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#battleofthebooks: Year 10 can be difficult to engage with regards to reading, with even avid readers tending to lose the habit. School librarian, Donna Baird, has come up with an interesting and exciting way to engage them--the Battle of the Books. Baird, Donna Mar 22, 2021 1747
The Salon is now in session: a reflection on UNISA's decolonial reading. Khosi, Motlatsi; Vrablikova, Lenka Report Oct 1, 2020 7845
Put "Whole Language" onTrial: The case against reading instruction that leads to illiteracy. Petrilli, Michael J. Mar 22, 2020 1097
Investigating the Efficacy of Reading Adventure Time! for Improving Reading Skills in Children with Visual Impairments. Kamei-Hannan, Cheryl; McCarthy, Tessa; D'Andrea, Frances Mary; Holbrook, M. Cay Report Mar 1, 2020 5827
Students' evaluation of information during online inquiry: Working individually or in pairs. Kiili, Carita; Coiro, Julie; Raikkonen, Eija Report Oct 1, 2019 10307
TRY THIS: Design a bookmark. Preston, Christine; Blowes, Jacqueline Sep 1, 2019 2833
Develop Good Sight-Reading Skills? Jun 1, 2019 1368
The paradox of generic data, standardised testing and diverse learners. Matz, Lisa Essay Feb 1, 2019 1627
A new guide for guided reading: More guided, more reading. Donnelly, Patrick Essay Feb 1, 2019 1956
"Understand the Child Better": Using Retrospective Miscue Analysis to Engage Children of Color in Meaningful Reading Conversations. Wang, Yang; Grieve, Ellen Leigh Seale Jan 1, 2019 5534
The Efficacy of Academic Reading Strategy Instruction among Adult English as an Additional Language Students: A Professional Development Opportunity Through Action Research. Khatri, Raj Report Sep 22, 2018 10535
Learning through Literature: Picture Books for Exploring Diversity in the Classroom. Swartz, Larry Sep 22, 2018 1010
ORAL READING FLUENCY WITH IPODS. Arens, Karla; Gove, Mary K.; Abate, Ron Report Jun 22, 2018 3803
Staying ahead of the reading curve: Across the grade and skill levels, students who read succeed. Kerns, Gene Jun 1, 2018 558
Reading instruction strategies to reduce cognitive load. Allen Knight, Bruce; Galletly, Susan; Morris, Judy; Gargett, Pam Jun 1, 2018 1525
Crash, Splash, Dash and Read! Adding books to active play. Giles, Rebecca M.; Tunks, Karyn W. Jun 1, 2018 1565
Reading in the Digital Age. Mahony, Linda Jun 1, 2018 844
The pivotal link between the classroom and school library. Grice, Tracey Jun 1, 2018 1311
Reading by design: A longitudinal study of action research. Hampton, Derek Report Jun 1, 2018 5956
Examining what it means to make 'text-to' connections with Year 5 and 6 students. Mantei, Jessica; Fahy, Monique Report Jun 1, 2018 4416
Teaching units on Magabala books: Useful resources from Reading Australia's website. Henderson, Robyn; Bean, Wendy; Chaffey, Kay; Whit, Bev Report Jun 1, 2018 2347
Listeners' Advisory Part 3: Audiobooks across the Curriculum. Lamb, Annette Apr 1, 2018 2831
TUTORS CAN IMPROVE STUDENTS' READING SKILLS. Nelson-Royes, Andrea M. Mar 22, 2018 3361
Academic reading requirements for commencing HE students - A professional reflection on whether peer-reviewed journals are the right place to start. A Practice Report. Hamilton, John Report Mar 1, 2018 3456
ENGAGING ELEMENTARY STUDENTS THROUGH MOVEMENT INTEGRATION IN MATHEMATICS AND READING: An Exploratory Study to Understand Teachers' Perceptions. Miller, Stacia C.; Lindt, Suzanne F. Report Jan 1, 2018 4057
Fostering a Reading Community: How Librarians Can Support an Independent Reading Program. Webster, Rebecca Dec 1, 2017 2352
When Adults Don't Read, Kids Lose! 12 tips to help educators develop their own rich and authentic reading lives. Dec 1, 2017 424
Implementing Instructional Practices to Improve American Indian and Alaska Native Students' Reading Outcomes: An Exploration of Patterns Across Teacher, Classroom, and School Characteristics. Vincent, Claudia; Tobin, Tary; Van Ryzin, Mark Report Nov 1, 2017 8333
Supporting Learning Readers in Post-Confederation Newfoundland: A Collective and Distributed Enterprise. Mackey, Margaret Report Sep 22, 2017 8699
A Bridge to Intercultural Understanding: Reading Teachers in the U.S. & English Learners in China Read Children's Literature Books in a Global Book Club. Wang, Yang Report Sep 22, 2017 4735
The effect of summary writing on reading comprehension: The role of mediation in EFL classroom. Gao, Yang Report Jun 22, 2017 2279
From reluctant readers to library regulars: a teacher librarian's intervention plan. Treistman, Jeff Jun 1, 2017 1982
Teaching historical narratives: not just a page out of history. Naylor, Dawn Essay Jun 1, 2017 3300
Igniting a passion for reading: one teacher's experience of playing with fire! Sanderson, Tracey Essay Jun 1, 2017 1483
Word splash. English, Robyn Jun 1, 2017 504
Simple texts, complex questions: helping young children generate questions. Ness, Molly Mar 22, 2017 1918
Rx for Reading Detroit: Place-Based Social Justice Pedagogy. Harrison, Mary-Catherine Report Mar 22, 2017 10659
Teaching reading: junior secondary ASD students and the Australian curriculum: English. Bishop, Kay; Isbester, Kristen Report Oct 1, 2016 4651
A case study: the implementation of a problem-solving model with a student with reading difficulties in Turkey. Ozmen, E. Ruya; Doganay-Bilgi, Arzu Case study Aug 1, 2016 6473
Using collaborative strategic reading with refugee English language learners in an academic bridging program. Lee, Kent Essay Jun 22, 2016 4755
Reading promotion events recommended for elementary students. Guldager, Nicole N. "Simon"; Krueger, Karla Steege; Taylor, Joan Bessman Jun 1, 2016 4369
Parents using explicit reading instruction with their children at-risk for reading difficulties. McConnell, Bethany M.; Kubina, Rick Report May 1, 2016 8394
Strategies for increasing reading comprehension skills in students with autism spectrum disorder: a review of the literature. Finnegan, Elizabeth; Mazin, Amanda L. Report May 1, 2016 11640
Reading logs and literature teaching models in english language teacher education/Diarios de lectura y modelos de ensenanza de la literatura en la formacion docente en ingles. Delarriva, Ornella Ochoa; Basabe, Enrique Alejandro Report Oct 1, 2015 6260
Supporting literacy from a leader's perspective. Moore, Mary Essay Oct 1, 2015 732
Reading comprehension strategy instruction with a focus on the early years. Topfer, Christine Oct 1, 2015 584
Teaching reading--on purpose. Willing, Adrienne Oct 1, 2015 337
Minyerri oral community stories transformed into print ignite children's reading. Dyke, Amy; Drummond, Jesse Jun 1, 2015 598
What are young learners reading? Or how does what they are reading fit in with building a community of readers? McElmeel, Sharron Apr 1, 2015 4189
The boy(s) who wouldn't read. McEwen, Ian Apr 1, 2015 1249
Reading and teaching in an urban middle school: preservice teachers' self-efficacy beliefs and field-based experiences. Rogers-Haverback, Heather; Mee, Molly Report Mar 22, 2015 7633
Reading with Ally. Latham, Gloria Case study Feb 1, 2015 1789
Text, Twitter and tweet: weaving words with family and community. McDonough, Sharon Feb 1, 2015 913
Inanimate Alice: "born digital". Hovious, Amanda Dec 1, 2014 2939
E-text and e-books are changing the literacy landscape: digital technology is beginning to offer an array of multimedia and multimodal devices and applications that promise to help struggling readers and engage all learners. Dalton, Bridget Nov 1, 2014 2938
Tapping technology's potential to motivate readers: technology isn't inherently motivational to students, but teachers can employ a variety of strategies that can harness technology to promote student engagement. Conradi, Kristin Nov 1, 2014 2642
Middle Earth to Panem: maps of imaginary places as invitations to reading. Lamb, Annette; Johnson, Larry Oct 1, 2014 2702
Reading Instruction for All Students: An NCTE Policy Research Brief. Mar 1, 2014 288
Shared book reading by parents with young children: evidence-based practice. Sim, Susan; Berthelsen, Donna Report Mar 1, 2014 3282
Assessments can help Common Core teaching. Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul Mar 1, 2014 1382
An intervention improves student reading. Banerj, Rukmini Mar 1, 2014 1502
The use of multicultural literature to support literacy learning and cultural literacy. Huang, SuHua; Kowalick, Melanie Report Feb 1, 2014 3611
Opening the portal: an exploration of the use of postmodern picture books to develop critical literacy and contribute to learning in the Australian Curriculum: English. Turner, Carmel Report Feb 1, 2014 4753
Text talk by children. Abbott, Linda Feb 1, 2014 806
Switch onto literature. Rowell, Jodie; Herold, Jan; Darcy, Sarah; Nascimento, Jannine Report Feb 1, 2014 2476
Library-classroom collaboration stimulates reading, teaches so much more. Vermillion, Patricia; Melton, Marty Oct 1, 2013 1377
Addressing the effects of reciprocal teaching on the receptive and expressive vocabulary of 1st-grade students. Mandel, Eliana; Osana, Helena P.; Venkatesh, Vivek Report Oct 1, 2013 10486
Early language and literacy achievement of early reading first students in kindergarten and 1st grade in the United States. Bingham, Gary E.; Patton-Terry, Nicole Report Oct 1, 2013 7387
Meaning construction in early oral reading. Leger, Paul David; Cameron, Catherine Ann Report Oct 1, 2013 8902
How drama supports developing and emergent readers. Abbott, Linda Oct 1, 2013 1478
Adjusting beginning reading intervention based on student performance: an experimental evaluation. Coyne, Michael D.; Simmons, Deborah C.; Hagan-Burke, Shanna; Simmons, Leslie E.; Kwok, Oi-Man; Kim, Report Sep 22, 2013 10635
Philosophies of reading instruction. Ediger, Marlow Sep 22, 2013 1312
WPAs, writing programs and the common reading experience. Benz, Brad; Comer, Denise; Juergensmeyer, Erik; Lowry, Margaret Report Sep 22, 2013 8425
Rhetorical analysis of literary culture in social reading platforms. Vlieghe, Joachim; Rutten, Kris Report Sep 1, 2013 6942
A book for two: explicitly taught reading comprehension strategies paired with peer tutoring can boost reading skills for elementary school students. Van Keer, Hilde; Vanderlinde, Ruben May 1, 2013 2207
Enhancing foreign language competency using the cover, copy, compare technique: an exploratory evaluation. Carter, Stacy L.; Wong, Chiu-Yin; Mayton, Michael R. Report May 1, 2013 3131
Assisting below-level readers in the CTE classroom. O'Connor, Patrick J.; Mupinga, Davison; Parker, Emily Apr 1, 2013 1220
Coda: from content area reading to disciplinary literacy. Stewart-Dore, Nea Editorial Feb 1, 2013 1301
For fluent readers--kindergarten is key. Loertscher, David V. Feb 1, 2013 749
Let them go: empty shelves means they're reading! Williams, Keisa Essay Feb 1, 2013 2018
Using e-readers and internet resources to support comprehension. Wright, Sandra; Fugett, April; Caputa, Francine Report Jan 1, 2013 6797
Use of Short Stories as a Tool of Teaching Reading in English as Foreign Language. Ahmad, Aziz Report Dec 31, 2012 5037
Making meaning: strategies for literacy learning: the unique characteristics of students with Asperger syndrome mean teachers must think strategically about how to ensure that they become proficient readers. Styslinger, Mary E. Essay Dec 1, 2012 2920
Text and truth: reading, student experience, and the Common Core: prereading is alive and well in the expectations for the Common Core. Sandler, Susan; Hammond, Zaretta Essay Dec 1, 2012 1705
The use of ICTs and audiovisual resources in developing children's reading habits in Nigeria. Igwesi, Uzoamaka; Chimah, J.N.; Nwachukwu, V.N. Report Nov 1, 2012 4785
Reading-on-the-same-page: linger longer in the learning areas. Hamilton-Smith, Sue; Gargett, Pam; Shaw, Julia; Harrison, Carmel; Hewitt-Faix, Chris; Brodie, Kay; G Essay Oct 1, 2012 4868
Utiliser le tutorat par les pairs pour favoriser l'apprentissage de la lecture en milieu defavorise. Une pre-experimentation avec examen des caracteristiques des non-repondants. Potvin, Marie-Christine; Dion, Eric; Brodeur, Monique; Borri-Anadon, Corina Report Oct 1, 2012 7405
Effects of multi-tier academic and behavior instruction on difficult-to-teach students. Algozzine, Bob; Wang, Chuang; White, Richard; Cooke, Nancy; Marr, Mary Beth; Algozzine, Kate; Helf, Report Sep 22, 2012 10293
Effectiveness of decoding and phonological awareness interventions for children with down syndrome. Lemons, Christopher J.; Mrachko, Alicia A.; Kostewicz, Douglas E.; Paterra, Matthew F. Report Sep 22, 2012 12078
Les effets de deux programmes d'entrainement sur le developpement d'habiletes de comprehension, de dechiffrement et de fluidite en lecture d'eleves francophones de deuxieme annee du primaire du Quebec. Lessard, Andree; Bolduc, Jonathan Report Jul 1, 2012 8376
Creating images. Gardner, Rebecca Jun 1, 2012 1890
The echo reading strategy and its effect on the oral reading fluency of first grade students. Burton, Kiara; Chong, Gary Author abstract Apr 1, 2012 230
Teacher to teacher: tips for using Science World in the classroom. Casteel, Kathy Brief article Mar 26, 2012 117
Transdisciplinarity: shaping the future by reading the word and reading the world in an eighth grade classroom. Richards, Janet C.; Kroeger, Diane Essay Mar 22, 2012 5046
RC-MAPS: bridging the comprehension gap in EAP reading. Sterzik, Angela Meyer; Fraser, Carol Report Mar 22, 2012 5124
The impact of scripted literacy instruction on teachers and students. Dresser, Rocio Report Mar 22, 2012 6423
Engaging fluent readers using literature circles. Cameron, Sheena; Murray, Melissa; Hull, Karla; Cameron, Jane Report Feb 1, 2012 3371
Why can't Jamal read? There's no simple answer why black males struggle with reading, but part of the problem stems from correctable factors that tend to lead to an early disconnect. Husband, Terry Feb 1, 2012 2401
Evaluation of synchronous online tutoring for students at risk of reading failure. Vasquez, Eleazar, III; Slocum, Timothy A. Report Jan 1, 2012 7443
Preparing teachers to train parents to use evidence-based strategies for oral reading fluency with their children. Kupzyk, Sara; Daly, Edward J., III; Andersen, Melissa N. Report Jan 1, 2012 6227
Beginning and struggling readers: engaging parents in the learning process. Herold, Jan Oct 1, 2011 6128
Project claim: community literacy is our aim. Lowe, Kaye; Bormann, Faye; Stapp-Gaunt, Andi; Chandra, Asish; Lyons, Nic; Booker, Kelly Report Oct 1, 2011 4440
Efficacy of a reading intervention for middle school students with learning disabilities. Wanzek, Jeanne; Vaughn, Sharon; Roberts, Greg; Fletcher, Jack M. Report Sep 22, 2011 8450
Growth in reading achievement of students with disabilities, ages 7 to 17. Wei, Xin; Blackorby, Jose; Schiller, Ellen Report Sep 22, 2011 8500
The myth of the born reader. Paul, Anna Sep 22, 2011 1479
Cats, dogs, and social minds: learning from Alan Palmer--and sixth graders. Bancroft, Corinne; Rabinowitz, Peter J. Jun 22, 2011 2353
Effects of individualized and standardized interventions on middle school students with reading disabilities. Vaughn, Sharon; Wexler, Jade; Roberts, Greg; Barth, Amy A.; Cirino, Paul T.; Romain, Melissa A.; Fra Report Jun 22, 2011 9294
Predicting first-grade reading performance from kindergarten response to Tier 1 instruction. Otaiba, Stephanie Al; Folsom, Jessica S.; Schatschneider, Christopher; Wanzek, Jeanne; Greulich, Lua Report Jun 22, 2011 10319
Literacy teachers how the physical education teachers/coaches can help you encourage students to read. Richardson, Maurine; Richardson, James; Sacks, Mary Kathleen Report Jun 22, 2011 3724
Shared reading, the pupil, and the teacher. Ediger, Marlow Jun 22, 2011 1762
Practicum training for teachers of struggling readers: a supervised training experience can help teachers of struggling beginning readers understand how reading ability develops and how to adapt instruction to meet student needs. Morris, Darrell Report May 1, 2011 2114
Preservice childhood education teachers' perceptions of instructional practices for developing young children's interest in reading. Al-Barakat, Ali Ahmad; Bataineh, Ruba Fahmi Report Apr 1, 2011 8657
The use of a specific schema theory strategy-semantic mapping-to facilitate vocabulary development and comprehension for at-risk readers. Little, David C.; Box, Jean Ann Essay Mar 22, 2011 2306
Story time: help your child become a lifelong learner through reading. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 194
Using a repeated reading program to improve generalization of oral reading fluency. Lo, Ya-yu; Cooke, Nancy L.; Starling, A. Leyf Peirce Report Feb 1, 2011 9533
A review of fluency research and practices for struggling readers in secondary school. Whithear, Jo Report Feb 1, 2011 5821
Teaching reading strategies by using a comprehension framework. Troegger, Danielle Feb 1, 2011 2056
More public schools test single-sex classrooms. Jan 1, 2011 353
The effects of tier 2 literacy instruction in sixth grade: toward the development of a response-to-intervention model in middle school. Graves, Anne W.; Brandon, Regina; Duesbery, Luke; McIntosh, Angela; Pyle, Nicole B. Report Jan 1, 2011 9129
Data-driven and off course: an English teacher's view. Elden, Roxanna Jan 1, 2011 689
Using Reading Racetracks and Flashcards to Teach Sight Words to Students with Disabilities: Effects for Acquisition and Response Maintenance. Green, Cassandra L.; McLaughlin, T. F.; Derby, K. Mark; Lee, Kristen Report Dec 31, 2010 5656
Data based instruction in reading. Ediger, Marlow Dec 22, 2010 1363
The before, during, and after reading scale. Wangsgard, Nichole Dec 22, 2010 2759
Evidence-based and child-friendly: shared book reading with chants support young children's language and literacy development. Richards, Janet C. Essay Dec 22, 2010 5533
"Read-to-write-tasks" in English for specific purposes classes/Skaitymo ir rasymo igudziu ugdymas anglu kalbos pratybose. Kavaliauskiene, Galina; Suchanova, Jelena Report Dec 1, 2010 3873
Slow down to speed up. Editorial Dec 1, 2010 560
The Impact of Formal Schemata on L3 Reading Recall. Salmani Nodoushan, Mohammad Ali Report Oct 1, 2010 191
First-grade teachers reading aloud Caldecott award-winning books to diverse 1st-graders in urban classrooms. Hall, Katrina W.; Williams, Lunetta M. Report Oct 1, 2010 8582
Oral language and beginning to read. Hill, Susan; Launder, Nicola Report Oct 1, 2010 6292
SCORE--the coach approach to demand reading. Hamilton-Smith, Sue; Gargett, Pam; Shaw, Julia; Brodie, Kay; Faix, Chris; Harrison, Carmel; Galletly Oct 1, 2010 2385
Rekindling the fire: using Kindles for literacy in the classroom. Bormann, Faye; Lowe, Kaye Oct 1, 2010 1296
Retrospective miscue analysis: improving student reading strategy selection. Dean, Melissa Report Oct 1, 2010 2033
Ten ways I bring a variety of texts into my classroom ... Oct 1, 2010 3587
Focus on the essentials of reading instruction: a rubric can guide young teachers toward developing classrooms that focus on literacy, rather than shoving it to the sidelines. Frager, Alan M.; Frye, Elizabeth A. Essay Oct 1, 2010 1862
Which plan of reading instruction is best? Ediger, Marlow Sep 22, 2010 1596
Sound Partners. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Sep 1, 2010 313
Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Aug 1, 2010 230
Orton-Gillingham-Based Strategies (Unbranded). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 1, 2010 229
Herman Method[TM]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 1, 2010 242
Wilson Reading System[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 1, 2010 267
Development of the dialogic reading inventory of parent-child book reading. Dixon-Krauss, Lisbeth; Januszka, Cynthia M.; Chae, Chan-Ho Report Jul 1, 2010 5764
Connecting rimes to meaningful contexts. Sanacore, Joseph Jun 22, 2010 5224
Effectiveness of a supplemental early reading intervention scaled up in multiple schools. Denton, Carolyn A.; Nimon, Kim; Mathes, Patricia G.; Swanson, Elizabeth A.; Kethley, Caroline; Kurz, Report Jun 22, 2010 13829
Effects of using modified items to test students with persistent academic difficulties. Elliott, Stephen N.; Kettler, Ryan J.; Beddow, Peter A.; Kurz, Alexander; Compton, Elizabeth; McGrat Report Jun 22, 2010 11224
Implementing peer coaching fluency building to improve early literacy skills. Marr, Mary Beth; Algozzine, Bob; Kavel, Rebecca L.; Dugan, Katherine Keller Report Jun 22, 2010 7387
Strategies for improving reading skills among ELL college students. Lei, Simon A.; Berger, Adam M.; Allen, Brigita M.; Rosenberg, Worka; Plummer, Chad V. Essay Jun 22, 2010 5225
Struggling readers in high school. Ediger, Marlow Essay Jun 22, 2010 2453
Resistance to reading compliance among college students: instructors' perspectives. Lei, Simon A.; Bartlett, Kerry A.; Gorney, Suzanne E.; Herschbach, Tamra R. Report Jun 1, 2010 4541
Preparing college students with moderate learning disabilities with the tools for higher level success. Cowden, Peter A. Report Jun 1, 2010 1835
What works for me! Dwyer, Jasmine Jun 1, 2010 1660
Who's talking? We are! Getting together for coffee and discussing teaching, learning and research proved most beneficial for these three teachers from very different backgrounds, teaching styles and schools. Each shared their experiences and listened to each other's interests, passions and challenges. Argus, Karen; Brossuek, Debbie; Swan, Coral Jun 1, 2010 2491
Dialogic Reading. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Apr 1, 2010 423
The impact of cross-age peer tutoring on third and sixth graders' reading strategy awareness, reading strategy use, and reading comprehension. Van Keer, Hilde; Vanderlinde, Ruben Report Mar 22, 2010 6599
Teaching reading in the 21st century: a glimpse at how special education teachers promote reading comprehension. Klingner, Janette K.; Urbach, Jennifer; Golos, Deborah; Brownell, Mary; Menon, Shailaja Report Mar 22, 2010 10306
Differences in beginning special education teachers: the influence of personal attributes, preparation, and school environment on classroom reading practices. Bishop, Anne G.; Brownell, Mary T.; Klingner, Janette K.; Leko, Melinda M.; Galman, Sally A.C. Report Mar 22, 2010 12953
Supporting reading goals through the visual arts. Miller, Shawn R.; Hopper, Peggy F. Report Mar 22, 2010 1964
Becoming S.T.A.R.S.: students and teachers achieving reading success. Fello, Susan E. Mar 22, 2010 4303
A comparison of two reading fluency methods: repeated readings to a fluency criterion and interval sprinting. Kostewicz, Douglas E.; Kubina, Richard M., Jr. Report Mar 22, 2010 8578
Reading Comes Naturally: a Mother and Her Blind Child's Experiences. Swenson, Anna M. Mar 1, 2010 880
Why is everyone talking about adolescent literacy? Snow, Catherine; Moje, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2010 2607
On chemo brain, citizens' arrests, and the development of kittens. Starnes, Bobby Ann Column Mar 1, 2010 1264
Gifted readers and libraries: a natural fit. Haslam-Odoardi, Rebecca Feb 1, 2010 4006
Using story grammar to assist students with learning disabilities and reading difficulties improve their comprehension. Stetter, Maria Earman; Hughes, Marie Tejero Report Feb 1, 2010 11258
'Diving into reading': revisiting reciprocal teaching in the middle years. Meyer, Kylie Report Feb 1, 2010 5834
Teaching adults to read with reading apprenticeship. Lesmeister, Michele Benjamin Feb 1, 2010 2123
The real-world reading and writing U.S. children need. Duke, Nell K. Report Feb 1, 2010 2682
Effects of explicit instruction on incidental noticing of metaphorical word sequences during a subsequent reading task. Mueller, Charles Mark Report Jan 1, 2010 7871
Famous African American scientists: recommended books for young people. Taylor, Gail Singleton; Moore, Lisa; Young, Stephanie Report Jan 1, 2010 4282
First-grade reading gains following enrichment: phonics plus decodable texts compared to authentic literature read aloud. Beverly, Brenda L.; Giles, Rebecca M.; Buck, Keri L. Report Dec 22, 2009 5539
Learning how to teach reading: a tale of two beginners and the factors that contributed to their vastly different teaching perspectives. Smith, Mike Report Dec 22, 2009 7382
PALS: Peer Assisted Learning Strategies. Dunn, Brandy N. Author abstract Dec 6, 2009 268
Language: critical components in readers with criminal referral history. Platt, Derrick E. Report Dec 1, 2009 3943
Culminating Action Plan: From Successfully Teaching All to Read (STAR) to Rising Stars. Wolfe, Lori E. Report Nov 18, 2009 197
Art & literacy. Shmulsky, Lucinda Nov 1, 2009 1408
The role of a school library in a school's reading program. Marcoux, Elizabeth "Betty"; Loertscher, David Oct 1, 2009 3067
Using fan fiction to teach critical reading and writing skills. Kell, Tracey Oct 1, 2009 2918
U-CAN READ: literacy intervention in years 3-10: a macro/micro vision of a parent education program. Lowe, Kaye; Martens, Debbie; Hannett, Kelly Report Oct 1, 2009 3979
Dear readers. Latham, Gloria; Jessica, Mantei; Kervin, Lisa Editorial Oct 1, 2009 329
Enacting reading in kindergarten with four- and five-year-olds. Topfer, Christine Oct 1, 2009 1298
How Mr Spot turned the tide. Weddle, Barbara Oct 1, 2009 1538
Teaching reading--an action research model. Cochrane, Kirsty Report Oct 1, 2009 2242
Reading music videos: a great classroom resource. Bortolot, Anthony Oct 1, 2009 1028
Ten ways I 'hook' children into reading ... Oct 1, 2009 6031
Isabella's Garden. Oct 1, 2009 800
Problems in Turkish reading education interviews with teachers. Arici, Ali Fuat Report Sep 22, 2009 3115
Books aloud. Lewis, Pam Sep 22, 2009 1537
The Evaluation of Enhanced Academic Instruction in After-School Programs: Final Report. NCEE 2009-4077. Black, Alison Rebeck; Somers, Marie-Andree; Doolittle, Fred; Unterman, Rebecca; Grossman, Jean Baldw Author abstract Sep 1, 2009 613
Teacher Strategies to Help Fourth-Graders Having Difficulty in Reading: An International Perspective. Statistics in Brief. NCES 2009-013. Sen, Anindita; Burns, Stephanie; Miller, David C. Report Sep 1, 2009 320
The Literacy Programs of Save the Children: Results from the 2008-09 School Year. Palmiter, Andrea S.; Arcaira, Erikson R.; White, Richard N.; Reisner, Elizabeth R. Report Sep 1, 2009 243
Online Reading Comprehension Strategies among General and Special Education Elementary and Middle School Students. Chen, Hsin-Yuan Report Aug 5, 2009 459
Synthetic phonics: vital supplement or sugar pill? Mullins, Sarah Jun 22, 2009 1696
Teachers' Perceptions of Strategy Based Reading Instruction for Reading Comprehension. Gibson, Katherine D. Report Jun 1, 2009 199
Lexia Reading. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 251
The instructional effect of online reading strategies and learning styles on student academic achievement. Hsieh, Pei-Hsuan; Dwyer, Francis Report Apr 1, 2009 7569
Developmental progression of referential resolution in comprehending online texts. Yang, Yu-Fen; Hung, Ya-Chen Report Apr 1, 2009 5704
Repeated reading interventions for students with learning disabilities: status of the evidence. Chard, David J.; Ketterlin-geller, Leanne R.; Baker, Scott K.; Doabler, Christian; Apichatabutra, Ch Report Mar 22, 2009 9922
Lessons for boosting the effectiveness of reading coaches: study of Florida middle school reading coaches suggests ideas for both policy makers and practitioners. McCombs, Jennifer Sloan; Marsh, Julie A. Report Mar 1, 2009 3981
4th-grade readers ... not too old to snuggle: children continue to need one-on-one attention during reading, even when they're too big to sit on your lap. Gutshall, Anne Feb 1, 2009 1361
National Reading Day activities, 2007. Feb 1, 2009 4338
The Effects of Reading Fluency on Comprehension. Zugel, Kevin M. Report Jan 23, 2009 161
A reading program to narrow the achievement gap. Erickson, Elizabeth Report Dec 22, 2008 4381
Improving Reading Achievement Through Increased Motivation, Specific Skill Enhancement, and Practice Time for Elementary Students. Ecklund, Britt K.; Lamon, Kathryn M. Report Dec 1, 2008 501
A pilot study of the efficacy of two adult basic literacy programs for incarcerated males. Shippen, Margaret E. Report Dec 1, 2008 3500
The Enhanced Reading Opportunities Study: Findings from the Second Year of Implementation. Executive Summary. NCEE 2009-4037. Corrin, William; Somers, Marie-Andree; Kemple, James J.; Nelson, Elizabeth; Sepanik, Susan Report Nov 1, 2008 525
The Enhanced Reading Opportunities Study: Findings from the Second Year of Implementation. NCEE 2009-4036. Corrin, William; Somers, Marie-Andree; Kemple, James J.; Nelson, Elizabeth; Sepanik, Susan Report Nov 1, 2008 569
Reading First Impact Study. Final Report. Executive Summary. NCEE 2009-4039. Gamse, Beth C.; Jacob, Robin Tepper; Horst, Megan; Boulay, Beth; Unlu, Fatih Report Nov 1, 2008 413
Early Intervention in Reading[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Nov 1, 2008 269
Reading First Impact Study. Final Report. NCEE 2009-4038. Gamse, Beth C.; Jacob, Robin Tepper; Horst, Megan; Boulay, Beth; Unlu, Fatih Report Nov 1, 2008 469
Exploring Factors that Affect the Accessibility of Reading Comprehension Assessments for Students with Disabilities: A Study of Segmented Text. CRESST Report 746. Abedi, Jamal; Kao, Jenny C.; Leon, Seth; Sullivan, Lisa; Herman, Joan L.; Pope, Rita; Nambiar, Veena Report Nov 1, 2008 284
Raising student achievement. Brief article Oct 17, 2008 164
Accelerated Reader. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Oct 1, 2008 297
The impact of externalizing readers' mental representation on the comprehension of online texts. Yang, Yu-Fen; Hung, Ya-Chen Report Oct 1, 2008 6914
Up, close and personal: an exercise in reading in drama. Connell, Mick Sep 22, 2008 2502
We know it's a story--but what if it were true? Using drama and nursery rhymes to support reading for meaning. Harrison, Larraine Sep 22, 2008 1568
Beginning special education teachers' classroom reading instruction: practices that engage elementary students with learning disabilities. Seo, Seonjin; Brownell, Mary T.; Bishop, Anne G.; Dingle, Mary Report Sep 22, 2008 14219
Booth Elementary puts reading first. Sep 1, 2008 1084
Reading Mastery. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Aug 1, 2008 277
Opportunities Gained and Lost: Perceptions and Experiences of Sixth Grade Students Enrolled in a Title I Reading Class. Donalson, Kathleen Author abstract Jul 1, 2008 355
The perceptions of Japanese students toward academic English reading: implications for effective ESL reading strategies. Iwai, Yuko Report Jun 22, 2008 5844
The power of picturebooks--reading for pleasure, for learning and for life. Evans, Janet Jun 22, 2008 1679
Reading Recovery. Bodman, Sue Jun 22, 2008 1800
Why learning to read English is difficult. Bell, Masha Jun 22, 2008 1643
What can teachers do about the current debates in reading? Cambourne, Brian Jun 1, 2008 1003
Teacher emphasizes reading as a life skill. Redmon, Abbie Jun 1, 2008 751
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