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Archaeology department, expert want LWCA to stop sandblasting technique on Multan monuments to avoid damage. Feb 11, 2022 457
A roundabout way to unearth Iron Age site; dig reveals settlement from 300-100bc linked to dobunni tribe. ALISON BRINKWORTH News Reporter Dec 31, 2021 568
Workshop on methods of archaeological sciences organised by Cyprus Institute. Press Release Nov 12, 2020 223
Lynda La Plante opts to go into forensic detail; Famous crime writer enlists experts to dive into the minutiae of crime fighting methods. LISTEN UP With Laura Davis Sep 17, 2020 383
Skin Pigmentation Differences between Mongolian, Korean, and Uzbekistan Ancient Human DNA Samples. Bazarragchaa, Munkhtsetseg; Uuganbayar, Udval; Lee, Kwang-Ho; Kim, Kyung-Yong; Kim, Kijeong Report Aug 11, 2020 4567
Casablanca: Discovery of Unique Technique Dating Back Million Years at Archaeological Site "Thomas I". Jun 8, 2020 304
Scarborough Big Dig-ital takes archaeology on line - how to take part; An online, collaborative and community-focused exploration of archaeological material from Scarborough is taking place this week. Sue Wilkinson May 6, 2020 926
Wall to be surveyed with latest digital techniques. Oct 4, 2018 538
New Technique To Map Human Migration History. Jun 18, 2018 571
Amelia Earhart and the Nikumaroro Bones: A 1941 Analysis versus Modern Quantitative Techniques. Jantz, Richard L. Report Mar 22, 2018 10708
Commingled and Unprovenanced: A Case Study Highlighting the Utility of Multiple Techniques for Testing Investigative Leads. Trammell, Lindsay H.; Juarez, Chelsey Ann; Hughes, Cris E. Case study Mar 22, 2018 7293
QM holds workshop on traditional building methods. Mar 3, 2018 490
Archaeologists Use Skeleton Method To Find Ancient Human Lifespan. Jan 6, 2018 425
Chronological Classification of Ancient Mortars Employing Spectroscopy and Spectrometry Techniques: Sagunto (Valencia, Spain) Case. Ramacciotti, M.; Rubio, S.; Gallello, G.; Lezzerini, M.; Columbu, S.; Hernandez, E.; Morales-Rubio, Chronology Jan 1, 2018 6000
Muslim girl showing method of wearing ear and nose rings, and anklets, 1870. Dec 16, 2017 140
Drones uncover secrets of the past. Oct 1, 2017 271
Italian embassy sponsors workshop on restoration techniques. Jul 26, 2017 748
Out of Africa and into Arabia. Smith, Sylvia Sep 1, 2015 732
Modern technique for excavation stressed. Mar 12, 2015 236
Methodology for technological analysis in quartz crystals/Metodologia para analise tecnologica em cristais de quartzo. Bassi, Luis Felipe Jan 1, 2015 5030
A towering achievement; SECRETS OF THE CASTLE Tue BBC2 9pm NEW SERIES. Nov 15, 2014 172
A towering achievement; BEST TV By Jen Rodger & Neil Batey We love SECRETS OF THE CASTLE Tue BBC2 9pm NEW SERIES. Nov 15, 2014 164
A towering achievement; SECRETS OF THE CASTLE Tue BBC2 9pm NEW SERIES We love BEST TV. Nov 15, 2014 172
Sharjah Museums explores use of nuclear technique. Apr 20, 2014 311
Researchers use hi-tech methods to study archaeological finds. Dec 11, 2013 452
The archaeology of rock art in Fiji: evidence, methods and hypotheses. Berrocal, Maria Cruz; Millerstrom, Sidsel Dec 1, 2013 7022
Ways to energise cultural heritage agreements with UNESCO discussed. May 5, 2012 165
Discovering the layers hidden in ceramic bodies: A Feyza Cakir Ozgundogdu describes her technique for shellac resist. Ozgundogdu, A. Feyza Cakir Nov 1, 2011 1347
Stone-tool making technique spread from China to Japan 20,000 years ago: Experts. Aug 4, 2011 179
X-ray technique peers beneath surfaces of artifacts. Mar 26, 2011 303
Tool finishing technique arose before humans first left Africa: method may be 55,000 years older than thought. Bower, Bruce Nov 20, 2010 858
Day of judgement approaches for controversial cathedral. Feb 14, 2010 1863
Aping the stone age: chimp chasers join artifact extractors to probe the roots of stone tools. Bower, Bruce Nov 21, 2009 2664
Research unlocks secrets of Pennines; Radar shows how region has evolved. Oct 22, 2009 522
New analytical technique to recognize archaeological material and fake masterpieces. Jul 2, 2009 307
Agency in action: the public architecture at Hickory Ground. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 191
Bains Gap Site, Archaeological investigations from 1999 to 2008. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 155
How to have the sharpest knife in your drawer: easy process leads to the finest of edges. Larson, Tom Jan 1, 2009 2013
People, pots, and prosperity: the ceramic value index and an assumption of economic class. VanderVeen, James M. Report Dec 31, 2007 6363
Modern archaeology: archaeology continues to be an irresistible lure to publishers, broadcasters and the general public. And the last fifteen years have seen an extraordinary number of spectacular finds across the globe and equally spectacular revelations from ever more sophisticated lab techniques. Brian Fagan, who has taught archaeology since the 1960s, reviews the Brave new world of modern archaeological discovery. Fagan, Brian M. Nov 1, 2007 3289
A different look: comparative rock-art recording from the Torres Strait using computer enhancement techniques. Brady, Liam M. Mar 22, 2007 6344
The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey: integrated methods for a dynamic landscape: research components. Tartaron, Thomas F.; Gregory, Timothy E.; Pullen, Daniel J.; Noller, Jay S.; Rothaus, Richard M.; Ri Oct 1, 2006 1998
The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey: integrated methods for a dynamic landscape: research philosophy and interdisciplinary approaches. Tartaron, Thomas F.; Gregory, Timothy E.; Pullen, Daniel J.; Noller, Jay S.; Rothaus, Richard M.; Ri Oct 1, 2006 2296
Navajo archaeologist is not an oxymoron: a tribal archaeologist's experience. Bears, Davina R. Two Personal account Jun 22, 2006 2620
The Athenian Prytaneion discovered? Schmalz, Geoffrey C.R. Jan 1, 2006 23002
The "face of Agamemnon". Dickinson, Oliver Jun 22, 2005 5228
Author Wyman leaves no stone unturned. Gaydos, Steven Brief Article Mar 28, 2005 190
Corinth: late Roman horizons. Warner Slane, Kathleen; Sanders, Guy, D.R. Mar 22, 2005 24400
Terra-cotta warriors show their true colors. Goho, A. Nov 29, 2003 402
Dinosaur detectives. Eberth, Marty Sep 1, 2002 540
Soil nutrients and vegetation characteristics of a Dorset/Thule site in the Canadian Arctic. Derry, Alison M.; Kevan, Peter G.; Rowley, Susan D.M. Jun 1, 1999 8098
From Middle ages to Colonial times: archaeological and ethnohistorical studies of the Thule culture in Southwest Greenland, 1300-1800 A.D. Book Review Jun 1, 1999 1403
Blood from stones: tests for prehistoric blood cast doubt on earlier results. Kaiser, Jocelyn Jun 17, 1995 1430
Microscopic epidermal identification of yucca and agave for archaeological use. Sobolik, Kristin D. May 1, 1992 4025
Heirs to ancient air: scientists hope to study the delicate contents of a 4,600-year-old chamber without ever disturbing what rests inside. Monastersky, Richard Sep 12, 1987 1728

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