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LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 23, 2022 13524
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 16, 2022 14389
ContraFect announces presentation data on exebacase. Jun 14, 2022 235
Clinical management and infection prevention and control for Monkeypox. Jun 14, 2022 629
Genetic Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in Dogs and Cats in Cyprus: Comparison of MRSP and MRSA Results. Tamakan, Hazel; Gocmen, Huban Report Jun 10, 2022 5234
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 9, 2022 14081
Antibacterial activity of Ricinus communis plant extract against antibiotic resistant Helicobacter pylori and Gluconobacter oxydans isolated from fresh apple juices samples/ Atividade antibacteriana do extrato da planta Ricinus communis contra Helicobacter pylori resistente a antibioticos e Gluconobacter oxydans isolados de amostras de suco de maca fresco. Shahzad, M.; Chaudhry, M.; Shahid, M.G.; Ahsan, A.; Dar, M.; Mazhar, B.; Mustafa, M.; Saeed, S.; Mun Jun 9, 2022 4233
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 2, 2022 14416
IL-21/IL-21R Regulates the Neutrophil-Mediated Pathologic Immune Response during Chlamydial Respiratory Infection. Zeng, Jiajia; Xu, Yueyue; Tan, Lu; Zha, Xiaoyu; Yang, Shuaini; Zhang, Hong; Tuo, Yuqing Jun 1, 2022 7052
November 2021: Respiratory Infections. List Jun 1, 2022 301
Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications: Impact on Pregnant Women with Urinary Tract Infections. Patnool, Rihana Begum; Wadhwani, Ashish; Balasubramaniam, V.; Ponnusankar, Sivasankaran Jun 1, 2022 6796
Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and its Associated SCCmec Types among Healthcare workers and Patient Visitors from Western Maharashtra, India. Parthasarathy, Arun Kumar; Babu, Dinesh R.; Chougale, Roma A. Jun 1, 2022 3165
Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Microorganisms associated with Electronic Devices from Healthcare Professionals in and around Chennai. Bhaskar, Bhavani; Sumitha, Ravindran Jun 1, 2022 3165
Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Northeastern Saudi Hospitals. Aljeldah, Mohammed; Shammari, Basim Al; Farrag, Eman S.; Taha, Ehab M.; Mahmoud, Sabry Y. Jun 1, 2022 3832
Comparison of Laboratory Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections Based on Leukocyte and Bacterial Parameters Using Standardized Microscopic and Flow Cytometry Methods. Christy, Priskila; Sidjabat, Hanna Evelina; Lumban Toruan, Anggia Augustasia; Moses, Emmanuel Jairaj May 27, 2022 4712
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 26, 2022 13782
Surgical Treatment of Radiation-Induced Late-Onset Scalp Wound in Patients Who Underwent Brain Tumor Surgery: Lessons from a Case Series. Kim, Jinhyun; Ahn, Kyung Chan; Chang, Hak; Jeong, Jae Hoon; Pak, Changsik John; Kim, Byung Jun Report May 25, 2022 3253
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 19, 2022 14579
Antimicrobial Activity of Aspergillus sp. from the Amazon Biome: Isolation of Kojic Acid. Rodrigues, Josy Caldas; Lima da Silva, Weison; Ribeiro da Silva, David; Maia, Carolina Rabelo; Santo May 17, 2022 5700
ContraFect reports Q1 EPS (51c), consensus (31c). Financial report May 16, 2022 213
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 12, 2022 14140
Microbiological characteristics of bloodstream infections in a reference hospital in northeastern Brazil/ Caracteristicas microbiologicas de infeccoes da corrente sanguinea em hospital de referencia no nordeste do Brasil. Melo, M.C.; Neto, A.P.M. Carvalho; Maranhao, T.L.G.Q.; Costa, E.S.; Nascimento, C.M.A.; Cavalcanti, May 11, 2022 2982
Thymol Reduces agr-Mediated Virulence Factor Phenol-Soluble Modulin Production in Staphylococcus aureus. Lade, Harshad; Chung, Sung Hee; Lee, Yeonhee; Kumbhar, Bajarang Vasant; Joo, Hwang-Soo; Kim, Yun-Gon Report May 9, 2022 8563
Enterotoxigenic methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus contamination in salted fish from Gwadar Balochistan/ Contaminacao de Staphylococcus aureus resistente a meticilina enterotoxigenica em peixes salgados de Gwadar Balochistan. Rashid, N.; Shafee, M.; Iqbal, S.; Samad, A.; Khan, S.A.; Hasni, M.S.; Rehman, Z.U.; Ullah, S.; Rehm May 8, 2022 4220
Isolation and characterization of bacteria residing in the oral, gut, and fecal samples of different pheasant species/ Isolamento e caracterizacao de bacterias residentes nas amostras orais, intestinais e fecais de diferentes especies de faisao. Mushtaq, M.; Bukhari, S.M.; Ahmad, S.; Khattak, A.; Chattha, M.B.; Mubeen, I.; Rehman, K. Ur; Andlee May 8, 2022 5000
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 5, 2022 13559
Pregnancy-Associated Sacroiliitis following an Uncomplicated Pregnancy. Ahmadi, Maryam; Abiri, Farid; Ahmadiani, Somaieh; Jenabi, Ensiyeh May 4, 2022 2090
In-Vitro Antimicrobial Drug Susceptibility Pattern of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Rabia Mubariz, Shahina Yasmin, Shazia Taj, Tariq Butt, Ayesha Ellahi and Uzma Mussarat Apr 30, 2022 2903
Molecular Diversification and Frequency of mecA Gene in the MRSA Infections of Hospitalized Patients at Islamabad, Pakistan. Yasir Rasheed, Raheela Yasmine, Ambreen Gul, Kaleem Imdad, Aashi Ahmad and Hassan Burair Apr 30, 2022 2660
Inhibition of the Vancomycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus in Egypt Using Silver Nanoparticles. Salah, Nouran M.; Saafan, Amal E.; Salem, Eman H.; El Rabey, Haddad A.; Alsieni, Mohammed A.; Alataw Report Apr 30, 2022 5900
Application and Challenge of Nano-Systems against Intracellular Bacterial Infection. Cai, Xiaoli; Ahmed, Saeed; Lei, Zhixin; Wu, Jianping; Sun, Taolei Report Apr 30, 2022 5884
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 28, 2022 14312
Omadacycline Efficacy against Streptococcus Agalactiae Isolated in China: Correlation between Resistance and Virulence Gene and Biofilm Formation. Li, Guiqiu; Wei, Ying; Guo, Yan; Gong, Hui; Lian, Jie; Xu, Guangjian; Bai, Bing Apr 25, 2022 5197
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 21, 2022 14522
Inducible Clindamycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains in Africa: A Systematic Review. Assefa, Muluneh Apr 19, 2022 5979
Effect of Allicin and Artesunate Combination Treatment on Experimental Mice Infected with Plasmodium berghei. Ounjaijean, Sakaewan; Somsak, Voravuth Apr 18, 2022 4448
Shock as seven-month-old's infection resists antibiotics. Apr 16, 2022 507
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 14, 2022 14073
Caerin 1 Peptides, the Potential Jack-of-All-Trades for the Multiple Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infection Treatment and Cancer Immunotherapy. Xiao, Liyin; Yang, Xiaodan; Li, Junjie; Zhang, Pingping; Tang, Shuxian; Cao, Dongmin; Chen, Shu Report Apr 11, 2022 9880
Effect of the Application of Cold Plasma Energy on the Inactivation of Microorganisms, Proteins, and Lipids Deterioration in Adobera Cheese. Aguilar Uscanga, Blanca Rosa; Calderón Santoyo, Montserrat; Ragazzo Sánchez, Juan Arturo; Alemán Dua Apr 8, 2022 6537
Comparison of efficacy of systemic antibiotics alone and combination of systemic antibiotics with gentamicin cream in diabetic foot infections. Munawer Latif Memon, Muhammad Ikram, Muhammad Azhar and Varda Balouch Apr 8, 2022 1925
Investigation of Staphylococcus lugdunensis and Selected Coagulase Negative Staphylococci Isolated from Blood Culture bottles and Determination of their Sensitivities to Antibiotics. Aynur Veliev and Yasar Nakipoglu Apr 8, 2022 2883
Predictive factors and outcomes of severe community acquired pneumonia in patients with respiratory failure. Arslan Rahat Ullah, Aysha Masood, Sumayya Amin and Iftikhar Ali Apr 8, 2022 2842
Synchronous and Futuristic Views on the Application of Silver Nanoparticles: A Journey towards Green Synthesis. Nagaprasad, N.; Chandralekha, D.; Karri, Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy; Shanmugam, R.; Dwarampud Apr 4, 2022 7255
Evaluation of Microbiological Profiles of Diabetic Foot Infections at a Tertiary Hospital. Aydin, Ozlem; Celik, Aykut Apr 1, 2022 4544
A Case of Necrotizing Fasciitis with Unusual Cause: Olive Oil Injection as Filler on the Thigh. Koplay, Tugba Gun; Yildiran, Gokce Apr 1, 2022 1738
Septic Thrombophlebitis with Persistent Bacteremia Treated by Thrombolysis. Farny, Boris; Vacheron, Charles-Herve; Friggeri, Arnaud; Allaouchiche, Bernard Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 1417
Increasing Antimicrobial Resistance in World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region, 2017-2019. Talaat, Maha; Zayed, Bassem; Tolba, Sara; Abdou, Enjy; Gomaa, Mohamed; Itani, Dana; Hutin, Yvan; Haj Report Apr 1, 2022 4213
Bordetella hinzii Pneumonia in Patient with SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Lakhal, Hend Ben; Cachinho, Jose Bras; Kalfon, Pierre; Naas, Thierry; Benseddik, Zehaira Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 2489
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 31, 2022 14388
Wernicke's encephalopathy secondary to hyperemesis gravidarum: A clinical challenge. Mehreen, Tooba; Kiani, Sara Saghir Clinical report Mar 31, 2022 2120
Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae Count in Abattoir Wastes and Its Receiving Waters in Limbe Municipality, Cameroon: Public Health Implications. Esemu, Seraphine Nkie; Aka, Tendongmo Kinsley; Kfusi, Achah Jerome; Ndip, Roland Ndip; Ndip, Lucy Ma Report Mar 31, 2022 6863
UK scientists' breakthrough could save millions from drug-resistant infections; Antibiotic could be used as the 'last line of defence'. By, Nina Lloyd, PA & Nick Wood Mar 29, 2022 468
UK scientists' breakthrough could save millions from drug-resistant infections; Antibiotic could be used as the 'last line of defence'. By, Nina Lloyd, PA & Nick Wood Mar 29, 2022 468
UK scientists' breakthrough could save millions from drug-resistant infections; Antibiotic could be used as the 'last line of defence'. By, Nina Lloyd, PA & Nick Wood Mar 29, 2022 468
UK scientists' breakthrough could save millions from drug-resistant infections; Antibiotic could be used as the 'last line of defence'. By, Nina Lloyd, PA & Nick Wood Mar 29, 2022 468
Bacterial Culture of Tear Duct Infections Secondary to Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstructions. Yang, Weiming; Shen, Li; Wang, Anken; Li, Meiyan; Yang, Chenhao Mar 28, 2022 2434
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 24, 2022 14046
Investigation of Plant Antimicrobial Peptides against Selected Pathogenic Bacterial Species Using a Peptide-Protein Docking Approach. Mustafa, Ghulam; Mehmood, Rizwan; Mahrosh, Hafiza Salaha; Mehmood, Khalid; Ahmed, Shakeel Report Mar 21, 2022 7146
Rise in antibiotic resistance worries health officials. Mar 20, 2022 1186
Rise in antibiotic resistance has health officials worried. Mar 20, 2022 1236
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 17, 2022 13876
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 10, 2022 14477
Bordetella hinzii Pneumonia in Patient with SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Mar 9, 2022 1228
Antimicrobial resistance in Africa: challenges and proposed strategies. Mar 8, 2022 861
Early Warning and Clinical Epidemiological Characteristics of Lung Injury in the Treatment of Infectious Staphylococcus aureus Sepsis by Vancomycin Based on Adaptive Niche Genetic Algorithm and Pulmonary Ultrasound Images. Huang, Xue; Wang, Nan; Duanmu, Ningjie; Fu, Li Mar 7, 2022 5831
Mycotic Aneurysm with Iliac Artery-Colonic Fistula. Viet Dung, Le; Mai Hien, Ma; Bich Nguyet, Dang-Thi; Tra My, Thieu-Thi; Minh Duc, Nguyen Mar 4, 2022 2304
Efflux-Mediated bile Resistance in Gram-Positive Pathogens. Alsultan, Amjed; Alsallami, Dhama Mar 1, 2022 4572
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infections and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Production During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Yakout, Marwa A.; Abdelwahab, Ibrahim A. Mar 1, 2022 4797
Effect of Lemongrass Essential Oil based Mouthwash against Microflora Associated with Dental Plaque. Ambade, Sonia; Deshpande, Neelima; Abhyankar, Pragati Mar 1, 2022 3324
Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria from Goat's Milk Potential Producer of Bacteriocin: Evidence from Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Veettil, Vajid Nettoor; Chitra, A. Vijaya Mar 1, 2022 5489
Pretreatment with Allura Red or Tartrazine Increase Resistance of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus to some Preservatives. Abu-Ghazaleh, Bayan M. Mar 1, 2022 2567
Biofilm Formation and Antibiotic Resistance of S. aureus Strains Isolated from Chronic Traumatic Wounds. Banerjee, Barnini; Gowda, Prakruthi; Ananda, K. Thripthi Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 2736
Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils of Melaleuca cajuputi Powell. Wahab, Noor Zarina Abd; Ja'afar, Nur Saidatul Aqilah; Ismail, Samhani Binti Mar 1, 2022 3987
Comparison of Survival of Healthcare Associated Bacteria on Materials used for Making White Coat. Thomas, Silla Varghese; Bhat, K. Gopalakrishna Mar 1, 2022 2647
In vitro Antibiosis of Chlorella vulgaris Extract against the Phytopathogen, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Almalki, Mohammed A.; Khalifa, Ashraf Y.Z.; Alkhamis, Yousef A. Mar 1, 2022 3955
Prevalence, Risk Factors and Microbial Profile of Surgical Site Infection after Cesarean Section in a Tertiary Care Center in Western India. Jain, Abhishek Kumar; Patidar, Harshul; Nayak, Vijay; Agrawal, Ramesh Mar 1, 2022 4446
Green Approach for the Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles and its Antibacterial Effect against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Majeed, Shahnaz; Shukhairi, Ahmad Najmi Bin; Danish, Mohammed Mar 1, 2022 3607
Impact of an Oral Care Intervention among Medical-Surgical Patients. Stepinski, Joy; Rowe, Sonhui; Robertson, Rachel Report Mar 1, 2022 4715
Screening of mecC Gene in Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates/Metisiline Direncli Staphylococcus aureus Izolatlarinda mecC Geni Taramasi. Ceylan, Ayse Nur; Sumbul, Bilge; Doymaz, Mehmet Ziya Report Mar 1, 2022 3086
Dupilumab combined with a short-term narrowband-ultraviolet B phototherapy in a pediatric case of severe atopic dermatitis/Siddetli atopik dermatitli pediatrik hastada dupilumab ve dar bant ultraviyole B fototerapi kombinasyonu. Kavak, Ayse; Aydogmus, Cigdem; Yilmaz, Kubra Mar 1, 2022 1332
NEHA Requests Input on Body Art Model Code. Mar 1, 2022 405
Biosynthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Produced by Phormidium ambiguum and Desertifilum tharense Cyanobacteria. Hanna, Amira L.; Hamouda, Hayam M.; Goda, Hanan A.; Sadik, Mahmoud W.; Moghanm, Farahat S.; Ghoneim, Feb 28, 2022 8604
Antibacterial Activities and Synergistic Interaction of Citrus Essential Oils and Limonene with Gentamicin against Clinically Isolated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Sreepian, Apichai; Popruk, Supaluk; Nutalai, Daranee; Phutthanu, Chayanit; Sreepian, Preeyaporn M. Feb 28, 2022 7816
Four year trend of antimicrobial susceptibility of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a tertiary care hospital, Lahore. Arshad, Faiqa; Saleem, Sidrah; Tahir, Romeeza; Ghazal, Ayesha; Khawaja, Aneela; Jahan, Shah Report Feb 28, 2022 2007
Risk factors and Compliance of surviving sepsis campaign: A retrospective cohort study at tertiary care hospital. Farheen Yousuf, Ayesha Malik, Ayesha Saba and Sana Sheikh Feb 28, 2022 2723
Analysis of clinical distribution and drug resistance of klebsiella pneumoniae pulmonary infection in patients with hypertensive intra cerebral hemorrhage after minimally invasive surgery. Wei Li, Li Xu, Haige Zhao and Shanshan Zhu Feb 28, 2022 2083
In Vitro Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities and Molecular Docking Analysis of Phytochemicals from Cadia purpurea Roots. Kiros, Tsegu; Eswaramoorthy, Rajalakshmanan; Melaku, Yadessa; Dekebo, Aman Feb 24, 2022 9132
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Feb 24, 2022 14306
Man has leg and lung amputated after cold symptoms turned out to be much worse; After he woke up from a coma, Carter Parry, from Ohio in the US, was told he would need his right leg and his right lung amputated plus the toes on his left foot removed. By, Adam May & Pesala Bandara Feb 23, 2022 1415
Health risks of antibiotic misuse and abuse amid Covid-19. Feb 17, 2022 1292
Face mask with technology to destroy viruses unveiled. Feb 15, 2022 581
Isolation, Identification, and Susceptibility Profile of E. coli, Salmonella, and S. aureus in Dairy Farm and Their Public Health Implication in Central Ethiopia. Geletu, Umer Seid; Usmael, Munera Ahmednur; Ibrahim, Abdulmuen Mohammed Feb 14, 2022 11697
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Feb 10, 2022 14278
MRSA found in hedgehogs before GPs used antibiotics. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Feb 7, 2022 422
Humble hedgehogs could help our fight against superbugs like MRSA; Careless use of antibiotics has been blamed for the rise of superbugs like MRSA -but hedgehogs tell a very different story. By, Miriam Stoppard Feb 6, 2022 418
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Feb 3, 2022 14445
Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Multishaped Crystalline Silver Nanoparticles Using Hill Garlic Extract and Their Potential Application as an Antifungal Agent. Nallal, V. Uma Maheshwari; Razia, M.; Duru, Ozlem Ates; Ramalingam, G.; Chinnappan, Sasikala; Chandr Jan 29, 2022 4746
Taysha Gene Therapies Touts Positive Initial Biomarker Data For TSHA-101, the First Bicistronic Gene Therapy in Clinical Development. Jan 28, 2022 384
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 27, 2022 14488
In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Different Honey Samples against Clinical Isolates. Wadi, Mahasin Ahmed Report Jan 21, 2022 5301
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 20, 2022 14167
Mupirocin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Iran: A Biofilm Production and Genetic Characteristics. Zamani, Samira; Mohammadi, Anis; Hajikhani, Bahareh; Abiri, Parnaz; Fazeli, Maryam; Nasiri, Mohammad Report Jan 15, 2022 7317
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 13, 2022 14688
Aptorum Group Completes Phase I Clinical Trials for ALS-4 and SACT-1, Small Molecule Drugs Targeted for Infections Caused by Staphylococcus Aureus and Neuroblastoma. Jan 11, 2022 600
Deadly MRSA superbug was first spread by hedgehogs to humans claims new study; New research claims that hedgehogs are behind MRSA with the superbug believed to have evolved on the skin of the animals around 200 years ago and spread to humans. By, Tim Hanlon Report Jan 6, 2022 604
Hospital superbug MRSA was triggered by hedgehogs, according to new research; Up to 60% of hedgehogs carry a type of MRSA. By, Nina Massey, PA Science Correspondent & Alan Johnson Jan 6, 2022 586
Application of Nanomaterial in Hydrogels Related to Wound Healing. Liu, Yangyang; Song, Shurui; Liu, Shuangyong; Zhu, Xiaoyan; Wang, Peige Jan 4, 2022 8604
Granulomatosis with polyangiitis: The trigger cannot be long hidden. Gayen, Shameek; Zhang, Diana; Sternlicht, Eliza; Bulanowski, Daniel; Tabba, Maher Clinical report Jan 1, 2022 2728
Use of Private Sector Workforce Respiratory Disease Short-Term Disability Claims to Assess SARS-CoV-2, Mexico, 2020. Hernandez-Avila, Mauricio; Tamayo-Ortiz, Marcela; Vieyra-Romero, Waldo; Gutierrez-Diaz, Hector; Zepe Report Jan 1, 2022 2685
Epidemiology and Risk Factors of Post Operative Site Infections in Surgical Patients: A Systematic Review. Salahuddin, Mohammad; Muddebihal, Farahnaz; Thirunavukkarasu, Ashokkumar; Alanazi, Abdulhadi Abdulla Report Jan 1, 2022 4209
Is Staphylococcus Infection-Associated Glomerulonephritis Overlooked? A Case Report and Literature Review. Sahin, Hatice; Oguz, Ebru Gok; Sokmen, Fevzi Coskun; Selen, Tamer; Ayli, M. Deniz Jan 1, 2022 2312
The antimicrobial activity of ceftobiprole against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A large tertiary care university hospital experience in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Altamimi, Lamees A.; Altamimi, Leen A.; Somily, Ali M. Report Jan 1, 2022 3171
The Usefulness of Common IVY (Hedera helix L.) Extracts Against Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens Found in Local Hospitals. Rehman, Khushnood Ur; Hamayun, Muhammad; Yaseen, Tabassum; Butt, Zahid Ali; Ahmad, Gulzad; Wali, She Report Jan 1, 2022 2694
Feline Bacteria Inhibits MRSA: The healthy bacteria produce antibiotics that kill. O'Neill, Alan M. Jan 1, 2022 357
Risk factors, causative organisms and sensitivity patterns of infective keratitis in a tertiary care hospital in Rawalpindi. Rizwan, Amna; Asghar, Asfandyar; Naqvi, Syed Ali Hasan; Sughra, Ume; Raza, Hassan Report Dec 31, 2021 2656
Trends in per-operative parameters and postoperative complications associated with coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG); A four-year retrospective study. Azam Jan, Muhammad Khizar Hayat, Mohammad Ahmed Arsalan Khan and Rafi Ullah Dec 31, 2021 2536
Genetic Polymorphisms of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Bovine Mastitis in China. Report Dec 31, 2021 3246
COMPARISON OF THE EFFICACY OF ANTIBIOTIC-STEROID AND ICHTHAMMOL GLYCERINE WICK IN TREATMENT OF ACUTE OTITIS EXTERNA. Maryam Khan, Kamran Ashfaq Ahmed Butt, Naeem Riaz, Zaheer Ul Hassan, Attique Ahmed and Muhammad Wasi Dec 31, 2021 3212
Accelerative Effect of Cinnamon Nanoparticles as well as HAMLET on Healing of Wounds Infected with MRSA in Diabetic Rats. Ali, Ramezani; Alireza, Najafpour; Reza, Farahpour Mohammad; Rahim, Mohammadi Report Dec 28, 2021 7387
Syntheses, Characterization, and Antibacterial Evaluation of P. grandiflora Extracts Conjugated with Gold Nanoparticles. Murei, A.; Pillay, K.; Samie, A. Dec 24, 2021 5803
Heartwarming moment amputee boy, 4, learns to walk for first time on prosthetic legs; Beauden Baumkirchner fell off his bike and skinned his knee last October, but he soon badly a deadly infection that cost him both his legs and two fingers. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Dec 15, 2021 762
Partial Purification and Characterization of Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances Produced by Streptomyces sp. Isolated from the Gut of Chanos chanos. Kurnianto, Muhammad A.; Kusumaningrum, Harsi D.; Lioe, Hanifah N.; Chasanah, Ekowati Report Dec 14, 2021 8524
3D-QSAR Studies of 1,2,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives as Sortase A Inhibitors. Shakour, Neda; Hadizadeh, Farzin; Kesharwani, Prashant; Sahebkar, Amirhossein Dec 6, 2021 6609
Molecular Confirmation of Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus with vanA Gene from a Hospital in Kathmandu. Maharjan, Meera; Sah, Anil Kumar; Pyakurel, Susil; Thapa, Sabita; Maharjan, Susan; Adhikari, Nabaraj Dec 2, 2021 5059
Increased Incidence of Melioidosis in Far North Queensland, Queensland, Australia, 1998-2019. Smith, Simon; Horne, Peter; Rubenach, Sally; Gair, Richard; Stewart, James; Fairhead, Lee; Hanson, J Report Dec 1, 2021 2328
"It Is a Tiger That Devours Me, But I Am the Tiger". Breedlove, Byron Dec 1, 2021 1097
Antimicrobial Activity of Pulicaria Species from Turkey/Turkiye'deki Pulicaria Turlerinin Antimikrobiyal Aktivitesi. Nath, Ebru Ozdemir; Bilgin, Merve; Gurdal, Bahar Dec 1, 2021 3842
Nanoparticles as Antimicrobial Agents and Drug Delivery Systems - A Review. Suluvoy, Jagadish Kumar; Gomez, P. Levin Anbu; Joel, T. Jesse; Toppo, Neha; Karthikeyan, Dhanu P.; S Dec 1, 2021 4145
The De-marketing Strategies as a Vital Resolve of Antibiotics Misuse Dilemma. Al-Samydai, Ali; AL-Samydai, Mahmood Jasim; Hajleh, Maha N. Abu; Qrimea, Ihab Ali; Alindawy, Abdul A Dec 1, 2021 4526
Overview of Pathogens causing Nosocomial Infections in Various Wards of a Tertiary Health Care Hospital and their Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern - A Prospective Surveillance Study. Saikeerthana, D.; Prabha, P.; Vijayashree, V.; Krishna, Gogula N.M. Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 2593
Detection of Inducible Resistance to Clindamycin among Methicillin Resistant and Sensitive strains of Staphylococcus aureus from India. Bala, Rosy; Kaur, Narinder; Gupta, Nitin; Chauhan, Jyoti; Garg, Ritu; Kumar, Harit; Saini, Adesh K. Dec 1, 2021 2600
Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus in Food Products Collected from Riyadh Region. Mubarak, Ayman Dec 1, 2021 3658
Bacteriological Profile in Septicaemic Patients with Elevated C-reactive Protein in Intensive Care Units at A Tertiary Care Hospital. Hariharan, S.R.; Leela, K.V.; Manjula, S.R.; Chitra, A. Gomathi; Karthik, A. Dec 1, 2021 2789
Biofilm Formation and its Association with Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates. Chaudhary, Bajarangi Lai; Bisht, Dakshina; Faujdar, Sameer Singh Dec 1, 2021 4013
Mupirocin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Nasal Swabs of ICU and OT Staff--A Study from A Tertiary Care Hospital. Chauhan, Sapna; Surender; Rappai, Tony J. Report Dec 1, 2021 2887
Predisposition of Blood Group Non-secretors to Urinary Tract Infection with Escherichia coli Anti-microbial Resistance and Acute Kidney Injury. Thiagarajan, Shanmugapriya; Stephen, Selvaraj; Kanagamuthu, Sarangapani; Ambroise, Stanley; Viswanat Dec 1, 2021 7405
Clinical Spectrum and Resistance Profile of Staphylococcus Infections in a Peri Urban Tertiary Care Hospital. Madhuri; Jangra, Sweta; Khandait, Manisha Dec 1, 2021 3101
Antimicrobial Efficacy of Titanium Dioxide Coating in Operating Theaters at A Tertiary Care Hospital in Arunachal Pradesh. Umpo, Mika; Lollen, Tumbi; Jini, Moji; Kothapalli, Jyothinath Dec 1, 2021 2476
Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Garcinia pedunculata Roxb. ex Buch. - Ham. fruit extract by HPLC-ESI-MS. Zoliansanga; Lalfakzuala, R. Report Dec 1, 2021 4292
Antibacterial Resistance Pattern in Clinical and Non-clinical Bacteria by Phenotypic and Genotypic Assessment. Shawky, Mohamed; Suleiman, Waleed B.; Farrag, Ayman A. Dec 1, 2021 4995
A Prospective Study on Neonatal Sepsis in a Tertiary Hospital, Nepal. Sah, Ranjit; Bhattarai, Suraj; Basnet, Srijana; Pokhrel, Bharat Mani; Shah, Niranjan Prasad; Sah, Sa Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 4636
Skin and soft tissue infections in hospitalized cancer patients: A retrospective study. Mutairi, Huda M. Al-; Egunsola, Oluwaseun; Almutairi, Afaf; Dossary, Salha M. Al-; Alshammasi, Rana Report Dec 1, 2021 3898
The Effect of Infection Agents Obtained From Intensive Care Patients on the Resistance Pattern and Patient Outcomes. Gonderen, Kamil; Simavlioglu, Gulsen; Ibil, Duygu Dec 1, 2021 3478
Screening Different Desert Soils in Makkah Province to Detect Novel Antibiotics Producing Actinomycetes. Hausawi, Abdullah A.I.; Baeshen, Nabih A.; Al-Hejin, Ahmed Mahmoud; Al-Matary, Mohammed A.; Almaaqar Report Dec 1, 2021 4348
Multidrug-resistant community-acquired urinary tract infections in a northern region of Morocco: epidemiology and risk factors. Benaissa, Elmostafa; Belouad, Elmehdi; Mechal, Youness; Benlahlou, Yassine; Chadli, Mariama; Maleb, Report Dec 1, 2021 3897
Aerobic bacteria isolated from diabetic foot ulcers of Egyptian patients: types, antibiotic susceptibility pattern and risk factors associated with multidrug-resistant organisms. Mashaly, Mervat; kheir, Mohamed Abo El; Ibrahim, Mohamed; Khafagy, Wael Report Dec 1, 2021 6976
Central line associated bloodstream infection caused by Kodamaea ohmeri in a young child. Haidar, Amier; Khaja, Farhana; Simms, Brian; Elgehiny, Amr Issam; Omoegbele, Tracy; Khetan, Nikita Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 1838
Superbugs, the next big pandemic. Nov 16, 2021 2109
Antimicrobial Effect of Calcium Hydroxide Combined with Electrolyzed Superoxidized Solution at Neutral pH on Enterococcus faecalis Growth. Jimenez-Gonzalez, Héctor Armando; Nakagoshi-Cepeda, María Argelia Akemi; Nakagoshi-Cepeda, Sergio Ed Report Nov 9, 2021 5696
Bugworks research administers first human dose in phase one BWC0977 clinical trial. Nov 9, 2021 228
Bugworks research administers first human dose in phase one BWC0977 clinical trial. Nov 9, 2021 227
Multidrug-Resistant Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Associated with Bacteremia and Monocyte Evasion, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Viana, Alice Slotfeldt; Botelho, Ana Maria Nunes; Moustafa, Ahmed M.; Boge, Craig L.K.; Ferreira, Ad Report Nov 1, 2021 6144
Acute Chagas Disease Manifesting as Orbital Cellulitis, Texas, USA. Hudson, F.Parker; Homer, Natalie; Epstein, Aliza; Mondy, Kristin Clinical report Nov 1, 2021 1885
Comparison of Liofilchem and Etest gradient strips, and BD Phoenix, for the determination of vancomycin MIC in Staphylococcus aureus. Creighton, Julie A. Nov 1, 2021 3455
A two-year study of microbiological characteristics of Intravascular catheter-related bloodstream infections at Razi Hospital, Iran. Hasannejad-Bibalan, Meysam; Sadeghi, Mahsa; Hemmati, Hossein; Ashoobi, Mohammad Taghi; Yaghoubi, Tof Report Nov 1, 2021 2978
Journal Questionnaire. Nov 1, 2021 600
Insights into the epidemiology of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in special populations and at the community-healthcare interface. Romero, Leticia Calixto; de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da Cunha, Maria Report Nov 1, 2021 7439
Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Secondary Metabolites from Trifolium baccarinii Chiov. (Fabaceae) and Their Mechanisms of Antibacterial Action. Tsamo, Donald Léonel Feugap; Tamokou, Jean-De-Dieu; Kengne, Irene Chinda; Ngnokam, Claudia Darille J Report Oct 22, 2021 9975
Comparison of rapid and conventional methods for investigating of mecA presence in Staphylococcus Species. Selim Gorgun, Hacer Isler and Mehmet Cenk Turgut Oct 22, 2021 3806
Development of Coriandrum sativum Oil Nanoemulgel and Evaluation of Its Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activity. Eid, Ahmad M.; Issa, Linda; Al-kharouf, Omamah; Jaber, Raghad; Hreash, Fatima Report Oct 11, 2021 7002
Emergence of Pathogenic Strains of Staphylococcus aureus in Goat Milk and Their Comparative Response to Antibiotics. Report Oct 10, 2021 4077
ContraFect presents data from Phase 2 study of exebacase. Oct 4, 2021 298
Population-Based Study of Bloodstream Infection Incidence and Mortality Rates, Finland, 2004-2018. Kontula, Keiju S.K.; Skogberg, Kirsi; Ollgren, Jukka; Jarvinen, Asko; Lyytikainen, Outi Report Oct 1, 2021 5375
Painful lumps in the axilla. Guda, Anisha; Usatine, Richard P. Clinical report Oct 1, 2021 1517
Long-Term Use of Permanent Hemodialysis Catheter May Risk Patient's Life. Ozturk, Ilyas; Kura, Serhat; Yigit, Erturk; Nazik, Selcuk; Eroglu, Erdinc; Erken, Ertugrul; Altunore Oct 1, 2021 1829
The History and Benefits of Antimicrobial Coatings. Gosselin, Cynthia A. Oct 1, 2021 1138
Effectiveness of Gaseous Ozone as a Disinfectant for Nosocomial Pathogens in a Healthcare Emergency Room. Alshehri, Mohammed Ali; Bahwerth, Fayez Saeed; Althagafi, Zaher Ahmed; Alsolami, Hassan Abdullah; Al Report Oct 1, 2021 5687
Researchers Explore Promising Treatment For MRSA "Superbug". Sep 27, 2021 708
Risk factors leading to pulmonary exacerbation in patients with cystic fibrosis: A systematic review. Aziz, Danish Abdul; Fatima, Syeda Khadija; Tahir, Hasan Nawaz Report Sep 19, 2021 4344
Healthcare-associated Infections at a Tertiary Level Pediatric Intensive Care Unit From Turkey. Avcu, Gulhadiye; Atikan, Basak Yildiz Report Sep 1, 2021 2731
Metrex Launches CaviWipe 2.0 Surface Disinfectant Wipes. Sep 1, 2021 374
Study to Assess the Risk of Transmission of Microbial Organisms and their Resistance Pattern on Dresses and Stethoscopes of Health Care Workers. Nivedhitha, E.; Duraivel, M.; Kayalvili, K.K.; Selvan, S. Arul Sep 1, 2021 2978
Osteomyelitis in Children from Rural Population of Uttar Pradesh. Kumar, Dinesh; Mehrishi, Priya; Faujdar, Sameer Singh; Kumar, Satish; Sharma, Amisha Sep 1, 2021 2090
Multidrug-resistant Bacterial Profile and Patterns for Wound Infections in Nongovernmental Hospitals of Jordan. Abu-Harirah, Hashem A.; Qudah, Audai Jamal Al; Daabes, Emad; Amawi, Kawther Faisal; Qaralleh, Haitha Sep 1, 2021 4260
Microbiota of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Samples from Patients of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection--A Changing Trend. Inamdar, Dhanashree P.; Anuradha, B.; Inamdar, Padmanabh; Patti, Poojitha Sai Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 4592
Genetyping of Carbapenem-resistant Organisms Isolated from Clinical Isolates Received from Tertiary Care Hospitals of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Zaveri, Anurag D.; Zaveri, Dilip N.; Bhaskaran, Lakshmi Sep 1, 2021 3025
Phytochemical characterization and biological activities of Plectranthus barbatus Andrews/Caracterizacao fitoquimica e atividades biologicas de Plectranthus barbatus Andrews. Cordeiro, M.F.; Nunes, T.R.S.; Bezerra, F.G.; Damasco, P.K.M.; Silva, W.A.V.; Ferreira, M.R.A.; Maga Sep 1, 2021 7086
AN EXPERIMENTAL INFECTIVE ENDOCARDITIS MODEL IN RATS. Kose, Sukran; Tatli, Tuba Kis; Yilmaz, Canberk; Kis, Mehmet; Baris, Mustafa; Diniz, Gulden; Yilmaz, Sep 1, 2021 3184
In-vitro Antibacterial Activity of crude Garlic (Allium Sativum) Extract Against Clinical Isolates of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Mohammed, Salma Osman Noorelhuda; Abuzeid, Nadir Musa Khalil; Abdelghani, Sara; Eltayeb, Lienda Bash Report Sep 1, 2021 3857
Dinoxin B Withanolide from Datura inoxia Mill as an Effective Phytocompound Against Urinary Tract Infection causing Staphylococcus aureus. George, Ruby; Mathur, Priti; Tandon, Chandni Report Sep 1, 2021 5317
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer - composition, proper use and precautions. Saha, Tushar; Khadka, Prakash; Das, Shyamal C. Sep 1, 2021 4762
Fecal Matter Transplant and Nursing Care: Combating Clostridioides difficile Infections. Gersten, Alyssa D. Report Sep 1, 2021 5394
Microorganisms resistant to conventional antibiotics therapy in hospitalized patients with severe acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Hafez, Manal R.; Eltrawy, Heba H.; Abden, Hala Y.M. Sep 1, 2021 5513
What Are the Recommendations for Prevention, Care, and Treatment of Peritoneal Dialysis Exit-Site Infections? Payton, Jennifer; Kennedy, Sara Report Sep 1, 2021 2873
OZONE DISINFECTION OF COMMUNITY PHARMACIES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AS A POSSIBLE PREVENTIVE MEASURE FOR INFECTION SPREAD. Merks, Piotr; Religioni, Urszula; Bilmin, Krzysztof; Bogusz, Joanna; Juszczyk, Grzegorz; Baranska, A Report Sep 1, 2021 3295
FIGHT AGAINST SUPERBUGS IN A BURN CENTRE: ARE WE DOING ENOUGH. Muhammad Rizwan Aslam, Taokeer Ahmed Rizvi, Muhammad Tariq Munawar, Muhamad Ashraf Hussain and Tabis Aug 31, 2021 3167
Profile of Aerobic Bacteria in Surgical Site Infection Following Caesarean Section and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in Silchar Medical College, India. Choudhury, Nazrana; Ahmed, Abul Barkat Fuzayel; Chanda, Debadatta Dhar; Borthakur, Achinta Kumar Aug 30, 2021 3553
Bacteria from Mayon soils may have antibiotic and anticancer properties. Aug 8, 2021 949
Pathogenicity and Molecular Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from the Hospital Environment of CHU-Z Abomey-Calavi/Sô-Ava (Benin). Socohou, Akim; Sina, Haziz; Degbey, Cyriaque; Adjobimey, Tomabu; Sossou, Edna; Boya, Bawa; N'tcha, C Report Aug 6, 2021 5081
Mayon soil hosts bacteria with potential anticancer properties - UPLB researchers. Aug 4, 2021 351
Endogenous Endophthalmitis Caused by ST66-K2 Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae, United States. Kamau, Edwin; Allyn, Paul R.; Beaird, Omer E.; Ward, Kevin W.; Kwan, Nancy; Garner, Omai B.; Yang, S Clinical report Aug 1, 2021 2058
Synthetic snake venom to the rescue? Baumann, Leslie S. Aug 1, 2021 1192
Managing the four-prong threat of CDI, antibiotics, the flu season and COVID-19. Lyerly, David M.; Lee, Jodie Y. Aug 1, 2021 2216
AbbVie's DALVANCE receives US FDA approval. Jul 26, 2021 161
AbbVie's DALVANCE receives US FDA approval. Jul 26, 2021 160
Analysis and Construction of a Competitive Endogenous RNA Regulatory Network of Baicalin-Induced Apoptosis in Human Osteosarcoma Cells. Lan, Haifeng; Wang, Haiyan; Gao, Mi; Luo, Guan; Zhang, Jiahuan; Yi, Erkang; Liang, Chunxiao Report Jul 20, 2021 8654
ContraFect announces multiple publications on CF-296. Jul 19, 2021 205
Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile of Staphylococcus aureus in Milk and Traditionally Processed Dairy Products in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lemma, Fikirte; Alemayehu, Haile; Stringer, Andrew; Eguale, Tadesse Report Jul 16, 2021 5237
Aptorum Group Touts Further Positive Interim Results of the Phase 1 Clinical Trial of ALS-4 Targeting Staphylococcus aureus. Jul 13, 2021 359
UPLC-MS/MS Determination of Linezolid and Heme in Plasma of Infected Patients and Correlation Analysis. Wang, Yingying; Ye, Xuemei; Lan, Qin; Ke, Xiaofang; Hu, Lufeng; Hu, Lichuan Report Jul 12, 2021 4471
Melinta Therapeutics Announces Commercial Availability of KIMYRSA. Jul 8, 2021 451
Acceptability of Household Practices to Prevent Boils in Rural Alaska. Plumb, Ian D.; Dobson, Jennifer; Seeman, Sara; Bruce, Michael G.; Reasonover, Alisa; Lefferts, Brian Report Jul 1, 2021 6588
Erythematous ear with drainage: This case reminded us that not every moist, erythematous, crusting eruption is purely infectious. Zieman, Daniel; Braswell, Mark; Davis, Ashton; Jackson, Jeremy D.; Brodell, Robert T.; Usatine, Rich Case study Jul 1, 2021 1168
Hand ulceration: In the American Southwest, a common problem can be diagnosed with the knowledge of the local environment and its inhabitants. Wangmang, Felix; Belk, Elbert; Usatine, Richard P. Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 768
The Microbiological Profile of Bicanalicular Silicone Tubes Placed During External Dacryocystorhinostomy. Ozcan, Gokcen; Hosal, Banu Melek; Gerceker, Devran Jul 1, 2021 3920
Microbiology and outcome of pediatric orbital cellulitis in a Tertiary Eye Care Center in Saudi Arabia after the routine administration of Haemophilus influenzae Type B vaccine. Hamad. Alsulaiman Jul 1, 2021 2745
A child with refractory orbital cellulitis after water pipe smoking. Dhabiah. AlQahtani Jul 1, 2021 1094
Presumed acute suppurative bacterial dacryoadenitis with concurrent severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 infection. Abdullah. Almater Jul 1, 2021 1440
Debridement: A review of current techniques. Sajad Ahmad Salati Jun 30, 2021 5268
MDR BACTERIAL INFECTIONS IN CRITICALLY ILL COVID-19 PATIENTS IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL (OF PAKISTAN). Nadia Tayyab, Warda Furqan, Amnah Nasrullah, Javaid Usman, Sakhawat Ali and Asad Zaman Khan Jun 30, 2021 3130
ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY PATTERN OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS STRAINS IN ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN. Yasir Rasheed, Kaleem Imdad, Raheela Yasmin, Ambreen Gul, Aneela Jamil and Ummara Aslam Jun 30, 2021 2671
Short Communication - Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile of Mycobacterium bovis Isolated from Egyptian Buffaloes' Mastitic Milk. Report Jun 30, 2021 1589
Cumberland offers injectable antibiotic Vibativ for fighting bacterial infection in COVID-19 patients. Jun 22, 2021 245
Cumberland offers injectable antibiotic Vibativ for fighting bacterial infection in COVID-19 patients. Jun 22, 2021 246
Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of the Human Endometrial Fluid during the Natural Cycle. Bregón-Villahoz, Marta; Moragues, Maria-Dolores; Arrieta-Aguirre, Inés; Azkargorta, Mikel; Lainz, Lu Jun 16, 2021 6845
The New Challenge for Heart Endocarditis: From Conventional Prosthesis to New Devices and Platforms for the Treatment of Structural Heart Disease. Nappi, Francesco; Iervolino, Adelaide; Singh, Sanjeet Singh Avtaar Report Jun 15, 2021 11818
Natural Approaches for COVID-19 and Its Many Mutations. Visser, Sue Jun 1, 2021 5101
Novel Aromatic-Oil Compound Effectively Inhibits Harmful Microbial Proliferation and Activity-Induced Abrasive Injuries. Misner, Bill Jun 1, 2021 1505
The Effect of Cell-Free Supernatants of Free-Living Amoeba against Some Staphylococcus Bacteria: First Findings from Turkey. Ozcan, Sevval Maral; Zeybek, Zuhal Jun 1, 2021 3899
Naringenin Reduces Hepatic Inflammation and Apoptosis Induced by Vancomycin in Rats. Sahinogullari, Zuhal Uckun; Guzel, Sevda; Canacankatan, Necmiye; Yalaza, Cem; Kibar, Deniz; Bayrak, Jun 1, 2021 5498
Antibacterial Activity 96% Ethanol Extract of Brown Seaweed (Padina australis) from Poteran Island Madura against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923. Wijayanti, D.N. Nani; Sudjarwo, Giftania Wardani; Putra, Oki Nugraha Report Jun 1, 2021 2833
Phenotypic Characterization of Macrolide-Lincosamide-Streptogramin B Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus. Modukuru, Giridhar Kumar; Surya, Pradeep Madala Sobhana; Kakumanu, Vishnuvardhana Rao; Yarava, Sarit Jun 1, 2021 2560
Study of the Antimicrobial Potential of Bacteria found in Natural Resources. Noskova, Svetlana; ivanova, Svetlana; Prosekov, Alexander; Dyshlyuk, Lyubov; Ulrikh, Elena; Shevchen Jun 1, 2021 6521
Phenotypic and Genotypic Detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Health Care Workers and Its Containment in a Tertiary Care Hospital, in South India. Rahman, Shamim; Kashid, Ragini Ananth Jun 1, 2021 4461
An Increasing Trend in the Antimicrobial Resistance of Bacterial Isolates from Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Sheeba, V.; Vedachalam, Dillirani; Affan, T. Fahad Jun 1, 2021 4353
Microbial Profile and Antibiogram Pattern Analysis of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections at a Tertiary Care Center in South India. Ramakrishna, Manjula Sidlagatta; Jeyamani, Lavanya; Abimannan, Gomathi Chitra; Vajravelu, Leela Kaki Jun 1, 2021 4125
SHORT COMMUNICATION - Effect of ablution on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) nasal colonisation in healthcare workers. Shoaib, Noor Fatima; ul Ain, Qurat; Iqbal, Khadeja; Asif, Muhammad Report May 31, 2021 2477
Microbiological and antimicrobial pattern of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) at a tertiary care center in North East, Punjab. Siddiqui, Muhammad Arshad; Naeem, Hamza; Ali, Muhammad Mohsin; Randhawa, Fawad Ahmad; Nazir, Shahida Report May 30, 2021 2402
Biofilm Formation by Pathogens Causing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia at Intensive Care Units in a Tertiary Care Hospital: An Armor for Refuge. Baidya, Sujata; Sharma, Sangita; Mishra, Shyam Kumar; Kattel, Hari Prasad; Parajuli, Keshab; Shercha Report May 29, 2021 6844
Xenex introduces LightStrike disinfection robots across the UK to deactivate SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. May 27, 2021 215
Trends of Antibacterial Resistance at the National Reference Laboratory in Cameroon: Comparison of the Situation between 2010 and 2017. Massongo, M.; Ngando, L.; Pefura Yone, E. W.; NZouankeu, Ariane; Mbanzouen, W.; Fonkoua, M. C.; Ngan Report May 24, 2021 6605
Bacterial Pathogens and Their Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns of Inanimate Surfaces and Equipment in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Kiros, Teklehaimanot; Damtie, Shewaneh; Eyayu, Tahir; Tiruneh, Tegenaw; Hailemichael, Wasihun; Worki Report May 13, 2021 13512
Sepsis in previously healthy neonates discharged home after delivery in Soweto, South Africa. Mangeni, N.S.; Solomon, F.; Velaphi, S.; Izu, A.; Madhi, S.A.; Dangor, Z.; Lala, S.G. Report May 1, 2021 3940
Because Market Debuts Premium Plus Line. May 1, 2021 1526
Clinical Laboratory Perspective on Streptococcus halichoeri, an Unusual Nonhemolytic, Lancefield Group B Streptococcus Causing Human Infections. Shakir, Salika M.; Gill, Rahul; Salberg, Jonathan; Slechta, E. Susan; Feldman, Mark; Fritsche, Thoma Clinical report May 1, 2021 5087
Microbiology of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media: An update from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh. Mst. Romena Khatun, Kh. Md. Faisal Alam, Mahmuda Naznin and Md. Abdus Salam May 1, 2021 2881
2021 Issue 3 at a Glance. Bozkurt, Banu May 1, 2021 1462
Bilateral Endogenous Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Endophthalmitis in a Young Athlete: A Story of Full Recovery. Corredores, Jamel; Halpert, Michael; Cohen, Oren; Amer, Radgonde May 1, 2021 1951
Antimicrobial resistance in Romania--current status and risk reduction interventions. Streinu-Cercel, Adrian May 1, 2021 1006
A career combating AMR. Wilson, Linda Interview May 1, 2021 804
Gut microbiome skin axis in the development of atopic dermatitis. Alghamdi, Hitham Abduarhman; Behieldin, Ahmed; Edris, Sherif Report Apr 30, 2021 5833
Iliopsoas Abscess. Bader Sobaih, Loay Sobaih and Fahad Al Zamil Apr 30, 2021 930
NANOPARTICLES: A promising solution for farmers towards bovine mastitis. Ali Haider-Dr Muhammad Ijaz Apr 29, 2021 776
LexaGene to host veterinary event with UPenn professor presenting a study of MiQLab detecting Staphylococcus in canine skin infections. Apr 15, 2021 707
Lexagene Holdings to present MiQLab data from veterinary samples. Apr 14, 2021 716
Bacteriological Profile of Organisms Isolated from Patients with Conjunctivitis in Katihar, Bihar. Sinha, Priya; Dey, Sangeeta; Sen, Aninda; Akhter, Kahkashan; Kumar, Alok; Singh, Shreshy Apr 12, 2021 2953
Mycobacteria: March 2020. List Apr 1, 2021 362
Genomic Characterizations of Clade III Lineage of Candida auris, California, USA. Price, Travis K.; Mirasol, Ruel; Ward, Kevin W.; Dayo, Ayrton J.; Hilt, Evann E.; Chandrasekaran, Su Report Apr 1, 2021 2514
First Human Subject Dosed in a Phase I Clinical Trial of ALS-4, a First-in-Class Small Molecule Drug Designed to Treat Infections caused by Staphylococcus Aureus including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Apr 1, 2021 269
Celebrating 25 years of advances in microbiology. Creighton, Julie A. Apr 1, 2021 2038
Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus Strains to Various Antibiotics/Staphylococcus aureus Izolatlarinin Cesitli Antibiyotiklere Duyarliliklarinin Degerlendirilmesi. Arabaci, Cigdem; Uzun, Berrin Apr 1, 2021 4124
The role of intestinal inflammation in Clostridioides difficile disease. Lyerly, David M.; Lee, Jodie Y. Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2021 2093
Photocatalytic Activity and Antibacterial Effect of [Ag.sub.3]P[O.sub.4] Powders Against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Botelho, Gleice; de Foggi, Camila Cristina; Vergani, Carlos Eduardo; Pereira, Wyllamanney Silva; dos Report Apr 1, 2021 6134
Profiles of coagulase-positive and -negative staphylococci in retail pork: prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, enterotoxigenicity, and virulence factors. Lee, Gi Yong; Yang, Soo-Jin Report Apr 1, 2021 6028
Livestock workers at risk for infections. Warnick, Aaron Apr 1, 2021 211
An overview of self-medication: A major cause of antibiotic resistance and a threat to global public health. Rehman, Mubasher; Ahmed, Shehzad; Ahmed, Umair; Tamanna, Kosar; Sabir, Muhammad Shehryar; Niaz, Zees Report Mar 31, 2021 4979
Destiny Pharma says anti-infection gel trial results 'exceptionally high'. Mar 30, 2021 519
Pires Investments lifted by news from Getvisibility. Mar 30, 2021 1757
Destiny Pharma targets growth as anti-infection treatments return to prominence. Mar 30, 2021 1034
Nanoparticles in Endodontics--A Review. Chandak, Pooja Ghanshyam; Chandak, Manoj Ghanshyamdasji; Relan, Kajol Naresh; Chandak, Madhulka; Rat Mar 29, 2021 4041
Destiny Pharma jumps as infection-fighting nasal gel shows promise. Mar 29, 2021 208
The Pattern of Microorganisms and Drug Susceptibility in Pediatric Oncologic Patients with Febrile Neutropenia. Jungrungrueng, Thanyathorn; Anugulruengkitt, Suvaporn; Lauhasurayotin, Supanun; Chiengthong, Kanhata Report Mar 29, 2021 5297
Destiny Pharma targets growth as anti-infection treatments return to prominence. Mar 26, 2021 782
KilRox Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes Debuts In Nigeria. Mar 18, 2021 420
Isolation of Actinomycetes with Cellulolytic and Antimicrobial Activities from Soils Collected from an Urban Green Space in the Philippines. Daquioag, Jann Eldy L.; Penuliar, Gil M. Mar 17, 2021 9100
US FDA Approves Kimyrsa for the Treatment of Adult Patients with Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI). Mar 16, 2021 651
The Topical Tranexamic Acid Have Potential Hazard of Promoting Biofilm Formation of Staphylococcus aureus in Microenvironment of the Prosthetic Joint. Zhang, Feiyang; Dong, Wenjun; Wang, Fengyan; Yu, Jinlong; Jiang, Feng; Tang, Jin; Qian, Yan; Shen, H Report Mar 12, 2021 4501
Surgical Site Infections and Perioperative Optimization of Host Immunity by Selection of Anesthetics. Yuki, Koichi; Shibamura-Fujiogi, Miho Report Mar 9, 2021 8353
Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole and Hyperkalemia. Smith, Cynthia A. Mar 1, 2021 2634
Effect of multidimensional intervention to reduce surgical site infection rate after knee and hip arthroplasty. Morsi, Samar Saeed; Omar, Abeer; Hebbar, Gautam; Al-Fadhli, Mariam; Hamza, Wafaa S. Mar 1, 2021 6138
Microbial profile, antimicrobial resistance, and molecular characterization of diabetic foot infections in a university hospital. Ismail, Azza A.; Meheissen, Marwa A.; Elaaty, Talaat A. Abd; AbdAllatif, Nermine E.; Kassab, Heba S. Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 7103
The microbiology of ulcerative skin cancers: does the presence of pathogenic bacteria increase the risk of postoperative complications? Lutchminarian, K.; Clarke, D.L. Mar 1, 2021 2884
Transmission of Antimicrobial-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Clonal Complex 9 between Pigs and Humans, United States. Randad, Pranay R.; Larsen, Jesper; Kaya, Hulya; Pisanic, Nora; Ordak, Carly; Price, Lance B.; Aziz, Report Mar 1, 2021 5676
Cellulitis treatment. Paauw, Douglas S. Mar 1, 2021 678
The impact of Educational Intervention on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Antibiotic Resistance among Medical Doctors in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Sudha, M.J.; Viveka, S.; Rassi, Naisal; Sharafudeen, Salih Report Mar 1, 2021 5074
Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus aureus in Healthy Children and its Possible Bacteriophage Isolates in Basrah, Iraq. Jamalludeen, Nidham M. Report Mar 1, 2021 4478
The Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Processed Food samples in Riyadh, saudi Arabia. Alghizzi, Mashael J.; Alansari, Maysoon; shami, Ashwag Mar 1, 2021 4986
Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) Biosynthesized by Aspergillus flavus KF946095; their Characterization and Antibacterial Activity. El-Mekkawy, Rasha M.; Almanaa, Taghreed N.; Yassin, Marwa A.; Rabie, Gamal; Saleh, Noha Mar 1, 2021 4130
Aerobacterial Vaginosis among Women Attending an Infertility Clinic at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Chennai, India and Susceptibility Pattern of Isolates. Sopia, Abigail R.; Joseph, Pushpa Innocent D.; Kalyani, M.; Ananthi, B.; Dhanaraj, Suresh; Henry, Al Mar 1, 2021 3536
Antagonistic Activity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Globba patens Miq. Rhizome against Human Pathogenic Bacteria. Lutfia, Anisa; Munir, Erman; Yurnaliza, Yurnaliza; Basyuni, Mohammad Mar 1, 2021 3762
Antibacterial Activity and Time-kill Assay of Terminalia catappa L. and Nigella sativa L. against Selected Human Pathogenic Bacteria. Raveesha, Koteshwar Anandrao Mar 1, 2021 6875
Isolation and Characterization of Two Virulent Phages to Combat Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis causing Dental Caries. Nasr-Eldin, Mohamed A.; El-Dougdoug, Noha K.; Elazab, Yara H.; Esmael, Ahmed Mar 1, 2021 6817
Bacterial Colonization of Intensive Care Unit Environment and Healthcare Workers in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Kolar Region, India. Kalyani, R.; Arvind, N.; Kumar, N. Suresh; Reddy, Mahendra M; Dinesh, K. Mar 1, 2021 4194
Titanium Oxide (Ti[O.sub.2]) Nanoparticles for Treatment of Wound Infection. Alhadrami, Hani A.; Shoudri, Raniyah A.M Mar 1, 2021 5697
Spondylodiscitis presenting as pleural effusion in a geriatric female: A case report. Arkin, Funda Secik; Aras, Gulfidan Clinical report Feb 28, 2021 1724
Antimicrobial Potential and Phytochemical Screening of Clathria sp. 1 and Tedania (Tedania) stylonychaeta Sponge Crude Extracts Obtained from the South East Coast of South Africa. Kibungu, Wasswa Cuthbert; Clarke, Anna-Maria; Fri, Justine Report Feb 27, 2021 6507
Enhanced Biofilm Eradication and Reduced Cytotoxicity of a Novel Polygalacturonic and Caprylic Acid Wound Ointment Compared with Common Antiseptic Ointments. Gerges, Bahgat Z.; Rosenblatt, Joel; Truong, Y-Lan; Reitzel, Ruth A.; Hachem, Ray; Raad, Issam I. Report Feb 25, 2021 3481
Efficacy of vancomycin in combination with various antimicrobial agents against clinical methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains. Gulseren Aktas Feb 24, 2021 2857
Presentation and outcome of femoral infected non-unions in children and adolescents. Karim Bakhsh, Faridullah Khan Zimri, Eid Mohammad, Atiq-Ur-Rehman and Muhammad Saaiq Feb 24, 2021 3103
Biogenic Copper Nanoparticles as a Nanoscale Solution to Address Multiple Drug Resistance in Bacteria. Talib, Ayesha; Manzoor, Khanzadi Nazneen; Ali, Wajahat; Saeed, Maria; Gondal, Muhammad Asif; Badshah Report Feb 24, 2021 4325

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