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Recursive Method in Modal Parameter Identification of Aerospace Structures under Non-Gaussian Noise. Yu, Lei; Zhang, Yong-li; Yuan, Meng-di; Liu, Rui-qing; Zhang, Qi Jun 30, 2020 4945
A new technique for green roof evaluation: earthquake engineering inspires vegetated roof performance analysis. Sep 1, 2017 311
Force Based Measurement Method for Cooling Flow Quantification. Hobeika, Teddy; Gullberg, Peter; Sebben, Simone; Lofdahl, Lennart Technical report Jul 1, 2017 4799
Construction engineering management and its assessment system based on green building methods. Chen, Yongxia Report Apr 1, 2017 5803
Safest way to perform integrity assessments. Lavoie, Jerome-Alexandre Oct 1, 2016 1395
The Elastic Constants Measurement of Metal Alloy by Using Ultrasonic Nondestructive Method at Different Temperature. Hu, Eryi; Wang, Wenjin Jan 1, 2016 3801
An ensemble model for predicting energy performance in residential buildings using data mining techniques. Manimaran, Subramanian; AlBastaki, Ibrahim; Mangai, J. Alamelu Report Jul 1, 2015 5641
Review on urban heat island mitigation strategy through vegetation and pavements characterization. Tukiran, Julia Md; Ariffin, Jamel; Ghani, Abdul Naser Abdul Report Apr 1, 2015 1790
Fabrication of nanohydroxyapatite/poly(caprolactone) composite microfibers using electrospinning technique for tissue engineering applications. Hassan, Mohd Izzat; Sun, Tao; Sultana, Naznin Jan 1, 2014 3405
Play ball! Stryker, Richard "Rick" Sep 1, 2012 1589
Environmental engineering. Skophammer, Roger Mar 1, 2011 2103
Geoengineering the climate. Bailey, Ronald Jan 1, 2010 401
Possible ways for post-treatment of biologically treated wastewater from yeast factory/Galimi papildomi mieliu gamyklos biologiskai valytu nuoteku valymo budai. Blonskaja, Viktoria; Zub, Sergei Report Dec 1, 2009 5310
Engineering 'better than tax on climate'. Sep 27, 2009 416
You can build this energy-efficient solar home: this new Solar Prairie Home can cost 75 percent less to heat than a similar conventional home. Kipnis, Nathan Aug 1, 2009 2112
BOMA showing industry how to green the bottom line. Grima, Angelo J. Apr 15, 2009 581
Aplinkos apsaugos katedros mokslininkai kurs bioreaktoriu. Kvasauskas, Mindaugas Report Mar 1, 2009 193
What's the big idea? Geo-engineering--massive projects to alter nature--is the only way left to fight climate change, says a growing band of believers. Ben Hargreaves meets scientists and thinkers who say we must explore this more radical--and risky--approach. Hargreaves, Ben Oct 15, 2008 1496
Raise the roof: green roofing options offer lower energy costs and better aesthetics. O'keefe, Emily W.; Babaian, Peter M.; Louis, Michael J. Jul 1, 2008 1141
Green with chemistry. Herrmann, Michele Dec 1, 2007 312
Treating socio-technical systems as engineering systems: some conceptual problems ([dagger]). Kroes, Peter; Franssen, Maarten; van de Poel, Ibo; Ottens, Maarten Nov 1, 2006 7409
An iterative assessment concept for building design based on the eco-factor. Brohus, Henrik; Bjorn, Erik Mar 1, 2006 3657
IPCC on carbon storage: two cheers. Prugh, Tom Jan 1, 2006 362
Crystal ball for science. (Stateline). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 108
Carbon underground: much of the world points a finger at [CO.sub.2]. Now it needs a place to hide. Winters, Jeffrey Feb 1, 2003 2307
Famous properties. (Know it all). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 455
Environmental achievement. Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 128
Environmental Contamination: An Analysis in the Context of the DC Matrix. Anderson, Orell C. Jul 1, 2001 6736
Environmental designs for the future. Camhe, Merrilie Jul 15, 1998 807
Environmental land management - model emphasizes quality and cost effectiveness. Sumpter, David; Huegel, Craig Apr 1, 1996 1646
Counties turn to GIS for NPDES solutions. McCormick, Timothy C. Jun 1, 1994 1957
A new way to see our city forests. Moll, Gary Sep 1, 1993 2034

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