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'It's a really powerful way to sell Wales' Sport may have been in lockdown but the appetite for it hasn't diminished one bit - and that's why one cross-cultural project which aims to connect university sportspeople here and in America is proving so popular. Katie Sands chats to students on both sides of the Atlantic about the project and the subsequent documentary which will air on US television... Jun 27, 2020 2970
New methods in assessing students' performance. Jun 12, 2020 601
Preceptorship: the neglected area: Many nurses are reluctant to mentor students, but with the right education about how to be a good preceptor, confidence grows and students have a more positive experience. Withington, John; Taylor, Peta Feb 1, 2020 796
Exploring Which Agile Principles Students Internalize When Using a Kanban Process Methodology. Saltz, Jeffrey; Heckman, Robert Jan 1, 2020 8016
Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Team-Based Learning During an Introductory Agricultural Mechanics Course: A Mixed Methods Study. Figland, Whitney L.; Blackburn, J. Joey; Roberts, Richie Jan 1, 2020 6797
An Emphasis on Artistry: The Washington School of Ballet's summer intensive is about more than improving technique. Traiger, Lisa Jan 1, 2020 775
Teachers' Perspectives and Challenges in Assessment of Revised Teachers' Training Programs. Chohan, Bushra Iqbal; Shiekh, Mussaret Anwer Report Dec 31, 2019 3817
Good Grades Aren't Everything in Sex Ed. Oct 1, 2019 309
Delhi: CA students protest against ICAI's evaluation methods. ANI Sep 23, 2019 456
Effectiveness of Two Keyboarding Instructional Approaches on the Keyboarding Speed, Accuracy, and Technique of Elementary Students. Donica, Denise K.; Giroux, Peter; Kim, Young Joo Sep 22, 2019 8447
Perceptions and Outcomes of Occupational Therapy Students Participating in Community Engaged Learning: A Mixed-Methods Approach. Mattila, Amy Sep 22, 2019 8160
Perception of Learning Assessment Methods by Students at the End of Their Initial Training at the Faculty of Dentistry of Casablanca. Benkirane, L.; Hamza, M.; Sbihi, W.; Arabi, El Sep 1, 2019 3512
Kyle's first aid saves man's life; everyone should know how to resuscitate, says teen. Jul 22, 2019 581
Comparing Experiential Learning Techniques and Direct Instruction on Student Knowledge of Agriculture in Private School Students. Bradford, Timothy, Jr.; Hock, Gaea; Greenhaw, Laura; Kingery, William L. Report Jul 1, 2019 6313
How Reading students will be kept safe during 2019 Fresher's Week; The Entourage Project has come up with innovative ways to help students as they enjoy nights out in Reading. May 31, 2019 501
ANALYSIS ON EDUCATIONAL RESULTS USING COLLABORATIVE AND COMPETITIVE APPROACHES. Negura, Alexandru; Dumitrescu, Radu; Agachi, Sergiu; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton Report May 1, 2019 3776
Teachers' Classroom Assessment Practices: Challenges and Opportunities to Classroom Teachers in Pakistan. Hussain, Sajjad; Shaheen, Nasir; Ahmad, Nasir; Islam, Saif Ul Report Mar 31, 2019 3584
Stevenson board candidates differ on how to help students deal with stress. Mar 3, 2019 553
Why and How Serious Games can Become Far More Effective: Accommodating Productive Learning Experiences, Learner Motivation and the Monitoring of Learning Gains. Westera, Wim Report Jan 1, 2019 6858
Students' Interest and Academic Achievement in the Light of New Instructional Approaches. Dec 31, 2018 2450
adapting instruction. Segedin, Laura; Fahrer, Nolan; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Clark, Aaron C.; Kelly, Daniel P.; DeLuca, William Dec 1, 2018 1445
iceman technology: student learning through ancient copper smelting techniques: Pretesting and posttesting data revealed that students made significant gains in declarative, procedural, schematic, and strategic knowledge. Hainsworth, Mark; Hainsworth, Laura Nov 1, 2018 2885
initial student evaluation. Branoff, Theodore; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Clark, Aaron C.; DeLuca, V. William; Kelly, Daniel P. Nov 1, 2018 1344
How does school based hand-washing promotion program affect the handwashing behavior of students at the urban slums in Puducherry, South India? Mixed method design. Amudha, Kumar; Thulasingam, Mahalakshmy; Thomas, Bitty; Nag, Bharath; Rajarethinam, Kanagarethinam; Report Nov 1, 2018 3192
A multi-theoretical approach of the students' motivational profiles in physical education: achievement and social goals. Gimenez, Antonio Mendez; Cecchini-Estrada, Jose Antonio; Fernandez-Rio, Javier Oct 1, 2018 5450
Letting Go: How to Give Your Students Control Over Their Learning in the English Classroom. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 244
'But you said this ...': Students' management of disagreement within a dialogic approach to literacy instruction. Davidson, Christina; Edwards-Groves, Christine Report Oct 1, 2018 7353
How students right grade for can get the their finances; Vicky Shaw looks at how to start off your financial life as a student on a good footing and stretch your budget further. Aug 4, 2018 709
How to be the perfect wife in China's 'new era'. Jul 26, 2018 681
How to be the perfect wife in China's 'new era'. Jul 26, 2018 681
Synchro needs all the technique of ballet and gymnastics, while holding your breath, upside down, in water; SKILLS BEHINDD NEW FILM SWIMMING FOR MEN. Jul 7, 2018 1070
Sync ballet your chro needs all the technique of t and gymnastics, while holding breath, upside down, in water; SKILLS BEHINDD NEW FILM SWIMMING FOR MEN. Jul 7, 2018 1092
A Flipped Contextual Game-Based Learning Approach to Enhancing EFL Students' English Business Writing Performance and Reflective Behaviors. Lin, Chi-Jen; Hwang, Gwo-Jen; Fu, Qing-Ke; Chen, Jing-Fang Report Jul 1, 2018 7755
SHOULD TEACHERS LEARN HOW TO FORMALLY ASSESS BEHAVIOR? THREE EDUCATORS' PERSPECTIVES. Young, Andria; Andrews, Cheryl; Hayes, Cher; Valdez, Cynthia Report Jun 22, 2018 5655
Preparing students for next-generation careers with immersive technology: The HP Z VR Backpack and Sprout Pro by HP elevate instructional techniques by engaging students with virtual reality and STEAM experiences. Jun 1, 2018 820
GSCE exams: Revision techniques and tips for students; Expert advice for anyone about to sit these exams. May 6, 2018 437
Setting the PACE: How to overcome the hurdles of giving students more control over their learning. Jackson, Nancy Mann May 1, 2018 1493
VR opens ways to engage students for enhanced learning. Apr 2, 2018 1773
VR opens endless ways to engage students for enhanced learning. Apr 1, 2018 1773
In praise of assessment (done right): Despite the bad press, tests can play a crucial role in getting students to their learning destination. But not all testing is the same. Marshall, Kim Essay Mar 1, 2018 3032
Identifying what matters: A community of educators take a values- based approach to defining goals and assessing student learning. Wardrip, Peter; Evancho, Jeffrey; McNamara, Annie Essay Mar 1, 2018 1523
How COD helps students navigate their way to success. Jan 5, 2018 685
Feedback of Interface Agents on Student Perception: Level, Dialogue, and Emotion. Chen, Zhi-Hong; Chou, Chih-Yueh; Tseng, Shu-Fen; Su, Ying-Chu Report Jan 1, 2018 5241
The Effect of Two Different Pedagogical Delivery Methods on Students' Retention of Knowledge Over Time. Baker, Marshall A.; Robinson, J. Shane Report Jan 1, 2018 7664
20 UAE students to learn how to build, launch a rocket at camp. Dec 11, 2017 638
No More ZEROS: 'No-fail' grading methods designed to better reflect students' knowledge and abilities. Yaffe, Deborah Dec 1, 2017 1767
A Health Enhancement Programme for physiotherapy students: a mixed methods pilot study. Lo, Kristin; Francis-Cracknell, Alison; Hassed, Craig Report Nov 1, 2017 7113
The Effect of Socially Shared Regulation Approach on Learning Performance in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. Zheng, Lanqin; Li, Xin; Huang, Ronghuai Report Oct 1, 2017 5972
Schools go out of way to make life easy for?non-English students. Sep 24, 2017 728
UAE-based schools go out of way to make life easy for non-English speaking students. Sep 24, 2017 728
Maine moves toward proficiency-based assessment. Bendici, Ray Sep 1, 2017 375
A fresher approach to finances; With students more likely to worry about cash than their exam results, here's how to be a high-flier when it comes to money, writes VICKY SHAW. Aug 11, 2017 699
A fresher approach to finances; With students more likely to worry about cash than their exam results, here's how to be a high-flier when it comes to money, writes VICKY SHAW. Aug 10, 2017 694
A fresher approach to finances; With students more likely to worry about cash than their exam results, here's how to be a high-flier when it comes to money, writes VICKY SHAW. Aug 5, 2017 706
How new students can get to grips with finances; With many students more likely to worry about money than their exam results, Vicky Shaw looks at how to be a high-flier when it comes to finances. Jul 29, 2017 1095
The rights and responsibility of test takers when large-scale testing is used for classroom assessment. van Barneveld, Christina; Brinson, Karieann Report Jul 1, 2017 6873
Investigation of continuous assessment of correctness in introductory programming. Ferreira, Deller James; da Silva, Hebert Coelho; Melo, Tatiane F.N.; Ambrosio, Ana Paula Report Jul 1, 2017 7533
Artist statements for assessment and student growth. Papanicolaou, Linda M. May 1, 2017 747
Design sketching: a lost skill: it is not enough to have students know how to create design sketches but to also know the purpose of sketching in design. Kelley, Todd R. May 1, 2017 2766
Performance-based assessment in the secondary STEM classroom: performance-based assessments provide a vehicle to demonstrate student procedural knowledge as well as higher-order thinking abilities. Potter, Barry S.; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Glennie, Elizabeth J. Mar 1, 2017 2238
The problem with assessing open-ended problems. Bartholomew, Scott; Strimel, Greg J. Mar 1, 2017 2234
PLCs on steroids: moving teacher practice to the center of data teams: professional learning communities have a track record of helping teachers make sense of student performance data, but they can--and should--do more to support meaningful changes in teaching practice. Wasta, Michael J. Feb 1, 2017 2359
Informed and uninformed naive assessment constructors' strategies for item selection. Fives, Helenrose; Barnes, Nicole Report Jan 1, 2017 12024
Comment data mining to estimate student performance considering consecutive lessons. Sorour, Shaymaa E.; Goda, Kazumasa; Mine, Tsunenori Report Jan 1, 2017 7525
Young Sprouts: K to 12 students are leading the way to EcoSchool Certification. Lao, Eunize Dec 22, 2016 1259
Using student health data to understand and promote academic success in higher education settings. Larson, Mary; Orr, Megan; Warne, Donald Report Dec 1, 2016 6036
What Eboni Chillis said? In last month's issue of techniques, we asked readers to send in a best practice, opinion or scenario as it relates to their students and the maker movement. Below, Eboni shares a time when a student surprised her with his ingenuity. Nov 1, 2016 301
How to use cooperative learning for assessing students' emotional competences: a practical example at the tertiary level/Como usar el aprendizaje cooperativo para evaluar las competencias emocionales del alumnado: un ejemplo practico de la ensenanza superior. Lirola, Maria Martinez Jul 1, 2016 6572
Taking on test overload: with a return to state control over assessments, which ones should we keep? Streifer, Philip A. Jun 1, 2016 673
Warning: This lesson may upset you: classroom use of sensitivity alerts or "trigger warnings" generates a debate on how to balance academic rigor and students' emotional needs. Sturgis, Ingrid Mar 10, 2016 1515
What can we learn from the Atlanta cheating scandal? Saultz, Andrew; Murphy, Kristin M.; Aronson, Brittany Mar 1, 2016 2306
Random thoughts about art and education. Hausman, Jerome J. Essay Feb 24, 2016 375
Perceptions of faculty and students regarding Problem Based Learning: A mixed methods study. Report Dec 31, 2015 3810
How to catch cheating students? It's algorithmic. Gorman, Linda Dec 1, 2015 583
Using smart assessments to drive personalized learning: why choosing the right diagnostic tools is critical to differentiating instruction for all students. Nicholson, Katie Nov 1, 2015 583
Measuring what really matters. Wei, Ruth Chung; Pecheone, Raymond L.; Wilczak, Katherine L. Sep 1, 2015 2816
Trained actors help students learn mental health nursing skills: a study into actor-based simulations at Otago Polytechnic has shown clear educational advantages over traditional learning methods. Bartlett, Suzie; Butson, Russell Sep 1, 2015 2798
The use of structural behavioral assessment to develop interventions for secondary students exhibiting challenging behaviors. Losinski, Mickey; Maag, John W.; Katsiyannis, Antonis; Ryan, Joseph B. Report May 1, 2015 8624
Using learner profiling technique to predict college students' tendency to choose elearning. courses: a two-step cluster analysis. Pan, Cheng-Chang "Sam"; Garcia, Francisco May 1, 2015 3506
Between the actual and the desirable: a methodology for the examination of students' lifeworld as it relates to their school environment. Zur, Ayala; Eisikovits, Rivka A. Report Mar 22, 2015 8216
Is performance feedback for educators an evidence-based practice? A systematic review and evaluation based on single-case research. Fallon, Lindsay M.; Collier-Meek, Melissa A.; Maggin, Daniel M.; Sanetti, Lisa M.H.; Johnson, Austin Report Jan 1, 2015 10582
Evaluating nurse practitioner students through objective structured clinical examination. Clark, Carol A. Report Jan 1, 2015 1725
Relationship between parents' child rearing approaches and adaptive behavior among female students. Pasha, Reza Report Nov 15, 2014 4500
The education system in Finland: a success story other countries can emulate. Morgan, Hani Essay Nov 1, 2014 3190
How to pick a college? Data crunchers can help; Social media helping students get into college. Flaherty, Anne Oct 26, 2014 932
Remedial rescue: new approaches to developmental education have proved successful for several two-year colleges. Cooper, Kenneth J. Oct 9, 2014 1255
Measuring the relationship between parent, teacher, and student problem behavior reports and academic achievement: implications for school counselors. Johnson, Kaprea; Hannon, Michael D. Report Sep 1, 2014 7406
Choosing the right growth measure. Ehlert, Mark; Koedel Cory; Parsons, Eric; Podgursky, Michael Report Sep 1, 2014 2664
Creating and using an online rubric for maximum effectiveness. Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1867
Student evaluations, micromanagement, professional development, social networking, and the future of online education (8-2). Sull, Errol Craig Column Aug 1, 2014 1606
Choice-based stimulus preference assessment for children with or at-risk for emotional disturbance in educational settings. King, Seth A.; Kostewicz, Douglas E. Report Aug 1, 2014 9952
Towards a growth mindset in assessment. Masters, Geoff N. Jun 1, 2014 3064
Just another bland article about assessment and data ... well not quite. Holloway, Nigel Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2014 2166
An evaluation tool to measure interdisciplinary critical incident verbal reports. Guhde, Jacqueline A. Report May 1, 2014 2978
Comparison of nurse mentor and instructor evaluation of clinical performance. Seurynck, Kathleen M.; Buch, Carrie Lynn; Ferrari, Marisa; Murphy, Susan L. Report May 1, 2014 1372
Not Enough Students Are Success-Ready; So finds a recent study of U.S. students. Here's how to foster their crucial hope for the future and increase their well-being. Survey Apr 10, 2014 955
When students don't meet the bar: help students meet Common Core standards through careful and extensive lesson planning that uses exemplars and anticipates trouble spots. Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul Apr 1, 2014 1538
Students' perception of surgical Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) at Dow University of Health Sciences. Jawaid, Masood; Masood, Zubia; Jaleel, Farhat Report Mar 31, 2014 2776
The role of delivery methods on the perceived learning performance and satisfaction of IT students in software programming courses. He, Wu; Yen, Cherng-Jyh Case study Mar 22, 2014 7953
It changes how teachers teach: how testing is corrupting our classrooms and student learning. Erskine, Janet L. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2014 3128
Faculty opinions on the use of master's degree end of program assessments. Burke, Susan K.; Snead, John T. Report Jan 1, 2014 7160
Technology competency requirements of ALA-accredited library science programs: an updated analysis. Scripps-Hoekstra, Lindy; Carroll, Megan; Fotis, Theresa Report Jan 1, 2014 6022
Infolit and GPA. Badke, William Jan 1, 2014 2353
Rotoscoping: a practical way to animate in the classroom turn your students into animation experts with this fantastic Photoshop tutorial from Terry Oberg. Oberg, Terry Jan 1, 2014 1314
Evaluating the impact and determinants of student team performance: using LMS and CATME data. Braender, Lynn M.; Naples, Michele I. Report Dec 22, 2013 5888
Hide, map and seek: assessing students' understanding of location and direction. Bragg, Leicha Dec 22, 2013 2477
Methodological aspects of automatic pilot flight assessment system. Masiulionis, Tadas; Stankunas, Jonas Report Sep 1, 2013 3081
Is your school tech ready for common core. Schaffhauser, Dian Jul 1, 2013 3117
The predictive ability of critical thinking, nursing GPA, and SAT scores on first-time NCLEX-RN performance. Romeo, Elizabeth M. Report Jul 1, 2013 3745
The Maryland model of community college student degree progress: to realize the goals of the national 'completion agenda' will require more graduates from the nation's community colleges and increases in graduation rates. Clagett, Craig A. Report Jul 1, 2013 10775
Pragmatic rating of L2 refusal: criteria of native and nonnative English teachers. Alemi, Minoo; Tajeddin, Zia Report Jun 22, 2013 7422
True grit. Davis, Crystal Brief article May 9, 2013 151
Predictor variables for NCLEX-RN readiness exam performance. Simon, Elizabeth B.; McGinniss, Shawn P.; Krauss, Beatrice J. Report Jan 1, 2013 4622
Evaluating the effectiveness of a clinical tracking system undergraduate nursing students. Salyers, Vincent L.; Carter, Lorraine; Antoniazzi, Clara; Johnson, Susan Report Jan 1, 2013 4528
Picking up the threads again; Students have skills all stitched up in return of a useful craft Traditional sewing skills may have skipped a generation but they're now enjoying a revival. Hilarie Stelfox went along to a Holmfirth sewing class where everyone from young mums to retired professionals are learning how to sew. Nov 28, 2012 1032
Closing the gap: there is a veritable chasm between the shiploads of data collected on student performance and the teachers who could use that data to make instructional decisions. How do districts bridge that divide? Schaffhauser, Dian Nov 1, 2012 3056
Estuarine ecosystems: using T & E signature approaches to support stem integration: within [a] socially relevant context, students were asked to use their knowledge of technological principles, engineering principles, mathematics, and scientific inquiry to address a problem. McCulloch, Allison W.; Ernst, Jeremy V. Nov 1, 2012 2670
La differenciation pedagogique du point de vue d'enseignants quebecois: quelles differences pour les pratiques d'enseignement en contexte d'entree dans l'ecrit? Nootens, Pascale; Morin, Marie-France; Montesinos-Gelet, Isabelle Report Oct 1, 2012 7410
Videophone technology and students with deaf-blindness: a method for increasing access and communication. Emerson, Judith; Bishop, John Report Oct 1, 2012 4896
PEDALE--a peer education diagnostic and learning environment. Konert, Johannes; Richter, Kristina; Mehm, Florian; Gobel, Stefan; Bruder, Regina; Steinmetz, Ralf Report Oct 1, 2012 6244
Evaluation of teaching the IS-LM model through a simulation program. Pablo-Romero, Maria del Populo; Pozo-Barajas, Rafael; Gomez-Calero, Maria de la Palma Report Oct 1, 2012 6864
Peer evaluation in blended team project-based learning: what do students find important? Lee, Hye-Jung; Lim, Cheolil Report Oct 1, 2012 6914
Assessing BSW student direct practice skill using standardized clients and self-efficacy theory. Rawlings, Mary A. Report Sep 22, 2012 8850
New Test Taking Tips Site Helps Students During Test. Sep 2, 2012 291
Resolving the formative assessment catch-22: teachers often have a hard time embedding assessment in their instruction, but some technologies are making it easier. Waters, John K. Sep 1, 2012 2931
MobileQuiz--a lecture survey tool using smartphones and QR tags. Schon, Daniel; Klinger, Melanie; Kopf, Stephan; Effelsberg, Wolfgang Report Jul 1, 2012 5747
Using data mining for predicting relationships between online question theme and final grade. Abdous, M'hammed; He, Wu; Yen, Cherng-Jyh Report Jul 1, 2012 6596
A comparison of demonstration and tutorials in photo editing instruction. Akbiyik, Cenk Report Jul 1, 2012 6881
Universal screening in mathematics for the primary grades: beginnings of a research base. Gersten, Russell; Clarke, Ben; Jordan, Nancy C.; Newman-Gonchar, Rebecca; Haymond, Kelly; Wilkins, C Report Jun 22, 2012 11870
Issues in the assessment of spelling. Pearson, Helen Report Jun 1, 2012 2600
Beyond technique: bringing dance history into the studio. Hayes, Hannah Maria Apr 1, 2012 818
Spare the rod ... Students use Napier's Rods and other `new' math methods. Feb 24, 2012 613
Assessment through an integrated approach. Walker, Dot Report Feb 1, 2012 1369
Students learn how to continually improve the care they deliver; Jan Davies explains how healthcare students are embracing the 1,000 Lives Plus programme in Wales. Dec 5, 2011 603
Synthetic cognitive apprenticeship model--possible way to enhance students' metacognitive skills/Sintetinis samoningo mokymosi modelis--studentu metakognityviuju igudziu ugdymo budas. Suchanova, Jelena Report Dec 1, 2011 3055
Threat to derail tuition-fee subsidy; GROUP SHOWS EU STUDENTS HOW TO SECURE WELSH CASH. Nov 7, 2011 695
Grades that mean something: Kentucky develops standards-based report cards a group of teachers, school leaders, and education researchers create report cards that link course grades to student progress on mastering state standards. Guskey, Thomas R.; Swan, Gerry M.; Jung, Lee Ann Report Oct 1, 2011 2729
Sex & the scientific method: using condoms to engage college students. Poli, Dorothybelle Report Aug 1, 2011 2352
Impact of Portfolio Assessment on learners at Higher Education Level in Pakistan. Nadeem, Tahir; Nadeem, Muhammad Asif Report Jun 30, 2011 4564
The predictive accuracy of verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning tests: consequences for talent identification and program diversity. Lakin, Joni M.; Lohman, David F. Report Jun 22, 2011 8736
Predicting and monitoring student performance in the Introductory Management Science course. D'Souza, Kelwyn A.; Maheshwari, Sharad K. Report May 1, 2011 4359
Hitting the reset button: using formative assessment to guide instruction. Dirksen, Debra J. Apr 1, 2011 2735
Qualities of formative assessment in next-generation assessment systems. Mar 22, 2011 339
Gatekeeping in field performance: is grade inflation a given? Sowbel, Lynda R. Report Mar 22, 2011 4564
The case for collaboration: integrating information on English learners and special education in teacher preparation programs. Stein, Jennifer Canillas Report Mar 22, 2011 5083
Engaging students in natural variation in the introductory biology laboratory via a statistics-based inquiry approach. Thompson, E. David; Bowling, Bethany V.; Whitson, Maggie; Naczi, Robert F.C. Feb 1, 2011 3401
Academy Governing Bodies--A Strategic Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation. Report Jan 1, 2011 207
Practicum performance in Singapore and the Philippines of hospitality students in a State University. Arroyo, Rubie Andoy Report Jan 1, 2011 5067
Comparison of Students' Performance between Community Model Schools and Government Girls Primary School in the Punjab. Habib, Zahida; Ullah, Rana Sana; Iqbal, Muhammad Zafar Report Dec 31, 2010 3501
Three phase ranking framework for assessing conceptual understanding in algebra using multiple representations. Panasuk, Regina M. Report Dec 22, 2010 9742
Highlights from PISA 2009: Performance of U.S. 15-Year-Old Students in Reading, Mathematics, and Science Literacy in an International Context. NCES 2011-004. Fleischman, Howard L.; Hopstock, Paul J.; Pelczar, Marisa P.; Shelley, Brooke E. Author abstract Dec 1, 2010 318
Portfolios in the social studies. Ediger, Marlow Report Dec 1, 2010 1235
Mathematics Screening: The Development and Pilot Study of a Mathematics Screening Instrument for K-2 Grades. Anderson, Stephen A. Author abstract Nov 29, 2010 192
Report on On-Line Trial Test for Fourth-Grade Students -- May 2009. Verbic, Srdjan; Tomic, Boris; Kartal, Vesna Author abstract Nov 22, 2010 301
Evaluating the level of critical thinking in introductory investments courses. Black, Stephen M.; Ellis, R. Barry Report Nov 13, 2010 2759
U.S. Math Performance in Global Perspective: How Well Does Each State Do at Producing High-Achieving Students? PEPG Report No.: 10-19. Hanushek, Eric A.; Peterson, Paul E.; Woessmann, Ludger Report Nov 1, 2010 394
How Prepared Are Students for College Level Reading? Applying a Lexile[R]-Based Approach. Issues & Answers. REL 2010-No. 094. Wilkins, Chuck; Hartman, Jenifer; Howland, Noelle; Sharma, Nitin Report Nov 1, 2010 331
How Prepared Are Students for College Level Reading? Applying a Lexile[R]-Based Approach. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2010-No. 094. Wilkins, Chuck; Hartman, Jenifer; Howland, Noelle; Sharma, Nitin Report Nov 1, 2010 264
Student Self-Assessment in Higher Education: Alone or Plus? El-Koumy, Abdel Salam Abdel Khalek Author abstract Oct 29, 2010 336
Technique triumphs: Kelly Burke-Fitzpatrick's students consistently win prizes in national dance competitions. What's her secret, and can you steal it? Smith, Mike Oct 1, 2010 993
Seeds of Their Struggle: The Features of Under- and Overage Enrolment among Grade 4 Learners in South Africa. CREATE Pathways to Access. Research Monograph No. 47. Taylor, Nick; Mabogoane, Thabo; Shindler, Jennifer; Akoobhai, Bina Report Oct 1, 2010 250
The relationship between music and student enjoyment of economics class: how to compete with grand theft auto, crack and chlamydia! Medcalfe, Simon Sep 1, 2010 2651
The real reason for a summer job. Woodburn, Jeff Jul 2, 2010 456
FASHIONABLY ALTERNATIVE; Non-academic route to uni arts courses: The traditional method of securing a university place is to go into sixth form education and take A levels. But there is another, less well-known way, as students specialising in fashion and design at Kirklees College have discovered. Hilarie Stelfox reports. Jul 1, 2010 781
It's not just about aid anymore: four ways to sweeten the offers to high- quality students. Kurz, Kathy; Vazquez, Silvio Jul 1, 2010 1393
What Probably Works in Alternative Assessment. CRESST Report 772. Baker, Eva L. Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 149
Assessment of Young English Language Learners in Arizona: Questioning the Validity of the State Measure of English Proficiency. Garcia, Eugene E.; Lawton, Kerry; Diniz de Figueiredo, Eduardo H. Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 275
Do the AZELLA Cut Scores Meet the Standards? A Validation Review of Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. Florez, Ida Rose Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 340
Theme for this issue: assessment. Fairhall, Anne Editorial Jun 22, 2010 323
On the hoof assessment. Durant, Richard Jun 22, 2010 1017
Any English questions? A series in which Classroom invites questions for different guest respondents each term. Jun 22, 2010 1751
The pedagogical and professional training evaluation of graduate students from the eco tourism class. Enoiu, Razvan Sandu; Enoiu, Roxana; Moldovan, Elena; Silviu, Gabriel Cioroiu Report Jun 1, 2010 3004
How to Graduate High-Risk Students: Lessons from Successful For-Profit Colleges and Schools in Texas. Frishberg, Ellen; Lee, John B.; Fletcher, Carla; Webster, Jeff Jun 1, 2010 531
New methods aim to help students pass entrance exams. May 29, 2010 790
Y ... why do we assess? West, Debi Brief article May 1, 2010 297
Inquiry in the Classroom. Stohl, Christina Author abstract May 1, 2010 384
Do Vertical Scales Lead to Sensible Growth Interpretations? Evidence from the Field. Briggs, Derek C. Report Apr 4, 2010 270
Tracking benefits high-achieving students. Mar 22, 2010 446
How to mobilize students using social media. Kidwai, Sabrina Mar 1, 2010 1071
Teachers say the most interesting things--an alternative view of testing: in spite of the barrage of anti-testing news, some teachers say tests have not sapped their creativity or hindered collaboration and that they appreciate having useful data, a road map for instruction, and a sense of accountability for all educators. Buck, Stuart; Ritter, Gary W.; Jensen, Nathan C.; Rose, Caleb P. Mar 1, 2010 2955
Using learning outcomes to inform teaching practices in human patient simulation. Elfrink, Victoria L.; Kirkpatrick, Bonnie; Nininger, Jami; Schubert, Carolyn Mar 1, 2010 3106
Odds and ends. Brief article Feb 19, 2010 234
The "virtual face" of planning: how to use higher education web sites to assess competitive advantage: we hear lots of admonitions about how students are revealing too much about themselves on social media sites, but do we really understand how much is revealed about our campuses via their Websites? Meyer, Katrina A.; Wilson, Jeffery L. Jan 1, 2010 6628
Your team is in: a collaborative assessment and learning tool. Hayrapetyan, Levon R. Report Jan 1, 2010 3183
Effects of task difficulty and teacher attention on the off-task behavior of high-ability students with behavior issues. Simonsen, Brandi; Little, Catherine A.; Fairbanks, Sarah Report Jan 1, 2010 4689
Using NAPLAN items to develop students' thinking skills and build confidence. Anderson, Judy Dec 22, 2009 2926
... When students assess their own work. Herberholz, Barbara Dec 1, 2009 941
Student reactions to assignment structure: examining the influence of cognitive style. DePaolo, Concetta A.; Sherwood, Arthur Lloyd; Robinson, David F. Report Dec 1, 2009 8875
Do online students make the grade on the business major field ETS exam? Terry, Neil; Mills, LaVelle; Rosa, Duane; Sollosy, Marc Report Dec 1, 2009 4242
Measuring Student Achievement at Postsecondary Institutions. Issue Brief. Bearer-Friend, Jeremy Report Nov 9, 2009 276
The Impact of Homework and Homework Preferences in Ninth Grade Geography. Schuster, Nicholas C. Report Nov 5, 2009 196
Tracking the progress of English Language Learners: educators must be methodical in identifying students' abilities to read, write, speak, and listen in order to ensure that students are improving their language skills. Murphy, Audrey F. Report Nov 1, 2009 3485
States, Schools, and Colleges: Policies to Improve Student Readiness for College and Strengthen Coordination between Schools and Colleges. National Center Report #09-2. Callan, Patrick M.; Kirst, Michael W.; Shulock, Nancy B.; Spence, David S.; Walsh, Erin J.; Usdan, M Report Nov 1, 2009 298
Bringing that CanDo spirit: an educator's determined effort to update his school's archaic data systems results in a grassroots programming project whose success is all in its name. O'Hanlon, Charlene Nov 1, 2009 1361
Clinical evaluation and grading practices in schools of nursing: national survey findings part II. Oermann, Marilyn H.; Yarbrough, Suzanne S.; Saewert, Karen J.; Ard, Nell; Charasika, Margie Report Nov 1, 2009 3866
A Researcher's Dilemma: A Comparison of Estimated versus Actual College G.P.A. Herman, William E.; Nelson, Gena C. Author abstract Oct 22, 2009 170
Reading assessment in the classroom. McDonald, Rob Oct 1, 2009 602
Can online peer assessment be trusted? Bouzidi, L'hadi; Jaillet, Alain Report Oct 1, 2009 7421
Student engagement in an independent research project: the influence of cohort culture. Conner, Jerusha O. Report Sep 22, 2009 9120
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