Boyd, William; Boyd, Wendy; Hellmundt, Suzi Report Apr 1, 2017 7152
The burden of inequity--and what schools can do about it: Black students may have little choice in what social burdens they must bear, but educators have a choice in alleviating them. Mayfield, Vernita Feb 1, 2017 1787
PLCs on steroids: moving teacher practice to the center of data teams: professional learning communities have a track record of helping teachers make sense of student performance data, but they can--and should--do more to support meaningful changes in teaching practice. Wasta, Michael J. Feb 1, 2017 2359
Learning from the other achievement gap: understanding the growing achievement gap between white and Asian-American students requires looking beyond family income and education. Pittinsky, Todd L. Feb 1, 2017 738
Informed and uninformed naive assessment constructors' strategies for item selection. Fives, Helenrose; Barnes, Nicole Report Jan 1, 2017 12024
The seven silos of accountability in higher education: systematizing multiple logics and fields. Brown, Joshua Travis Jan 1, 2017 10283
Computerized dynamic adaptive tests with immediately individualized feedback for primary school mathematics learning. Wu, Huey-Min; Kuo, Bor-Chen; Wang, Su-Chen Report Jan 1, 2017 6221
Inventing products with design thinking: balancing structure with open-ended thinking. Fontichiaro, Kristin Dec 1, 2016 1583
Developing management capacity building package to district health manager in northwest of Iran: A sequential mixed method study. Nov 30, 2016 5170
Learning analytics and the shape of things to come. Swan, Karen Report Sep 22, 2016 3742
Analyzing social construction of knowledge online by employing interaction analysis, learning analytics, and social network analysis. Gunawardena, Charlotte N.; Flor, Nick V.; Gomez, David; Sanchez, Damien Report Sep 22, 2016 12175
Data dashboards to support facilitating online problem-based learning. Hogaboam, Peter T.; Chen, Yuxin; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Lajoie, Susanne P.; Bodnar, Stephen; Kazemi Report Sep 22, 2016 8466
Assessment practices in higher education & results of the German research program modeling and measuring competencies in higher education (KoKoHs). Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga; Pant, Hans Anand; Kuhn, Christiane; Toepper, Miriam; Lautenbach, Cori Report Jun 22, 2016 4111
Crowdsourcing management education assessment. Hall, Owen P., Jr.; Griffy-Brown, Charla Report Apr 1, 2016 6847
Strategies to make program assessment simple in a digital era: A Case Study. Arteaga-Narvaez, Edilberto; Parga Rivera, Kenia A.; Gonzalez, Lillian Gaya Case study Apr 1, 2016 3646
Avaliacao institucional: Aplicacao da teoria da resposta ao item para avaliacao discente em ciencias contabeis/Institutional review: Implementation of the item response theory for student evaluation in accounting sciences. Nascimento, Joao Carlos Hipolito Bernardes; Bernardes, Juliana Reis; de Sousa, Wellington Dantas; Lo Report Apr 1, 2016 8567
O ranking Brasileiro de pesquisa e os principios de Berlim para rankings de instituicoes de ensino superior/The Brazilian research ranking and the Berlin principles for rankings of higher education institutions. Fausto, Sibele; Medina, Clara Calero; Noyons, Ed Report Apr 1, 2016 8066
Documenting reading achievement and growth for students taking alternate assessments. Tindal, Gerald; Nese, Joseph F.T.; Farley, Dan; Saven, Jessica L.; Elliott, Stephen N. Report Apr 1, 2016 8240
Well-prepared teachers inspire student learning: a new assessment designed to evaluate teacher candidates is showing that it also can be valuable in helping improve preparation programs and offering guidance to school districts about induction of new teachers. Pecheone, Raymond L.; Whittaker, Andrea Apr 1, 2016 3132
The principal as supervisor in the school setting. Ediger, Marlow Mar 22, 2016 1237
The futility of PLC lite. DuFour, Rick; Reeves, Douglas Mar 1, 2016 1736
Triangulating assessment of online collaborative learning. Lock, Jennifer; Johnson, Carol Report Dec 22, 2015 4884
Children of immigration: the story of the children of immigration is deeply intertwined with the future of our nation. Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo M.; Suarez-Orozco, Carola Dec 1, 2015 3983
Stages of immigrant parent involvement--survivors to leaders: meeting immigrant parents on their own terms is the optimal way to foster parent engagement and thus student achievement. Han, Young-chan; Love, Jennifer Dec 1, 2015 2606
Shadowing a student shows how to make learning more relevant: engaging immigrant students in learning requires ensuring that their lessons at school are relevant to the realities of their lives. Ginsberg, Margery B. Dec 1, 2015 3538
The common form of test used for both formative, summative evaluation and otherScience Teachers' Teaching Competencies and Their Training Experience in Classroom Pedagogical Approaches. Azuelo, Andrea G.; Sariana, Lalaine G.; Manual, Alven Dec 1, 2015 3957
Students performance of statistics in Stad model and authentic assessment. Syaifuddin, Mohammad Report Nov 1, 2015 2720
Assessments in art. O'Hanley, Heidi Oct 29, 2015 882
Pedagogically-driven ontology network for conceptualizing the e-learning assessment domain. Romero, Lucila; North, Matthew; Gutierrez, Milagros; Caliusco, Laura Report Oct 1, 2015 7996
Piloting the learning commons: coteaching and collaboration between a classroom teacher and a teacher librarian. Murray, Esra Report Oct 1, 2015 4197
Using COEUR to assess the undergraduate research environment: a three-stage model for institutional assessment. Webster, Sandra K.; Karpinsky, Nicole Report Sep 22, 2015 5589
Measuring what really matters. Wei, Ruth Chung; Pecheone, Raymond L.; Wilczak, Katherine L. Sep 1, 2015 2816
Testing provides crucial information: statewide annual assessments offer insights into whether students are receiving an equitable and excellent education. Morial, Marc H. Sep 1, 2015 1008
High-stakes testing hasn't brought education gains. Dianis, Judith Browne; Jackson, John H.; Noguera, Pedro Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 878
Education is the best medicine: collaborate to find the links between education policy and health. Karpyn, Allison Sep 1, 2015 773
Learning by doing study: analysis of second-year results. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Sep 1, 2015 5560
Testing three-item versions for seven of young's maladaptive schema. Blau, Gary; DiMino, John; Sheridan, Natalie; Pred, Robert S.; Beverly, Clyde; Chessler, Marcy Report Sep 1, 2015 2812
Parent checklist. Jul 24, 2015 346
Exploring application, attitudes and integration of video games: MinecraftEdu in middle school. Saez-Lopez, Jose-Manuel; Miller, John; Vazquez-Cano, Esteban; Dominguez-Garrido, Maria-Concepcion Report Jul 1, 2015 6662
An integrative review of the use and outcomes of HESI testing in baccalaureate nursing programs. Sosa, Mary-Elizabeth; Sethares, Kristen A. Report Jul 1, 2015 5517
Use of a PERT chart to improve efficiency of the dissertation. Hudson, Shannon M.; Laken, Marilyn A. Report Jul 1, 2015 1219
A conceptual framework for evaluating attrition in online courses. Laing, C. Linda; Laing, Gregory K. Report Jul 1, 2015 8779
Independent educational evaluations: will the real regs please stand? Imber, Steve C. Jun 1, 2015 929
Examining the reliability and validity of the effective behavior support self-assessment survey. Solomon, Benjamin G.; Tobin, Kevin G.; Schutte, Gregory M. Report May 1, 2015 5686
Rethinking the regulatory environment of competency-based education. Lacey, Aaron; Murray, Christopher Report May 1, 2015 8774
Learner agency and assessment for learning in a regional New Zealand high school. Charteris, Jennifer May 1, 2015 5861
Guest editorial: technology supported assessment in formal and informal learning. Laborda, Jesus Garcia; Sampson, Demetrios G.; Hambleton, Ronald K.; Guzman, Eduardo Guest editorial Apr 1, 2015 1254
Tablet-based math assessment: what can we learn from math apps? Cayton-Hodges, Gabrielle A.; Feng, Gary; Pan, Xingyu Report Apr 1, 2015 9840
M-assist: interaction and scaffolding matters in authentic assessment. Santos, Patricia; Cook, John; Hernandez-Leo, Davinia Report Apr 1, 2015 7843
A web-based course assessment tool with direct mapping to student outcomes. Ibrahim, Walid; Atif, Yacine; Shuaib, Khaled; Sampson, Demetrios Report Apr 1, 2015 6575
User acceptance of a proposed self-evaluation and continuous assessment system. Robles-Gomez, Antonio; Ros, Salvador; Hernandez, Roberto; Tobarra, Llanos; Caminero, Agustin C.; Agu Report Apr 1, 2015 7806
Group learning assessment: developing a theory-informed analytics. Xing, Wanli; Wadholm, Robert; Petakovic, Eva; Goggins, Sean Report Apr 1, 2015 7647
A two-stage multi-agent based assessment approach to enhance students' learning motivation through negotiated skills assessment. Chadli, Abdelhafid; Bendella, Fatima; Tranvouez, Erwan Report Apr 1, 2015 6963
Applying the CHAID algorithm to analyze how achievement is influenced by university students' demographics, study habits, and technology familiarity. Baran, Bahar; Kilic, Eylem Report Apr 1, 2015 6720
Targeting assessment for developing adult lifelong learners: assessing the ability to commit. Su, Ya-Hui Apr 1, 2015 6255
Testing [not equal to] learning. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 183
Assessing undergraduate research in the sciences: the next generation. Laursen, Sandra L. Report Mar 22, 2015 5080
Making the most of networked communication in Writing Program assessment. Lancaster, Sonya; Bastian, Heather; Sevenker, Justin Ross; Williams, E.A. Report Mar 22, 2015 7431
Using student learning agreements in assessing an undergraduate research program. Larson, Susan Mar 22, 2015 318
Writing assessment in six lessons--from "American Idol": taking a cue from reality television shows may help educators improve assessments. Slomp, David Feb 1, 2015 2863
Improving teachers' knowledge of functional assessment-based interventions: outcomes of a professional development series. Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Oakes, Wendy Peia; Powers, Lisa; Diebold, Tricia; Germer, Kathryn; Common, Eri Report Feb 1, 2015 10179
The landscape of competency-based education: enrollments, demographics, and affordability. Kelchen, Robert Report Jan 1, 2015 12177
The Impact of the "Enhancing Missouri's Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies" (eMINTS) Program on Student Achievement, 21st-Century Skills, and Academic Engagement--Second-Year Results. Meyers, Coby; Molefe, Ayrin; Brandt, Chris Report Jan 1, 2015 652
Are those Rose-Colored Glasses you are wearing? Student and Alumni Survey Responses. Dumford, Amber D.; Miller, Angie L. Report Jan 1, 2015 5504
Communication is key: unpacking "use of assessment results to improve student learning". Smith, Kristen L.; Good, Megan Rodgers; Sanchez, Elizabeth Hawk; Fulcher, Keston H. Report Jan 1, 2015 7079
Assessment as reflexive practice: a grounded model for making evidence-based decisions in student affairs. Ryder, Andrew J.; Kimball, Ezekiel W. Report Jan 1, 2015 7763
Perceptions of assessment competency among new student affairs professionals. Hoffman, Jaimie Report Jan 1, 2015 9906
Can computers make the grade in writing exams? The new common core writing exams may use computer algorithms to assess student work. Hadi-Tabassum, Samina Nov 1, 2014 3029
The hazardous waste challenge. Roman, Harry T. Column Nov 1, 2014 942
Bridging the divide. Marcoux, Elizabeth "Betty" Oct 1, 2014 678
A process-driven approach for identifying aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners of English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D). Gorman, Claire; O'Hanlon, Renae Oct 1, 2014 1424
Learning outcomes assessment misunderstood: glass half-empty or half-full. Jones, Beata M.; Wehlburg, Catherine M. Essay Sep 22, 2014 2697
On assessment, imagination, and agency: using rubrics to inform and negotiate the honors experience. Walters, Giovanna Essay Sep 22, 2014 1580
The feedback loop and its influence on assessment design. Eckstein, Jennifer Sep 1, 2014 923
The right test for the wrong reason: the tests we use to evaluate student achievement may well be sound measures of what students know, but, at best, they are faulty indicators of how well they have been taught. Popham, W. James Sep 1, 2014 2952
Choosing the right growth measure. Ehlert, Mark; Koedel Cory; Parsons, Eric; Podgursky, Michael Report Sep 1, 2014 2664
Common core and the war on self-deception: learning the truth about schools helps the school reform cause. Editorial Sep 1, 2014 692
Information fuels support for school reform: facts about local district performance alter public thinking. Henderson, Michael B.; Howell, William G.; Pererson, Paul E. Report Sep 1, 2014 4359
Performance assessment and ranking of Shiraz high schools using DEA. Gerami, Javad; Sivandzadeh, Fateme; Manzari, Helia; Reza mozaffari, Mohammad Report Jul 1, 2014 5470
An integrated model of influence: use of assessment data in higher education. Jonson, Jessica L.; Guetterman, Tim; Thompson, Robert J., Jr. Report Jun 22, 2014 8068
Just another bland article about assessment and data ... well not quite. Holloway, Nigel Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2014 2166
Ten things I know about assessment ... Cadusch, Stephen Jun 1, 2014 1232
Oral exams as a tool for teaching and assessment. Sayre, Eleanor C Jun 1, 2014 3228
Comparison of conventional viva examination with objective structured viva in second year pathology students. Gor, Sharad K.; Budh, Deepa; Athanikar, Bhalchandra M. Report May 1, 2014 1241
Willing and enabled: the academic outcomes of a tertiary enabling program in regional Australia. Andrewartha, Lisa; Harvey, Andrew Report Apr 1, 2014 4874
The use of peer assessment in a regional Australian university tertiary bridging course. Chambers, Kelly; Whannell, Robert; Whannell, Patricia Report Apr 1, 2014 5789
Retain your students: the analytics, policies and politics of reinvention strategies. Baer, Linda L.; Duin, Ann Hill Report Apr 1, 2014 5999
An interview with Gale Roid: on assessment issues. Shaughnessy, Michael F. Interview Apr 1, 2014 4859
The future of data-enriched assessment. Thille, Candace; Schneider, Emily; Kizilcec, Rene F.; Piech, Christopher; Halawa, Sherif A.; Greene, Report Jan 1, 2014 6837
Critical communication pedagogy and assessment: reconciling two seemingly incongruous ideas. Kahl, David H., Jr. Essay Nov 1, 2013 8719
Shifting attention: using learning self-assessment tools during initial coursework to focus teacher candidates on student learning. Kelaher-Young, Allison J.; Carver, Cynthia L. Sep 22, 2013 9661
The dilemma of standardized testing and the achievement gap: it's time to end reliance on tools that don't do what they are needed to do. Miller, Howard M. Sep 1, 2013 696
Tech directors' role in the common core: readiness for the new standards is about more than devices and networks. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. Jul 1, 2013 1453
Library faculty and instructional assessment: Creating a culture of assessment through the high performance programming model of organizational transformation. Farkas, Meredith G.; Hinchliffe, Lisa J. Report Jul 1, 2013 6413
Assessment of animated self-directed learning activities modules for children's number sense development. Yang, Der-Ching; Li, Mao-Neng Report Jul 1, 2013 6716
A novel method for learner assessment based on learner annotations. Noorbehbahani, Fakhroddin; Samani, Elaheh Biglar Beigi; Jazi, Hossein Hadian Report Jul 1, 2013 6451
Analysis of students' performances during lab sessions of computer networks course. Emiroglu, Bulent Gursel; Sahin, Seda Report Jul 1, 2013 7156
Classroom-based cognitive diagnostic model for a teacher-made fraction-decimal test. Huang, Tsai-Wei; Wu, Pei-Chen Report Jul 1, 2013 7704
The school inspector calls. Hussain, Iftikhar Jun 22, 2013 3319
Back to the future: reclaiming effective mathematics assessment strategies. Kulm, Gerald Jun 22, 2013 5587
Mathematics and science assessment in the Turkish educational system: an overview. Ayas, Alipasa; Aydin, Emin; Corlu, M. Sencer Jun 22, 2013 6241
Assessing student learning in intercultural communication: implementation of three classroom assessment techniques. Mansson, Daniel H. Report Jun 1, 2013 4464
Action over rhetoric: two important efforts are under way to improve tests so they support and encourage the kind of teaching and learning that most of us want for students. Colvin, Richard Lee May 1, 2013 1140
Educators and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. Slover, Laura Apr 1, 2013 1187
An educator's perspective: the road to the PARCC. Morgan, Brad Apr 1, 2013 727
Addressing the declining productivity of higher education using cost-effectiveness analysis. Harris, Douglas N. Report Apr 1, 2013 11927
An examination of the learning activities, cognitive level of instruction, and teacher immediacy behaviors of successful instructors in a college of agriculture. Estepp, Christopher M.; Stripling, Christopher T.; Conner, Nathan W.; Giorgi, Aaron; Roberts, T. Gra Report Apr 1, 2013 6315
New MCEQLS AHP method for evaluating quality of learning scenarios. Kurilovas, Eugenijus; Zilinskiene, Inga Report Mar 1, 2013 6963
Young learners: defining literacy in the early years--a contested space. Raban, Bridle; Scull, Janet Essay Mar 1, 2013 4995
Simulation evaluation using a modified Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric. Ashcraft, Alyce S.; Opton, Laura; Bridges, Ruth Ann; Caballero, Sandra; Veesart, Amanda; Weaver, Chr Report Mar 1, 2013 3601
Double testing: a student perspective. Parsons, Susan D.; Teel, Virginia Report Mar 1, 2013 1164
One-minute paper: student perception of learning gains. Anderson, Deborah; Burns, Shari Report Mar 1, 2013 4122
Finland's educational evaluation approach to benefit Saudi Arabia, says official. Feb 19, 2013 848
Beyond the bubble in history/social studies assessments: to prepare students for assessments tied to the Common Core, teachers need tools and tests that help students analyze primary and secondary sources and develop written historical arguments. Breakstone, Joel; Smith, Mark; Wineburg, Sam Essay Feb 1, 2013 2580
Changing the way we account for college credit: our system of certifying credit based on seat time rather than on learning no longer makes sense in an era in which college costs are skyrocketing and nontraditional students have become the majority. Laitinen, Amy Jan 1, 2013 4976
Success and sustainability in rural P-12 schools defining a successful school Queensland style. O'Neill, Brian Report Jan 1, 2013 4363
A maturity model for assessing the use of ICT in school education. Solar, Mauricio; Sabattin, Jorge; Parada, Victor Report Jan 1, 2013 6929
Do student achievement outcomes differ across teacher preparation programs? An analysis of teacher education in Louisiana. Gansle, Kristin A.; Noell, George H.; Burns, Jeanne M. Report Nov 1, 2012 10354
Incorporating teacher effectiveness into teacher preparation program evaluation. Henry, Gary T.; Kershaw, David C.; Zulli, Rebecca A.; Smith, Adrienne A. Report Nov 1, 2012 16230
Tests, testing times and literacy teaching. Dreher, Karen Report Oct 1, 2012 7792
Collaborative faculty assessment of service-learning student work to improve student and faculty learning and course design. Shapiro, Daniel F. Report Sep 22, 2012 10100
A blueprint for aligning high school algebra with state standards: one school's journey. Neher, Mallory Jane; Plourde, Lee A. Report Sep 22, 2012 5225
A method resources for assessing the reliability of simulation evaluation instruments. Adamson, Katie A.; Kardong-Edgren, Suzan Report Sep 1, 2012 4746
Model-based assessment of conceptual representations. Gogus, Aytac Report Sep 1, 2012 3750
Repeating patterns: strategies to assist young students to generalise the mathematical structure. Warren, Elizabeth; Miller, Jodie; Cooper, Thomas Report Sep 1, 2012 6172
Exploring the process of final year objective structured clinical examination for improving the quality of assessment. Saeed, Nadia; Jaffery, Tara; Quadri, Khaja Hameeduddin Mujtaba Report Aug 31, 2012 4170
ASSESSMENT IN MEDICAL EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN: EVALUATING EVALUATION. Khan, Junaid Sarfraz; Biggs, John S.G.; Tabasum, Saima; Iqbal, Maryam Report Jun 30, 2012 4148
Interactive learning and assessment for learning (AfL) in the outdoor classroom. Moncrieff, Daniel Jun 22, 2012 1230
Comparing results of systematic reviews: parallel reviews of research on repeated reading. O'Keeffe, Breda V.; Slocum, Timothy A.; Burlingame, Cheryl; Snyder, Katie; Bundock, Kaitlin Report May 1, 2012 11833
Preparing and conducting objective structured clinical examination for Oman medical specialty board R1-R4 residents. Al Sinawi, Hamed; Al Sharbati, Marwan; Obaid, Yousif; Viernes, Nonna Report May 1, 2012 1714
Executive summary. Work overview Apr 1, 2012 614
Between efficiency and effectiveness: evaluation in for-profit education organizations. Riggan, Matthew Report Apr 1, 2012 9395
Show me the learning: value, accreditation, and the quality of the degree: higher education now has both tools and frameworks for organizing and connecting teaching and learning in a meaningful way. Rhodes, Terrel L. Report Apr 1, 2012 4249
Does that program really work? Six questions to ask about research. Coulson, Andrew R. Mar 1, 2012 339
Phonological-based assessment and teaching within a first year reading program in New Zealand. Greaney, Keith; Arrow, Alison Report Feb 1, 2012 8189
Assessment through an integrated approach. Walker, Dot Report Feb 1, 2012 1369
Performance measurement and accommodation: students with visual impairments on Pennsylvania's alternate assessment. Zebehazy, Kim T.; Zigmond, Naomi; Zimmerman, George J. Report Jan 1, 2012 6375
Comprehensive assessment module for first aid in physical and health education. Rahmat, Azali; Jani, Julismah; Salimin, Norkhalid; M. Khalid, N. Haziyanti; Salleh, Omar Report Jan 1, 2012 3202
Digital assessment: a picture is worth 1,000 surveys: digital assessment helps to identify points of strength and challenge within non-curricular areas. Jackson, Michael W.; Rodgers, Jacci L. Report Jan 1, 2012 5197
The quality rating system of Chinese preschool education: prospects & challenges. Hu, Bi Ying; Li, Kejian Report Jan 1, 2012 5840
Using word identification fluency to monitor first-grade reading development. Zumeta, Rebecca O.; Compton, Donald L.; Fuchs, Lynn S. Report Jan 1, 2012 11013
Managerial Training Needs Assessment of Heads of Secondary schools. Hussain, Khawaja Sabir; Zamair, Sadaf Report Dec 31, 2011 4711
SToPV: a five minute assessment of Place Value: Place Value underpins much of what we do in number. Jeanette Berman describes some simple tasks that may be used to assess students' understanding of place value. Berman, Jeanette Dec 6, 2011 2073
A crash course on giving: grades: grades tell students how well they did in comparison to each other, but almost nothing of what they need to work on to get better. Quinn, Timothy Essay Dec 1, 2011 1839
Crossing to the dark side? An interview-based comparison of traditional and for-profit higher education. Wildavsky, Ben Report Dec 1, 2011 10693
Are we having the effect we want? Implementing outcomes assessment in an academic English language-support unit using a multi-component approach. Huang, Li-Shih Report Sep 22, 2011 11797
How to tackle the shift of educational assessment from learning outcomes to competencies: one program's transition. Meyer-Adams, Nancy; Potts, Marilyn K.; Koob, Jeffrey J.; Dorsey, Catherine J.; Rosales, Anna M. Sep 22, 2011 7628
Procedures for evaluating the teaching process in computing disciplines. Azzeh, Feras Mohamed Al-; Yahya, Abdelfatah Aref Report Sep 1, 2011 3085
The impact of voluntary accountability on the design of higher education assessment. Castiglia, Beth; Turi, David Report Aug 24, 2011 5037
Conceptualization and measurement of perceived risk of online education. Mohamed, Fatma A.; Hassan, Ahmad M.; Spencer, Barbara Report Aug 11, 2011 6910
Impact of Portfolio Assessment on learners at Higher Education Level in Pakistan. Nadeem, Tahir; Nadeem, Muhammad Asif Report Jun 30, 2011 4564
Developing a Scale to Measure Attitude towards Science Learning among School Students. Shah, Zubair Ahmad; Mahmood, Nasir Report Jun 30, 2011 4222
Effective assessment within language courses. Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria Report Jun 1, 2011 2343
Beyond rubrics: using functional language analysis to evaluate student writing. Fang, Zhihui; Wang, Zhijun Report Jun 1, 2011 7901
An evaluation of student performance and comparison of teaching methods using a departmental final exam. Dunlap, Mickey Report Jun 1, 2011 5935
Towns' voters at odds over schools; Assessment method debated. May 8, 2011 580
Effect of Person Cluster on Accuracy of Ability Estimation of Computerized Adaptive Testing in K-12 Education Assessment. Wang, Shudong; Jiao, Hong; He, Wei Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 216
Don't Forget Accommodations! Five Questions to Ask When Moving to Technology-Based Assessments. NCEO Brief. Number 1. Report Apr 1, 2011 173
Participation and Performance Reporting for the Alternate Assessment Based on Modified Achievement Standards (AA-MAS). Technical Report 58. Albus, Deb; Thurlow, Martha L.; Lazarus, Sheryl S. Report Apr 1, 2011 227
Independent Statewide Evaluation of After School Programs: ASES and 21st CCLC Year 2 Annual Report. CRESST Report 789. Huang, Denise; Silver, David; Cheung, Mandy; Duong, Nikki; Gualpa, Alice; Hodson, Cheri; La Torre Ma Report Apr 1, 2011 212
Closing the Achievement Gap for Economically Disadvantaged Students? Analyzing Change since No Child Left Behind Using State Assessments and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Blank, Rolf K. Report Apr 1, 2011 455
Hitting the reset button: using formative assessment to guide instruction. Dirksen, Debra J. Apr 1, 2011 2735
Moving to modern assessments. Wiggins, Grant Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2011 533
Usability testing and expert inspections complemented by educational evaluation: a case study of an e-learning platform. Granic, Andrina; Cukusic, Maja Case study Apr 1, 2011 8331
The effect of incorporating good learners' ratings in e-learning content-based recommender system. Ghauth, Khairil Imran; Abdullah, Nor Aniza Report Apr 1, 2011 5047
A needs assessment to determine knowledge and ability of Egyptian agricultural technical school teachers related to supervised agricultural experience. Barrick, R. Kirby; Roberts, T. Grady; Samy, M.M.; Thoron, Andrew C.; Easterly, R.G., III Report Apr 1, 2011 5956
Underserved Students Who Earn Credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Have Higher Degree Completion Rates and Shorter Time-to-Degree. Research Brief. Klein-Collins, Rebecca Report Apr 1, 2011 258
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