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Blood clot puzzle solved and scientists know how to stop it. May 27, 2021 305
How to get compensation if Covid vaccine harms you. Apr 2, 2021 396
Development and Validation of HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Insecticides(Carbofuran and Fipronil) in its Technical and Granular Formulation. Salman Khurshid, Saba Iqbal, Nasreen Fatima, Saqib Arif, Maaz Khurshid, Mehwish Iqbal, Qurrat-ul-Ain Dec 31, 2020 3112
A Novel Metabolic Connectome Method to Predict Progression to Mild Cognitive Impairment. Wang, Min; Yan, Zhuangzhi; Xiao, Shu-yun; Zuo, Chuantao; Jiang, Jiehui Report Aug 31, 2020 5727
Comparison of Liver Extract Medium With Novy-MacNeal-Nicolle Medium and the Molecular Method for the Diagnosis of Leishmaniasis/Laysmanyaz Tanisi Icin Karaciger Ekstreli Besiyerinin Novy-MacNeal-Nicolle Besiyeri ve Molekuler Yontemle Karsilastirilmasi. Ozbilgin, Ahmet; Tunger, Ozlem; Inanir, Isil; Cavus, Ibrahim; Perk, Nami Ege; Ozel, Yener Report Aug 1, 2020 2626
GSK buys PS130 million stake in a Covid-19 vaccine maker; Companies are racing to develop a new method of preventing the spread of coronavirus. JAMES PUGH Jul 21, 2020 392
GSK buys PS130 million stake in a Covid-19 vaccine maker; Companies are racing to develop a new method of preventing the spread of coronavirus. JAMES PUGH Jul 21, 2020 392
How to Reduce the Expense of cyber business interruption. Asaf Lifshitz Jul 6, 2020 2004
A High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Method Using a Design of Experiment Approach for Estimation of Phytochemicals in Extracts of Moringa Oleifera Leaves/Yuksek Performansli Ince Tabaka Kromatografi Yontemi ile Moringa Oleifera Yaprak Ekstrelerindeki Fitokimyasallarin Deney Tasarimi Yaklasimi ile Tayini. Thomas, Asha; Kanakdhar, Abhilash; Shirsat, Adinath; Deshkar, Sanjeevani; Kothapalli, Lata Apr 1, 2020 6006
Cleaning Method Validation for Estimation of Dipyridamole Residue on the Surface of Drug Product Manufacturing Equipment Using Swab Sampling and by High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Technique/Ilac Urun Imalat Ekipmaninin Yuzeyindeki Dipiridamol Kalintisinin Suruntu Orneklemesi ve Yuksek Performansli Sivi Kromatografisi Teknigi Kullanilarak Tahmin Edilmesi icin Temizleme Metodu Validasyonu. Valavala, Sriram; Seelam, Nareshvarma; Tondepu, Subbaiah; Sundaramurthy, Vivekanandan Apr 1, 2020 4065
How to help patients become successful diabetes self-managers. Unger, Jeff Jan 1, 2020 1146
Filter Integrity Test Market Segmentation By Test Method, Mode, Type, End-Use And Region Till 2026 / Sartorius AG, PARKER HANNIFIN CORP, Pall Corporation, and Merck KGaA. Dec 19, 2019 980
US Patent Issued for Method of Generating Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Dec 12, 2019 669
Sysmex Presents Academic Report with a View to Creating a Simple Method of Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease Using Blood. Dec 9, 2019 1037
Novel application of approaches to predicting medication adherence using medical claims data. Zullig, Leah L.; Jazowski, Shelley A.; Wang, Tracy Y.; Hellkamp, Anne; Wojdyla, Daniel; Thomas, Lain Dec 1, 2019 5921
QU research develops new method to speed up drug discovery. Nov 15, 2019 748
Medical Morphine Market Growing CAGR of 7.5% / Key Surgical Methods and Key Types of Application Arthritis, Cancer, Kidney Stones - Outlet Till 2023. Nov 1, 2019 771
Global Endometrial Cancer Market 2019 Growth, Trends, Overview, Key Methodologies, challenges within the industry with Forecast 2023. Oct 30, 2019 825
Drug Discovery Services Market: AI & Machine Learning Preferred Over Traditional Method. Jul 31, 2019 938
Drug Discovery Services Market: AI & Machine Learning Preferred Over Traditional Method. Jul 30, 2019 951
TOP NEWS: FDA Approves New Methods To Administrate Glaxo's Nucala. Jun 7, 2019 178
Implementation and Validation of an Analytical Method for Lincomycin Determination in Feathers and Edible Tissues of Broiler Chickens by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Maddaleno, Aldo; Pokrant, Ekaterina; Yanten, Francisca; Martin, Betty San; Cornejo, Javiera Mar 31, 2019 5530
US farming methods warning 'misleading'. Mar 5, 2019 618
Fluid Bed & Melt Granulation in Pharma Manufacturing: Several solid dosage form drug products have been developed using fluid bed and melt granulation methods. Anderson, Brian C.; Mateo-Ortiz, Daniel Mar 1, 2019 1340
The Latest Techniques in HPAPI Facility Design. Feb 1, 2019 420
Chain Solutions Making the Case for CUSTOM EXECUTIVE EDUCATION: Under pressure to perform at unprecedented velocities in a tight labor market, more companies are exploring custom executive education options as a way to bring their supply chain leaders up to speed (and keep them there). McCrea, Bridget Jul 1, 2018 1497
Advances in Traffic Safety Methodologies and Technologies. Dong, Chunjiao; Shao, Chunfu; Huang, Helai; Chen, Xiaoming; Sze, N.N. Jan 1, 2018 1443
Improvement of N-Acetylcysteine Loaded in PLGA Nanoparticles by Nanoprecipitation Method. Lancheros, Ruth; Guerrero, Carlos A.; Godoy-Silva, Ruben D. Jan 1, 2018 7172
Multivariate Method Based on Raman Spectroscopy for Quantification of Dipyrone in Oral Solutions. Guimaraes, Luciana Lopes; Moreira, Leticia Parada; Lourenco, Barbara Faria; Toma, Walber; Zangaro, R Jan 1, 2018 7074
Corrigendum to "What Do the Hospital Pharmacists Think about the Quality of Pharmaceutical Care Services in a Pakistani Province? A Mixed Methodology Study". Murtaza, Ghulam; Kousar, Rozina; Azhar, Saira; Khan, Shujaat Ali; Mahmood, Qaisar Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 914
Methods For Producing Blood Cells, Platelets, Marrow Stem Cells. Dec 11, 2017 144
Methods For Producing Blood Cells, Platelets, Marrow Stem Cells. Dec 11, 2017 144
SMi's Social Media in Pharma - Discover How to Grab the Attention of Your Social Audience. Dec 6, 2017 639
USPTO notice of allowance for methods for producing blood cells. Sep 4, 2017 141
USPTO notice of allowance for methods for producing blood cells. Sep 4, 2017 141
How to Commercialize Biosimilars? Case Studies from Boehringer Ingelheim, EMD Serono and Teva. Jul 15, 2016 505
Sanofi, Google collaborate on ways to improve diabetes care. Sep 28, 2015 544
Done in one: today's one-shot color cameras can take world-class astrophotos. Here's an easy way to make your images shine. Keller, Warren Jul 1, 2015 1696
A novel methodology for controlled migration of antifog from thin polyolefin films. Rosen-Kligvasser, Jasmine; Suckeveriene, Ran Y.; Tchoudakov, Roza; Narkis, Moshe Sep 1, 2014 2893
Viewing risk from a high level: where FMEA, fault tree and other risk management methods drill down to the tiniest detail, Bow Tie methods allow for a broader view of risk throughout the enterprise. Dodd, Robert Sep 1, 2014 1770
AB Sciex, Dalton Pharma Services to co-develop methods for antibody-drug conjugate analysis. Aug 26, 2014 227
Oh, Grow up! Analytical methods in the age of PAT: Guidances developed for chromatography may not work for Process Analytical Technology. Don't wait for them to catch up; use other methods. Ciurczak, Emil W. May 1, 2014 1855
Food & Pharma: how to succeed in dietary supplements & nutraceuticals: here's a basic breakdown of issues companies should consider before they get in the game. Evans, Alex; Picciola, Manny; Tzeng, Ian Apr 1, 2014 982
A clear view for blurry eyes: with so many cough/cold/allergy products available, retailers need to focus on how to best merchandise their offering. Dawson, Barrie Feb 1, 2014 1699
"Outdoor Testing is the Backbone of Weathering Testing": development of useful accelerated test methods relies on data produced in outdoor tests. Jan 1, 2014 372
Investigating the relationship between profit split method and stock returns in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran. Maryam, Jamali; Ahmad, Vedadi Report Jan 1, 2014 4567
"Outdoor testing is the backbone of weathering testing": development of useful accelerated test methods relies on data produced in outdoor tests. Jan 1, 2014 372
Development and validation of an affinity chromatography-protein G method for IgG quantification. Fernandez, Lesly Paradina; Calvo, Loany; Vina, Lisel Report Jan 1, 2014 4213
Bridgewater toxic waste dump cleaning techniques to be tested at Cyanamid site. Nov 8, 2013 296
Sterilization methods challenge elastomer plungers in syringes. Sep 1, 2013 487
A Simple Spectrophotometric Method for the Trace Determination of Zinc in Some Real, Environmental, Biological, Pharmaceutical, Milk and Soil Samples Using 5,7- Dibromo-8-hydroxyquinoline. Jun 30, 2013 7161
Bayer gets global rights of Seattle Genetics' ADC technique to develop antibody-drug conjugates. Jun 26, 2013 220
Had a spot of bother? If your roses are succumbing to the dreaded blackspot, a new trial reveals products and techniques which can help tackle the problem. Hannah Stephenson finds out more. Jun 15, 2013 611
Had a spot of bother? If your roses are succumbing to the dreaded blackspot, a new trial reveals products and techniques which can help tackle the problem. Hannah Stephenson finds out more. Jun 13, 2013 611
Main tenets of the AU Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa. May 1, 2013 756
Workshop on Safe methods in Preparing and Dealing with Cancer Drugs. Dec 18, 2012 120
Dr. Toufigh Gordi to Discuss the Selection of Appropriate Mathematical Modeling Techniques in Drug Development at 4th World PK/PD Summit. Nov 8, 2012 409
AstraZeneca says PLATO trial results valid even with more sensitive methods. Nov 8, 2012 119
Merck wins facility of the Year Award: modular construction method enables company to meet production demand. Nov 1, 2012 937
Modular construction considerations: the lean way to design and build pharmaceutical facilities. Gilroy, John; Martini, Gene Nov 1, 2012 1271
Disagreement with clinical trial methodology insufficient to claim fraud. Beck, Julie Nov 1, 2012 1001
Aradigm Corporation receives method of treatment patent extension for smoking cessation. Sep 6, 2012 199
i"?Codexis Inc & Merck partnership develops prototype enzyme-based method for production of boceprevir and updates results in JACS. Apr 4, 2012 183
Accelerating production: Merck's modular method helps the company win the 2012 FOYA Award for Facility Integration. Mayberry, Jonnatha Apr 1, 2012 1118
MediciNova Inc awarded Notice of Allowance for method of treating neuropathic pain in Japan. Mar 14, 2012 151
Rosa Announces Publication of Its PhysioPD[TM] Model Qualification Method and Series of Educational Events. Mar 1, 2012 821
Marshall Edwards awarded new method of use patent for ME-344 for cancer or tumor mass. Jan 4, 2012 145
Evolving sterilization methods: companies are looking for sterilization solutions that are economical, efficient and secure and system providers are offering options to meet their changing needs. Mayberry, Jonnatha Nov 1, 2011 1275
ApplicantSafe Announces Innovative Drug Testing Technique as Part of Its Multi-Service Business Model. Oct 30, 2011 389
Ways to secure firm's IT when staff leave; Askthe expert Chris Roche, managing director of ACUTEC. Oct 3, 2011 482
Comprehensive sample management the foundation of drug development: maximizing the potential of biospecimens for current and future drug development by ensuring their long-term integrity through best practices, regulatory mandates and preparation techniques. Sep 1, 2011 2204
An inexpensive method of alleviating pain. Aug 8, 2011 498
Keeping the supply chain agile: lean thinking works well for the automotive industry, but is it really suitable for pharma supply chains? 'agile' techniques may be more appropriate and promising for the industry's uncertain future. May 1, 2011 705
Microwave drying: it is still relatively unknown to some, but microwave drying is an accepted drying method for pharmaceutical formulations. The author highlights the important aspects of microwaves and their relevance to pharmaceutical processing. Mar 1, 2011 3056
Developing and validating analytical methods for cleaning verification: in an operation where equipment is used for multiple products, the prevention of cross-contamination is critical. The selection, development and validation of analytical methods to verify that equipment has been adequately cleaned are important elements of the overall cleaning strategy. Mar 1, 2011 1551
NIH funds development of safer ways to produce patient-specific iPS cells. Jan 31, 2011 398
USV Ltd. Wins U.S. Patent On New Way To Increase Recombinant DNA Expression, Advance Provides More Productive Biological Drug Manufacturing. Dec 22, 2010 305
Internet drug firms using underhand sales techniques. Dec 9, 2010 295
Novel technique detects enzyme implicated in cancer, atherosclerosis. Jun 2, 2010 337
Excipients behaving badly: excipients may be considered dull compared with APIs, but their role in the final drug product is crucial. Philip Payne of RSSL Pharma shares his expertise in ways to identify and overcome some of the challenges associated with excipients. Payne, Philip May 1, 2010 860
Japan researchers find new method useful in treating failing heart. Nov 30, 2009 185
Sales analytics for the pharmaceutical industry: Winston Chen, VP of strategy and business development at Kalido, examines how to get to grips with pharmaceutical sales data and develop an information management strategy to help. Chen, Winston Jul 1, 2009 1175
New emergency contraceptive method ellaOne[R] - is it worth the price? Furedi, Ann May 1, 2009 640
9 ways to cut your medication costs: consider these tips from a Cleveland Clinic expert to trim your prescription drug expenses safely. Mar 1, 2009 685
Bionovo Develops High Throughput Method for Simultaneous Quantification of Multiple Bioactive Compounds. May 1, 2008 446
Determination of oseltamivir quality by colorimetric and liquid chromatographic methods. Green, Michael D.; Nettey, Henry; Wirtz, Robert A. Apr 1, 2008 2695
The not-so-secret ways to a healthier and longer life. Mar 24, 2008 691
Nastech Receives Notice of Allowance for United States Patent Related to Methods for Identifying Cell-Specific Targeting Peptides. Jan 1, 2008 360
Update on pain management: new methods of opiate delivery. Cranwell-Bruce, Lisa Oct 1, 2007 2138
ARTEL holds industry's first multichannel pipetting technique certification seminar. Aug 1, 2007 176
Being competitive means being organized: look to big companies for ways to improve your lab's efficiencies and morale. Tripp, Susan Apr 1, 2007 849
Does bilirubin cause interference in Roche creatinine methods? Owen, Laura J.; Keevil, Brian G. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2007 1017
Rare IgM interference with Roche/Hitachi Modular glucose and [gamma]-glutamyltransferase methods in heparin samples. Dimeski, Goce; Carter, Andrew Nov 1, 2005 1315
Roche IFCC methods for lactate dehydrogenase tested for duplicate errors with Greiner and Becton-Dickinson lithium-heparin and Greiner serum samples. Dimeski, Goce; Badrick Tony; Flatman, Robert; Ormiston, Barry Dec 1, 2004 1292
Effects of hemolysis on the Roche ammonia method for Hitachi analyzers. Domeski, Goce Letter to the editor May 1, 2004 926
Enhancing retailer-supplier ties. (State of the Industry). Apr 28, 2003 439
Rapid change now the norm in retail technology arena. (State of the Industry). Apr 28, 2003 1049
`The biggest one-stop shop in the country'. (Opinion). Elder, Fitz Column Apr 21, 2003 774
Rx business in Canada booms. (Merchandising). Brief Article Apr 21, 2003 297

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