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Int'l moot on 'Earthquake Engineering' calls for adopting new construction methods to control risk. Oct 9, 2021 394
Int'l moot on 'Earthquake Engineering' calls for adopting new construction methods to control risk. Oct 9, 2021 394
Singapore Tuas blast: Engineer who trained workers on machine use before fatal blast claims he doesn't know how to safely operate it. Oct 1, 2021 1054
Former NASA engineer reveals quickest way to defrost windscreens; As people across Scotland wake up to the first blanket of snow this winter, a former NASA engineer has some advice for early-morning commuters. Conor Marlborough Dec 3, 2020 264
Addressing industry skills shortage: Engineers are now being challenged with rapid advances in technology, changing age-old processes and methods, resulting in an increasing skills gap. PWE discusses how standard components can help bridge that gap. Oct 1, 2020 1053
COLLABORATION and VISUALIZATION HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING: Using visual tools and techniques enhances training and fosters understanding and cooperation among team members working in water environments. Brown, Eric R.; Girard, Laura; Kerenyi, Kornel Sep 22, 2020 2234
Getting the most out of your motive batteries: Yanis LOUNNAS - application engineer at EnerSys, outlines ten ways to help you achieve the best possible return on your battery investment. Apr 1, 2020 870
Product Service Scheduling Problem with Service Matching Based on Tabu Search Method. Hao, Liu Cheng; Hong, Wang Yan; Wei, Qiu Jia; Zhao, Dong Wei; Rui, Shan Mar 1, 2020 5494
Abu Dhabi University Inaugurates Ieee 2019 International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques. Conference news Dec 9, 2019 691
A Method to Improve the Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Based on Eigenfrequency Optimization. Arroyo, Orlando; Osorio, Angie V.; Vargas, Maria Catalina Technical report Jul 31, 2019 6924
New technique could help engineer filter for polluted water, human tissues. Jul 24, 2019 376
Engineers make injectable tissues a reality with this new technique. Apr 28, 2019 467
Engineers devise new method of powering hybrid heavy-duty trucks. Apr 9, 2019 940
Engineers' conference: Experts discuss corrosion mitigation techniques. Conference news Oct 10, 2018 235
A Different Class of Engineer: How to Connect with Rising Medtech Talent. Lissy, Dawn A. Sep 1, 2018 960
A Different Class of Engineer: How to Connect with Rising Medtech Talent. Ussy, Dawn A. Sep 1, 2018 958
Functional Safety Engineers Responsible for Plant Security Need Help to Understand Cyber Security Regulations. Method Cyber Security Provides Specific Training.. Jul 31, 2018 242
Engineers Invent Noninvasive Technique to Correct Vision. May 30, 2018 830
Meeting Stephen Hawking and helping creating amazing technology are the reasons I love my job - where you can find a job like mine; We chat to technology whizz Caroline Clark to find out how she uses her know how to help shoppers at retail giant Argos. May 25, 2018 866
Engineer a way to develop a fulfilling and exciting future. Mar 22, 2018 315
Engineers create method for vaporizing electronics. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 124
WATCH: Google engineer discovers way to use iPhone camera for spying. Oct 30, 2017 243
Branding: how to sell your work: Flavilla Fongang, chief executive of branding agency 3 Colours Rule, explains how engineers can be more effective at winning customers. Fongang, Flavilla Sep 1, 2017 493
A55 engineers use innovative technique; IN BRIEF. Aug 30, 2017 244
Beagle 2 novel analysis technique solves landing mystery; in the February issue of Environmental Engineering, Andy Pye spoke to Professor Steve Burnage, Chief Engineer for Beagle 2's spin-up eject mechanism (SUEM) about the testing processes which ultimately proved that it did perform its objective of getting the probe to Mars, after all. Now, a further study finds that the Mars lander deployed at least three or all four of its solar panels. Pye, Andy Dec 1, 2016 1026
Safeguards for shale gas: engineers are confident that the use of best-practice techniques will ensure that fracking does not contaminate water supplies. Farish, Mike Apr 1, 2016 1227
WNG to impart provincial engineers with mining, blasting techniques. Nov 28, 2015 149
My bright idea ... engineer Michael Crowley discusses an isothermal compression method that could reduce the power needed to compress gases. Crowley, Michael Jul 1, 2015 1083
Tactics, techniques, and procedures for the assistant brigade engineer. Stainbrook, Neal A. May 1, 2015 1350
Time to hire professional process engineers: a leader in the global quality improvement/process engineering association shares his perspectives on how to professionalize quality improvement in healthcare. Hagland, Mark Sep 1, 2014 2039
Employment of Brigade and Task Force Engineers: Part II: tips, techniques, and procedures. Smallfield, Jason L. Sep 1, 2014 1671
Origami Expert Advises Engineers How to Build Shrinking NASA Solar Array. Dec 17, 2013 584
Keeping the lights on: Ben Hargreaves looks at how engineers are coming up with ways to conserve energy as the authorities begin to accept the growing threat to our electricity supplies. Hargreaves, Ben Aug 1, 2013 1929
Engineers devise new way to produce clean hydrogen. May 23, 2013 306
Engineers Devise New Way to Produce Clean Hydrogen. May 23, 2013 610
New manual for testing machinability aims to improve efficiency: designers and production engineers can use the method to select machining parameters for their cast parts. Mar 1, 2013 1676
EniT Engineers Get Good Expertise On Airbus Methods, Process. Jan 18, 2011 212
Engineers Create Tiny Wires With Old Technique. Jul 17, 2010 410
How can we juggle today's demands with the need to protect future generations? Keith Jones, director of the Institution of Civil Engineers Wales Cymru, examines that eternal dilemma: how to keep up with the demands of today's society in a more sustainable way with limited investment. Oct 22, 2009 1088
Engineers study P3 construction: public-private construction method subject of task force. Ross, Ian Oct 1, 2009 851
Indian origin engineer devises techniques to improve gas mileage. Mar 18, 2009 396
Software simulation tools for EMC control of high-speed signals: using multiple simulation techniques and tools improves modeling validity. Archambeault, Bruce May 1, 2007 4549
Stop the abuse of application efficiency: term used in dramatic ways to describe irrigation events, system types. Lamm, Freddie Sep 1, 2002 1482
Stepping up CFD: Fluid simulations see an ever-wider board of applications to cross. Thilmany, Jean Apr 1, 2002 1720
Standard measure. Jakuba, Stan Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 2063
Solid modeling: challenges for the part designer. Bouchat, Christopher; Engelstein, Geoffrey May 1, 1998 2028
Beating those business writing blues. Rice, Robert B. Mar 1, 1997 1627

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