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Method introduces bamboo-based wipe: new product features outstanding eco-profile, durability and style.


Method Home Care, a division of Method Products, Inc., has introduced the first and only disposable cleaning made from bamboo. The company sees bamboo as a material of choice for innovative premium wipes to its outstanding eco-profile, durability and style. A naturally compostable and sustainable resource, bamboo is an abundant raw material that can be grown without the use of pesticides.

"There are between 300-500 species of bamboo, depending on the taxonomic criteria used," explained Jennifer Saddoris, packaging development manager (or "Imagineer") for Method. "Bamboo is used for pulp and fiber and is grown in clumps. It doesn't spread like some species, which makes it much more manageable for farmers wishing to supplement their crops." She added that bamboo has a maturity rate of one to three years.

A maintenance-free crop, bamboo is grown as a supplemental crop on family-operated farms. It is also grown in and around existing crops, utilizing secondary land areas. To harvest the bamboo, pulp mills pre-arrange with farmers in a certain area for pick-up dates. The farmers cut, stage and receive credit for their crop upon pick-up.

Packaged in a film pouch, the wipes are finger-friendly, offering single-handed opening and use. The portable and easy to stack format has a custom designed tray that cradles each wipe separately, improving shelf presence. Additionally, the new format offers a substantial reduction in plastic versus canisters. "Film is environmentally superior to plastic canisters," said Ms. Saddoris. "There is less overall waste, less energy use in manufacturing/transport and it is recyclable. Canisters use 60% more plastic than fiat-packs," she added.


Method's recyclable mono-material package uses a matte OPP/CPP film composite featuring a 70-gram matte OPP layer and a 2-millimeter CPP layer. The mono-polymer structure is as recyclable as yogurt cups and offers a weight reduction of 6-17% from traditional PET/PE structures.

In addition to being sustainable and compostable, the upgraded, a100% bamboo wipe substrate is thicker and stronger while continuing to offer effective and safe cleaning capabilities. Method calls its non-toxic formula "planet, people and surface safe," according to executives.

By Ellen Wuagneux

associate editor

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Author:Wuagneux, Ellen
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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Method introduces bamboo-based wipe: new product features outstanding eco-profile, durability and style.

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