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Region can lead the way for the future; NEWSLETTER. Sep 27, 2021 320
Our region can take lead. Sep 27, 2021 318
Green resolve put to test. Sep 22, 2021 509
Southwestern Energy, Kinder Morgan subsidiary to partner on reducing emissions. Sep 21, 2021 202
Bodies of two Brits killed in mine disaster to be sealed underground forever; The Pike River mine exploded in a series of gas blasts in 2010, leaving 29 bodies -including Pete Rodger and Malcolm Campbell -trapped inside after a rescue mission was deemed too dangerous. By, Shiler Mahmoudi & Alan McEwen Sep 20, 2021 516
EU, US announce initiative to cut methane emissions. Sep 20, 2021 465
How a toilet fit for a cow could help the planet. Jennifer Hassan and Rachel Pannett The Washington Post Sep 19, 2021 831
How a toilet fit for a cow could help the planet Cows: Veterinary professor says 'much more drastic steps are required' to help climate. Jennifer Hassan and Rachel Pannett The Washington Post Sep 19, 2021 831
Utilization of Biogas Energy. Sep 19, 2021 767
Biden, world leaders pledge methane cuts. Associated Press Sep 18, 2021 990
Gas exploration plans in Philippines Rise in the pipeline. Sep 17, 2021 364
Overseas expert to help search landfill for missing persons due on the island soon. George Psyllides Aug 28, 2021 492
Bridger to use Gas Mapping LiDAR to reduce SoCalGas's methane emissions across America. Aug 25, 2021 216
The politics of climate change. Aug 23, 2021 763
Duke Energy, Accenture, Microsoft collaborate for methane-emissions monitoring. Aug 23, 2021 158
Eat less meat to cut methane emissions; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Aug 21, 2021 253
Eat less meat to cut methane emissions. Aug 20, 2021 225
Dominion to convert 75% of passenger vehicles to electric power by 2030. Aug 10, 2021 187
UN climate report: To save the planet, focus on cutting methane. Reuters News Service Aug 9, 2021 735
Climate mitigation in maritime transportation. Basra Semab Jul 30, 2021 905
Climate fears. Jul 29, 2021 205
Hyzon Motors partners with RenewH2 for liquid hydrogen fueling station. Jul 29, 2021 171
Top Australian coal mines are spewing more methane than rivals. S. Kamal Hayder Kazmi Jul 25, 2021 173
South Korean toilet turns excrement into power and digital currency. Reuters News Service Jul 22, 2021 304
Trials hope to cut cows' emissions. Jul 20, 2021 165
Laser methane detector-based quantification of methane emissions from indoor-fed Fogera dairy cows. Kobayashi, Nobuyuki; Hou, Fujiang; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; Yan, Tianhai; Tegegne, Firew; Tassew, Asamine Report Jul 17, 2021 7730
Efforts to locate 70 missing from Assia to start in August with landfill search. George Psyllides Jul 13, 2021 474
'Cows are very social animals' Tech, humane treatment of herd focus of virtual dairy tour. CHRISTOPHER HEIMERMAN For Illinois Press Association Jul 7, 2021 893
'Cows are very social animals' Tech, humane treatment of herd focus of virtual dairy tour Tour. CHRISTOPHER HEIMERMAN For Illinois Press Association Jul 6, 2021 893
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 5, 2021 14593
MEMBER SPOTLIGHT. Jul 1, 2021 209
Looking Ahead: Regulating Methane from the Oil and Natural Gas Sector. Tsang, Linda Jul 1, 2021 2642
11. Environment. Jul 1, 2021 25973
Moghbazar explosion: Investigators still in the dark. Jun 28, 2021 928
Moghbazar explosion: IGP smells methane gas, refuses to draw conclusion. Jun 28, 2021 426
World & nation in 60 seconds. Jun 26, 2021 448
GECF explores consensus on methane emission cuts. Jun 24, 2021 685
The bright idea that stops food going to landfill. NADA FARHOUD Environment Journalist of the Year Jun 14, 2021 340
Livestock key to combatting climate change in Kyrgyzstan. Jun 14, 2021 684
19 Graduate Students Win Support for Dissertation Research. Jun 1, 2021 337
Nitrate supplementation of rations based on rice straw but not Pangola hay, improves growth performance in meat goats. Paengkoum, Siwaporn; Khotsakdee, Jiravan; Paengkoum, Pramote; Schonewille, Thomas; Yuangklang, Chale Jun 1, 2021 4647
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2021 9561
Seaweed Relief. May 30, 2021 270
Plexus's POS-GRIP technology offers way to cleaner gas. May 25, 2021 448
Methane emission worrying Bangladesh. May 20, 2021 543
Warming Arctic Permafrost Will Make It Harder to Curb Climate Change: Study. Timothy Gardner May 18, 2021 485
Farming - We need clarity over monitoring greenhouse gas; Opportunities to create climate cooling by changing management of UK livestock could be lost if the way the UK accounts for its greenhouse gas emissions is not addressed urgently. May 12, 2021 469
A zero waste city. May 12, 2021 779
DM Wenceslao taps DOST for coal-to-methane gas R;D. May 8, 2021 324
Cutting methane key to slowing global warming: UN report. May 8, 2021 606
Cutting methane key to slowing global warming: UN report. May 8, 2021 606
Warning to cut methane emissions; in brief. May 7, 2021 159
'Cutting methane can slow global warming'. May 7, 2021 251
11. Environment. May 1, 2021 9488
Coal mining woes. Apr 30, 2021 1190
Revealed: Scottish research shows seaweed reduces cattle 'wind' by more than 80%; A Lewis-based seaweed company is involved in research that could make a major contribution to addressing the biggest single source of greenhouse gases - cattle. Brian Wilson Apr 29, 2021 348
Safety and rights of coalmine workers. Hussain Siddiqui-Islamabad Apr 27, 2021 672
Qatar's commitment to create better, sustainable future for humanity. Apr 25, 2021 525
No mining precautions. Apr 22, 2021 333
NASA-built instrument to help spot greenhouse gas emitters. Apr 22, 2021 216
Cattle feed cuts down cow burps to save the planet. MAX CHANNON Reporter Apr 17, 2021 539
Tlou Energy making significant progress towards becoming Botswana's first gas-to-power supplier. Apr 16, 2021 775
Tlou Energy making significant progress towards becoming Botswana's first gas-to-power supplier. Apr 16, 2021 775
The Spanish city of Seville is turning leftover oranges into electricity. Apr 16, 2021 177
Equitrans Midstream affirms opposition to EPA's rollback of methane regulations. Apr 16, 2021 169
Writer missed the point of my letter; LETTERS. Apr 13, 2021 192
Feeding cattle this 'super seaweed' can reduce gas emissions and fight climate change. Apr 3, 2021 290
In vitro ruminal fermentation of fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum L.) produced less methane than that of alfalfa (Medicago sativa). Niu, Huaxin; Xu, Zhongjun; Yang, Hee Eun; McAllister, Tim A.; Acharya, Surya; Wang, Yuxi Apr 1, 2021 6979
Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) peel pellet as a rumen enhancer in Holstein crossbred bulls. Matra, Maharach; Totakul, Pajaree; Viennasay, Bounnaxay; Phesatcha, Burarat; Wanapat, Metha Report Apr 1, 2021 5560
11. Environment. Apr 1, 2021 9155
Itron, Consolidated Edison achieve utility network milestone. Mar 31, 2021 184
Chart Industries completes investment in Transform Materials for 5% equity stake. Mar 31, 2021 162
Alternate Methods of Biogas Production. Mar 31, 2021 621
The brekkie beer made with snap, crackle and hops; NadaFarhoud Environment Journalist of the Year. NadaFarhoud Mar 29, 2021 253
Carbon Labeling: Coming To a Menu Near You: FAST-CASUAL RESTAURANTS ARE LEADING THE CHARGE WITH MORE SUSTAINABLE OPTIONS. Collings, Richard Mar 22, 2021 713
US study finds feeding beef cattle seaweed can slash emissions. Mar 22, 2021 240
Coal miners' deaths. Mar 18, 2021 402
Seven coal miners killed in Balochistan in second incident in one week. Mar 17, 2021 290
Seven die in Balochistan coal mining disaster. Mar 17, 2021 163
Seven coalminers burn to death after blast. Saleem Shahid Mar 17, 2021 332
PCMLU protest against increasing mine accidents. Mar 17, 2021 375
Six workers trapped in coalmine after blast, blaze. Mar 16, 2021 153
Seven killed in Balochistan coal mining accident official. Mar 16, 2021 248
Another mining tragedy. Mar 14, 2021 374
Six coal miners killed in Balochistan blast. Mar 13, 2021 171
Six coalminers found dead in Balochistan's Marwar. Saleem Shahid Obituary Mar 13, 2021 283
Shell hits milestone in fleet decarbonisation. Mar 11, 2021 423
Firms pilot novel offshore methane emissions reading method. Mar 10, 2021 542
Methane-sensing initiative. Mar 6, 2021 208
Drones to measure emissions on North Sea platform; Drones are to be used to monitor emissions from a North Sea oil and gas platform as part of a pioneering project aimed at helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint. Perry Gourley Mar 5, 2021 421
Total receives two QNRF grants, sponsors students to spur research. Mar 1, 2021 809
Environmental scorecard. Frost, Calvin Mar 1, 2021 1247
Facile synthesis of highly porous hyper-cross-linked polymer for light hydrocarbon separation. Chen, Jinghu; Jiang, Lingchang; Li, Chengyun; Fu, Wenying; Xia, Qineng; Wang, Yangang; Huang, Yuando Report Mar 1, 2021 3973
Methane from the Moon. Mar 1, 2021 366
Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Selected Policy Options. Ramseur, Jonathan L.; Croft, Genevieve K.; Clark, Corrie E.; Lawson, Ashley J. Mar 1, 2021 1161
Pipeline Transportation of Hydrogen: Regulation, Research, and Policy. Parfomak, Paul W. Report Mar 1, 2021 14089
11. Environment. Mar 1, 2021 26860
Data-driven breeding strategy can cut methane and drive up returns. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Feb 20, 2021 216
Four coal miners die of gas suffocation. Feb 18, 2021 176
Petrochemical, fertiliser industry requires effective partnership between govt, private sector. Feb 16, 2021 1080
Petrochemical, fertiliser industry requires effective partnership between govt, private sector. Feb 16, 2021 1045
Two die in mine explosion. Feb 12, 2021 368
Methane-eating bacteria found in extreme environments. Feb 6, 2021 206
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2021 10356
Ministry to Introduce Flare Gas to Resolve Shortage in CNG Stations and Industries. Jan 31, 2021 395
Biden backing for Paris accord hailed. Jan 22, 2021 443
Biden backing for Paris accord hailed. Jan 22, 2021 430
Biden backing for Paris accord hailed. Jan 22, 2021 443
Biden backing for Paris accord hailed. Jan 22, 2021 430
Methane emissions fall 10% over oil output cut: IEA. Jan 21, 2021 595
NSSA affiliates shine at Microsoft hackathon. Jan 17, 2021 162
Corn stover usage and farm profit for sustainable dairy farming in China. He, Yuan; Cone, John W.; Hendriks, Wouter H.; Dijkstra, Jan Jan 1, 2021 10861
Is methane clumped isotopologue the future offshore exploration tool? Chowdhury, Anirban; Lalk, Ellen; Ono, Shuhei; Kerr, Mitchell J.; Bentley, Jeremy N.; MacDonald, A.; Report Jan 1, 2021 440
Nanosized Supramolecular Coordination Polymers Derived from Divalent Metal Ions, 4-Pyridylacetate and Auxiliary Ligands Containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Donors. Aly, Aref A.M.; Said, Asma I. El-; Mukred, Rasel A. Jan 1, 2021 6114
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2021 11188
Six trapped in coal mine; three hospitalised in Balochistan. Dec 23, 2020 223
Lab-grown meat makes debut in Singapore. Dec 20, 2020 394
Santa reindeer would emit 22 tons of CO2 on UK trip. ADRIAN HEARN Dec 10, 2020 179
Plexus's POS-GRIP technology offers way to cleaner gas. Dec 3, 2020 532
Geological evolution process, mechanism, and application of protective layer in semi-coal and rock face. /Proceso de evolucion geologica, mecanismo y aplicacion de capa de proteccion en mineria de semicarbon y en pared de roca. Xie, Xiaoping; Fang, Xinqiu; Liang, Minfu; Ai, Dechun Report Dec 1, 2020 4886
Methane Emissions: A Primer. Lattanzio, Richard K. Dec 1, 2020 1486
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2020 11073
An unusual snack for cows, a powerful fix for climate. Tatiana Schlossberg The Washington Post Nov 28, 2020 333
Carbon dioxide levels still rising despite Covid. Nov 24, 2020 163
HYZON Motors signs collaborative agreement with BayoTech. Nov 16, 2020 153
Food emissions could push Earth past global warming limits. Nov 7, 2020 527
Current understanding of the global cycling of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Nakazawa, Takakiyo Nov 1, 2020 18369
Potential of Mulberry Leaf Biomass and Its Flavonoids to Improve Production and Health in Ruminants: Mechanistic Insights and Prospects. Hassan, Faiz-ul; Arshad, Muhammad Adeel; Lilff, Mengwei; Rehman, Muhammad Saif- ur; Loor, Juan J.; H Nov 1, 2020 14527
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
Supplementing Northern Australian Beef Cattle with Desmanthus Tropical Legume Reduces In-Vivo Methane Emissions. Suybeng, Benedicte; Charmley, Edward; Gardiner, Christopher P.; Malau- Aduli, Bunmi S.; Malau-Aduli, Nov 1, 2020 10797
Effect of Crop Residue Decomposition on Soil Aggregate Stability. Stegarescu, Gheorghe; Escuer-Gatius, Jordi; Soosaar, Kaido; Kauer, Karin; Tonutare, Tonu; Astover, A Nov 1, 2020 9766
Biomass Characteristics and Energy Yields of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Cultivated in Eastern Poland. Berbec, Adam Kleofas; Matyka, Mariusz Nov 1, 2020 7698
Estimation of Tunisian Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Different Livestock Species. Ammar, Hajer; Abidi, Sourour; Ayed, Mediha; Moujahed, Nizar; Marti, Mario E. deHaro; Chahine, Mireil Nov 1, 2020 10073
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2020 11039
Use biogas to save the environment. Oct 26, 2020 630
KPOGCL engineers brief OGRA on prototype of 'Methane Gas Detector'. Oct 24, 2020 271
KPOGCL engineers brief OGRA on prototype of 'Methane Gas Detector'. Oct 24, 2020 223
What are we wasting for?: Ten tips to reduce your food waste at home. Oct 8, 2020 920
VIRTUAL EVENTS. Oct 6, 2020 251
Effects of the Appropriate Addition of Antioxidants from Pinus densiflora and Mentha canadensis Extracts on Methane Emission and Rumen Fermentation. Lee, Shin Ja; Lee, Ye Jun; Eom, Jun Sik; Kim, Hyun Sang; Choi, You Young; Jo, Seong Uk; Kang, Suk Na Oct 1, 2020 9018
Using Lactic Acid Bacteria as Silage Inoculants or Direct-Fed Microbials to Improve In Vitro Degradability and Reduce Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows. Huyen, Nguyen Thi; Martinez, Ines; Pellikaan, Wilbert Oct 1, 2020 10396
How to Reduce Food Waste: Food waste is not only wasteful, it's also harmful to our planet. Weisenberger, Jill Oct 1, 2020 860
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2020 10778
War-Part III. Frost, Calvin Oct 1, 2020 1049
Industrial greenhouse gas emissions down overall but rise for waste sector; Greenhouse gas emissions from regulated industrial sites in Scotland have fallen dramatically in the past 10 years, the latest official figures show. Ilona Amos Sep 30, 2020 534
Roadmap to implement Power-To-X technologies in Tunisia to be ready in 2021 (Fethi Hanchi). Sep 24, 2020 486
Cattle are bad for greenhouse gas emissions; HEALTH NEWS. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 22, 2020 169
Addition of Polyurethane Foam Waste to Polymeric Diphenyl Methane Diisocyanate to Improve Plywood Binder Performance. Li, Qi; Pang, Yanfang; Liu, Xiaosheng; Xi, Enhua; Mao, An; Wan, Hui Report Sep 22, 2020 4609
PDC Energy publishes 2020 sustainability report. Sep 2, 2020 192
Sulfur-scavenging bacteria could be key to component of plastic. Sep 1, 2020 165
War-Part II. Frost, Calvin Sep 1, 2020 1299
Haematology and serum Biochemical Indices of Lambs Supplemented with Moringa oleifera, Jatropha curcas and Aloe vera Leaf Extract as Anti-Methanogenic Additives. Akanmu, Abiodun Mayowa; Hassen, Abubeker; Adejoro, Festus Adeyemi Report Sep 1, 2020 3978
CLAYEY SOIL AMENDMENT BY HYDROPHILIC NANO BENTONITE FOR LANDFILL COVER BARRIER: A CASE STUDY. Qasaimeh, Ahmad; Sharo, Abdulla A.; Bani-Melhem, Khalid Case study Sep 1, 2020 5243
Possibilities of Using White Sweetclover Grown in Mixture with Maize for Biomethane Production. Kintl, Antonin; Elbl, Jakub; Vitez, Tomas; Brtnicky, Martin; Skladanka, Jiri; Hammerschmiedt, Tereza Report Sep 1, 2020 13039
Combination Effects of Plant Extracts Rich in Tannins and Saponins as Feed Additives for Mitigating in Vitro Ruminal Methane and Ammonia Formation. Jayanegara, Anuraga; Yogianto, Yogianto; Wina, Elizabeth; Sudarman, Asep Report Sep 1, 2020 8284
Genetic Parameters of Different FTIR-Enabled Phenotyping Tools Derived from Milk Fatty Acid Profile for Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle. Bittante, Giovanni; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Cecchinato, Alessio Report Sep 1, 2020 11489
Effects of Three Herbs on Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle. Vazquez-Carrillo, Maria Fernanda; Montelongo-Perez, Hugo Daniel; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, Manuel; Castill Report Sep 1, 2020 11722
Methane and Other Air Pollution Issues in Natural Gas Systems. Lattanzio, Richard K. Report Sep 1, 2020 15383
11. Environment. Sep 1, 2020 26406
Methane Ameliorates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Orchitis by Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidative, and Antiapoptotic Effects via Regulation of the PK2/PKR1 Pathway. Huang, Chao; Zhang, Wenbo; Sun, Aijun; Zhang, Xi; Guo, Jinping; Ji, Ruijuan; Qiao, Liang; Sun, Xueju Aug 31, 2020 5842
An Experimental Study on Coal Fines Migration during Single Phase Water Flow. Han, Wenlong; Wang, Yanbin; Fan, Jingjing; Li, Yong; Wu, Xiang; Yu, Yun Aug 31, 2020 6274
Effective Methane Extraction Radius after High-Pressure Water Jet Slotting. Ke, Hu; Binwei, Xia; Chengwei, Liu; Yiyu, Lu Aug 31, 2020 6292
Huge blast leaves giant 165ft deep crater in Arctic tundra amid record heat; The massive crater was accidentally discovered on the Yamal peninsula in Russia's Arctic region as a TV crew flew overhead, and previous discoveries have sparked conspiracy theories about everything from UFOs to missile tests. By, Will Stewart & Chris Kitching Aug 29, 2020 569
Williams aims to cut GHG emissions 56% by 2030. Aug 26, 2020 242
Group calls for action on sea gas leaks; Greenpeace: Industry 'doesn't belong'. HAMISH PENMAN Aug 15, 2020 401
Trump administration lifting limits on methane leaks. Aug 14, 2020 380
LNG is 86 times more environmentally harmful than conventional fuels: ICCT. Ahmed Hassan Abdel Karim Aug 11, 2020 276
Ship-to-ship transfer of LNG resumes in Subic. Aug 4, 2020 418
LNG ship-to-ship transfer resumes in Subic. Aug 4, 2020 532
Assessment of cutting time on nutrient values, in vitro fermentation and methane production among three ryegrass cultivars. Wang, Chunmei; Hou, Fujiang; Wanapat, Metha; Yan, Tianhai; Kim, Eun Joong; Scollan, Nigel David Aug 1, 2020 8013
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2020 10425
Relevance of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms and Their Derived Compounds, in the Face of Climate Change. Naamala, Judith; Smith, Donald L. Aug 1, 2020 16519
Oxygen-Methane Torch Ignition System for Aerospace Applications. Shynkarenko, Olexiy; Simone, Domenico Technical report Aug 1, 2020 4537
Milk Production, N Partitioning, and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows Grazing Mixed or Spatially Separated Simple and Diverse Pastures. Carmona-Flores, Lorena; Bionaz, Massimo; Downing, Troy; Sahin, Muhammet; Cheng, Long; Ates, Serkan Aug 1, 2020 13672
Effects of Replacing Extruded Maize by Dried Citrus Pulp in a Mixed Diet on Ruminal Fermentation, Methane Production, and Microbial Populations in Rusitec Fermenters. Garcia-Rodriguez, Jairo; Saro, Cristina; Mateos, Ivan; Gonzalez, Jesus S.; Carro, Maria Dolores; Ran Aug 1, 2020 7767
Potential of Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Practices for the Mitigation of GHG Emissions from Rice Fields: Two Cases in Central Luzon (Philippines). Sander, Bjorn Ole; Schneider, Pia; Romasanta, Ryan; Samoy-Pascual, Kristine; Sibayan, Evangeline B.; Aug 1, 2020 8854
Field Validation of the DNDC-Rice Model for Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Double-Cropping Paddy Rice under Different Irrigation Practices in Tamil Nadu, India. Oo, Aung Zaw; Sudo, Shigeto; Fumoto, Tamon; Inubushi, Kazuyuki; Ono, Keisuke; Yamamoto, Akinori; Bel Aug 1, 2020 8270
A Dual Fractal Poroelastic Model for Characterizing Fluid Flow in Fractured Coal Masses. Liu, Guannan; Ye, Dayu; Gao, Feng; Liu, Jishan Jul 31, 2020 6579
New Applications in Gas Geochemistry. Italiano, Francesco; Solecki, Andrzej; Martinelli, Giovanni; Wang, Yunpeng; Zheng, Guodong Jul 31, 2020 2098
Visualization of Gas Diffusion-Sorption in Coal: A Study Based on Synchrotron Radiation Nano-CT. Sun, Yingfeng; Zhao, Yixin; Zhang, Hongwei; Zhang, Cun Report Jul 31, 2020 5806
The Influence of Hydrogeology to Generation of Hydrogen Sulfide of Low-Rank Coal in the Southeast Margin of Junggar Basin, China. Deng, Qigen; Zhang, Tao; Zhao, Fajun; Wang, Hao; Yin, Jingping Jul 31, 2020 5353
Climate change: carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas but cutting methane emissions is crucial too - Dr Richard Dixon; New research has concluded that methane has a much more powerful effect on temperature than once thought, writes Dr Richard Dixon. Richard Dixon Jul 27, 2020 839
Burger King to offer 'Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper' staring July 14. Jul 14, 2020 179
Burger King to offer 'Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper' starting July 14. Jul 14, 2020 179
Global methane emissions reach highest levels on record. Daily News Egypt Jul 14, 2020 861
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven Jul 1, 2020 14187
Evaluation of Nickel Catalysts Supported in Dry Methane Reform Aiming at Hydrogen Production/Case of Supports: Si[O.sub.2], [La.sub.2][O.sub.3] MCM-41, and [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]. Silva, Paulo Roberto Nagipe da; Zanoteli, Karine Jul 1, 2020 4393
Effects of Hybrid and Grain Maturity Stage on the Ruminal Degradation and the Nutritive Value of Maize Forage for Silage. Horst, Egon Henrique; Lopez, Secundino; Neumann, Mikael; Giraldez, Francisco Javier; Bumbieris, Valt Jul 1, 2020 11837
Effects of Methane Fermentation on Spectral Properties of Fulvic Acid Extracted from Peat through Liquid Acid Precipitation. Ma, Li-Tong; Lu, Ya-Nan; Wang, Ya-Xiong Jun 30, 2020 5138
Effect of Perforation Interval Design on Gas Production from the Validated Hydrate-Bearing Deposits with Layered Heterogeneity by Depressurization. Xia, Yingli; Xu, Tianfu; Yuan, Yilong; Xin, Xin Jun 30, 2020 10334
UGI Corporation announces highlights from second ESG report. Jun 25, 2020 200
Families waiting for Buhair homes. Jun 4, 2020 614
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2020 10381
Acute gastric injury after ingestion of substrate with hyperosmolar glucose and benzoate inversely related with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Kim, Yeon-Ji; Paik, Chang-Nyol; Lee, Ji Min; Kim, Dae Bum; Yang, Jin Mo Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4950
Challenges and Prospects of Biogas from Energy Cane as Supplement to Bioethanol Production. Hoffstadt, Kevin; Pohen, Gino D.; Dicke, Max D.; Paulsen, Svea; Krafft, Simone; Zang, Joachim W.; da Jun 1, 2020 8682
Acute gastric injury after ingestion of substrate with hyperosmolar glucose and benzoate inversely related with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Kim, Yeon-Ji; Paik, Chang-Nyol; Lee, Ji Min; Kim, Dae Bum; Yang, Jin Mo Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 5101
Ruminal Methanogenic Responses to the Thiamine Supplementation in High- Concentrate Diets. Xue, Fuguang; Wang, Yue; Zhao, Yiguang; Nan, Xuemei; Hua, Dengke; Sun, Fuyu; Jiang, Liang Yang Linsh Report Jun 1, 2020 5905
Effects of Feeding either Red or White Grape Marc on Milk Production and Methane Emissions from Early-Lactation Dairy Cows. Moate, Peter J.; Jacobs, Joe L.; Hixson, Josh L.; Deighton, Matthew H.; Hannah, Murray C.; Morris, G Report Jun 1, 2020 10042
A Review of Enteric Methane Emission Measurement Techniques in Ruminants. Zhao, Yiguang; Nan, Xuemei; Yang, Liang; Zheng, Shanshan; Jiang, Linshu; Xiong, Benhai Report Jun 1, 2020 9974
Effect of Feeding Improved Grass Hays and Eragrostis tef Straw Silage on Milk Yield, Nitrogen Utilization, and Methane Emission of Lactating Fogera Dairy Cows in Ethiopia. Mekuriaw, Shigdaf; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; Ichinohe, Toshiyoshi; Tegegne, Firew; Haregeweyn, Nigussie; K Jun 1, 2020 10603
In Vitro Fermentation Patterns and Methane Output of Perennial Ryegrass Differing in Water-Soluble Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Concentrations. Rivero, M. Jordana; Keim, Juan P.; Balocchi, Oscar A.; Lee, Michael R.F. Jun 1, 2020 10945
Methane Emissions and Milk Fatty Acid Profiles in Dairy Cows Fed Linseed, Measured at the Group Level in a Naturally Ventilated Housing and Individually in Respiration Chambers. Poteko, Jernej; Schrade, Sabine; Zeyer, Kerstin; Mohn, Joachim; Zaehner, Michael; Zeitz, Johanna O.; Jun 1, 2020 14147
CASE Showcases Methane-Powered Concept Wheel Loader. Jun 1, 2020 683
Methane explosion fears at site of 100 new homes in 'garden village'. CHRIS MCKEON Local Democracy Reporter @cjmckeon May 14, 2020 503
Net Zero online workshop. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 9, 2020 419
11. Environment. May 1, 2020 10545
Effect of Chinese Milk Vetch (Astragalus sinicus L.) and Rice Straw Incorporated in Paddy Soil on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Soil Properties. Ma, Qiaoying; Li, Jiwei; Aamer, Muhammad; Huang, Guoqin May 1, 2020 5127
The Reduction of Methane Production in the In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation of Different Substrates is Linked with the Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil. Garcia, Florencia; Colombatto, Dario; Brunetti, M. Alejandra; Martinez, M. Jose; Moreno, M. Valeria; Report May 1, 2020 9704
Effects of Two Manure Additives on Methane Emissions from Dairy Manure. Cluett, Jessie; VanderZaag, Andrew C.; Balde, Hambaliou; McGinn, Sean; Jenson, Earl; Hayes, Alexande May 1, 2020 6611
Mitigation of Rumen Methane Emissions with Foliage and Pods of Tropical Trees. Canul-Solis, Jorge; Campos-Navarrete, Maria; Pineiro-Vazquez, Angel; Casanova-Lugo, Fernando; Barros May 1, 2020 7833
Experimental Study on the Damage of Artificial Fracture Permeability in Coal during the Flow Back of Guar-Based Fracturing Fluid. Liu, Shenggui; Huang, Jinkuang; Tang, Songlei; Shi, Shixiong; Wu, Xuan; Liu, Xin Apr 30, 2020 7805
Outbreak's impact may help spur industry's plans to reduce emissions; ENVIRONMENT. Apr 16, 2020 284
Bio-Methane Production Potential Assays of Organic Waste by Anaerobic Digestion and Co-Digestion. Batool, Nafeesa; Qazi, Javed Iqbal; Aziz, Nida; Hussain, Ali; Shah, Syed Zawwar Hussain Report Apr 10, 2020 3319
Tlou Shares Surge On Interim Botswana Power Purchase Agreement. Apr 3, 2020 206
Methane and money. CM Guest Columnist Apr 1, 2020 827
Cytomorphological Spectrum of Granulomatous Mastitis: A Study of 33 Cases. Chandanwale, Shirish; Naragude, Piyusha; Shetty, Abhinav; Sawadkar, Manoj; Raj, Akshi; Bhide, Aniket Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 3130
Comparative Effects of Stovers of Four Varieties of Common Vetch on Growth Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, and Nutrient Digestibility of Growing Lambs. Huang, Yafeng; Matthew, Cory; Li, Fei; Nan, Zhibiao Report Apr 1, 2020 7729
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Measures of Bovine Methane Emissions Recorded using a Laser Detector. Niero, Giovanni; Cendron, Filippo; Penasa, Mauro; De Marchi, Massimo; Cozzi, Giulio; Cassandro, Mart Report Apr 1, 2020 4611
Fermentative Quality and Animal Acceptability of Ensiled Persimmon Skin with Absorbents for Practical Use in Ruminant Feed. Abdelazeem, Shimaa; Takeda, Ken-ichi; Kurosu, Kazuhiro; Uyeno, Yutaka Report Apr 1, 2020 9223
A Meta-analysis Describing the Effects of the Essential oils Blend Agolin Ruminant on Performance, Rumen Fermentation and Methane Emissions in Dairy Cows. Belanche, Alejandro; Newbold, Charles J.; Morgavi, Diego P.; Bach, Alex; Zweifel, Beatrice; Yanez-Ru Apr 1, 2020 8863
Cistanche deserticola Addition Improves Growth, Digestibility, and Metabolism of Sheep Fed on Fresh Forage from Alfalfa/Tall Fescue Pasture. Liu, Xulei; Liu, Fuyao; Yan, Tianhai; Chang, Shenghua; Wanapat, Metha; Hou, Fujiang Apr 1, 2020 9003
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Evaluation Method of Coal-Bed Methane Fracturing in the Qinshui Basin. Chen, Zhengrong; Sun, Tengfei Mar 31, 2020 5504
Experimental Study on Coal Permeability Variation during Microwave Radiation. Ma, Yulin; Cheng, Yao; Shang, Wenlong; Zhao, Dong; Duan, Xianggang Mar 31, 2020 7593
Canadian LNG faces finance fight. Mar 31, 2020 1956
Seven die in explosion inside coal mine. Saleem Shahid Mar 23, 2020 259
Exolaunch to deliver UAE's MeznSat into orbit on Soyuz-2. Staff Reporter Mar 20, 2020 484
TODAY: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 2020. Mar 18, 2020 201
Fracking plan is 'off the table' INEOS withdraw Airth application. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Mar 18, 2020 497
Capstone Turbine announces follow-on order. Mar 17, 2020 243
Panel urged to rethink climate change metrics; Environment: Groups appeal for 'more accuracy'. NANCY NICOLSON Mar 5, 2020 360
ExxonMobil proposes framework for methane regulations. Mar 4, 2020 382
Weight not enough to stop Methane from bursting clear. Mar 4, 2020 270
WORTH NOTING. Gajewski, Karen Ann Mar 1, 2020 822
Autophagy Triggered by Oxidative Stress Appears to Be Mediated by the AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway in the Liver of Sleep-Deprived Rats. Li, Yongmei; Zhang, Yuan; Ji, Guang; Shen, Yiwei; Zhao, Nan; Liang, Yuhan; Wang, Zihan; Liu, Mengqi; Mar 1, 2020 5705
Experimental Investigation of the Dependence of Accessible Porosity and Methane Sorption Capacity of Carbonaceous Shales on Particle Size. Gaus, Garri; Kalmykov, Anton; Krooss, Bernhard M.; Fink, Reinhard Mar 1, 2020 7139
Sheep Methane Emission on Semiarid Native Pasture--Potential Impacts of Either Zinc Sulfate or Propylene Glycol as Mitigation Strategies. Costa, Helio; Saliba, Eloisa; Bomfim, Marco; Lana, Angela Maria; Borges, Ana Luiza; Landim, Aline; M Report Mar 1, 2020 7442
How green is the food on your plate? Hafed Al-Ghwell Feb 29, 2020 847
How fossil fuel industry has been making climate change even worse than previously thought -- Dr Richard Dixon. Feb 24, 2020 633
Ball Aerospace completes design review of MethaneSAT. Feb 21, 2020 182
Ball Aerospace completes design review of MethaneSAT. Feb 21, 2020 192
Group: Natural gas is also harmful to environment. Feb 21, 2020 525
Far more methane from fossil fuels. Feb 20, 2020 374
BP pledges to go net-zero by 2050 or "sooner". Feb 13, 2020 301
Why 'farming with nature' needs cows and trees -- Aoife Behan. Feb 12, 2020 742
We must take heed of science facts. Feb 3, 2020 342
CASE Wins Design Award for Methane-Powered Wheel Loader Concept. Feb 1, 2020 369
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2020 23739
Construction and Operation of a Respiration Chamber of the Head-Box Type for Methane Measurement from Cattle. Ortega, Octavio Alonso Castelan; Beltran, Paulina Elizabeth Pedraza; Pineda, Gloria Stefanny Hernand Report Feb 1, 2020 6971
Supplementation of Non-Starch Polysaccharide Enzymes Cocktail in a Corn-Miscellaneous Meal Diet Improves Nutrient Digestibility and Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Finishing Pigs. Chen, Yuxia; Shen, Dan; Zhang, Lilan; Zhong, Ruqing; Liu, Lei; Chen, Liang; Zhang, Hongfu Report Feb 1, 2020 6374
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Methane Emissions, Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Different Lines of Beef Steers Reared on Pasture and Finished in Feedlot. Meo-Filho, Paulo; Berndt, Alexandre; Marcondes, Cintia R.; Pedroso, Andre F.; Sakamoto, Leandro S.; Report Feb 1, 2020 9573
Induced Mutagenesis Enhances Lodging Resistance and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Kodomillet (Paspalum Scrobiculatum). Jency, James Poornima; Rajasekaran, Ravikesavan; Singh, Roshan Kumar; Muthurajan, Raveendran; Prabha Feb 1, 2020 6123
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cut Grasslands Renovated with Full Inversion Tillage, Shallow Tillage, and Use of a Tine Drill in Nasu, Japan. Mori, Akinori Feb 1, 2020 8311
Researchers take on farting cows. Jan 24, 2020 168
Karachi Breeze Red Line to become Pakistan's first Waste-to-Fuel transport project. Jan 24, 2020 1182
Bid to improve monitoring of cattle methane; Research: Project aimed at cutting gas emissions. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 23, 2020 275
Pardon moo: Scottish scientists on quest for low-emission cows. Jan 22, 2020 476
Tlou Energu looking for stability at Lesedi coal bed methane project. Jan 21, 2020 228
Tlou Energu looking for stability at Lesedi coal bed methane project. Jan 21, 2020 228
Appeal over PS2m food waste. Jan 21, 2020 197
Hydrogen Generation Market Is Predicted To Exhibit a CAGR of 5.8% by 2025 / Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 14, 2020 952
JetBlue to power some flights with "sustainable" jet fuel. Jan 7, 2020 701
JetBlue to power some flights with "sustainable" jet fuel. Jan 7, 2020 701
Garlic in cow feed keeps gases down on the farm. Jan 2, 2020 500
Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrogen Gases onto ZIF Compounds with Zinc, Cobalt, and Zinc/Cobalt Metal Centers. Awadallah-F, Ahmed; Hillman, Febrian; Muhtaseb, Shaheen A. Al-; Jeong, Hae-Kwon Jan 1, 2020 5165
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2020 11861
A CASE FOR METHANE FUEL. Jan 1, 2020 193
Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the effects of grape seed procyanidin on rumen archaeal communities in vitro. Zhang, Hua; Tong, Jinjin; Wang, Zun; Xiong, Benhai; Jiang, Linshu Jan 1, 2020 5227
Carbon Sequestration and Contribution of C[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes to Global Warming Potential from Paddy-Fallow Fields on Mineral Soil Beneath Peat in Central Hokkaido, Japan. Naser, Habib Mohammad; Nagata, Osamu; Sultana, Sarmin; Hatano, Ryusuke Jan 1, 2020 12433
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn; Wanapat, Metha Report Jan 1, 2020 8141
Combining Orchardgrass and Alfalfa: Effects of Forage Ratios on In Vitro Rumen Degradation and Fermentation Characteristics of Silage Compared with Hay. Xue, Zhulin; Liu, Nan; Wang, Yanlu; Yang, Hongjian; Wei, Yuqi; Moriel, Philipe; Palmer, Elizabeth; Z Report Jan 1, 2020 8790
Enteric Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows Predicted from Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk, Cream, Cheese, Ricotta, Whey, and Scotta. Bittante, Giovanni; Bergamaschi, Matteo Report Jan 1, 2020 6595
Short-Term Eating Preference of Beef Cattle Fed High Forage or High Grain Diets Supplemented with 3-Nitrooxypropanol. Lee, Chanhee; Kim, Seon-Ho; Beauchemin, Karen; Celi, Pietro; Duval, Stephane Report Jan 1, 2020 6344
Naturally Produced Lovastatin Modifies the Histology and Proteome Profile of Goat Skeletal Muscle. Leo, Teik Kee; Garba, Sani; Abubakar, Danmaigoro; Sazili, Awis Qurni; Candyrine, Su Chui Len; Jahrom Report Jan 1, 2020 8402
Ruminal Fermentation, Growth Rate and Methane Production in Sheep Fed Diets Including White Clover, Soybean Meal or Porphyra sp. Lind, Vibeke; Weisbjerg, Martin R.; Jorgensen, Grete M.; Fernandez-Yepes, Julia E.; Arbesu, Lesly; M Report Jan 1, 2020 8704
Can Agro-Industrial By-Products Rich in Polyphenols be Advantageously Used in the Feeding and Nutrition of Dairy Small Ruminants? Correddu, Fabio; Lunesu, Mondina Francesca; Buffa, Giovanna; Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; Nudda, Anna; Report Jan 1, 2020 14423
Gas Production, Digestibility and Efficacy of Stored or Fresh Plant Extracts to Reduce Methane Production on Different Substrates. Akanmu, Abiodun Mayowa; Hassen, Abubeker; Adejoro, Festus Adeyemi Report Jan 1, 2020 8564
Comparison of isotopic compositions of hydrocarbon gas in shallow groundwater and a deep oil and natural gas reservoir in southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. Loomer, Diana B.; Macquarrie, Kerry T.B.; Al, Tom A. Report Jan 1, 2020 10170
A Novel Model with GA Evolving FWNN for Effluent Quality and Biogas Production Forecast in a Full-Scale Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process. Huang, Zehua; Wu, Renren; Yi, XiaoHui; Liu, Hongbin; Cai, Jiannan; Niu, Guoqiang; Huang, Mingzhi; Yi Dec 31, 2019 7506
Large Specific Surface Area Macroporous Nanocast [LaFe.sub.1-x] [Ni.sub.x][O.sub.3]: A Stable Catalyst for Catalytic Methane Dry Reforming. Chen, Chunfeng; Meng, Zhaojun; Wang, Zijun Dec 31, 2019 6498
Methane-Rich Saline: A Potential Resuscitation Fluid for Hemorrhagic Shock. Tong, Yingmu; Dong, Yanyan; Feng, Yang; Li, Zeyu; Jia, Yifan; Zhang, Xing; Qu, Kai; Liu, Chang; Zhan Dec 31, 2019 5132
Methane-Rich Saline Counteracts Cholestasis-Induced Liver Damage via Regulating the TLR4/NF-[kappa]B/NLRP3 Inflammasome Pathway. Li, Zeyu; Chen, Dongdong; Jia, Yifan; Feng, Yang; Wang, Cong; Tong, Yingmu; Cui, Ruixia; Qu, Kai; Li Dec 31, 2019 5006
Effects of Different Additives and Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme on in vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Methane Production of some Straws. Unal Kilic, Abdiwali Mohamoud Abdi and Deniz Ekinci Dec 31, 2019 9492
Futuristic Case wheeled loader concept wins Good Design Award. Anirban Bagchi Dec 29, 2019 197
Methane emissions equivalency: Ministers Savage, Nixon. Dec 24, 2019 358
Saudi Aramco leads fight against methane. Frank Kane Dec 21, 2019 583
Breeding set to cut emissions. Dec 17, 2019 233
Verra Announces New Methodology for the Reduction of Enteric Methane Emissions from Ruminants. Dec 9, 2019 277
The globe headed towards a climate catastrophe. Dec 2, 2019 1175

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