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Patient safety monitoring in international laboratories. Report Feb 1, 2021 3463
Effect of Supine and Prone Flexion Positions on Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, and Pain Score of Preterm Infants. Caglayan, Sabiha; Gozen, Duygu Report Jan 19, 2021 4601
Pakistani Student Nurses' perceptions of their hospital's health professionals' attitudes and suggested ways to improve patient care- An untainted view. Report Jan 15, 2021 440
How lab diagnostics can support COVID-19 patient management. Jones, Justin E. Medical procedure overview Jan 1, 2021 2624
Pakistani Student Nurses' perceptions of their hospital's health professionals' attitudes and suggested ways to improve patient care - An untainted view. Sachal Aqeel Safdar, Humaira Zafar, Jawwad Ahmad, Rashid Qayyum, Sajid Naseem and Chaudhry Aqeel Saf Dec 31, 2020 4848
The Why and How to Write a Quality Improvement Manuscript. Roberts-Turner, Renee Report Nov 1, 2020 2765
PATIENT SAFETY LEADERSHIP WALK ROUNDS: LESSONS LEARNED FROM A MIXED-METHODS EVALUATION. Wynne-Jones, Jacqui; Martin-Babin, Margot; Hayward, Brooke; Villa, Luis Nov 1, 2020 7133
Plunging Into the Future, Strategically: What Leadership Looks Like Now: Industry leaders and observers all agree: the traditional methods of leading patient care organizations are going to need to fall by the wayside in order for U.S. healthcare to move forward into the future. Hagland, Mark Cover story Nov 1, 2020 3363
Providing safe virtual health care: Nurses must be fully aware of how to maintain patient safety and confidentiality when providing health care via a virtual platform. Lambe, Catherine Oct 1, 2020 778
How this pandemic impacts healthcare. Salvana, Edsel Maurice Jun 30, 2020 942
How can students manage nurses' disrespectful patient commentaries? Nursing students struggling to speak out against unethical behaviours on placement can get help from employers and model respectful care to their supervisors, says a group of University of Auckland nursing students. Dakin, Georgia; Hill, Phoebe; Kaur, Harsimran; Lee, Rachel; Lockie, Analise; Ma, Rachel; Ward, Kim Jun 1, 2020 1580
The invisible victims - Impact of the pandemic on patients without COVID-19. Khalid, Muhammad Osama Rehman; Zaheer, Ramsha May 31, 2020 2763
Lab Innovators Worth Watching: Putting patients first. Wilson, Linda May 1, 2020 1452
Students' perception towards medical-simulation training as a method for clinical teaching. El Naggar, Marwa Ahmed; Almaeen, Abdulrahman Hamdan Report Apr 30, 2020 3142
Hidden Causes and Effects of Dysfunction: History and Evaluation Procedures that Every Conservative Care Provider Should Consider. Murray, Christopher Mar 1, 2020 4391
Postoperative pain management for circumcision; Comparison of frequently used methods. Caglar Munevveroglu and Mehmet Gunduz Feb 14, 2020 2819
Focus on ways to improve cancer care at HMC meet. Oct 23, 2019 606
Scots MP's shock at 20-year-old breast cancer treatment; EX-SURGEON PRAISES DOCTORS' PROJECT Medics update techniques to care for patients in Palestine. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Oct 18, 2019 392
Anesthesia Workspace Cleanliness and Safety: Implementation of a Novel Syringe Bracket Using 3D Printing Techniques. Long, Dustin R.; Doney, Allison; Bartels, Devan L.; Tan, Crystal E.; Sayal, Puneet K.; Anderson, Tho Jul 31, 2019 4866
METHODS FOR IMPROVING MATERIALS MANAGEMENT. Harris, Andrew M.; Harris, Chris M. Jul 1, 2019 3248
POM Checker: Advanced Method of Measuring Posture. Feb 20, 2019 389
A Pathologist's Guide to Creating an Informative Report and Improving Patient Care. Prats, Mariana Moreno; Sasatomi, Eizaburo; Stevenson, Heather L. Report Feb 1, 2019 4100
Improving Fall Rates Using Bedside Debriefings and Reflective Emails: One Unit's Success Story. Howard, Katrina; Huster, Jennifer; Hlodash, George; Feil, Danielle; Gunther, Judith; Schneider, Meli Report Nov 1, 2018 2557
PATIENT EXPERIENCE TAKES A FRONT SEAT. Kreimer, Susan Nov 1, 2018 1932
Novel Method Produces Highest-Ever Signals For hESC Detection. Oct 8, 2018 299
Geneia simplifies the evolution to value-based care for health plans, hospitals, providers and employers. Sep 28, 2018 429
Implementation of a Structured Rounding Tool for Interprofessional Care Team Rounds to Improve Communication And Collaboration in Patient Care. Adams, Heidi A.; Feudale, Rose Marie Report Sep 1, 2018 3048
'Building rapport with patients is the key': A diabetes nurse prescriber in Tairawhiti has found her niche in an area of New Zealand she knows like the back of her hand. Manchester, Anne Aug 1, 2018 1558
Alternative Payment Models Should Include Precision Medicine; APMs should be encouraged to integrate precision medicine approaches, personalize patient care. Jul 17, 2018 243
Radiographic Images: Errors and Techniques: How to ensure your radiographs make the grade every time. Haynes, Audra E. Jul 1, 2018 1389
The Effect of Upright Positions During The First Stage of Labour on Childbirth Types: A Meta-Analysis/Dogum Eyleminin 1. Evresinde Anneye Uygulanan Dik Pozisyonlarin Dogum Tipi Uzerine Etkisi: Bir Meta-Analiz Calismasi. Deliktas, Ayse; Kukulu, Kamile Report Jun 1, 2018 5571
Improving patient care trajectories: an innovative quasi-experimental research method for health services/Melhoria da linha de cuidado do paciente: um metodo de pesquisa quase-experimental inovador para servicos de saude. Campos, Eneida Rached; Moreira-Filho, Djalma de Carvalho; da Silva, Marcos Tadeu Nolasco May 1, 2018 6616
Patient Education in the Medical Setting. Sesser, Janet R. Report Apr 1, 2018 2639
Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Approach for Management of Patients with Potential Difficult Mask Ventilation and Tracheal Intubation: A Multi-center Randomized Trial. Wang, Ji-Ming; Ma, Er-Li; Wu, Qing-Ping; Tian, Ming; Sun, Yan-Yan; Lin, Jing; Peng, Liang; Xu, Qiang Report Mar 18, 2018 4365
The agitated patient: Steps to take, how to stay safe. Iroku-Malize, Tochi; Grissom, Maureen Mar 1, 2018 5043
Closing the Gap between People and Programs: Lessons from Implementation of Social Accountability for Family Planning and Reproductive Health in Uganda. Boydell, Vicky; Neema, Stella; Wright, Kelsey; Hardee, Karen Report Mar 1, 2018 5867
Nurses' experiences caring for patients surgically treated for oral cavity cancer/Nga wheako o nga tapuhi i te tiakitanga turoro e mahia ana mo te mate pukupuku kowhao waha. Kell, Anne-Marie; Gilmour, Jean; van Wissen, Kim Mar 1, 2018 6697
Opportunities for Discovery: Research. Broome, Barbara Report Mar 1, 2018 869
Hospital stays shorter in family medicine inpatient unit. Oakes, Kari Feb 1, 2018 545
Turn Off the TV: Benefits of Offering Alternative Activities on Medical-Surgical Units. Nelson, Lindsey M. Report Jan 1, 2018 4185
Comparing the patient journey. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 309
Payment Reforms for Prehospital Care Services in a Middle Income Country: Assessing Implementation and Patient Outcomes Using a Mixed-Methods Approach. Suriyawongpaisal, Paibul; Srithamrongsawad, Samrit; Atiksawedparit, Pongsakorn; Phooseemungkun, Khan Report Jan 1, 2018 6034
'I didn't pay her to teach me how to fix my back': a focused ethnographic study exploring chiropractors' and chiropractic patients' experiences and beliefs regarding exercise adherence. Stilwell, Peter; Harman, Katherine Report Dec 1, 2017 7151
Compassionate Care: Personal skills play an essential role in ensuring positive patient outcomes. Peters, Martha Nov 1, 2017 580
How EHRs can give time back to docs. Parent, Christine Sep 1, 2017 743
Laboratorians' expertise in clinical guidelines can promote physician compliance. Bangia, Naveen Jul 1, 2017 1449
Patient-centered cancer care planning technology integrated with PowerChart EHR. Jul 1, 2017 202
How your body language affects patient care. Chahal, Khushminder Jul 1, 2017 1084
Using technology to enhance discharge teaching and improve coping for patients after stroke. Schneider, Melissa A.; Howard, Katrina A. Report Jun 1, 2017 3903
The patient CaringTouch System: a framework for positive practice environments. Shear, Kristen; Shakir, Artinsia May 1, 2017 1805
Just culture and its impact on a culture of safety. Ulrich, Beth Editorial May 1, 2017 664
Clinical analytics consultation. Wider, Janette May 1, 2017 2660
Characterizing non-monosexual women at risk for poor mental health outcomes: a mixed methods study. Ross, Lori E.; Manley, Melissa H.; Goldberg, Abbie E.; Januwalla, Alia; Williams, Keisha; Flanders, Report May 1, 2017 8184
Patient-centred care, empathy and empowerment in complementary medicine clinical practice: a cross-sectional pilot study. Foley, Hope; Steel, Amie Report Mar 1, 2017 330
Can patients and their caregivers boost identification of HIV associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND)? Cummins, Denise; Murray, Kenneth; Trotter, Gary; Batterham, Marijka; Healey, Loretta; O'Connor, Cath Report Mar 1, 2017 5167
Case Study: Integrate tablets and laptops to improve the patient experience. Brief article Feb 1, 2017 247
Keep your mobility edge with lockable tablet solutions. Brief article Feb 1, 2017 130
A blood pressure you can believe in. Headley, Carol Motes; Wall, Barry M.; Cushman, William C. Jan 1, 2017 10697
The wearable artificial kidney. Smith, Nancy Colobong Jan 1, 2017 630
Advances of Techniques in Deep Regional Blocks. Lin, Jui-An; Blanco, Rafael; Shibata, Yasuyuki; Nakamoto, Tatsuo Report Jan 1, 2017 3346
Preliminary Results of the Adoption and Application of the Integrated Comprehensive Care Bundle Care Program When Treating Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Guertin, Jason R.; Bowen, James M.; Gosse, Carolyn; Blackhouse, Gord; O'Reilly, Daria J.; Baltaga, E Jan 1, 2017 6686
Comparative Survey of Holding Positions for Reducing Vaccination Pain in Young Infants. Yin, Hui-Chu; Cheng, Shao-Wen; Yang, Chun-Yuh; Chiu, Ya-Wen; Weng, Yi-Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 4496
The personality profile of the patient with atopic dermatitis. Taranu, Tatiana; Esanu, Irina Report Dec 1, 2016 2668
A Nurse-Led Seroma Aspiration Service. Asbery, Juliet Report Dec 1, 2016 1120
The legacy continues. Jay Kessinger, A. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2016 434
Methylation problems: A case study. Gerhart, Timothy C. Case study Dec 1, 2016 1301
Discharge by 11:00 a.m.: the significance of discharge planning. Gray, Emily Ann; Santiago, Lawrence; Dimalanta, Mariane Ivy; Maxton, Jacquelyn; Aronow, Harriet Udin Nov 1, 2016 2414
Coding: things often forgotten. Coldiron, Brett M. Nov 1, 2016 679
How to improve patient safety culture in Croatian hospitals? Sklebar, Ivan; Mustajbegovic, Jadranka; Sklebar, Duska; Cesarik, Marijan; Milosevic, Milan; Brborovi Nov 1, 2016 7218
Imaging of esophageal emergencies. Currie, Stephen; Menias, Christine O.; Mellnick, Vincent Oct 1, 2016 2303
Deep neck space infection: an analysis of aetiology and risk factors for complications. Sunil, Kumar K.P.; Surendran, K.M.; Francis, Sebina; Ahmed, Muneeruddin S. Report Sep 22, 2016 4269
Retreat at Palm Beach: Palm Springs, Florida. Enos, Gary A. Sep 22, 2016 488
Delay in cancer diagnosis: causes and possible solutions. Azri, Mohammed H. Al- Editorial Sep 1, 2016 1355
A prospective study to define the role of diagnostic laparoscopy in evaluating right lower quadrant pain. Ramula, M.; Arun, P.S.; Karthik, A.; Ashwini, K.; Palanisamy, B. Report Aug 1, 2016 2472
Functional neurosurgery. Enslin, J.M.N. Guest editorial Aug 1, 2016 626
Making hospitals safer: preventing hospital infections spreading requires a team effort, according to one Northland clinical nurse specialist. Manchester, Anne Jul 1, 2016 985
Ward embraces CCDM: leading the adoption of CCDM in her ward has given one charge nurse manager a great deal of professional satisfaction. Dodsworth, Caroline Jul 1, 2016 962
Video monitoring to reduce falls and patient companion costs for adult inpatients. Votruba, Lisbeth; Graham, Bridget; Wisinski, Jeana; Syed, Ayesha Report Jul 1, 2016 3567
Creating environments through the art of occupational therapy. Royeen, Lydia Report Jun 22, 2016 2246
Private spaces fit new designs: 2016 Design Showcase projects recognize the need to offer patients a variety of options. Miller, Julie Jun 22, 2016 5246
The case for patients staying connected with technology. Enos, Gary A. Editorial Jun 22, 2016 440
How to be a better negotiator. Benabio, Jeffrey Jun 1, 2016 600
Clinical Characteristics and Urodynamic Analysis of Urinary Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis. Wang, Tao; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Yong Report Jun 1, 2016 3789
We need to diagnose pituitary tumour much early than we do - Prof. John Wass. Apr 15, 2016 509
Study of microbiological surveillance and antibiotic stewardship in ventilator associated pneumonia. Mishra, Ajay Kumar; Kumar, Davendra; Siddiqui, Mehboob Subhani; Mannari, Jyoti Gurang; Singh, Suman Report Apr 4, 2016 2495
LightHearted Medicine engages deeply with patients. Zablocki, Elaine Apr 1, 2016 1824
Ask Dr. J. Cross, Jim Apr 1, 2016 2411
The many faces of Helicobacter Pylori. Gerber, Michael Apr 1, 2016 964
A perfect storm: Patterns of care. Daly, Bobby; Olopade, Olufunmilayo I. Editorial Mar 15, 2016 2904
Step-up: study of the effectiveness of a patient ambulation protocol. Teodoro, Catherine R.; Breault, Katheleen; Garvey, Carolee; Klick, Cheryl; O'Brien, Jennifer; Purdue Report Mar 1, 2016 3417
Deteriorating patient a focus of adverse events report. Mar 1, 2016 436
Commentary: some simple rules for video etiquette. Benabio, Jeffrey Feb 15, 2016 685
Improving nurse-physician teamwork: a multidisciplinary collaboration. Streeton, Abigail; Bisbey, Cindy; O'Neill, Carrie; Allen, Danielle; O'Hara, Sara; Weinhold, Megan; M Jan 1, 2016 2781
Person-centered care and resident choice: 6 steps to giving elders a voice in their care. Brush, Jennifer; Calkins, Margareth Jan 1, 2016 1233
Location of care for patients with borderline personality disorder: challenges and opportunities in finding a home. Buck, Katherine; Levey, Shandra Brown; Klie, Kaylin; Phelps, Kenneth; Russo, Dennis Report Dec 1, 2015 4153
Understanding Parkinson Disease: a complex and multifaceted illness. Gopalakrishna, Apoorva; Alexander, Sheila A. Report Dec 1, 2015 5330
Help the patient with mobility issues? With patients presenting a range of mobility needs in the practice, OTs clinical editor for multimedia, Ceri Smith-Jaynes, highlights three steps the practitioner should consider when assisting patients. Smith-Jaynes, Ceri Column Nov 1, 2015 399
Using lean manufacturing to improve patient care in a rural urological practice. Harris, Chris; Harris, Andrew M. Report Nov 1, 2015 1599
What's the optimal temperature for healthcare spaces? Brief article Nov 1, 2015 166
Sizing up EMRs and patient care from the other side of the bed rail. Silverstein, David A.; Kelly, Michael Report Nov 1, 2015 333
Commentary: why I will continue to perform breast exams. Rabin, Jill Nov 1, 2015 485
The effect of implementing a comprehensive unit-based safety program on urinary catheter use. Underwood, Lindsay Report Nov 1, 2015 5284
How to use the CDC's online tools to manage complex cases in contraception: mastering these resources for contraception and condition compatibility could go a long way during busy days of patient care. Burkman, Ronald T. Oct 1, 2015 927
Improving nutrition in mechanically ventilated patients. Ellis, Corinne Schultz Report Oct 1, 2015 5788
Picturing the experience of living with myotonic dystrophy (DM1): a qualitative exploration using photovoice. LaDonna, Kori A.; Venance, Shannon L. Report Oct 1, 2015 7557
Commentary on "Improving Nutrition in Mechanically Ventilated Patients". McNett, Molly Report Oct 1, 2015 538
The race for the care: A vision for patient-centered care. Shrestha, Rasu B. Sep 1, 2015 2597
Pharmacologic methods of postoperative pain management: opioids, nonopioids, and adjuvants. Ward, Cynthia W. Report Sep 1, 2015 2718
Bed huddles improve communication and patient safety. Sep 1, 2015 1284
A quality improvement project for safe and effective patient positioning during robot-assisted surgery. Ward-Smith, Peggy Report Sep 1, 2015 424
Value-based care push poses new legal risks for doctors. Gallegos, Alicia Aug 1, 2015 781
Long-term ICU patients face many challenges: a PhD student writes about why she has chosen to research the implications of long-term stays in intensive care units on patients, their families and health-care professionals. Minton, Claire Aug 1, 2015 2191
Bon voyage: moving patients safely within the hospital: when judging what escort a patient needs from the emergency department to another part of the hospital, nurses must balance this with the needs of the remaining ED patients. Hawkins, Carly Aug 1, 2015 1703
Parameters of hemodialysis adequacy and patients' survival depending on treatment modalities/Parametri adekvatnosti hemodijalize i prezivljavanje bolesnika u zavisnosti od modaliteta lecenja. Duric, Petar S.; Popovic, Jovan; Jankovic, Aleksandar; Tosic, Jelena; Dimkovic, Nada Report Jul 1, 2015 5010
Chronicle of the <> in Sremska Kamenica/Istorijat Anglo-jugoslovenske decje bolnice u Sremskoj Kamenici. Dobanovacki, Dusanka; Mikic, Zelimir; Vuckovic, Nada Report Jul 1, 2015 3167
Switching to multiple daily insulin injections in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes: a question of standards. Mendalawi, Mahmood D. Al- Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2015 858
Prone split-leg position to manage encrusted ureteral stents in a single-stage procedure in women: step-by-step surgical technique. Marchini, Giovanni Scala; Torricelli, Fabio Cesar Miranda; Mazzucchi, Eduardo; Srougi, Miguel; Monga Report Jul 1, 2015 3508
What an extra day can bring. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 269
Examining the Purdue pegboard test for occupational therapy practice. Lindstrom-Hazel, Debra K.; Veenstra, Nicole VanderVlies Report Jun 22, 2015 4908
Psychiatry update: solving clinical challenges, improving patient care. Jun 1, 2015 2377
Nurse led transgastric jejeunal feeding tube change under radiological guidance process of change. Steward, Lisa; Rous, Victoria Report Jun 1, 2015 1858
Patient care complexity as perceived by primary care physicians. Mount, Jill K.; Massanari, R. Michael; Teachman, Jay Jun 1, 2015 5460
Patient-centered care. Tarantine, Ruth May 1, 2015 880
Improving generic medicines use in transition economies. Hassali, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Editorial Apr 1, 2015 1280
Need for contents on halal medicines in pharmacy and medicine curriculum. Khan, Tahir Mehmood; Shaharuddin, Shazwani Report Apr 1, 2015 1726
THI oxygen helmet. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 319
How to overcome violence against healthcare professionals reduce medical disputes and ensure patient safety. Feb 28, 2015 2937
Fostering a spirit of innovation. Hellinger, Jeffrey C.; Mendelson, Nicole Editorial Jan 1, 2015 668
Can rounding reduce patient falls in acute care? An integrative literature review. Hicks, Darlene Report Jan 1, 2015 3924
American Journal of Nursing: quiet at night: implementing a nightingale principle. Ward-Smith, Peggy Jan 1, 2015 334
Patientfocused care: an observational study of registered nurses' time for direct patient care/Patientnarmre vard: en observationsstudie av sjukskoterskans tid for patientnara vard. Magnusson, Carl; Ekebergh, Margaretha; Jutengren, Goran; Knutsson, Susanne Report Dec 22, 2014 5295
Using self-service kiosks with your check-in staff: the right combination for higher patient care. Pack, Jeri Column Dec 1, 2014 887
The legacy continues. Kessinger, Jay Dec 1, 2014 508
More time needed with patients. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 290
New apps enable patients to order house calls: in their home, patients feel more at ease with the physician, even hospitable. Schneider, Mary Ellen Nov 15, 2014 1095
Texting initiatives improve patient engagement. Rudd, T.E. Brief article Nov 15, 2014 126
Tips for helping patients thrive in a digital age. Brunk, Doug Nov 1, 2014 599
Implementing a comprehensive functional model of care in hospitalized older adults. Lyons, Denise L. Nov 1, 2014 3168
Implementation of physician and nurse patient rounding on a 42-bed medical unit. Pritts, Kristin E.; Hiller, Laura G. Report Nov 1, 2014 4263
Development and initial testing of the stroke rapid-treatment readiness tool. Olson, DaiWai M.; Cox, Margueritte; Constable, Mark; Britz, Gavin W.; Lin, Cheryl B.; Zimmer, Louise Report Oct 1, 2014 4824
Using estimated true safety event rates versus flagged safety event rates: does it change hospital profiling and payment? Rosen, Amy K.; Chen, Qi; Borzecki, Ann M.; Shin, Marlena; Itani, Kamal M.F.; Shwartz, Michael Oct 1, 2014 6684
Holistic ethics. Wilson, Debra Rose Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2014 766
Ethical considerations for use of unregistered interventions for Ebola viral disease (EVD). Sep 30, 2014 456
Going private. Sep 1, 2014 360
Dose monitoring solutions driving safety in radiology. Massat, Mary Beth Jul 1, 2014 2087
Parents' strategies for managing the relationship with their mentally ill son or daughter/Foraldrars strategier for att hantera relationen med sin psykiskt sjuka son eller dotter. Nunstedt, Hakan; Johansson, Mona; Gebremariam, Tomas Report Jun 22, 2014 6057
Want to Increase Hospital Revenues? Engage Your Physicians. When doctors are frustrated, patient care and hospital revenues suffer. Here's how to boost physicians' engagement -- and the bottom line. Survey Jun 5, 2014 476
The current and ideal state of anatomic pathology patient safety. Raab, Stephen Spencer Jun 1, 2014 2227
Ocular allergies. Bilkhu, Paramdeep; Naroo, Shehzad; Wolffsohn, James Essay Mar 28, 2014 4153
Is it a rejection of care or a resident choice? Kulus Judi Mar 1, 2014 1041
How to reduce variations in post-acute care: Scrutiny is call to action for LT/PAC operators. Friend, David; Pilch, Patrick Mar 1, 2014 718
The impact of business management on health care delivery of the Armed Forces: business management models have a positive impact on military dental care. Kelley, Chalawnda M. Report Mar 1, 2014 764
Communication Skills seminar for nurses at PMC. Brief article Feb 28, 2014 209
Exploring safety and quality in a hemodialysis environment with participatory photographic methods: a restorative approach. Marck, Patricia; Molzahn, Anita; Berry-Hauf, Rhonda; Hutchings, Loretta Gail; Hughes, Susan Jan 1, 2014 7607
A qualitative study on perceptions of changes reported by caregivers of patients in vegetative state and minimally conscious state: the "time gap experience". Covelli, Venusia; Cerniauskaite, Milda; Leonardi, Matilde; Sattin, Davide; Raggi, Alberto; Giovannet Report Jan 1, 2014 7395
Adapting and implementing a community program to improve retention in care among patients with HIV in Southern Haiti: "group of 6". Naslund, John A.; Dionne-Odom, Jodie; Destine, Cleonas Junior; Jogerst, Kristen M.; Senecharles, Red Report Jan 1, 2014 6586
Successful integration of hepatitis C virus point-of-care tests into the Denver Metro Health Clinic. Jewett, A.; Al-Tayyib, A.A.; Ginnett, L.; Smith, B.D. Report Jan 1, 2014 5265
Cost analysis of three techniques of administering sevoflurane. Tyagi, Asha; Venkateswaran, Vineeta; Jain, Ajai Kumar; Verma, Uttam Chandra Report Jan 1, 2014 4941
HMT's 2020 vision. Barlow, Rick Dana Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2014 617
OpenNotes initiative aims to improve patient-clinician communication, care. Trossman, Susan Dec 1, 2013 1542
Multiple sclerosis research: diagnostics, disease-modifying treatments, and emerging therapies. Costello, Kathleen Report Dec 1, 2013 7181
Field Control Therapy documented case of cured impotence with a very low sperm count in a young man. Yurkovsky, Savely Dec 1, 2013 1069
Better medicine through biochemistry. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Dec 1, 2013 882
Nurses' role in safety and quality. O'Malley, Jane Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2013 2199
Better use of lighting in hospital rooms may improve patients' health. Nov 30, 2013 373
Remote data monitoring boosts privacy concerns. McKnight, Whitney Nov 15, 2013 650
Centralized video monitoring for patient safety: a Denver health lean journey. Jeffers, Sharon; Searcey, Phebe; Boyle, Kathy; Herring, Carol; Lester, Kathleen; Goetz-Smith, Hillar Report Nov 1, 2013 4802
Pharmacies offer more patient support. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 167
Service quality and patient-centered care. Dabney, Beverly Waller; Tzeng, Huey-Ming Report Nov 1, 2013 3648
Mobility/activity circles: a quality improvement effort to reduce falls. Murphy, Brenda Report Nov 1, 2013 3163
Developing a suicide precaution procedure. Adams, Nicole Report Nov 1, 2013 3415
Pathways to healing: doing health care with the patient. Zablocki, Elaine Nov 1, 2013 1203
Relax, it's just a friendly visit: Optometrist Ahmed Ejaz shares some non-clinical tips for pre-regs on passing visit two. Ejaz, Ahmed Oct 18, 2013 664
Health care hospitality: hospitals use amenities to dazzle patients. Cottingham, Jan Oct 7, 2013 1978
The challenges presented by the non-compliant patient. Hercz, Gavril; Novak, Marta Oct 1, 2013 497
We are determined to continue our campaign for safe patient care. Holmes, Brett Editorial Oct 1, 2013 705
Focus on patients, not titles. Nash, Robertson Sep 22, 2013 1026
The role of POCT and rapid testing: here is an overview of an evolving approach to direct patient care. DuBois, Jeffrey A. Report Sep 1, 2013 2296
The people in your neighborhood: impact of physician cohorting on nursing units. Lyons, Denise; Painter, Jennifer; Crannell, Courtney; Mooney, Ruth; Bucher, Linda; Joseph, Rachel; S Report Sep 1, 2013 6250
Giving laxatives safely and effectively. Daniels, Glenda; Schmelzer, Marilee Sep 1, 2013 5609
Agitation management strategies: overview of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions. Bostwick, Jolene R.; Hallman, Ilze Sturis Report Sep 1, 2013 3684
Investigating bedside nursing report: a synthesis of the literature. Sherman, Jay; Sand-Jecklin, Kari; Johnson, Jennifer Report Sep 1, 2013 3631
Collaboration and implementation of an annual comprehensive stroke education program. Niemi, Judith; McErlane, Kimberly; Tillett, Nancy Sep 1, 2013 1813
Bedside reporting: is it enhancing nursing care? Evans, Michael M. Sep 1, 2013 772
Soap and ointment use slashes deadly MRSA infections in ICU patients. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 171
How to assess technology and apply new findings to patient care. Levy, Barbara S. Sep 1, 2013 3445
Optimizing adolescent transition to adult care for sickle cell disease. Cerns, Stephenie; McCracken, Colleen; Rich, Claire Jul 1, 2013 2177
Increasing acuity, increasing technology, and the changing demands on nurses. Needleman, Jack Report Jul 1, 2013 1755
Current interventional methods in the treatment of keratokonus/ Keratokonus tedavisinde guncel girisimsel yontemler current. Burcu, Ayse Report Jul 1, 2013 4917
Parental guidance & design: it is critical to have the "right" people working with you. Our architects were very understanding of our circumstances and were patient with us regarding the time frame for designing the house. We were never rushed to make a decision. Khan, Nasrullah Jul 1, 2013 1601
To turn or not to turn: base the decision on research. Vollman, Kathleen M. Jun 22, 2013 1031
Person-centered policymaking: is it an answer to improving health and healthcare in Tennessee? Myers, Carole R. Jun 22, 2013 1017
Medical home model of patient-centered health care. Berryman, Sandra N.; Palmer, Sheri P.; Kohl, James E.; Parham, Jon S. Report May 1, 2013 5441
Developing health visitor prescribing. Brooks, Christina Apr 1, 2013 2398
Is the golden hour optimally used in South Africa for children presenting with polytrauma? Zuidgeest, J.; Jonkheijm, A.; van Dijk, M.; van As, A. Mar 1, 2013 1395
Use your voice speak up for your clients: the Francis inquiry into the unnecessary deaths at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust provides vital lessons for us all. How can you ensure you give your patients the best care possible? Oshikanlu, Ruth Mar 1, 2013 510
Partners in care: patient empowerment through shared decision-making. Hain, Debra J.; Sandy, Dianne Report Mar 1, 2013 3783
The effect of virtual reality therapy on psychological adaptation in children with cerebral palsy/ Serebral palsili cocuklarda sanal gerceklik terapisinin ruhsal uyuma etkisi. Okmen, Burcu Metin; Aslan, Meryem Dogan; Cetin, Fusun Cuhadaroglu; Yuzer, Guldal Funda Nakipoglu; Do Report Mar 1, 2013 3781
Safe staffing unit director resigns, confident of future. Feb 1, 2013 507
Nurse-centered solutions to hospital performance issues: regional TCAB successful in improving patient safety, satisfaction: join in the efforts to positively impact patient care. Jan 1, 2013 362
Study the outpatients' prescription pattern of antibiotics in paediatric populations of two hospitals. Ramanath, Katta Venkatesh; Balaji, B.V.B. Report Jan 1, 2013 4242
RSNA 2012 review: radiologists put patients first, play 'visible' role. Bolan, Cristen Jan 1, 2013 7103
Design mistakes, part 2: more things many 'know' that 'just ain't so': consultant warns that a little bit of 'knowledge' can be a dangerous thing. Hunt, James M. Editorial Jan 1, 2013 2232
Update on the diagnosis and management of refractory coeliac disease. Nijeboer, Petula; van Wanrooij, Roy L. J.; Tack, Greetje J.; Mulder, Chris J. J.; Bouma, Gerd Report Jan 1, 2013 6105
Resolving patient objections by overcoming your own objections. Savage, Rhonda R. Nov 1, 2012 1988
Care coordination for the chronically ill: understanding the patient's perspective. Maeng, Daniel D.; Martsolf, Grant R.; Scanlon, Dennis P.; Christianson, Jon B. Report Oct 1, 2012 7284
Poor follow-up for celiacs means poor outcomes. Oct 1, 2012 417
Can structured data fields accurately measure quality of care? The example of falls. Ganz, David A.; Almeida, Shone; Roth, Carol P.; Reuben, David B.; Wenger, Neil S. Report Sep 1, 2012 5856
A medical home: changing the way patients and teams relate through patient-centered care plans. Council, Lora Schwartz; Geffken, Dominic; Valeras, Aimee Burke; Orzano, A. John; Rechisky, Amanda; A Sep 1, 2012 4577
A patient centered care plan in the EHR: improving collaboration and engagement. Chunchu, Kavitha; Mauksch, Larry; Charles, Carol; Ross, Valerie; Pauwels, Judith Sep 1, 2012 6140
Examining evidence-based interventions to prevent inpatient falls. Graham, Bridget C. Report Sep 1, 2012 3134
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HIE: The interoperable way to deliver quality healthcare: finally, the concept of health information exchange is being more concretely defined and accepted by the healthcare community. Otter-Nickerson, Betty Sep 1, 2011 590
Maximisation of maternal cardiac output during labour might help to prevent not only foetal hypoxaemia but also myometrial ischaemia, dysfunctional labour, uterine atony and postpartum endometritis. Archer, T.L.; Shapiro, A.E.; Suresh, P.J. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2011 463
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Hamilton practices provide new integrated service. May 1, 2011 696
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Do target waiting times in emergency departments affect patient care? New Zealand has followed England's lead end introduced target waiting times for those presenting at emergency departments. An emergency care nurse in England looks at the impact of target waiting times and explores some issues nurses here should consider. Yarwood, Sally Report Oct 1, 2010 2595
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Mercy radically redefines "tackle box": ONA organizational sponsor. Sep 1, 2010 496
Caring is the expectation. Waters, V. Lynn Sep 1, 2010 4346
The obese patient. Anaesthetic issues: airway and positioning. Bale, Emma; Berrecloth, Richard Report Aug 1, 2010 4136
8 ways to improve the informed consent process: these practical suggestions can strengthen your rapport with patients and help ensure your professional counsel is complete and documented. Kaibara, Preethy D. Jul 1, 2010 2474
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Cardiac nurses give smokefree story to patients: nurses at Auckland City Hospital's cardiac care unit have embedded the stop smoking message into their daily patient care. Passera, Anna Jul 1, 2010 958
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