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The Effect of Web-based Diabetes Education on the Metabolic Control, Self-efficacy and Quality of Life of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Turkey. Ayar, Dijle; Ozturk, Candan; Grey, Margaret Report Jun 1, 2021 5531
Effectiveness of an Integrated Education for Self-Management in Stroke Rehabilitation in North-east Nigeria: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Gamawa, Adamu Usman; Lawal, Isa Usman; Salihu, Abubakar Tijjani; Bello, Umar Muhammad; Chutiyami, Mu Report Mar 31, 2021 3626
Creating patient-centered radiology reports to empower patients undergoing prostate magnetic resonance imaging. Perlis, Nathan; Finelli, Antonio; Lovas, Mike; Berlin, Alejandro; Papadakos, Janet; Ghai, Sangeet; B Mar 2, 2021 4066
Health Literacy. Bryant, Summer Mar 1, 2021 1294
Nurses' Role in Improving Outcomes for Self-Management Principles Among Patients with Heart Failure. Kuchenrither, Christine Report Mar 1, 2021 3570
A Replication Study of Fall TIPS (Tailoring Interventions for Patient Safety): A Patient-Centered Fall Prevention Toolkit. Fowler, Susan B.; Reising, Ellen S. Report Jan 1, 2021 4127
A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Oxygen Therapy Adherence in Patients Newly Prescribed Oxygen at Discharge. Henrichs, Kelly A.; Makic, Mary Beth Flynn Report Jan 1, 2021 2871
Surgical Informed Consent: Utilizing a Formal Process as a Valuable Patient Education Tool. Arshad, Muhammad Asharib; Ali, Syed Muhammad Hammad; Majzoub, Ahmad Report Dec 31, 2020 956
Best Practice Implementation of Skin Cancer Guidelines on the EMR to Educate Patients. Siegel, Victoria; Siegel, Leeann; Eckardt, Sara Ann; Eckardt, Patricia; Ditzel, Kristin Report Nov 1, 2020 2353
Techniques for Self-Cannulation. Mott, Stuart; Schatell, Dori; Patterson, Patricia Sep 1, 2020 2364
Auxiliary Medical Decision System for Prostate Cancer Based on Ensemble Method. Wu, Jia; Zhuang, Qinghe; Tan, Yanlin Jun 30, 2020 6378
A Comparison of the Incidences of Venous Thromboembolism after Total Hip Arthroplasty between the Direct Anterior Approach and the Direct Lateral Approach, Especially in the Early Period after Introduction of the Direct Anterior Approach. Kawano, Tetsuya; Kijima, Hiroaki; Yamada, Shin; Konishi, Natsuo; Kubota, Hitoshi; Tazawa, Hiroshi; T Jun 30, 2020 2490
Decreased fetal movement: A time for education. Florescue, Heather May 1, 2020 1206
A Feasibility Study for Teaching Older Kidney Transplant Recipients How to Wear and Use an Activity Tracker to Promote Daily Physical Activity. O'Brien, Tara; Meyer, Tess Report Jan 1, 2020 4129
Eccentric viewing: This article outlines a step-by-step process to teach patients with macular disease how to make the most of their vision by using eccentric viewing techniques. Kumar, Narendra Sep 1, 2019 2740
Effective Teaching for Newly Diagnosed Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Olson, Cynthia; Rosenberg, Stacey L. Report Sep 1, 2019 1970
Improving Asthma Control in Children Using the Teach-To-Goal Method. Root, Jodi; Small, Leigh Sep 1, 2019 4278
Examine the Availability and Safety of Mucosal Cutting Biopsy Technique for Diagnosis of Gastric Submucosal Tumor. Mizukami, Kazuhiro; Matsunari, Osamu; Ogawa, Ryo; Hirashita, Yuka; Okamoto, Kazuhisa; Fukuda, Kensuk May 31, 2019 3381
Factors Associated with Poor Eye Drop Administration Technique and the Role of Patient Education among Hong Kong Elderly Population. Choy, Bonnie Nga Kwan; Zhu, Ming Ming; Pang, Jason Chun Sum; Chan, Jonathan Cheuk Hung; Ng, Alex Lap Apr 30, 2019 3436
EMPOWERING PATIENTS. Simington, Mai Re O. Mar 22, 2019 537
Knowledge is best medicine; Should doctors stop taking the'one size fits all'approach to medicine, and start teaching patients how to better assess the options available? BEN O'CONNELL reports. Nov 2, 2018 1379
Don't underestimate the importance of patient counseling. Nov 1, 2018 401
The Art of Patient Education. Blevins, Sonya Report Nov 1, 2018 1345
Advance Care Planning and Chronic Kidney Disease: What Do Patients Know and What Do They Want? Phillips, Catherine R.; MacNab, Corinne J.; Loewen, Lisa M. Report Nov 1, 2018 7063
Sickle Cell Disease Awareness: Are You at Risk?. Oct 1, 2018 782
A population-based study examining the influence of a specialized rapid-access cancer clinic on initial treatment choice in localized prostate cancer. Vos, Larissa J.; Ho, Clement K.; Donnelly, Bryan J.; Reuther, J. Dean; Kerba, Marc Report Jul 1, 2018 2984
Cross-sectional study evaluating the patterns of queries received by a newly established drug and poison information center in a tertiary care hospital. Ramakrishnappa, Suresha K.; Bandi, Sudhakar V. Report Jun 1, 2018 3030
Evaluation of Hygiene, Attitude, and Habits on The Removable Dentures in a Group of Patients/Bir Grup Hastanin Hareketli Protez Ile Ilgili Hijyen, Tutum ve Aliskanliklarinin Degerlendirilmesi. Gumusok, Mustafa; Simsek, Emine; Erdem, Murat; Demirag, Suleyman; Karabey, Ugur Jun 1, 2018 3523
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Web-based Intervention for Patients with Breast Cancer. Ozkan, Birgul; Eskiyurt, Reyhan; Oztas, Dilek Report Jun 1, 2018 4099
Development of an Epilepsy Nursing Communication Tool: Improving the Quality of Interactions Between Nurses and Patients With Seizures. Buelow, Janice; Miller, Wendy; Fishman, Jesse Report Apr 1, 2018 3621
Patient Education in the Medical Setting. Sesser, Janet R. Report Apr 1, 2018 2639
A Call for an Educational Intervention Tool to Guide Selection of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients. Shamsuddin, Noorasyikin; Gnanasan, Shubashini; Karuppannan, Mahmathi; Farooqui, Maryam Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2018 754
HMC staff educatevisitors on ways to reduce salt intake. Mar 24, 2018 370
Effective Patient Education: Evidence and Common Sense. Flanders, Sonya A. Report Jan 1, 2018 3370
Computerized versus hand-scored health literacy tools: a comparison of Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG) and Flesch-Kincaid in printed patient education materials. Grabeel, Kelsey Leonard; Russomanno, Jennifer; Oelschlegel, Sandy; Tester, Emily; Heidel, Robert Eri Report Jan 1, 2018 4072
TEENS NEED 'THE TALK': Describe normal menses so they know when it's abnormal. Haelle, Tara Dec 1, 2017 1364
A Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program for In-Center Hemodialysis: A Patient-Centered Quality Improvement Program. Russell, Jennifer St. Clair; Southerland, Shiree; Huff, Edwin D.; Thomson, Maria; Meyer, Klemens B.; Nov 1, 2017 6489
Experiences of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Their Family Members in an Advanced Practice Nurse-Led Counseling Service. Zala, Patrizia; Arampatzis, Spyridon; Rutti, Gisela; Spichiger, Elisabeth Nov 1, 2017 7023
Understanding Vaccine Refusal. Dredze, Mark; Broniatowski, David Nov 1, 2017 1004
Use of a Patient-Specific Outcome Measure and a Movement Classification System to Guide Nonsurgical Management of a Circus Performer with Low Back Pain: A Case Report. Chimenti, Ruth L.; Van Dillen, Linda R.; Khoo-Summers, Lynnette Clinical report Oct 1, 2017 5144
A Survey On Medical Image Protection Using Various Steganography Techniques. Santhi, G.; Adithya, B. Report Oct 1, 2017 2692
Pre-dialysis education for patients with chronic kidney disease. Stephenson, Matthew D; Bradshaw, Wendi Report Jul 1, 2017 3682
Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of an Exercise-Based Patient Education Programme in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Study. Lutz, Christina; Kersten, Stephanie; Haas, Christian T. Report Jan 1, 2017 9992
Readability and Suitability of COPD Consumer Information. Fullmann, Kathryn; Blackburn, David F.; Fenton, Mark E.; Mansell, Holly Report Jan 1, 2017 5132
Role of Adult Asthma Education in Improving Asthma Control and Reducing Emergency Room Utilization and Hospital Admissions in an Inner City Hospital. Mishra, Rashmi; Kashif, Muhammad; Venkatram, Sindhaghatta; George, Teresa; Luo, Kristina; Diaz-Fuent Report Jan 1, 2017 3908
An initiative to improve patient education by clinical nurses. Sherman, Jessica R. Report Sep 1, 2016 2819
Provider documentation of patient education: a lean investigation. Shipman, Jean P.; Lake, Erica W.; Van Der Volgen, Jessica; Doman, Darrin Case study Apr 1, 2016 2712
Pre-operative education classes prior to robotic prostatectomy benefit both patients and clinicians. Collin, Carrie; Bellas, Nicholas; Haddock, Peter; Wagner, Joseph Report Nov 1, 2015 2472
An educational approach for "non-compliant" patients. Whittaker, Geraldine S. Report Sep 22, 2015 3832
Have we done enough to educate patients about e-cigarettes? Srinivasan, Kavitha; Smith, Lee; Enja, Manasa; Lippmann, Steven Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2015 367
Informed patient choice in treatment abroad--a response to recent commentaries. Kovacs, Eszter; Szocska, Gabor Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2015 1172
A personalized approach to deliver health care information to diabetic patients in community care clinics. Koonce, Taneya Y.; Giuse, Nunzia B.; Kusnoor, Sheila V.; Hurley, Suzanne; Ye, Fei Report Jul 1, 2015 5352
Patient education and non-pharmacological interventions are important part of treatment in osteoarthritis-Hans Rasker. Jun 15, 2015 1095
Development and evaluation of information resources for patients, families, and healthcare providers addressing behavioral and cognitive sequelae among adults with a primary brain tumor. Wright, Kylie M.; Simpson, Grahame K.; Koh, Eng-Siew; Whiting, Diane L.; Gillett, Lauren; Simpson, T Report Jun 1, 2015 6830
Modeling the effects of melanoma education on visual detection: a gradient shift analysis. Miller, Jonathan R.; Reed, Derek D.; Critchfield, Thomas S. Clinical report Jun 1, 2015 8012
Ramadan focused diabetes education; a much needed approach. Hassanein, Mohamed Report May 31, 2015 1922
Underlying mechanisms and optimal treatment for interstitial cystitis: a brief overview. Martin, Evelyn; Sheaves, Crystal; Childers, Kristina Report May 1, 2015 3649
Educate patients about proper disposal of unused Rx medications--for their safety. Gandhi, Tanuja; Best, Kimberly Apr 1, 2015 1030
10 Triggers of inflammation to be avoided, to reduce the risk of depression: educating our patients about adopting a healthy lifestyle--not smoking, exercising, eating wisely, and so on--might lower their risk of psychiatric relapse. Nasrallah, Henry A. Mar 1, 2015 1215
Teaching patients with hearing loss. Blevins, Sonya Mar 1, 2015 936
Symbols on drugs improve adherence. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Aug 1, 2014 123
The birth experience: learning through clinical simulation. Ferguson, Teresa D.; Howell, Teresa L.; Parsons, Lynn C. Report Jul 1, 2014 3783
Physicians' attitudes toward discussing motor vehicle safety with their patients. Domigan, Juliane; Glassman, Tavis; Mulrow, Patrick; Reindl, Diana; Diehr, Aaron Report Jun 22, 2014 5385
Teach to inspire. McClelland, Molly Editorial Jan 1, 2014 455
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: the case for improving patient education in primary care: this study reveals that something as simple as knowing when to take GERD medication is compromised when physicians don't spend enough time talking to patients. Khan, Naser; Bukhari, Sarosh; Lakha, Asif; Qazi, Baseer; Davis, Nancy; Shapiro, Alan B.; Kavin, Hymi Report Dec 1, 2013 2597
Teach-back for quality education and patient safety. Tamura-Lis, Winifred Report Nov 1, 2013 3844
Survivorship health information counseling for patients with prostate cancer. Colella, Joan; Gejerman, Glen Report Nov 1, 2013 4888
Effects of urinary catheter education for patients undergoing prostatectomy. Inman, Diane M.; Jacobson, Therese M.; Maxson, Pamela M.; Wang, Huey; Lohse, Christine M. Report Nov 1, 2013 7011
HHS aims to ease patient consent of e-data sharing. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Oct 15, 2013 124
Using evidence to improve satisfaction with medication side-effects education on a neuro-medical surgical unit. Ahrens, Susan L.; Wirges, Ashley M. Report Oct 1, 2013 4850
Validation of the urostomy education scale: the European experience. Jensen, Bente Thoft; de Blok, W.; Kiesbye, Befit; Kristensen, Susanne A. Report Sep 1, 2013 6437
Adding to the evidence base: validation of the urostomy education scale: the European experience. Sublett, Cynthia M. Critical essay Sep 1, 2013 1564
A lifetime of well skin care: practical recommendations for clinicians and patients. McLeod, Renee P.; Elias, Peter M.; Eichenfield, Lawrence F.; Fowler, Joseph F., Jr.; Horowitz, Paul Aug 1, 2013 1929
How do anaesthetists in New Zealand disseminate critical airway information? Baker, P.A.; Moore, C.L.; Hopley, L.; Herzer, K.R.; Mark, L.J. Report May 1, 2013 4824
Is there an effective way to prescribe a home-based exercise program in patients with knee osteoarthritis? A randomized controlled study/Diz osteoartriti olan hastalarda ev egzersiz programi onermenin etkili bir yolu var midir? Randomize kontrollu bir calisma. Ay, Saime; Dogan, Sebnem Koldas; Evcik, Deniz Report Mar 1, 2013 4638
Culturally tailored education for African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Carter, Berkley M.; Barba, Beth; Kautz, Donald D. Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 3484
The experience and self-management of fatigue in patients on hemodialysis. Horigan, Ann E.; Schneider, Susan M.; Docherty, Sharron; Barroso, Julie Report Mar 1, 2013 8006
Effects of a self-management skills-acquisition program on pre-dialysis patients with diabetic nephropathy. Kazawa, Kana; Moriyama, Michiko Report Mar 1, 2013 5481
Partners in care: patient empowerment through shared decision-making. Hain, Debra J.; Sandy, Dianne Report Mar 1, 2013 3783
Patient education of children and their families: nurses' experiences. Kelo, Marjatta; Martikainen, Marja; Eriksson, Elina Report Mar 1, 2013 6752
OMM clinic offers treatment to patients while teaching students techniques. Report Jan 1, 2013 370
Who should be teaching patients to self-cannulate? Ball, Lynda K. Report Jan 1, 2013 1813
First exposure to home therapy options--where, when, and how. Czajkowski, Thomas; Pienkos, Shaun; Schiller, Brigitte; Doss-McQuitty, Sheila Report Jan 1, 2013 3700
Ambulatory orthopaedic surgery patients' emotions when using two different patient education methods. Heikkinen, Katja; Salantera, Sanna; Leppanen, Tiina; Vahlberg, Tero; Leino-Kilpi, Helena Report Jul 1, 2012 5512
Why should complementary and alternative medicine matter to you? Roman, Amber Jul 1, 2012 760
Emergency department recalculating labor & delivery: delivering education utilizing adult learning with a blend of teaching strategies. Febbraro, Jayne; Arnold, Deborah S. Report Jul 1, 2012 2262
Ambivalent lived experiences and instruction need of patients in the early period after kidney transplantation: a phenomenological study. Wiederhold, Dietmar; Langer, Gero; Landenberger, Margarete Report Sep 1, 2011 4634
New guide helps patients take care of themselves after hospital discharge. Brief article May 1, 2011 149
The legacy continues. Kessinger, A.Jay, IV Dec 1, 2010 590
Diabetes education is cost-effective. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 192
Lancement d'un programme d'adhesion pour les receveurs de rein et les aidants. Pizzuto, Daniela Oct 1, 2010 447
Assessing psychological readiness for learning about breastfeeding in mothers of NICU infants: a guide for postpartum nurses. Hadsell, Christine A. Sep 22, 2010 3219
CE activity: assessing psychological readiness for learning about breastfeeding in mothers of NICU Infants: a guide for postpartum nurses. Sep 22, 2010 321
Diabetes education cuts hospitalizations. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 15, 2010 787
Teen with a Genital Lesion. Campbell, Donna Case study Sep 1, 2010 851
Cardiac nurses give smokefree story to patients: nurses at Auckland City Hospital's cardiac care unit have embedded the stop smoking message into their daily patient care. Passera, Anna Jul 1, 2010 958
Effet d'un programme de gestion de la fatigue aupres des personnes hemodialysees. Merlin, Marjolaine Dionne; Gallant, Gemma Report Jul 1, 2010 4678
Wait watchers; Smart organizations are demonstrating that white they can't erase ED wait times, they can leverage technology to keep patients better informed. Gamble, Kate Huvane Apr 1, 2010 1404
Linking clinic patients to internet-based, condition-specific information prescriptions. Coberly, Emily; Boren, Suzanne Austin; Davis, J. Wade; McConnell, Amanda L.; Chitima-Matsiga, Rebecc Brief article Apr 1, 2010 2865
Admission control: when H1N1 hit, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta answered back with a multi-pronged plan designed to educate patients and keep staff informed. Gamble, Kate Huvane Mar 1, 2010 2419
Improving patient understanding of phosphate binders: a bony challenge. Miguel, Susana San; Curtale, Mirella; Knagge, Deborah; Nhan, Chi; Chow, Josephine Report Nov 1, 2009 4150
An implementation pathway for matching education material with the literacy level of dialysis patients. Owen, Julie E.; Kohne, Jacinda; Douglas, Lee; Hewitson, Tim D.; Baldwin, Rachael Report Nov 1, 2009 2805
Language barriers hinder diabetes prevention: diabetes is a particular problem among South Asians living in New Zealand. Prevention programmes must be culturally appropriate and a first step would be to ensure diabetes resources are available in the languages of South Asian communities. Kaur, Sharnjit Nov 1, 2009 2510
Strategies for managing diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease. Szromba, Charlotte Sep 1, 2009 2255
Experience critical for ICD or pacemaker lead extraction: the procedure is becoming more common, but you should carefully weigh all considerations before deciding about ICD lead extraction. Sep 1, 2009 657
Patient education and monitoring recommendations for the use of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. Haines, Stuart T. Sep 1, 2009 3537
Educate your patients, you may save their life. Levinson, Howard Jun 1, 2009 537
Patient questions about transplantation: a resource guide. Neyhart, Clara D. Report May 1, 2009 4922
Using 'tandem hand' technique to facilitate self-cannulation in hemodialysis. Mott, Stuart; Moore, Harold Report May 1, 2009 3108
The timeless message of silence. Carswell, Susie M. May 1, 2009 1258
Medical treatment in patients with osteoporotic hip fracture/osteoporotik kalca kirikli hastada medical tedavi. Kirazli, Yesim Report Apr 1, 2009 4203
Postoperative rehabilitation in patients with hip fracture/kalca kirikli hastalarda cerrahi sonrasi rehabilitasyon. Sindel, Dilsad Report Apr 1, 2009 5620
Sexual health and health promotion for people living with HIV. O'Neill, Sinead Mar 22, 2009 2228
Emergence of e-learning. McKeough, Zoe J. Mar 1, 2009 618
Cancer: telling the children: early years consultant Sandy Green explains how she told her grandchildren that she had cancer, and healthcare professionals advise on how best to tell children when a loved one has a serious or life-threatening illness. Ly, Kin Jan 1, 2009 1541
Health literacy: the newest vital sign. Reeves, Kathleen Oct 1, 2008 1039
Patient education documentation: is it being done? Cook, Linda; Castrogiovanni, Andrea; David, Diane; Stephenson, D.W.; Dickson, Michele; Smith, Delore Report Oct 1, 2008 3610
Patient handoff forms and pill cards can save lives. Jones, Wanda Aug 1, 2008 1089
Optimizing dialysis modality choices around the world: a review of literature concerning the role of enhanced early pre-ESRD education in choice of renal replacement therapy modality. Key, Sharon M. Report Jul 1, 2008 6296
Education of patients pre and post-transplant: improving outcomes by overcoming the barriers. Neyhart, Clara D. Jul 1, 2008 1101
Degree will teach staff how to prevent violence; HEALTH University offers degree to cope with aggression from patients and families. Jun 2, 2008 566
Using technology to support the CLAS Standards. Cassey, Margaret Z. Mar 1, 2008 1191
What physicians want from their patients: identifying what makes good patient communication. Talen, Mary R.; Grampp, Kate; Tucker, Angela; Schultz, Janet Mar 1, 2008 4475
The economics of standardized patient education materials with veteran patients. Goudreau, Kelly A.; Gieselman, Jan; Sutterer, Wanda; Tarvin, Leslie; Toothaker, Anne W.; Stell, S. R Mar 1, 2008 4674
Information for patients. Ransome, Olliver Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2007 243
Maintenance of warfarin therapy at an anticoagulation clinic. Jacobson, B.F.; Schapkaitz, E.; Haas, S.; Dalby, T.Mer, M.; Patel, M.; Middlemost, S.; Munster, M.; Report Dec 1, 2007 3839
Patient education and exercise in cardiac rehabilitation / Kardiyak rehabilitasyonda hasta egitimi ve egzersiz. Uzum, Mehmet Report Sep 1, 2007 5106
AHA spearheads STEMI response initiative; 'Mission: lifeline' aims to improve public education and develop treatment and accountability protocols. Sullivan, Michele G. Jul 15, 2007 1010
Building a case for using technology: health literacy and patient education. Cassey, Margaret Z. May 1, 2007 1891
Evaluating satisfaction with patient education material: as part of an ongoing quality improvement initiative, this study investigated the satisfaction of radiation therapy patients and health care professionals who help educate patients with the content, delivery and timing of an in-house patient education publication. Rowe, Lori; Kind, Anneke L.; Brandel, Michelle; Pocha, Joyce Table Mar 22, 2007 7569
Combat recurrent Staph with patient education: parents should check their children closely, because infections are often in places covered by clothing. Kirn, Timothy F. Sep 15, 2006 594
Nurses train local residents of poor communities to provide urgent and preventive care. Sep 1, 2006 342
Fat simple--a nursing tool for client education. Janssen, Jo Clinical report Jul 1, 2006 5106
Doctors need to educate patients on proper disposal of old drugs. Wendling, Patrice Brief Article Feb 15, 2006 236
Training a patient with visual impairment on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Wright, Linda S. Nov 1, 2005 894
Stress management skills help with chronic ills: patients with heart disease, diabetes might do better physically and mentally after coping skills training. Tucker, Miriam E. Oct 1, 2005 1168
Overcoming barriers to HPV vaccine acceptance. Mayeaux, Edward J., Jr. Jul 15, 2005 3926
Giving hope through information. Nelson, Michelle Jul 1, 2005 610
Promote healthy behavior with FRAMES technique. Splete, Heidi May 1, 2005 881
Creative ideas can maximize patient education. Scheck, Anne Feb 1, 2005 708
Cardiovascular risk profiles improve statin compliance for diabetic patients. McNamara, Damian Jan 1, 2005 466
Practices for preparing children for clinical examinations and procedures in Swedish pediatric wards. Mansson, Marie Edwinson; Dykes, Anna-Karin May 1, 2004 5358
Word power: handouts may spur interest in prostate screen: patients with low health literacy. Walsh, Nancy Apr 1, 2004 711
Informed consumers are the best Rx customers. Feb 16, 2004 422
Educate moms on breast-feeding preterm infants: promotional strategies. Boschert, Sherry Dec 1, 2003 682
Oncology stars. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 163
Patient Report Call-Back Sheets. Isenberg, Steven F. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 261
Educational interventions improve outcomes for children with asthma. Richardson, Caroline R. Oct 1, 2003 712
Waiting room can keep asthma patients informed: disease education. DeMott, Kathryn Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 246
Simple concept helps explain WHI to patients: focus on attributable risk. Johnson, Kate Oct 1, 2003 602
Up to 25% of women smoke during pregnancy: support groups boost cessation odds. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2003 547
Patient education succeeds even in diabetes capital of the U.S.: early insulin therapy essential. Goldman, Erik L. Sep 1, 2003 726
Classes most effective at boosting breast-feeding: USPSTF report. Kirn, Timothy F. Sep 1, 2003 560
Diabetes education: teach heart health: emphasize cardiac risks. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 151
Have new asthma patients read up in waiting room. (More Productive Visits). Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 272
Patient resources for handheld computers. (Digital Assistance). McLeod, Thomas G.; Ebbert, Jon O. Jun 1, 2003 607
Watch for poor literacy in parents, adjust your info delivery. (Experts Urge Using 'Plain Language'). Silverman, Jennifer Jun 1, 2003 811
Physicians on the lookout for SARS: many taking extra precautions. Silverman, Jennifer May 15, 2003 803
Program uses photos to bridge language and culture gaps. (Pregnant Hispanic Women). Perlstein, Steve May 1, 2003 614
Patient education aids melanoma follow-up care. (Liver Tests no Longer Popular). Kirn, Timothy F. Apr 1, 2003 533
Smallpox plan relies on PCPs to educate patients: certain medical professionals could receive vaccine as early as this month. (Information at Tucker, Miriam E. Jan 1, 2003 849
System reminds family practice residents to teach patients. (Small Sticker, Big Impact). Sullivan, Michele G. Jan 1, 2003 509
Information for patients *: what you should know about constipation. Jun 1, 2002 757
Low health literacy: what do your patients really understand? (Patient Safety). Schwartzberg, Joanne G. May 1, 2002 2480
Dental exam for pediatricians: Will you pass? (The Questions Parents will Ask). Franklin, Deeanna Mar 1, 2002 1306
Education Crucial for Violent Children, Families. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE Jun 1, 2001 550
Take Time to Prepare Children for Foreign Travel. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Calendar Feb 15, 2001 600
Right Advice for Parents Can Reduce SIDS Risk. WORCESTER, SHARON Feb 15, 2001 874
Teach Parents About SIDS Prevention by Example. Yasgur, Batya Swift Feb 15, 2001 220
Monitor Adolescents for Signs of Stimulant Abuse. Yasgur, Batya Swift Feb 15, 2001 233
Delay in Seeking MI Care. Oct 15, 2000 154
Benefiting from VDV. Gilman, Rick Oct 1, 2000 1280
Physician Brothers Rap to Reach Teens. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article Sep 15, 2000 1079
If You Have Taught- Have the Child and Family Learned? Woodring, Barbara C. Sep 1, 2000 3426
Caring for Patients With Coloanal Reservoirs For Rectal Cancer. Young, Mickey Aug 1, 2000 3232
Medical Informatics for Consumers. Baughman, William Jul 1, 2000 1343
Research & Education. KELLEY, MELINDA Jun 1, 2000 1412
IMPROVING PATIENT LITERACY. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article Apr 15, 2000 106
The Physician's Role in Educating Patients. TERRY, PAUL E.; HEALEY, MARGARET L. Apr 1, 2000 3578
The Organization and Distribution of Patient Education Materials in Family Medicine Practices. MCVEA, KRISTINE L.S.P.; VENUGOPAL, MEENA; CRABTREE, BENJAMIN F.; AITA, VIRGINIA Apr 1, 2000 5837
Patient Education in Our Offices. STREIFFER, RICHARD H.; NAGLE, JOHN P. Apr 1, 2000 1296
Is That Your Final Answer? EN's Quiz Tests Your Nutrition Smarts. Golub, Catherine Mar 1, 2000 1015
20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors. Pamphlet Feb 1, 2000 1413
NOW YOU HAVE A DIAGNOSIS: WHAT'S NEXT? Pamphlet Feb 1, 2000 2851
Counsel Patients on Both CVS Procedures, Discomfort Levels. JOHNSON, KATE Brief Article Jan 15, 2000 425
The Importance of Proper Preparation for Colonoscopy. Sep 1, 1999 245
Disclosing Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in the Medical Encounter A Qualitative Study in Women with Breast Cancer. Adler, Shelley R.; Fosket, Jennifer R. Jun 1, 1999 5113
Testing Yourself for HIV-1, the Virus that Causes AIDS. Pamphlet May 6, 1999 1846
Total Joint Project: Acute Care to Home Care. Matula, Patricia A.; Shollenberger, Daniele Apr 1, 1999 2082
Fibromyalgia and its primary care implications. Gordon, Stacey; Morrison, Candis Aug 1, 1998 5007
Health professionals as patient educators. Cross, Deanna S.; Rodgers, Anne T.; Tilson, Elwin R.; Tanenbaum, Barbara G. Jul 1, 1998 2093
Teaching and communication strategies: working with the hospitalized adolescent with pelvic inflammatory disease. Bob, Pamela S. Schubert; Famolare, Nancy E. Jan 1, 1998 2714
A creative approach to documenting patient education. Begay, Teri Lee Roster Nov 1, 1997 2015
Organization and development of a pediatric end stage renal disease teaching protocol for peritoneal dialysis. Ribby, Kevin J.; Cox, Karen R. Jul 1, 1997 2846
The ten biggest myths about MS. Hendley, Joyce Jun 22, 1997 1993
Defining educational settings to improve client health teaching. O'Halloran, Virginia E. Jun 1, 1997 5816
Influence of written information on patient's knowledge of their diagnosis. Patterson, Chris; Teale, Charlie Jan 1, 1997 1152
Effectiveness of breast self-examination prompts on oral contraceptive packaging. Ferris, Daron G.; Golden, Neville H.; Petry, L. Jeannine; Litaker, Mark S.; Nackenson, Marcia; Woodw Jan 1, 1996 3554
Health education and patient satisfaction. Schauffler, Helen Halpin; Rodriguez, Tracy; Milstein, Arnold Jan 1, 1996 4822
Impact of environmental patient education on preventive medicine practices. Mead, Veronique P.; Rhyne, Robert L.; Wiese, William H.; Lambert, Lori; Skipper, Betty Apr 1, 1995 5320
Be informed: questions to ask your doctor before you have surgery. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1995 2368
The Put Prevention Into Practice Campaign: office tools and beyond. Dickey, Larry L.; Kamerow, Douglas B. Oct 1, 1994 1970
Making the most of a mammogram. Sep 1, 1994 584
Getting the message. Feb 1, 1994 188
Easing the sting of chemotherapy. Apr 15, 1989 240
Do you see yourself in this picture? Pokoluk, Roseann Jan 1, 1989 661

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