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Gadamer, Lavoie, and their critics: the hermeneutics debate revisited. Harris, Joshua Lee Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 7405
Making measures meaningful: the logical framework approach: the logical framework approach to program analysis can improve the quality of performance measurement in financial reports through identifying the logic in program design and assessing associated risk. Frey, Dana Oct 1, 2013 2572
Putting the eco back into economics: most of us know when we need to call the doctor, plumber, glazier or taxi. But what about an economist? O'Connor, Simon Jan 1, 2013 571
Globalization and Shanghai model: a retrospective and prospective analysis. Cheng, Linsun Essay Nov 1, 2012 10862
Reviving old debates: Austrian, post-Keynesian, and Distributist views of financial crisis. McDaniel, Charles Essay Mar 22, 2012 11087
Market liberalism and antiliberalism in Spanish late scholastic treatises (1541-1547). D'Emic, Michael Essay Mar 22, 2012 7000
Lineamientos: the crucial ones to follow. Amuchastegui, Domingo Jun 1, 2011 493
Asymmetric substitutability: theory and some applications. de Jaegher, Kris Oct 1, 2009 12167
Global optimization using the branch-and-bound algorithm with a combination of Lipschitz bounds over simplices/Globalusis optimizavimas saku ir reziu algoritmu su lipsico reziu junginiu simplekse. Paulavicius, Remigijus; Zilinskas, Julius Report Jun 1, 2009 6290
What did the study of the Soviet economy contribute to mainstream economics? Ellman, Michael Essay Mar 1, 2009 8257
Hints & tips: Helen Hill offers some advice on being positively political. Hill, Helen Oct 1, 2007 507
Equilibrium selection in an experimental macroeconomy. Lei, Vivian; Noussair, Charles N. Author abstract Oct 1, 2007 12944
Precisely incorrect: favoured by most economists, the GDP makes clear-cut prognoses that have only a loose connection to reality. Spangenberg, Joachim H. Report Jul 1, 2007 2329
The slowdown in first-response times of economics journals: can it be beneficial? Azar, Ofer H. Jan 1, 2007 6411
Liberalism, socialism, and robust political economy. Boettke, Peter J.; Leeson, Peter T. Report Mar 22, 2004 4817
An interpretation of Ronald Coase's analytical approach (1). Hsiung, Bingyuan Essay Jan 1, 2004 11340
Persistence, Excess Volatility, and Volatility Clusters in Inflation. Owyang, Michael T. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 7216
Effective Supervision and the Evolving Financial Services Industry. Jordan, Jerry L. Jun 1, 2001 3227
Appendix B Suggested Reading. May 1, 2001 1246
Settlement risk in foreign exchange transactions. Bergundhaugen, Jon Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2000 4636
The significance of uncertainty in monetary policy. Froyland, Espen Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2000 6244
Factors that influence the krone exchange rate. Bernhardsen, Tom; Roisland, Oistein Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2000 6621
Appendix B Suggested Reading. Bibliography Sep 1, 2000 1216
Economists and Pakistan's economic development: is there a connection? Naseem, S.M. Report Dec 22, 1998 14184
United Kingdom. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 9129
How successful has inflation targeting been? Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 1089
Conclusions: what have we learned? Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 2332
The rationale for inflation targeting. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 3213
Design issues in the implementation of inflation targets. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 1541
German monetary targeting: a precursor to inflation targeting. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 7833
New Zealand. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 9980
Canada. Mishkin, Frederic S.; Posen, Adam S. Aug 1, 1997 12238
Axiomatics in economics. Clower, Robert W. Oct 1, 1995 8113
Efficiency analysis of projects in the Pakistan economy. Sahibzada, Shamim A.; Mahmood, Mir Annice Report Dec 22, 1991 3730
Testing for shifts in variability. Shaffer, Sherrill Mar 1, 1990 555
Estimates of consumer price response in Pakistan using market prices as data. Alderman, Harold Report Jun 22, 1988 7517

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