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How to get involved in YPC. Nov 1, 2020 427
Key Ingredients to Cooking with Canvas. Ellegood, Melissa; Nicholson, Christie Sep 1, 2020 2094
Nursing student evaluations on the quality of mentoring support in individual, dual, and group approaches during clinical training: a prospective cohort study. Ivana, Gusar; Kristina, Backov; Andrea, Tokic; Dzelalija, Boris; Lovric, Robert Report Sep 1, 2020 6168
Thirsty for knowledge: The Education and Knowledge Products Committee supports the need to always keep learning. Bettinson, Jeff Jul 1, 2020 860
How can students manage nurses' disrespectful patient commentaries? Nursing students struggling to speak out against unethical behaviours on placement can get help from employers and model respectful care to their supervisors, says a group of University of Auckland nursing students. Dakin, Georgia; Hill, Phoebe; Kaur, Harsimran; Lee, Rachel; Lockie, Analise; Ma, Rachel; Ward, Kim Jun 1, 2020 1580
Increasing Environmental Public Health Practitioner Capacity to Address Population Health Challenges: Evaluation Results From a Workforce Development Project. Welter, Christina R.; Jarpe-Ratner, Elizabeth; Xu, Diana; Lurie, Ann; Lurie, Robert H.; Fouche, Sydn Cover story May 22, 2020 4279
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Trivette, Nancy J. May 1, 2020 669
5 Strategies to Increase CTE Teacher Recruitment, Engagement and Detention Through Professional Development. Chen, Shani; Ney, Cheryl May 1, 2020 2515
UDL Professional Development AND CTE Educators. Bastoni, Amanda May 1, 2020 2216
DATA-DRIVEN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: PENNSYLVANIA STYLE. Foster, John; Luke, Todd; Rogers, Scott May 1, 2020 2796
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Be Intentional. Create Boundaries. Plan to Reinvest. Foor, Anita May 1, 2020 2442
Common Thread. McCoy, Sari May 1, 2020 1499
Career Growth Through Individualized Professional Development. Meers, Gary; Conrad, Michelle; Bush, Douglas May 1, 2020 2038
Improving the Graduate Nurse Experience through Support on a Social Media Platform. Casler, Tricia; Radhakrishnan, Kavita; Gillam, Sally Report Mar 1, 2020 2787
What's practising 'under' scope? A lack of critical thinking is a major contributor to nurses practising 'under' their scope. Graham-Smith, Hilary; Clark, Angela Mar 1, 2020 812
Perceptions and Outcomes of Occupational Therapy Students Participating in Community Engaged Learning: A Mixed-Methods Approach. Mattila, Amy Sep 22, 2019 8160
Exploring the Effect of Professional Development on Practice in World Music Education: A Mixed Methods Study. Mellizo, Jennifer Sep 1, 2019 7835
Participatory approaches to physical activity and dance research with early childhood teachers. Gibbons, Andrew; Nikolai, Jennifer Sep 1, 2019 5972
FORWARD, TOGETHER. Suva, David J. Column Jun 22, 2019 555
Instructional: COACHING & Its Role in Career Development for CTE Teachers. Amyett, Monica May 1, 2019 2321
Making Moves: How to Manage Career Transition, From the Inside-Out - Part 2. Cutts, Evan; Carrasquillo-Frazier, Luz Apr 25, 2019 698
INSIDE ACTE. Apr 1, 2019 1324
Community in Context: Professional Development for Teaching Historical Inquiry. Halvorsen, Anne-Lise; Harris, Lauren McArthur; Doornbos, Linda; Missias, Matthew T. Report Mar 22, 2019 14378
Continuous improvement through professional development. DePalma, Casandra Mar 1, 2019 349
IN SUPPORT OF SCHOLARSHIP. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 200
Allow me to introduce you to 'the most important subject': Furthering your education and career with professional development! DePalma, Casandra Jan 1, 2019 896
Making Sense of the Various Projects Driving Grow Your Own Program Development. Gist, Conra D. Essay Jan 1, 2019 5908
NISOD, ACUE Forge New Partnership to Enhance Teaching and Learning. Pennamon, Tiffany Dec 13, 2018 1466
From the President. Quinton, Geoff Dec 1, 2018 369
ASTA JAPAN TRIP. Report Dec 1, 2018 2055
Borrowing and the art of trial advocacy. Small, Daniel I. Nov 27, 2018 680
Improving Educators' Knowledge, Confidence, and Usefulness of Functional Assessment-based Interventions: Outcomes of Professional Learning. Oakes, Wendy Peia; Schellman, Liane E.; Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Common, Eric Alan; Powers, Lisa; Diebo Report Nov 1, 2018 10674
Cultivating criminal justice professional in Maryland. Nov 1, 2018 675
FAST officers practice representation skills in Panama. Alger, Zach Brief article Nov 1, 2018 295
The Efficacy of Academic Reading Strategy Instruction among Adult English as an Additional Language Students: A Professional Development Opportunity Through Action Research. Khatri, Raj Report Sep 22, 2018 10535
Navigating the Contradictions: An ESL Teacher's Professional Self-Development in Collaborative Activity. Giles, Amanda Report Sep 22, 2018 9042
Action Research as a Tool for Professional Development in the K-12 ELT Classroom. Javier Penton Herrera, Luis Personal account Sep 22, 2018 4250
TESL Teacher Educators' Professional Self-Development, Identity, and Agency. Yazan, Bedrettin Personal account Sep 22, 2018 6984
THE POWER OF CONNECTION. Lee, Audrey Sep 1, 2018 750
Classroom Practices of Mentees and Mentoring Challenges in the Execution of Continuous Professional Development Framework. Aug 31, 2018 6039
Updating professional development for medical librarians to improve our evidence-based medicine and information literacy instruction. Costello, Joseph Jul 1, 2018 2335
Startup Lessons for Everyone. Maitz, Marc; Sokol, Marc Jun 22, 2018 2130
What Characterizes Unfulfilled Case Discussions? Particularity-Based and Norm-Based Readings of Pedagogical Decision Making During Professional Development Dialogue. Aukerman, Maren Report Jun 22, 2018 8867
Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Business Owners. Biscotti, Louis Jun 1, 2018 1582
Training the Trainers. Macbeth, Joseph M. Jun 1, 2018 649
Scaling up coaching--or not. Report May 1, 2018 152
Mentoring Practices and Years of Work Experience As Predictors of Job Performance of Cataloguers in a Workplace: A Case Study of Nigerian Libraries. Adewuyi, Olugbenga W.; Makinde, Bosede O. Case study May 1, 2018 6394
Customizing talent development: Walter & Shuffain's homegrown leadership program helps the firm advance its most promising people. Ramly, Yasmine El-; Dennis, Anita May 1, 2018 2657
Making the most of instructional coaches: Although coaching shows promise for professional development, some instructional coaches are spread too thin to focus on instruction. Kane, Britnie Delinger; Rosenquist, Brooks Apr 1, 2018 2529
The Continuous Professional Development of School Principals: Current Practices in Pakistan. Nasreen, Abida; Odhiambo, George Report Mar 31, 2018 7779
Navigating Teacher Leaders' Complex Relationships Using a Distributed Leadership Framework. Klein, Emily J.; Taylor, Monica; Munakata, Mika; Trabona, Kristen; Rahman, Zareen; McManus, Jason Report Mar 22, 2018 10816
Teacher Perspectives on Literacy and Mathematics Professional Development. Martin, Christie; Polly, Drew; Mraz, Maryann; Algozzine, Robert Essay Mar 22, 2018 4368
Supporting Mathematics Education in Rural Early Childhood Centers. Fahsl, Allison Jane; Hope, Jennifer Michelle Gauble Mar 22, 2018 6140
INVESTING IN SUCCESS: Melissa Gradie B.S. '10, M.P.A. '11 and Hunter Gradie M.P.A. '12 give back. Barrett, E.C. Mar 22, 2018 482
Why your CQ is just as important as your IQ (and EQ): Cultural intelligence is increasingly important for business success. Levychin, Richard Feb 1, 2018 1872
Practical approaches for enhancing literacy instruction: Hands-on, research-based strategies that support teachers and administrators. Jan 1, 2018 552
A Structured Course for Personal and Professional Development. Ragan, Deirdre D. Report Jan 1, 2018 4932
Building capacity to encourage research reproducibility and #MakeResearchTrue. Rethlefsen, Melissa L.; Lackey, Mellanye J.; Zhao, Shirley Report Jan 1, 2018 3998
Teacher Quality, Pakistan's Educational Policy, and Teacher Mentoring: What Are We Missing? A Teacher Educator's Perspective. Naseem, Samina Essay Dec 31, 2017 6603
Reflection-in-Action: A Stimulus Reflective Practice for Professional Development of Student Teachers. Iqbal, Muhammad Zafar Report Dec 29, 2017 5589
Japan Teacher Exchange: The ASTA Science Teachers Exchange--Japan has been part of ASTA's annual program of teacher professional development opportunities for five years. Each year, the Exchange grows and evolves as ASTA connects with new partners and builds on past experiences to provide high-quality and practical learning for science teachers. Report Dec 1, 2017 1281
A Call for Teacher Professional Learning and the Study of Religion in Social Studies. Patrick, Margaretta L.; Gulayets, Vanessa; Peck, Carla L. Report Dec 1, 2017 11397
Supervision of Nursing Students in Rural Environments: Engaging Learning by Teaching the Teachers. Marlow, Annette H.; Mather, Carey A. Report Dec 1, 2017 7146
AN ACADEMY FOR PROS: Collaborative Teacher Learning Across Disciplines and Districts. Nicholas, Jennifer; Border, Maria Nov 1, 2017 1804
"Another boring workshop?" "No! The total opposite!" Tips on conducting an effective correctional training workshop. Moore, Olivia Nov 1, 2017 735
Deep Learning towards Expertise Development in a Visualization-based Learning Environment. Yuan, Bei; Wang, Minhong; Kushniruk, Andre W.; Peng, Jun Report Oct 1, 2017 7062
Drawing the Triangle: How Coaches Manage Ambiguities Inherited in Executive Coaching. Pliopas, Ana Report Oct 1, 2017 9291
A NATIONAL STUDY OF COMMON PLANNING TIME ACTIVITIES: Examination of Differences by State. Lomascolo, David J.; Angelle, Pamela S. Report Sep 22, 2017 5534
DIY Profession Development. Fraser, Heather Column Sep 22, 2017 2978
Cultivating School Counseling Leaders Through District Leadership Cohorts. Kneale, Marcy G. Miller; Young, Anita A.; Dollarhide, Colette T. Report Sep 1, 2017 6729
Focusing on teacher learning opportunities to identify potentially productive coaching activities. Gibbons, Lynsey K.; Cobb, Paul Report Sep 1, 2017 11934
Empowering laboratory leaders to achieve excellence. Hermansen, Jane Sep 1, 2017 940
Reflection-in-Action: A Stimulus Reflective Practice for Professional Development of Student Teachers. Iqbal, Muhammad Zafar Report Aug 31, 2017 5589
Cross-training: it's not just for athletes! Coleman, Nancy Pees Column Jul 1, 2017 1266
Skip the clown nose and get down to business: 7 tips for creating an effective PD program. Fleming, Jean Essay Jul 1, 2017 622
Professional Development of Teachers and its Future Needs. Khan, Muhammad Asif; Afridi, Arbab Khan Report Jun 30, 2017 6359
The leadership imperative: a collaborative approach to professional development in the global age of more for less. Westfahl, Scott A.; Wilkins, David B. Jun 1, 2017 30059
Text, twitter and tweet. McDonough, Sharon Jun 1, 2017 672
It's all your business: Aun Aprendo. Thickstun, Karen Biography Apr 1, 2017 964
Diversity residency programs: Strategies for a collaborative approach to development. Pickens, Chanelle; Coren, Ashleigh D. Report Apr 1, 2017 2408
We Are All Teachers: Modeling Democratic Engagement in Faculty Development. Studer, Morgan; Benton, Melissa; Rogers, Christian; Quirke, Michelle Report Mar 22, 2017 2683
The Value of Student Internships and Faculty Residencies. Madison, Roland L.; Grenci, Richard T.; Bockanic, William N. Report Mar 22, 2017 5256
The power of reflective action to build teacher efficacy: personal assessments backed up by observations and feedback can enable teachers to reflect on and improve their classroom practices. Awkard, Tiffany Mar 1, 2017 2684
Connecting teacher professional development and student mathematics achievement: a 4-year study of an elementary mathematics specialist program. Kutaka, Traci Shizu; Smith, Wendy M.; Albano, Anthony D.; Edwards, Carolyn Pope; Ren, Lixin; Beattie Report Mar 1, 2017 11316
Effects of a multimedia professional development package on inclusive science teachers' vocabulary instruction. Kennedy, Michael J.; Rodgers, Wendy J.; Romig, John Elwood; Lloyd, John Wills; Brownell, Mary T. Report Mar 1, 2017 12727
How to sponsor diversity in the leadership ranks: a regional accounting firm uses a traditional tool to mix up its traditionally white, male leadership ranks. Vollmer, Sabine Jan 1, 2017 907
Teacher Informal Collaboration for Professional Improvement: Beliefs, Contexts, and Experience. Avalos-Bevan, Beatrice; Bascope, Martin Report Jan 1, 2017 8681
Teacher Learning within a Multinational Project in an Upper Secondary School. Ilomaki, Liisa; Lakkala, Minna; Toom, Auli; Muukkonen, Hanni Report Jan 1, 2017 10605
Coexisting Needs: Paradoxes in Collegial Reflection--The Development of a Pragmatic Method for Reflection. Nilsson, Marie; Andersson, Ingemar; Blomqvist, Kerstin Report Jan 1, 2017 9669
Action Research a Tool to Build Capacity of Teacher Educators. Anwar, Nahid Parween Report Dec 31, 2016 2334
Microcredentials: teacher learning transformed: microcredentials offer a new way for teachers to document their learning using work samples, videos, and other artifacts and have the potential to transform professional development. Berry, Barnett; Airhart, Kathleen M.; Byrd, P. Ann Nov 1, 2016 3556
Facilitating teacher learning when using different representations of practice. Gonzalez, Gloriana; Deal, Jason T.; Skultety, Lisa Report Nov 1, 2016 16187
Using cognitive coaching to build school leadership capacity: a case study in Alberta. Rogers, W. Todd; Hauserman, Cal P.; Skytt, Jacqueline Case study Nov 1, 2016 9131
Building Community: Synergy and empowerment through staff development and marketing in a small rural academic library. Wilkes, Bethan; Ward, Jennifer Report Oct 1, 2016 5380
Using an observation coaching checklist to provide feedback to teachers. Lia, Michelle Report Oct 1, 2016 5682
Perceptions of academic fieldwork coordinators regarding the value of fieldwork in emerging areas of practice. Wilburn, Victoria G.; Huber, Kate E. DeCleene Report Sep 22, 2016 7737
Preconditions for success and barriers to implementation: the importance of collaborative and reflective dispositions to foster professional growth during a coteaching clinical experience. Guise, Megan; Habib, Mireille; Robbins, Amy; Hegg, Sarah; Hoellwarth, Chance; Stauch, Nancy Report Sep 22, 2016 8189
Preparing Graduate Students to Teach Online: Theoretical and Pedagogical Practices. Bourelle, Tiffany Essay Sep 22, 2016 8837
Using Videoconferencing for professional development and meetings. Forsyth, Ellen Sep 1, 2016 2590
Workshop to promote broadcasting techniques to be held on Saturday. Aug 12, 2016 314
IEP to promote study on broadcasting techniques. Aug 11, 2016 311
Random access: MTNA's webinars: taking professional development to members' homes. Ajero, Mario Column Aug 1, 2016 1197
Better with age: a South Carolina man proves success for teens helps adults, too. Greenwood, Chelsea Interview Aug 1, 2016 504
Teaching in Focus: The value of implementing a program-specific teaching support project for staff wellbeing and student success. Gunson, Jessica Shipman; Abery, Elizabeth; Krassnitzer, Lindsay; Barton, Christopher; Prichard, Ivan Essay Jul 1, 2016 3408
Professional portfolios used by Canadian occupational therapists: how can they be improved? Vachon, Brigitte; Rochette, Annie; Dr, Aliki Thomas; Desormeaux, Welove Foucar; Huynh, Ai-Thuy Report Jun 22, 2016 6569
A tangible upgrade. Kristie, James Editorial Jun 22, 2016 504
Connatural management approach to preparation and development of individuals in the business environment. Report Jun 1, 2016 5290
How to Develop Your Healthcare Career. Book review May 1, 2016 128
Nursing depositions: duty or disaster? Being asked to give a deposition doesn't have to be a scary experience with the right documentation skills and preparedness. Stewart, Amy May 1, 2016 878
Every teacher should succeed with data literacy. Mandinach, Ellen B.; Gummer, Edith S. May 1, 2016 2513
Teaching in dehumanizing times: the professionalization imperative. Andrews, Dorinda J. Carter; Bartell, Tonya; Richmond, Gail Editorial May 1, 2016 2167
Struggling to overcome the state's prescription for practice: a study of a sample of early educators' professional development and action research projects in a high-stakes teaching context. Brown, Christopher P.; Weber, Natalie Babiak Report May 1, 2016 16752
Provoking reflective thinking in post observation conversations. Kim, Younhee; Silver, Rita Elaine Report May 1, 2016 12846
ESSA and rural teachers: new roads ahead? A renewed focus on innovation and flexibility under ESSA could provide a recipe for establishing new ways to recruit, develop, and retain teachers in rural schools. Gagnon, Douglas May 1, 2016 1587
Efficacy of teachers training paraprofessionals to implement peer support arrangements. Brock, Matthew E.; Carter, Erik W. Report Apr 1, 2016 9575
Promoting agility: bidding and assignments reform. Chacon, Arnold Column Apr 1, 2016 466
Thank you so much for the truth! Coaching teachers requires that you develop trust--not just in the abstract but trust that is manifested in shared goals, open communication, and mutual respect. Finkelstein, Carla Column Apr 1, 2016 2928
Learning on the job: teacher evaluation can foster real growth: evaluations of practice using research-based standards multiple times throughout the year can provide a focus for professional development, and feedback from evaluations can encourage self-reflection and meaningful conversations focused on classroom practice among educators. Ritter, Gary W.; Barnett, Joshua H. Apr 1, 2016 2708
From pre-service to teacher leader the early development of teacher leaders. Ado, Kathryn Report Mar 22, 2016 7498
Lessons and opportunities from our priority staffing posts. Chacon, Arnold Column Mar 1, 2016 469
How to dance forever. Wozny, Nancy Feb 1, 2016 992
Developing teachers' competences for designing inclusive learning experiences. Navarro, Silvia Baldiris; Zervas, Panagiotis; Gesa, Ramon Fabregat; Sampson, Demetrios G. Report Jan 1, 2016 6850
Upskilling the engineering workforce: Dr Tania Humphries-Smith CEng CTPD MIED and Dr Philip Sewell CEng MIED MIMechE put the case for the introduction of a Professional Registration Mentoring Scheme. Humphries-Smith, Tania; Sewell, Philip Jan 1, 2016 1150
The affordances of using a teacher leadership network to support leadership development: creating collaborative thinking spaces to strengthen teachers' skills in facilitating productive evidence-informed conversations. Nicholson, Julie; Capitelli, Sarah; Richert, Anna E.; Bauer, Anne; Bonetti, Sara Report Jan 1, 2016 10008
Chapter 1: Examining grant funded professional development for white female teachers in urban schools. Bradshaw, Lauren Yarnell; Feinberg, Joseph R.; Bohan, Chara Haeussler Report Jan 1, 2016 5564
Essential skills for employee professional development: teaching negotiation online. Smith, Terrie L.; Grosso, Jean-Luc; Grosso, Sherry Report Dec 22, 2015 5934
The dynamic duo of professional learning = collaboration and technology: while education policy pushes toward more rigorous teacher evaluations--without full teacher input--teacher learning will likely be led by collaboration and technology. Berry, Barnett Dec 1, 2015 3356
Your partner in teaching. Thickstun, Karen Column Dec 1, 2015 402
Group promotes FSN leadership. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 250
Professional development in your pajamas! Fergus, Jenna Dec 1, 2015 434
Embedding language support in developmental mathematics lessons: exploring the value of design as professional development for community college mathematics instructors. Gomez, Kimberley; Gomez, Louis M.; Rodela, Katherine C.; Horton, Emily S.; Cunningham, Jahneille; Am Report Nov 1, 2015 11530
Designing for improvement in professional development for community college developmental mathematics faculty. Edwards, Ann R.; Sandoval, Carlos; McNamara, Haley Report Nov 1, 2015 12275
Effective professional development for CTE professionals. Wilson, LeAnn Nov 1, 2015 402
Literacy at work in Missouri: embedding literacy strategies into the curriculum. Kline, Katie; Payne, Heather; Sheerman, Julie Nov 1, 2015 1935
Building a bench of leaders. Segedin, Andy Oct 15, 2015 633
Reflection on teachers' personal and professional growth through a materials development seminar/Reflexion sobre el desarrollo profesional y personal de los profesores a traves de un seminario en desarrollo de materiales. Pardo, Astrid Nunez; Tellez, Maria Fernanda Tellez Report Oct 1, 2015 7437
Literacy teaching on the move. Argus, Karen; Brossuek, Debbie; Swan, Coral Oct 1, 2015 1587
Putting the professional in young professional. Mulling, Benjamin R. Oct 1, 2015 463
Male teachers of color take a lesson from each other. Bristol, Travis J. Oct 1, 2015 2460
Coming to terms with accountability. Marcus, Dan Column Oct 1, 2015 796
Moving from the one and done to a culture of collaboration: revising professional development for TAs. Obermark, Lauren; Brewer, Elizabeth; Halasek, Kay Report Sep 22, 2015 8071
Developing a theory-based simulation educator resource. Thomas, Christine M.; Sievers, Lisa D.; Kellgren, Molly; Manning, Sara J.; Rojas, Deborah E.; Gambli Report Sep 1, 2015 2199
Why CTPD really matters. Jul 1, 2015 607
Pedagogical reasoning and action: affordances of practice-based teacher professional development. Pella, Shannon Report Jun 22, 2015 8967
Sports leadership practices in physical education at institute of sports teacher education. Akbar, Zahidi Muhammad; Ali, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed; Salimin, Norkhalid Report Jun 1, 2015 4621
Ways to become a leader in art education. O'Hanley, Heidi Column Jun 1, 2015 827
Professional development for the gaming-friendly librarian. Gerber, Hannah R. Column Jun 1, 2015 1506
Teachers' uses of a learning trajectory in student-centered instructional practices. Wilson, P. Holt; Sztajn, Paola; Edgington, Cyndi; Myers, Marrielle Report May 1, 2015 13748
You made partner: now what? Becoming a partner requires a new perspective on leadership, goals, and strategy. Vien, Courtney L. Apr 1, 2015 1980
Professional development needs of beginning agricultural education teachers in Idaho. Touchstone, Allison J.L. Report Apr 1, 2015 7177
"We do more than discuss good ideas": a close look at the development of professional capital in an elementary education liaison group. Snow, Jennifer L.; Martin, Susan D.; Dismuke, Sherry Report Mar 22, 2015 8993
A letter to myself at the start of my career. Kirchgessner, Mandy Mar 1, 2015 667
Go ahead, take the stage: these presentation pointers can help even the most reluctant public speaker thrive in front of the room. Collins, J. Carlton Cover story Mar 1, 2015 2918
Mentorship in the health disciplines. Sinclair, Peter M.; Pich, Jacqui; Hennessy, Megan; Wooding, Jessica; Williams, Jasmine; Young, Shana Report Mar 1, 2015 4182
Reflections: an approach to comprehensive learning in medical education. Srivastava, Tripti K.; Waghmare, Lalitbhushan S.; Mishra, Vedprakash Mar 1, 2015 2320
Getting personal with teacher professional development. Mosley, Chaney Column Feb 1, 2015 1206
Drive competencies and develop talent: Baker Hughes uses a three-step process that assesses finance employees' skills, offers learning, and holds employees accountable for their own development. Amato, Neil Feb 1, 2015 1358
Language to literacy: professional development for the early learning sector 0-5 years. Hamilton-Smith, Sue; Georgeson, Dan Feb 1, 2015 1631
Addressing language teacher professional learning needs: an evaluation of the AFMLTA national conference, Canberra 2013. Morgan, Anne-Marie; Absalom, Matthew; Scrimgeour, Andrew Report Feb 1, 2015 8646
Developing as professionals. Rodrigues, Ethel Editorial Feb 1, 2015 496
Baby it's cold outside: the AOP's head of professional development, Karen Sparrow, reports on the American Academy of Optometry's annual meeting in November, which attracted the largest number of attendees in its history. Sparrow, Karen Jan 24, 2015 1027
Responsibilising managers and clinicians, neglecting system health? What kind of healthcare leadership development do we want? Comment on "Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings--a simplistic solution to complex problems?". Martin, Graham P. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2015 1341
Who doesn't want to be a leader? Leaders are such wonderful people: comment on "Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings--a simplistic solution to complex problems?". Learmonth, Mark Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2015 1849
An analysis of evaluative comments in teachers' online discussions of representations of practice. Chieu, Vu Minh; Kosko, Karl W.; Herbst, Patricio G. Report Jan 1, 2015 12513
The power of peers: the value of networking. Bland, Kimberly Jan 1, 2015 477
Live from the Sydney Opera House: remote musical interactions for teacher professional development. Dezuanni, Michael; Arthurs, Andy; Graham, Philip Report Jan 1, 2015 7170
Faculty professional development in student learning assessment: the assessment leadership institute. Ellis, Lyda; Marston, Christine; Lightfoot, Jay; Sexton, Julie; Byrnes, Jason; Ku, Heng-Yu; Black, K Jan 1, 2015 6104
Surfacing students' prior knowledge in middle school science classrooms: exception or the rule? Mesa, Jennifer C.; Pringle, Rose M.; King, Natalie Report Dec 22, 2014 6041
What can ed tech certification do for you? A variety of programs can help K-12 technology professionals boost their knowledge and prepare themselves for the expanding demands of their jobs. McCrea, Bridget Dec 1, 2014 1166
Interdisciplinary professional development for teaching science and reading. White, Jacob; Shockley, Denise; Hutzel, Margaret; Wilson, Natalie Report Dec 1, 2014 5900
The importance of being credentialed. Harvey, Carolyn Hester Column Nov 1, 2014 1131
That big promotion five ways to transition from buddy to boss. Wofford, Monica Oct 15, 2014 1676
Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings--a simplistic solution to complex problems? McDonald, Ruth Report Oct 1, 2014 2172
Introducing the 2014 professional development award winners: Congratulations to this year's deserving recipients! Awards list Sep 1, 2014 1295
Professionally developing as a teacher educator. Loughran, John Report Sep 1, 2014 10458
A framework for the facilitation of teachers' analysis of video. van Es, Elizabeth A.; Tunney, Jessica; Goldsmith, Lynn T.; Seago, Nanette Report Sep 1, 2014 14420
Recertification and you. Furdyna, Kristen Sep 1, 2014 911
Integral design: a new necessary professional skill for architects and HVAC engineers to cope with their new roles for sustainable development. Zeiler, Wim Report Jul 1, 2014 3373
Professional Development Portfolio: A Tool for Student Teachers' Development. Mahmood, Muhammad Khalid; Kalsoom, Qudsia; Dilshad, Muhammad; Butt, Intzar Hussain Report Jun 30, 2014 5609
Impact of District Teacher Educators' Mentoring Support on Professional Development of Primary School Teachers. Ullah, Tasleem; Jundran, Saleem Ullah Report Jun 30, 2014 5123
Advanced practice provider mentoring pilot project: program development and evaluation. Baumgartner, Roxelyn; Williams, Ty Jun 22, 2014 1207
The road to professional passion. Moritz, Gwen Column Jun 16, 2014 801
Make time for your art. O'Hanley, Heidi Column May 31, 2014 819
Professional development: means opportunity: influencing instruction at occupational colleges. Mosterdyke, Timothy May 1, 2014 1985
The future of professional development will be designed, not discovered: response to Moon, Passmore, Reiser, and Michaels, "beyond comparisons of online versus face-to-face PD". Fishman, Barry; Konstantopoulos, Spyros; Kubitskey, Beth W.; Vath, Richard; Park, Gina; Johnson, Hea May 1, 2014 2980
Beyond the classroom, 'pro-active teaching methods - a must for today's CPD movement'. Apr 30, 2014 1165
Are we really ever off duty? Battaglia, Bryan B. Column Apr 1, 2014 1037
Case studies in e-RPL and e-PR. Cameron, Roslyn; Miller, Allison Case study Apr 1, 2014 6469
Just the two of us: those who co-teach, co-learn. Matlin, Talitha R.; Carr, Allison Report Apr 1, 2014 7160
Rethinking motherhood and career: maternal deconstruction and the M-Power model. Bankirer, Yael; Moha, Tal Breier Ben Essay Mar 22, 2014 4712
Interprofessional e-learning as a pedagogical tool in health and social care educations/Tverrprofesjonell e-loering som pedagogisk verktoy i helse- og sosialfagutdanninger. Vasset, Froydis; Bergum, Inger Elisabeth; Inderhaug, Hans; Almas, Synnove Hofseth Report Mar 22, 2014 5289
Diversity and the beauty of tenure. Lee, Karen An-Hwei Jan 30, 2014 773
The army social work internship program: training today's uniformed social worker. Howard, Reginald W. Report Jan 1, 2014 2339
Four aspects of national conference we should all experience. Cage, Rob Conference news Jan 1, 2014 786
Effective professional development of teachers: a guide to actualizing inclusive schooling. Nishimura, Trisha Report Jan 1, 2014 8811
How to be the best doctor. Bratton, Robert L. Jan 1, 2014 3626
Picturing the underserved audience: photovoice as method in applied communication research. Borron, Abigail S. Author abstract Dec 1, 2013 5571
Spread the wealth: as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Likewise, the more you share success, the more you can have. Here are some simple ways to do it. Stack, Laura Brief article Dec 1, 2013 115
StrengthsFinder making the most of your strengths. Varkonyi, Irvin Dec 1, 2013 871
Preparing for life "Beyond Academe": professional skills development for graduate students in Canadian universities. Rose, Marilyn Essay Dec 1, 2013 1457
Comparing the impact of online and face-to-face professional development in the context of curriculum implementation. Fishman, Barry; Konstantopoulos, Spyros; Kubitskey, Beth W.; Vath, Richard; Park, Gina; Johnson, Hea Report Nov 1, 2013 10705
Enseigner en classe multiage: besoins de developpement professionnel d'enseignants du primaire. Couture, Christine; Monney, Nicole; Theriault, Pascale; Allaire, Stephane; Doucet, Manon Report Nov 1, 2013 8719
Drama and literature: exploring the sustainability of creative arts partnerships. Sze, Emily Report Oct 1, 2013 5079
Rookie teachers need dress rehearsals too: before the curtain rises on the school year, the newest teachers should have practiced time and again what they will encounter their first days of school. Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul Oct 1, 2013 1320
Growing schools: effective professional development. Abilock, Debbie; Harada, Violet H.; Fontichiaro, Kristin Essay Oct 1, 2013 3979
"What would I tweet?": exploring new professionals' attitudes towards Twitter as a tool for professional development. Dalton, Michelle Report Oct 1, 2013 3153
Implementing Japanese lesson study: an example of teacher-researcher collaboration. Groves, Susie; Doig, Brian; Widjaja, Wanty; Garner, David; Palmer, Kathryn Report Sep 22, 2013 5115
Launching confident numerate learners. Wade, Peter; Gervasoni, Ann; McQuade, Catharine; Smith, Catherine Report Sep 22, 2013 3887
Investigating the community of practice of world language educators on Twitter. Wesely, Pamela M. Report Sep 1, 2013 10985
The impact of preservice preparation and early career support on novice teachers' career intentions and decisions. DeAngelis, Karen J.; Wall, Andrew F.; Che, Jing Report Sep 1, 2013 12968
Professional development. Mason, Michael Brief article Aug 1, 2013 131
Endless possibilities: diversifying service options in private practice. Colburn, Anita A. Neuer Report Jul 1, 2013 5167
Representing your elders: understanding the dynamic of working with multi-generational clientele. Dunlap, Nicholas A. Column Jul 1, 2013 444
4 Steps to getting the most out of mentorship. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 191
I am TNA. Howard, Tammy Essay Jun 22, 2013 694
Managing PLN info and instructional design challenges. Loertscher, David V. Column Jun 1, 2013 991
Doctors should concentrate on Skills Development to serve the ailing humanity. Conference notes Apr 14, 2013 655
Ongoing Professional Development: The Prerequisite for and Continuation of Successful Inclusion Meeting the Academic Needs of Special Students in Public Schools. Costley, Kevin C. Report Apr 2, 2013 305
Let's learn together ... Burns, Rebecca West; Yendol-Hoppey, Diane; Nolan, James F.; Badiali, Bernard J. Apr 1, 2013 682
Leading effective PD: from abstraction to action: professional development would be more effective if leaders followed some basic guidelines for organization and presentation. Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul Apr 1, 2013 1408
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