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Progress Overview of Bacterial Two-Component Regulatory Systems as Potential Targets for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Hirakawa, Hidetada; Kurushima, Jun; Hashimoto, Yusuke; Tomita, Haruyoshi Report Oct 1, 2020 8138
Colour Coding Navigation: "Triage" Techniques to Improve Compliance in Breast Cancer Patients Requiring Primary Chemotherapy. Benn, Carol Ann; Ramdas, Yastira; Bergh, Barend van den; Bannerman, Naa-Lamle; Loggerenberg, Dominic Oct 1, 2020 4099
Metformin: A Possible Option in Cancer Chemotherapy. Ugwueze, Chidiebere V.; Ogamba, Odunze J.; Young, Ekenechukwu E.; Onyenekwe, Belonwu M.; Ezeokpo, Ba Report May 31, 2020 7708
A Novel Method for Inference of Chemical Compounds of Cycle Index Two with Desired Properties Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Integer Programming. Zhu, Jianshen; Wang, Chenxi; Shurbevski, Aleksandar; Nagamochi, Hiroshi; Akutsu, Tatsuya Report May 1, 2020 19024
Application of Response Surface Methodology to Evaluate Photodynamic Inactivation Mediated by Eosin Y and 530 nm LED against Staphylococcus aureus. Santos, Adriele R.; Silva, Alex F. da; Batista, Andreia F.P.; Freitas, Camila F.; Bona, Evandro; Ser Report Mar 1, 2020 5173
Balloon-Occluded Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization Technique with Repeated Alternate Infusion of Cisplatin Solution and Sparse Gelatin Slurry (RAIB-TACE) for Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma Nodules More than 7 cm in Diameter. Irie, Toshiyuki; Takahashi, Nobuyuki; Kamoshida, Toshiro; Kashimura, Junya; Ariga, Hiroyuki Mar 1, 2020 4803
Researchers discover new method to reduce chemo doses for patients. ANI Nov 30, 2019 323
Shenqi Fuzheng Injection (SFI) Enhances IFN-[alpha] Inhibitory Effect on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Reducing VEGF Expression: Validation by Gene Silencing Technique. Chen, Xiaoheng; Qi, Shuo; Li, Zhe; He, Bei; Li, Hui long; Fu; Huang, Sheng; Zhang, Lei; Li, Xinai; H May 31, 2019 4282
Mathematical Analysis of a Mathematical Model of Chemovirotherapy: Effect of Drug Infusion Method. Malinzi, Joseph Mar 31, 2019 9194
New technique may overcome infertility in childhood cancer survivors. Mar 22, 2019 650
BeyondSpring announces new patent for methods to prevent CIN from JPO. Nov 27, 2018 109
New delivery methods can combat cancer. Aug 14, 2018 293
Real world survival data of a rare malignancy: Anal cancer results in HIV negative patients from Turkey. Esin, Ece; Yildiz, Ferah; Lacin, Sahin; Karakas, Yusuf; Gultekin, Melis; Dizdar, Omer; Yalcin, Suayi Jul 1, 2018 4827
New technique to combat cancer. May 27, 2018 498
Burkitt's lymphoma: The prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the outcome of treatment. Hesseling, P.B.; Kouya, F.; Katayi, E.; Mbah, G.; Wharin, P. Report Feb 1, 2018 1239
A Machine Learning Approach for the Association of ki-67 Scoring with Prognostic Factors. Dirican, E.; Kilic, E. Jan 1, 2018 4682
Maxillary Swing Approach for Removal of Palatal Carcinoma: A Modified Procedure. Nomura, Tsutomu; Kishimoto, Megumi; Iwaki, Hirohisa; Ochi, Atsushi; Kishimoto, Seiji Jan 1, 2018 1397
A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis of Studies of Oral Etoposide in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Voutsadakis, Ioannis A. Report Jan 1, 2018 5289
Kastrasyon Direncli Prostat Kanserinde Dosetaksel Kemoterapisinin Etkinligi: Tek Merkez Deneyimi/The Eficiency of Docetaxel Chemotherapy on Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: Singe Center Experience. Suer, Evren; Hamidi, Nurullah; Gokce, Mehmet Ilker; Baltaci, Sumer Report Sep 1, 2017 2711
Comparative evaluation of the doses received by the parotid glands as predictors of xerostomia be 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT irradiation techniques in local advanced nasopharynx cancer. Mirestean, Camil; Buzea, Calin Gheorghe; Butuc, Irina; Zara, Alexandru; Iancu, Dragos Teodor Sep 1, 2017 4062
Using unproven methods to tackle cancer could be deadly: Study. Aug 29, 2017 438
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Report Aug 1, 2017 2212
Validity and reliability assessment of the persian version of therapy-related symptom checklist. Mansouri, Ava; Motaghedi, Rozita; Rashidian, Arash; Ashouri, Asieh; Kagrar, Mona; Hajibabaei, Moluk; Report May 1, 2017 5024
A Rapid Biochemical and Radiological Response to the Concomitant Therapy with Temozolomide and Radiotherapy in an Aggressive ACTH Pituitary Adenoma. Krpan, Ana Misir; Dusek, Tina; Rakusic, Zoran; Solak, Mirsala; Kraljevic, Ivana; Bisof, Vesna; Ozret Report Jan 1, 2017 2639
A Metaheuristic Algorithm Based on Chemotherapy Science: CSA. Salmani, Mohammad Hassan; Eshghi, Kourosh Report Jan 1, 2017 9030
Preoperative Chemotherapy for Gastric Cancer: Personal Interventions and Precision Medicine. Xu, Wei; Beeharry, Maneesh K.; Liu, Wentao; Yan, Min; Zhu, Zhenggang Report Jan 1, 2017 7813
Regulation of Human Cytochrome P4501A1 (hCYP1A1): A Plausible Target for Chemoprevention? Santes-Palacios, Rebeca; Ornelas-Ayala, Diego; Cabanas, Noel; Marroquin-Perez, Ana; Hernandez-Magana Report Jan 1, 2017 12397
Impact of Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy on Quality of Life and Symptoms in Patients with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Farinha, Hugo Teixeira; Grass, Fabian; Kefleyesus, Amaniel; Achtari, Chahin; Romain, Benoit; Montemu Report Jan 1, 2017 4232
Multimodal Approach of Pulmonary Artery Intimal Sarcoma: A Single-Institution Experience. Secondino, S.; Grazioli, V.; Valentino, F.; Pin, M.; Pagani, A.; Sciortino, A.; Klersy, C.; Callegar Jan 1, 2017 3614
Preclinical Evaluation and Monitoring of the Therapeutic Response of a Dual Targeted Hyaluronic Acid Nanodrug. Chen, Minglong; Zhang, Wenqi; Yuan, Kai; Bo, Mingxiang; Chen, Bin; Li, Lu; Ma, Qingjie; Zhu, Lei; Ga Report Jan 1, 2017 5440
Intranasal Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT) in a Male Dog and its Management. Joshi, Vivek; Alam, S.; Dimri, U. Report Jul 1, 2016 778
Assessing the Early Response of Advanced Cervical Cancer to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Using Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Pilot Study. Wang, Yan-Chun; Hu, Dao-Yu; Hu, Xue-Mei; Shen, Ya-Qi; Meng, Xiao-Yan; Tang, Hao; Li, Zhen Report Jun 1, 2016 4626
Prevalence, Water Borne Transmission and Chemotherapy of Cryptosporidiosis in Small Ruminants. Report Dec 31, 2015 4203
Ifosfamide, Cisplatin or Carboplatin, and Etoposide (ICE)-based Chemotherapy for Mobilization of Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cells in Patients with Lymphomas. Zhou, Ping; Liu, Peng; Zhou, Sheng-Yu; He, Xiao-Hui; Han, Xiao-Hong; Qin, Yan; Yang, Sheng; Zhang, C Report Sep 20, 2015 4408
Metronomic chemotherapy for myxosarcoma treatment in a kori bustard (Ardeotis kori). Sander, Samantha J.; Hope, Katharine L.; McNeill, Conor J.; Roberts, John F.; Boedeker, Nancy C.; Mu Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 3949
Salvage neck dissection for head and neck cancers & its complications. Govindaraj, E.; Rajashekar, S.B.; Reddy, P. Ravikumar; Fazal, Ur Rehman B.C. Report Aug 24, 2015 3017
The almost perfect chemotherapy. Houston, Reagan Aug 1, 2015 4929
The role of single instillation chemotherapy in patients who receive subsequent bacillus Calmette-Guerin: a retrospective single centre study, and systematic review of the literature. Matsumoto, Kazuhiro; Gondo, Tatsuo; Hayakawa, Nozomi; Maeda, Takahiro; Ninomiya, Akiharu; Nakamura, Report Jul 1, 2015 3935
A retrospective study of the efficacy of chemoirradiation in locally advanced urinary bladder cancer. Nehru, B.; Sankar, R. Bala Report Apr 2, 2015 2473
Over the last decade, multiple large prospective randomized trials have demonstrated significant clinical benefit of EGFR TKIs compared to cytotoxic chemotherapy in patients whose lung adenocarcinomas have sensitizing EGFR mutations. Sholl, Lynette M. Apr 1, 2015 419
Starvation based differential chemotherapy: a novel approach for cancer treatment. Naveed, Sidra; Aslam, Muhammad; Ahmad, Aftab Report Nov 1, 2014 5472
Anemia in cancer: assessment, management, and naturopathic considerations. Dunn, Stacy Report Aug 1, 2014 2261
Can cancer therapies meet emerging technologies to improve survival rates? The latest techniques offer potential to cut costs when pursuing promising candidates. Graham-King, Adele Jun 1, 2014 782
New nanoscale method to help in fight against cancer. Mar 2, 2014 270
New method promises longevity for cervical cancer sufferers. Feb 23, 2014 176
Dosing chemotherapy agents in hemodialysis--A focus on multiple myeloma. Runnels, Rachel; Cameron, Karen; Ng, Pamela; Battistella, Marisa Report Jan 1, 2014 3896
Intra-arterial chemotherapy with doxorubicin and cisplatin is effective for advanced hepatocellular cell carcinoma. Ma, Ming-Chun; Chen, Yen-Yang; Li, Shau-Hsuan; Cheng, Yu-Fan; Wang, Chih-Chi; Chiu, Tai-Jan; Pei, Su Report Jan 1, 2014 4972
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy with FOLFOX4 regimen to treat advanced gastric cancer improves survival without increasing adverse events: a retrospective cohort study from a Chinese center. Sun, Zhen; Zhu, Rui-Juan; Yang, Gui-Fang; Li, Yan Report Jan 1, 2014 5872
Intensity-modulated and image-guided radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer after preradiation chemotherapy. Sinn, M.; Ganeshan, R.; Graf, R.; Pelzer, U.; Stieler, J.M.; Striefler, J.K.; Bahra, M.; Wust, P.; R Report Jan 1, 2014 4344
Interval between intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy and surgery for locally advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma: impacts on effectiveness of chemotherapy and on overall survival. Wu, Chih-Fung; Lee, Chien-Hsing; Hsi, Edward; Chen, Chung-Ho; Tang, Jen- Yang Report Jan 1, 2014 3040
Targeting angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment in metastatic colorectal cancer: role of aflibercept. Giordano, Guido; Febbraro, Antonio; Venditti, Michele; Campidoglio, Serena; Olivieri, Nunzio; Raieta Report Jan 1, 2014 8558
Efficacy of adding bevacizumab in the first-line chemotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer: evidence from seven randomized clinical trials. Chen, Yan-xian; Yang, Qiong; Kuang, Jun-jie; Chen, Shi-yu; Wei, Ying; Jiang, Zhi-min; Xie, De-rong Report Jan 1, 2014 4828
Induction chemotherapy in technically unresectable locally advanced carcinoma of maxillary sinus. Noronha, Vanita; Patil, Vijay Maruti; Joshi, Amit; Krishna, Muddu Vamshi; Dhumal, Sachin; Juvekar, S Report Jan 1, 2014 3577
Antibiotics hinder chemotherapy. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Dec 28, 2013 157
A study of clinical presentation and management of abdominal tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospital. Krishnanand; Chanchlani, Roshan; Chanchlani, Madhu; Mahawar, Priyanka; Sinha, Umesh Clinical report Nov 18, 2013 2183
Aggressive desmoid fibromatosis: first case in a Rwandan child. Kanyamuhunga, A.; McCall, N.; Tuyisenge, L.; Mumena, C.; Stefan, D.C. Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1002
Mucinous breast cancer with solitary metastasis to humeral head: a case report. Alajmi, Adil Aljarrah; Hashmi, Maryam Al-; Malik, Kamran Ahmad; Sukhpal, Sawhney; Hussein, Samir; Ri Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1771
MammaPrint Pre-screen Algorithm (MPA) reduces chemotherapy in patients with early-stage breast cancer. Grant, K.A.; Apffelstaedt, J.P.; Wright, C.; Myburgh, E.; Pienaar, R.; de Klerk, M.; Kotze, M.J. Clinical report Aug 1, 2013 4372
Chemosensitivity testing: customizing cancer treatment. Budinger, Mary Aug 1, 2013 2287
Comparative evaluation of chemotherapeutics for ringworm management in Gir calves. Ghodasara, S.N.; Murthy, K.S.; Gajbhiye, P.U.; Savalia, K.B.; Ahlawat, A.R. Report Jul 1, 2013 1784
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour--revisited. Acharya, Aparana; Achayra, Anand Clinical report Mar 25, 2013 1119
New chemotherapy more selective. Feb 1, 2013 369
A common cancer therapy to avoid--and a new, effective solution. Jan 1, 2013 1190
Laparoendoscopic single-site ovariectomy: an indication of choice for ovarian cryopreservation. Dorez, Maxence; Delotte, Jerome; Thibault, Emmanuelle; Ciuca, Stefan; Mounier, Nicolas; Bongaina, An Case study Jan 1, 2013 1204
OMICS underpins novel clues on VDR chemoprevention target in breast cancer. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 180
FIGO IVB (Para-aortic lymph adenopathy) squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix associated with a left pelvic kidney: a therapeutic challenge. Ali, Nasir; Karsan, Farrok; Abbasi, Ahmed Nadeem; Khan, Zakaur Rehman Jun 30, 2012 1127
Aloe may boost the efficacy of chemotherapy. Pryce, A. Report Jun 1, 2012 179
Consolidative high-dose chemotherapy after conventional-dose chemotherapy as first salvage treatment for male patients with metastatic germ cell tumours. Beausoleil, Michel; Ernst, D. Scott; Stitt, Larry; Winquist, Eric Report Apr 1, 2012 3536
Is high-dose chemotherapy superior to conventional chemotherapy as first salvage treatment for patients with metastatic germ cell tumors? Bachir, Bassel G.; Kassouf, Wassim Report Apr 1, 2012 1485
War on cancer. Moss, Ralph Apr 1, 2012 2168
Acupuncture and TCM. Report Mar 1, 2012 801
Recurrent Partial Hydatidiform Mole. Report Oct 31, 2011 1092
Cancer and medical politics. Houston, Reagan Aug 1, 2011 3104
Camptothecins and their novel anticancer properties evaluated by using pass method. Behrangi, N.; Hashemi, M.; Doustar, Y.; Borna H. Report Aug 1, 2011 2184
Five years of transcriptional profiling of breast tumours in a South African cohort. Apffelstaedt, J.; Kotze, M. Report Apr 1, 2011 259
New technique to help men become fathers post chemotherapy. Mar 16, 2011 300
Postoperative chemotherapy may help lung cancer. Deborah McBride Brief article Mar 1, 2011 202
How much time do nurses need to give chemotherapy? As seen in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. Becze, Elisa Jan 1, 2011 960
Townsend's New York observer: field notes from the cancer wars: the war against nutrients and natural products - part 1. Cohen, Marcus A. Column Nov 1, 2010 2206
Oncology for geriatric patients comes of age: more cancer therapies and greater diversity among the elderly complicate treatment decisions. Wachter, Kerri Sep 15, 2010 1583
Experimental chemotherapy with Allium sativum (Liliaceae) methanolic extract in rodents infected with Leishmania major and Leishmania donovani. Wabwoba, Byrum W.; Anjili, Christopher O.; Ngeiywa, Moses M.; Ngure, Peter K.; Kigondu, Elizabeth M. Report Sep 1, 2010 3515
Testicular cancer: management challenges in an African developing country. Ugwumba, F.O.; Aghaji, A.E. Report Jul 1, 2010 2685
Disseminated plasmacytoma of the thyroid. Park, Brian J.; Kalish, Randy J.; Vercillo, Arthur P. Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 1318
Variation of monosomy 3 status within uveal melanoma. Schoenfield, Lynn; Pettay, James; Tubbs, Raymond R.; Singh, Arun D. Report Aug 1, 2009 2542
Primary intraocular lymphoma. Faia, Lisa J.; Chan, Chi-Chao Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2009 3148
New technique holds promise for quickly measuring chemo effectiveness. Apr 22, 2009 396
Increasing the sensitivity of advanced stage of prostate cancer to chemotherapeutic drugs-induced apoptosis by targeting miR-205 and miR-31. Bhatnagar, Namrata; Li, Xia; Guo, Bin Abstract Apr 1, 2009 290
Cytotoxic therapies to feel the sting of generics: cytotoxic therapy, or chemotherapy as it is commonly known, has been the cornerstone of cancer treatment for many years and involves the use of drugs that are toxic to all cells--including those that are perfectly healthy. While relatively effective, this leads to the unpleasant side-effects commonly associated with cytotoxic treatment, such as vomiting, nausea, alopecia and fatigue. Dick, Matthew Mar 1, 2009 790
The Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury. Report Mar 1, 2009 764
New ways to care for people living lager with cancer: as survival rates climb for chronic forms of the disease, hospitals strive to make the experience easier on patients. Thrall, Terese Hudson Jan 1, 2009 2084
Current issues in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Heinemann, Volker Dec 1, 2008 3038
You can make your chemotherapy safer and more effective. Oct 1, 2008 984
Education is similar to that for IV chemotherapy. Jones, Debra A. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 133
Chemotherapy has improved long-term survival in breast cancer. Thompson, June Brief article Feb 1, 2008 108
Chemotherapy improves lung cancer patients' survival. Report Sep 22, 2007 270
Drug combo improves outcome in head, neck ca. Lowry, Fran Sep 1, 2006 638
HERA trial shows better overall survival with trastuzumab. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Aug 1, 2006 820
The abuse of alternative medicine? Sep 1, 2003 1565
Natural product inhibitors of ovarian neoplasia. (Review). Silva, J.S.; Moura, M.D.; Oliveira, R.A.G.; Diniz, M.F.F.; Barbosa-Filho, J.M. Mar 1, 2003 6499
Liver Ca survival benefit. (Clinical Capsules). Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 145
Blood-brain barrier disruption for the treatment of malignant brain tumors: the national program. Doolittle, Nancy D.; Petrillo, Annie; Bell, Susan; Cummings, Pamela; Eriksen, Sharon Apr 1, 1998 6203

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