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Work underway to address antimicrobial resistance. Brief article May 1, 2017 172
Food taxes: can you control behavior and health outcomes through taxation? Fox, Mark; Anderson, Tracey; Anderson, Sue; Black, April Report Apr 1, 2017 7566
Assessing the strategies of state offices of minority health to reduce health disparities. Diehr, Aaron J.; Jordan, Timothy; Price, James; Sheu, Jiunn-Jye; Dake, Joseph Report Jan 1, 2017 4938
Yellow fever--more a policy and planning problem than a biological one. Calisher, Charles H.; Woodall, John P. Report Oct 1, 2016 1646
APHA using metrics to measure US health. Late, Michele Brief article Sep 1, 2016 216
NAM: organizations nationwide focusing on social determinants. Wahowiak, Lindsey Brief article Sep 1, 2016 236
Social determinants of health framework supports healthier outcomes. Evans, Tracy Wareing Column Aug 1, 2016 1142
Human services in all policies: the National Collaborative's focus on multiprogram coordination. Lape, Megan Aug 1, 2016 1672
Reactivation of ocular toxoplasmosis in non-hispanic persons, misiones province, argentina. Rudzinski, Marcelo; Khoury, Marina; Couto, Cristobal; Ajzenberg, Daniel Report May 1, 2016 1580
Environmental health 2.0. Dyjack, David Column Mar 1, 2016 1115
Ebola and its control in Liberia, 2014-2015. Nyenswah, Tolbert G.; Kateh, Francis; Bawo, Luke; Massaquoi, Moses; Gbanyan, Miatta; Fallah, Mosoka; Report Feb 1, 2016 5405
Hospital preparations for viral hemorrhagic fever patients and experience gained from admission of an Ebola patient. Haverkort, J.J. Mark; Minderhoud, A.L.C. "Ben"; Wind, Jelte D.D.; Leenen, Luke P.H.; Hoepelman, Andy Report Feb 1, 2016 4517
Epidemiology of serotype 1 invasive pneumococcal disease, South Africa, 2003-2013. von Mollendorf, Claire; Cohen, Cheryl; Tempia, Stefano; Meiring, Susan; de Gouveia, Linda; Quan, Van Report Feb 1, 2016 7693
Is hiding foot and mouth disease sensitive behavior for farmers? A survey study in Sri Lanka. Gunarathne, Anoma; Kubota, Satoko; Kumarawadu, Pradeep; Karunagoda, Kamal; Kono, Hiroichi Report Feb 1, 2016 4328
Civic engagement builds capacity for health departments. Booth, Darryl Jan 1, 2016 1533
A study on various factors affecting family planning practices among eligible couples in urban slums of municipal corporation area in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Koringa, Hetal T.; Joshi, Krupal J.; Mehta, Jitesh P. Report Dec 1, 2015 3076
Serological evidence of rickettsial infections in and around davangere. Raghu, Kumar K.G.; Tejashree, P.; Basavarajappa, K.G. Report Dec 1, 2015 2123
Prevalence of contraceptive practices in an urban slum of Pune city, India. Taklikar, Chandrashekhar S.; More, Sudhakar; Kshirsagar, Vikas; Gode, Vikas Report Dec 1, 2015 2369
Striving to achieve the mission of CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program. Strosnider, Heather Nov 22, 2015 1533
Achievements in and challenges of tuberculosis control in South Korea. Kim, Ji Han; Yim, Jae-Joon Nov 1, 2015 5704
Impact of educational intervention regarding mosquito-borne diseases and their control measures among multipurpose health workers (MPHWS) of Patan district, Gujarat, India. Thakor, Nilesh C.; Vikani, Sanjay K.; Nagar, Anshul A. Report Nov 1, 2015 1561
Seriously implementing health capacity strengthening programs in Africa: comment on "Implementation of a health management mentoring program: Year-1 evaluation of its impact on health system strengthening in Zambezia Province, Mozambique". Lapao, Luis Velez Report Oct 1, 2015 2699
Developing an evidence-based public health informatics course. Yu, Xinyu; Xie, Yue; Pan, Xuequn; Mayfield-Johnson, Susan; Whipple, Jessica; Azadbakht, Elena Report Oct 1, 2015 1797
Together at last: exploring health and environmental information on the national environmental health tracking network. Wall, Patrick A. Column Oct 1, 2015 1335
A holistic solution for antibiotic resistance: phasing out factory farms in order to protect human health. Belanger, Amanda Sep 22, 2015 2728
A holistic solution for antibiotic resistance: phasing out factory farms in order to protect human health. Belanger, Amanda Sep 22, 2015 24800
Multidisciplinary approach in promoting physical health for the allied dental practitioner. Giudice, Mia Lo Sep 1, 2015 714
Increasing risk factors for imported and domestic Gnathostomiasis in the United States. Diaz, James H. Report Sep 1, 2015 3188
Enhancing the capacity of policy-makers to develop evidence-informed policy brief on infectious diseases of poverty in Nigeria. Uneke, Chigozie Jesse; Ezeoha, Abel Ebeh; Uro-Chukwu, Henry; Ezeonu, Chinonyelum Thecla; Ogbu, Ogbon Report Sep 1, 2015 10501
APHA Affiliate leaders learn about Cuban health during trip. McGill, Natalie Aug 1, 2015 455
Rhode Island Affiliate offers health briefs. McGill, Natalie Brief article Aug 1, 2015 153
War on Trauma. Jul 31, 2015 798
Regular training of nurses, paramedics and following SOPs can reduce spread of Hepatitis-Dr. Sarah Feroze. Jul 15, 2015 423
Community focus for public health recommended. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 148
Obama Administration's response to Ebola outbreak is late and inadequate. Nov 1, 2014 746
It's official: ebola is with us. Orient, Jane M. Nov 1, 2014 733
Increasing public awareness of Ebola virus disease symptoms using a pictogram-based poster. Walsh, Andrea; Vaillancourt, Regis; Pouliot, Annie Report Nov 1, 2014 819
Americans' Confidence in Government to Handle Ebola Drops. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 21, 2014 733
Mental health outreach and screening among returning veterans: are we asking the right questions? Bloeser, Katharine; McCarron, Kelly K.; Batorsky, Benjamin; Reinhard, Matthew J.; Pollack, Stacey J. Report Oct 1, 2014 6645
Heading Off A Bigger Ebola Catastrophe. Sep 15, 2014 1216
Exploring public health's roles and limitations in advancing food security in British Columbia. Seed, Barbara A.; Lang, Tim M.; Caraher, Martin J.; Ostry, Aleck S. Report Sep 1, 2014 5402
The 2014 Ebola outbreak: international and U.S. responses. Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji Report Aug 1, 2014 11474
Liquor lessons. Jun 1, 2014 495
CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network: an innovative dynamic surveillance system for you: . Balluz, Lina S. Mar 1, 2014 1455
Framework for handling asbestos after a tidal surge. Ryan, Ben; Kuhl, Ian; Ware, Rebecca Report Jan 1, 2014 4700
Direct from ATSDR: spotlight on ATSDR: exposure investigations. Kowalski, Peter J.; Anderson, Barbara A.; Moore, Susan; Wilder, Lynn Dec 1, 2013 1446
Feeding the colonial subject: nutrition and public health in Puerto Rico, 1926-1952. Gonzalez, Elisa M. Report Sep 22, 2013 13373
Healthy reform, healthy cities: using law and policy to reduce obesity rates in underserved communities. Fry, Christine; Zimmerman, Sara; Kappagoda, Manel May 1, 2013 5677
Healthy reform, healthy cities: using law and policy to reduce obesity rates in underserved communities. Fry, Christine; Zimmerman, Sara; Kappagoda, Manel May 1, 2013 17014
Global health cadres: avian flu control and practical statecraft in Vietnam. Porter, Natalie Report Mar 1, 2013 10759
There's an app for that?? Making Public Health Information obtainable at the touch of a button. Enriquez, Alicia; Wagner, Kari; Marsh, Geoff Nov 1, 2012 1517
Global health diplomacy and management mechanisms of US-China public health collaborations in China: lessons for emerging markets. Brown, Matthew; Mackey, Tim K.; Liang, Bryan A. Report Oct 1, 2012 4073
From conversation to action: implementation of the national conversation on public health and chemical exposures. Nielsen, Jay A. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 1129
Voucher program increases use of maternal health services in Bangladesh. Report Sep 1, 2012 1188
Building capacity for community disaster preparedness: a call for collaboration between public environmental health and emergency preparedness and response programs. Gamboa-Maldonado, Thelma; Marshak, Helen Hopp; Sinclair, Ryan; Montgomery, Susanne; Dyjack, David T. Report Sep 1, 2012 4763
Setting a new standard: increasing capacity at the fort drum environmental health department. Havard, Ronald W. Jul 1, 2012 1428
The promise and challenge of global network governance: the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network. Ansell, Chris; Sondorp, Egbert; Stevens, Robert Hartley Report Jul 1, 2012 9135
Public health and food safety in the WHO African region. Mensah, P.; Mwamakamba, L.; Mohamed, C.; Nsue-Milang, D. Report Jun 1, 2012 5716
Winning the business: optometrist and LOCSU operations manager Sali Davis gives practitioners expert tips on winning new local enhanced services to take advantage of changes in the NHS. May 18, 2012 1228
Coupling environmental health to public safety. Fabian, Nelson May 1, 2012 1778
Program resources--how much is enough? building the case for environmental health program credibility. Knight, Mel Column Apr 1, 2012 1021
Is the Chinese health bureaucracy incapable of leading healthcare reforms?: the case of Fujian Province. He Jingwei, Alex Report Apr 1, 2012 8655
What is ophthalmic public health? Ophthalmic public health Part 1 C-17927 O/D. Shickle, Darren; Hogg, Ruth Report Jan 13, 2012 2611
Environmental health programs under fire. Knight, Mel Column Dec 1, 2011 1132
Palm Beach County's Community Health NETwork: convening safety-net providers to build a comprehensive System of Care. Fox, Claude Earl; Kerr, Debora Oct 1, 2011 841
Environmental public health systems and services research. Sarisky, John; Gerding, Justin Jun 1, 2011 1229
Bringing Attention to Neglected Tropical Diseases: the Inter-American Development Bank, the Pan American Health Organization, and partner agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean are joining forces to control and eliminate these forgotten diseases throughout the region. May 1, 2011 2439
Prevention, care coordination and Medicaid. Wadhwa, Sandeep Oct 1, 2010 2718
Social media and participatory risk communication during the H1N1 flu epidemic: a comparative study of the United States and China. Ding, Huiling Report Oct 1, 2010 8106
Ratios claim finalised: as the lamp goes to press, members are voting on the staffing ratios component of the public health system claim. Holmes, Brett Editorial Sep 1, 2010 564
Before, after, during: Michael Chertoff's post-Katrina arguments. Srader, Doyle Report Jun 22, 2010 8959
Evidence-based national vaccine policy. Report May 1, 2010 8418
Meningococcal serogroup C conjugate vaccination in Canada: how far have we progressed? How far do we have to go? White, Craig P.; Scott, Jeff Report Jan 1, 2010 2019
Consultation with health care professionals and influenza immunization among women in contact with young children. Chambers, Catharine T.; Buxton, Jane A.; Koehoorn, Mieke Report Jan 1, 2010 3924
A new approach to health research in Canada's North. Chatwood, Susan; Young, Kue Report Jan 1, 2010 2406
A vision for the health protection workforce--and challenges for the future. Matheson, Don; Gillespie, Graeme Jan 1, 2008 1791
Need for improved methods to collect and present spatial epidemiologic data for vectorborne diseases. Eisen, Lars; Eisen, Rebecca J. Dec 1, 2007 3021
Better use of provider time in public health clinics in Africa. Brief article May 1, 2007 158
Quarantine stressing voluntary compliance. Giles, Gregory Nov 1, 2005 1465
Postexposure prophylaxis, isolation, and quarantine to control an import-associated measles outbreak--Iowa, 2004. McKeever, V.; Adams, H.; Thornton, T.; Quinlisk, P.; Cetron, M.; Goodman, R.; Shaw, F.; Moulton, A.; Oct 22, 2004 2123
Revised U.S. surveillance case definition for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and update on SARS cases--United States and worldwide, December 2003. Dec 12, 2003 2591
Tuberculosis outbreak among homeless persons--King County, Washington, 2002-2003. Narita, M; Goldberg, S; Lake, L; Kuss, T; Field, K; Hofmann, J; McElroy, P; Tribble, P; Metchock, B; Dec 12, 2003 670
Surveillance tool looks for outbreaks of disease. Sep 29, 2003 386
A new tack on HIV prevention efforts. (FYI). Hollander, Dore Author Abstract May 1, 2003 205
A toolkit for building a healthy city. Flower, Joe Dec 22, 1998 8266
The third side of the triangle. Wiant, Chris J. Column Dec 1, 1998 1533
Vaccine scene: "Flu Central" makes vaccination convenient accessible and cost-effective. Miller, Lorrie Nov 1, 1995 1154
The comprehensive school health curriculum: closing the gap between state-of-the art and state-of-the-practice. Seffrin, John R. Apr 1, 1990 5173

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