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Roadmap to implement Power-To-X technologies in Tunisia to be ready in 2021 (Fethi Hanchi). Sep 24, 2020 486
Cattle are bad for greenhouse gas emissions; HEALTH NEWS. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 22, 2020 169
PDC Energy publishes 2020 sustainability report. Sep 2, 2020 192
Sulfur-scavenging bacteria could be key to component of plastic. Sep 1, 2020 165
Huge blast leaves giant 165ft deep crater in Arctic tundra amid record heat; The massive crater was accidentally discovered on the Yamal peninsula in Russia's Arctic region as a TV crew flew overhead, and previous discoveries have sparked conspiracy theories about everything from UFOs to missile tests. By, Will Stewart & Chris Kitching Aug 29, 2020 569
Williams aims to cut GHG emissions 56% by 2030. Aug 26, 2020 242
Group calls for action on sea gas leaks; Greenpeace: Industry 'doesn't belong'. HAMISH PENMAN Aug 15, 2020 401
Trump administration lifting limits on methane leaks. Aug 14, 2020 380
LNG is 86 times more environmentally harmful than conventional fuels: ICCT. Ahmed Hassan Abdel Karim Aug 11, 2020 276
Ship-to-ship transfer of LNG resumes in Subic. Aug 4, 2020 418
LNG ship-to-ship transfer resumes in Subic. Aug 4, 2020 532
Assessment of cutting time on nutrient values, in vitro fermentation and methane production among three ryegrass cultivars. Wang, Chunmei; Hou, Fujiang; Wanapat, Metha; Yan, Tianhai; Kim, Eun Joong; Scollan, Nigel David Aug 1, 2020 8013
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2020 10425
Relevance of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms and Their Derived Compounds, in the Face of Climate Change. Naamala, Judith; Smith, Donald L. Aug 1, 2020 16519
Burger King to offer 'Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper' staring July 14. Jul 14, 2020 179
Burger King to offer 'Reduced Methane Emissions Beef Whopper' starting July 14. Jul 14, 2020 179
Global methane emissions reach highest levels on record. Daily News Egypt Jul 14, 2020 861
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven Jul 1, 2020 14187
Effects of Methane Fermentation on Spectral Properties of Fulvic Acid Extracted from Peat through Liquid Acid Precipitation. Ma, Li-Tong; Lu, Ya-Nan; Wang, Ya-Xiong Jun 30, 2020 5138
Effect of Perforation Interval Design on Gas Production from the Validated Hydrate-Bearing Deposits with Layered Heterogeneity by Depressurization. Xia, Yingli; Xu, Tianfu; Yuan, Yilong; Xin, Xin Jun 30, 2020 10334
UGI Corporation announces highlights from second ESG report. Jun 25, 2020 200
Families waiting for Buhair homes. Jun 4, 2020 614
CASE Showcases Methane-Powered Concept Wheel Loader. Jun 1, 2020 683
Acute gastric injury after ingestion of substrate with hyperosmolar glucose and benzoate inversely related with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Kim, Yeon-Ji; Paik, Chang-Nyol; Lee, Ji Min; Kim, Dae Bum; Yang, Jin Mo Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 5101
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2020 10381
Acute gastric injury after ingestion of substrate with hyperosmolar glucose and benzoate inversely related with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Kim, Yeon-Ji; Paik, Chang-Nyol; Lee, Ji Min; Kim, Dae Bum; Yang, Jin Mo Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4950
Challenges and Prospects of Biogas from Energy Cane as Supplement to Bioethanol Production. Hoffstadt, Kevin; Pohen, Gino D.; Dicke, Max D.; Paulsen, Svea; Krafft, Simone; Zang, Joachim W.; da Jun 1, 2020 8682
Methane explosion fears at site of 100 new homes in 'garden village'. CHRIS MCKEON Local Democracy Reporter @cjmckeon May 14, 2020 503
Net Zero online workshop. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 9, 2020 419
Effect of Chinese Milk Vetch (Astragalus sinicus L.) and Rice Straw Incorporated in Paddy Soil on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Soil Properties. Ma, Qiaoying; Li, Jiwei; Aamer, Muhammad; Huang, Guoqin May 1, 2020 5127
11. Environment. May 1, 2020 10545
Experimental Study on the Damage of Artificial Fracture Permeability in Coal during the Flow Back of Guar-Based Fracturing Fluid. Liu, Shenggui; Huang, Jinkuang; Tang, Songlei; Shi, Shixiong; Wu, Xuan; Liu, Xin Apr 30, 2020 7805
Outbreak's impact may help spur industry's plans to reduce emissions; ENVIRONMENT. Apr 16, 2020 284
Bio-Methane Production Potential Assays of Organic Waste by Anaerobic Digestion and Co-Digestion. Batool, Nafeesa; Qazi, Javed Iqbal; Aziz, Nida; Hussain, Ali; Shah, Syed Zawwar Hussain Report Apr 10, 2020 3319
Tlou Shares Surge On Interim Botswana Power Purchase Agreement. Apr 3, 2020 206
Methane and money. CM Guest Columnist Apr 1, 2020 827
Cytomorphological Spectrum of Granulomatous Mastitis: A Study of 33 Cases. Chandanwale, Shirish; Naragude, Piyusha; Shetty, Abhinav; Sawadkar, Manoj; Raj, Akshi; Bhide, Aniket Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 3130
Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Affected by Fertilization Type (Pig Slurry vs. Mineral) and Soil Management in Mediterranean Rice Systems. Moreno-Garcia, Beatriz; Guillen, Monica; Quilez, Dolores Apr 1, 2020 10327
Experimental Study on Coal Permeability Variation during Microwave Radiation. Ma, Yulin; Cheng, Yao; Shang, Wenlong; Zhao, Dong; Duan, Xianggang Mar 31, 2020 7593
Evaluation Method of Coal-Bed Methane Fracturing in the Qinshui Basin. Chen, Zhengrong; Sun, Tengfei Mar 31, 2020 5504
Canadian LNG faces finance fight. Mar 31, 2020 1956
Seven die in explosion inside coal mine. Saleem Shahid Mar 23, 2020 259
Exolaunch to deliver UAE's MeznSat into orbit on Soyuz-2. Staff Reporter Mar 20, 2020 484
TODAY: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 2020. Mar 18, 2020 201
Fracking plan is 'off the table' INEOS withdraw Airth application. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Mar 18, 2020 497
Capstone Turbine announces follow-on order. Mar 17, 2020 243
Panel urged to rethink climate change metrics; Environment: Groups appeal for 'more accuracy'. NANCY NICOLSON Mar 5, 2020 360
ExxonMobil proposes framework for methane regulations. Mar 4, 2020 382
Weight not enough to stop Methane from bursting clear. Mar 4, 2020 270
WORTH NOTING. Gajewski, Karen Ann Mar 1, 2020 822
Autophagy Triggered by Oxidative Stress Appears to Be Mediated by the AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway in the Liver of Sleep-Deprived Rats. Li, Yongmei; Zhang, Yuan; Ji, Guang; Shen, Yiwei; Zhao, Nan; Liang, Yuhan; Wang, Zihan; Liu, Mengqi; Mar 1, 2020 5705
Experimental Investigation of the Dependence of Accessible Porosity and Methane Sorption Capacity of Carbonaceous Shales on Particle Size. Gaus, Garri; Kalmykov, Anton; Krooss, Bernhard M.; Fink, Reinhard Mar 1, 2020 7139
Sheep Methane Emission on Semiarid Native Pasture--Potential Impacts of Either Zinc Sulfate or Propylene Glycol as Mitigation Strategies. Costa, Helio; Saliba, Eloisa; Bomfim, Marco; Lana, Angela Maria; Borges, Ana Luiza; Landim, Aline; M Report Mar 1, 2020 7442
Impact of Intensity Standards on Alternative Fuel Adoption: Renewable Natural Gas and California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Scheitrum, Daniel Mar 1, 2020 13643
How green is the food on your plate? Hafed Al-Ghwell Feb 29, 2020 847
How fossil fuel industry has been making climate change even worse than previously thought -- Dr Richard Dixon. Feb 24, 2020 633
Ball Aerospace completes design review of MethaneSAT. Feb 21, 2020 182
Ball Aerospace completes design review of MethaneSAT. Feb 21, 2020 192
Group: Natural gas is also harmful to environment. Feb 21, 2020 525
Far more methane from fossil fuels. Feb 20, 2020 374
BP pledges to go net-zero by 2050 or "sooner". Feb 13, 2020 301
Why 'farming with nature' needs cows and trees -- Aoife Behan. Feb 12, 2020 742
We must take heed of science facts. Feb 3, 2020 342
CASE Wins Design Award for Methane-Powered Wheel Loader Concept. Feb 1, 2020 369
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2020 23739
Induced Mutagenesis Enhances Lodging Resistance and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Kodomillet (Paspalum Scrobiculatum). Jency, James Poornima; Rajasekaran, Ravikesavan; Singh, Roshan Kumar; Muthurajan, Raveendran; Prabha Feb 1, 2020 6123
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cut Grasslands Renovated with Full Inversion Tillage, Shallow Tillage, and Use of a Tine Drill in Nasu, Japan. Mori, Akinori Feb 1, 2020 8311
Construction and Operation of a Respiration Chamber of the Head-Box Type for Methane Measurement from Cattle. Ortega, Octavio Alonso Castelan; Beltran, Paulina Elizabeth Pedraza; Pineda, Gloria Stefanny Hernand Report Feb 1, 2020 6971
Supplementation of Non-Starch Polysaccharide Enzymes Cocktail in a Corn-Miscellaneous Meal Diet Improves Nutrient Digestibility and Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Finishing Pigs. Chen, Yuxia; Shen, Dan; Zhang, Lilan; Zhong, Ruqing; Liu, Lei; Chen, Liang; Zhang, Hongfu Report Feb 1, 2020 6374
Effect of Dried Leaves of Leucaena leucocephala on Rumen Fermentation, Rumen Microbial Population, and Enteric Methane Production in Crossbred Heifers. Montoya-Flores, Maria Denisse; Molina-Botero, Isabel Cristina; Arango, Jacobo; Romano-Munoz, Jose Lu Report Feb 1, 2020 11485
Methane Emissions, Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Different Lines of Beef Steers Reared on Pasture and Finished in Feedlot. Meo-Filho, Paulo; Berndt, Alexandre; Marcondes, Cintia R.; Pedroso, Andre F.; Sakamoto, Leandro S.; Report Feb 1, 2020 9573
Karachi Breeze Red Line to become Pakistan's first Waste-to-Fuel transport project. Jan 24, 2020 1182
Researchers take on farting cows. Jan 24, 2020 168
Bid to improve monitoring of cattle methane; Research: Project aimed at cutting gas emissions. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 23, 2020 275
Pardon moo: Scottish scientists on quest for low-emission cows. Jan 22, 2020 476
Tlou Energu looking for stability at Lesedi coal bed methane project. Jan 21, 2020 228
Tlou Energu looking for stability at Lesedi coal bed methane project. Jan 21, 2020 228
Appeal over PS2m food waste. Jan 21, 2020 197
Hydrogen Generation Market Is Predicted To Exhibit a CAGR of 5.8% by 2025 / Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 14, 2020 952
JetBlue to power some flights with "sustainable" jet fuel. Jan 7, 2020 701
JetBlue to power some flights with "sustainable" jet fuel. Jan 7, 2020 701
Garlic in cow feed keeps gases down on the farm. Jan 2, 2020 500
Carbon Sequestration and Contribution of C[O.sub.2], C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O Fluxes to Global Warming Potential from Paddy-Fallow Fields on Mineral Soil Beneath Peat in Central Hokkaido, Japan. Naser, Habib Mohammad; Nagata, Osamu; Sultana, Sarmin; Hatano, Ryusuke Jan 1, 2020 12433
Combining Crude Glycerin with Chitosan Can Manipulate In Vitro Ruminal Efficiency and Inhibit Methane Synthesis. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn; Wanapat, Metha Report Jan 1, 2020 8141
Combining Orchardgrass and Alfalfa: Effects of Forage Ratios on In Vitro Rumen Degradation and Fermentation Characteristics of Silage Compared with Hay. Xue, Zhulin; Liu, Nan; Wang, Yanlu; Yang, Hongjian; Wei, Yuqi; Moriel, Philipe; Palmer, Elizabeth; Z Report Jan 1, 2020 8790
Enteric Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows Predicted from Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk, Cream, Cheese, Ricotta, Whey, and Scotta. Bittante, Giovanni; Bergamaschi, Matteo Report Jan 1, 2020 6595
Short-Term Eating Preference of Beef Cattle Fed High Forage or High Grain Diets Supplemented with 3-Nitrooxypropanol. Lee, Chanhee; Kim, Seon-Ho; Beauchemin, Karen; Celi, Pietro; Duval, Stephane Report Jan 1, 2020 6344
Naturally Produced Lovastatin Modifies the Histology and Proteome Profile of Goat Skeletal Muscle. Leo, Teik Kee; Garba, Sani; Abubakar, Danmaigoro; Sazili, Awis Qurni; Candyrine, Su Chui Len; Jahrom Report Jan 1, 2020 8402
Ruminal Fermentation, Growth Rate and Methane Production in Sheep Fed Diets Including White Clover, Soybean Meal or Porphyra sp. Lind, Vibeke; Weisbjerg, Martin R.; Jorgensen, Grete M.; Fernandez-Yepes, Julia E.; Arbesu, Lesly; M Report Jan 1, 2020 8704
Can Agro-Industrial By-Products Rich in Polyphenols be Advantageously Used in the Feeding and Nutrition of Dairy Small Ruminants? Correddu, Fabio; Lunesu, Mondina Francesca; Buffa, Giovanna; Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; Nudda, Anna; Report Jan 1, 2020 14423
Gas Production, Digestibility and Efficacy of Stored or Fresh Plant Extracts to Reduce Methane Production on Different Substrates. Akanmu, Abiodun Mayowa; Hassen, Abubeker; Adejoro, Festus Adeyemi Report Jan 1, 2020 8564
Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrogen Gases onto ZIF Compounds with Zinc, Cobalt, and Zinc/Cobalt Metal Centers. Awadallah-F, Ahmed; Hillman, Febrian; Muhtaseb, Shaheen A. Al-; Jeong, Hae-Kwon Jan 1, 2020 5165
Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the effects of grape seed procyanidin on rumen archaeal communities in vitro. Zhang, Hua; Tong, Jinjin; Wang, Zun; Xiong, Benhai; Jiang, Linshu Jan 1, 2020 5227
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2020 11861
A CASE FOR METHANE FUEL. Jan 1, 2020 193
Large Specific Surface Area Macroporous Nanocast [LaFe.sub.1-x] [Ni.sub.x][O.sub.3]: A Stable Catalyst for Catalytic Methane Dry Reforming. Chen, Chunfeng; Meng, Zhaojun; Wang, Zijun Dec 31, 2019 6498
Methane-Rich Saline: A Potential Resuscitation Fluid for Hemorrhagic Shock. Tong, Yingmu; Dong, Yanyan; Feng, Yang; Li, Zeyu; Jia, Yifan; Zhang, Xing; Qu, Kai; Liu, Chang; Zhan Dec 31, 2019 5132
Methane-Rich Saline Counteracts Cholestasis-Induced Liver Damage via Regulating the TLR4/NF-[kappa]B/NLRP3 Inflammasome Pathway. Li, Zeyu; Chen, Dongdong; Jia, Yifan; Feng, Yang; Wang, Cong; Tong, Yingmu; Cui, Ruixia; Qu, Kai; Li Dec 31, 2019 5006
A Novel Model with GA Evolving FWNN for Effluent Quality and Biogas Production Forecast in a Full-Scale Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process. Huang, Zehua; Wu, Renren; Yi, XiaoHui; Liu, Hongbin; Cai, Jiannan; Niu, Guoqiang; Huang, Mingzhi; Yi Dec 31, 2019 7506
Effects of Different Additives and Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme on in vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Methane Production of some Straws. Unal Kilic, Abdiwali Mohamoud Abdi and Deniz Ekinci Dec 31, 2019 9492
Futuristic Case wheeled loader concept wins Good Design Award. Anirban Bagchi Dec 29, 2019 197
Methane emissions equivalency: Ministers Savage, Nixon. Dec 24, 2019 358
Saudi Aramco leads fight against methane. Frank Kane Dec 21, 2019 583
Breeding set to cut emissions. Dec 17, 2019 233
Verra Announces New Methodology for the Reduction of Enteric Methane Emissions from Ruminants. Dec 9, 2019 277
The globe headed towards a climate catastrophe. Dec 2, 2019 1175
Impact of Ecklonia stolonifera extract on in vitro ruminal fermentation characteristics, methanogenesis, and microbial populations. Lee, Shin Ja; Jeong, Jin Suk; Shin, Nyeon Hak; Lee, Su Kyoung; Kim, Hyun Sang; Eom, Jun Sik; Lee, Su Dec 1, 2019 6588
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2019 30664
Coal Seam Roof: Lithology and Influence on the Enrichment of Coalbed Methane/Cimas con gas de filones de carbon: litologia e influencia en el enriquecimiento de metano en capas de carbon. He, Yunlan; Wang, Xikai; Sun, Hongjie; Xing, Zhenguo; Chong, Shan; Xu, Dongjing; Feng, Feisheng Dec 1, 2019 3610
There are plagues hidden in the ice, and they're reawakening. Nov 30, 2019 1209
Methane Alleviates Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury by Inhibiting Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, and Apoptosis through the Nrf2/HO-1/NQO1 Signaling Pathway. Feng, Yang; Cui, Ruixia; Li, Zeyu; Zhang, Xia; Jia, Yifan; Zhang, Xing; Shi, Jinghong; Qu, Kai; Liu, Nov 30, 2019 7197
Karachi Breeze Line to use bio-methane as public transport system. Nov 30, 2019 289
Cows to go green and cut impact. JOE GAMMIE Environment writer @Jnlbusiness Nov 30, 2019 574
Karachi Breeze Line to use bio-methane as public transport system. Nov 30, 2019 245
Karachi Breeze Line to use bio-methane as public transport system. Nov 30, 2019 204
Sindh, centre agree to run city transport on methane gas. Nov 29, 2019 722
Climate Change tops present government's political agenda: Malik Amin Aslam - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Nov 28, 2019 602
Climate Change tops present government's political agenda: Malik Amin Aslam - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Nov 28, 2019 602
Pact fails to stop greenhouse gases rising. Nov 26, 2019 171
Pact fails to stop greenhouse gases rising. Nov 26, 2019 172
First Global Map Of Titan Reveals Earth-Like Surface Features. Athena Chan Nov 23, 2019 413
BMW collaborates with California's Straus Organic Dairy Farm. Nov 22, 2019 134
Accelerated Laughing Gas Use In Agriculture Detected By New Study. Johnny Vatican Report Nov 22, 2019 573
WTE(Waste-to-Energy) Market 2019-2025/Global Industry Analysis,Opportunities,Regional Trend,Business Strategy. Nov 21, 2019 751
Cut-price compost bins for residents; IN BRIEF. Nov 20, 2019 253
California Landfills: Crazy Methane Contributors. Jan Cortes Nov 15, 2019 373
Chart builds Europe's largest public LNG vehicle fueling station. Nov 15, 2019 241
NASA Mars Alien Shocker: 'Biosignature' Detected On Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 14, 2019 494
Turning (More) Fat and Sewage Into Natural Gas. Nov 14, 2019 843
What causes the planet to get warmer and what is being done to stop it? sucked and air QA&. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Nov 14, 2019 469
NASA Mars Rover Discovers Weird Oxygen Behavior In Red Planet. Inigo Monzon Nov 13, 2019 411
Biogas Technology Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2025. Nov 8, 2019 705
2019 Innovations in Food & Feed Additives and Bio-based Packaging Materials. Nov 7, 2019 356
Microdrones is Taking Photogrammetry to New Heights with the mdMapper3000DuoG VHR. Nov 6, 2019 835
Beyond vegan burgers: next-generation protein could come from air, methane, volcanic springs. Reuters News Service Nov 6, 2019 973
ENERGY: Turkey to conduct five drills for oil and natural gas in 2020. Nov 5, 2019 253
Pioneering gas-cleaning project to cut emissions set up in East Lothian. Nov 3, 2019 544
Bo ns reveal gassy cost of Oktoberfest. Nov 2, 2019 157
GREEN MOO DEAL: The answer to cow burps may come from the sea. Walrath, Rowan Nov 1, 2019 725
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2019 11494
Don't trash pumpkins, compost them Nov. 2 in West Chicago. Submitted by Rosemary Mackey Oct 31, 2019 226
Chiang Mai University's waste-management technology in full swing. Oct 25, 2019 301
Nitrogen Pollution Is A Deadly Danger To Humans. Johnny Vatican Oct 24, 2019 607
Attracting investment in petrochemicals. Oct 24, 2019 527
Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. - MESHD, MES-S and DHI jointly establish deep-water riser connection technology -- 11/10/2019. Oct 23, 2019 654
Methane reducing cattle feed one step closer. Oct 18, 2019 721
TLOU Energy's Q3 update highlights "excellent" start to CBM flow testing. Oct 17, 2019 380
TLOU Energy's Q3 update highlights "excellent" start to CBM flow testing. Oct 17, 2019 380
Global Liquid Hydrogen Market Report 2019-2024: Focus on Production Method, Distribution Method, End-use Industries, and Country-Level Analysis. Report Oct 16, 2019 1404
Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Market 2019: Global Analysis, Share, Trends, Application Analysis and Forecast To 2025. Oct 16, 2019 773
Don't Trash Pumpkins, Compost Them. Rosemary Mackey Oct 15, 2019 220
Food for thought on climate change; LETTERS. Oct 14, 2019 119
Operations begin at Mazoon Dairy's biogas plant in Oman's Al Sunaynah. Ranju Warrier Oct 13, 2019 242
Lisa: My hell living with gas in my gut; TV beauty desperate to find out what is causing stomach to bloat. EXCLUSIVE BY SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Oct 11, 2019 490
Methane Market 2019 Global Size, Growth Application, Share Opportunities, Trends, Sales Revenue, Industry Key Players, Regional Forecast, 2023. Oct 8, 2019 1073
NASA Photo Captures 'Worm Burrows' On Planet Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 7, 2019 414
Sheep that aren't baad for planet. CONOR RIORDAN Oct 3, 2019 115
Geneticists look at ways to breed 'greener' sheep; Environment: Study aims to reduce gas impact. CONOR RIORDAN Oct 3, 2019 306
ARAMCO - Oil and Gas Climate Initiative sets sights on carbon capture -- 2/10/2019. Oct 3, 2019 492
PS1.4m boost for storage research project; FUNDING. MARK LAMMEY Oct 2, 2019 182
Global Methane Market Outlook Report 2017-2026: Company Profiling with Detailed Strategies, Financials, and Recent Developments. Report Oct 2, 2019 983
BP Oil Ltd.--Oil and Gas Climate Initiative announces progress towards methane target and new CCUS initiative to scale up actions towards climate goals--23/9/2019. Oct 1, 2019 505
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2019 11357
Isotopic Composition of Abiogenic Gas Produced in Closed-System Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Implications for the Origins of the Deep Songliao Basin Gases in China. Wei, Zhifu; Wang, Yongli; Wang, Gen; Ma, Xueyun; He, Wei; Zhang, Ting; Yu, Xiaoli; Zou, Yan-Rong Sep 30, 2019 8160
Trash to treasure. Farhana Chowdhury Sep 30, 2019 543
Egypt to use landfill gas to produce electricity. Egypt Today staff Sep 30, 2019 304
Curzon Energy working hard behind the scenes. Sep 28, 2019 230
Is there such a thing as green milk? Western shoppers are turning to new milks. But are the new players better for the planet? Sep 28, 2019 1742
Bagan Serai acetone spill: No hazardous substances detected in air, says Perak Fire and Rescue Dept. Sep 26, 2019 458
Equitrans Midstream, EQT Midstream Partners oppose EPA methane rollback. Sep 25, 2019 196
Tip the food waste balance; How to make best of leftovers and help protect planet. EDITED BY SALLY MCLEAN Sep 25, 2019 592
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative announces progress towards methane target and new CCUS initiative to scale up actions towards climate goals. Sep 24, 2019 1258
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative announces progress towards methane target and new CCUS initiative to scale up actions towards climate goals. Sep 23, 2019 1292
AyalaLand shares proven strategies to achieve carbon neutrality. Sep 18, 2019 656
Could wind power harm the planet? Sep 16, 2019 198
ALI to offset 70% greenhouse gas by year-end. Sep 14, 2019 568
Lakes On Saturn's Titan: Explosion Craters. Sep 11, 2019 755
BP will take to the skies to detect methane leaks; Company will also retrofit structures with fixed detection gear. Sep 11, 2019 366
Coal Bed Methane Market 2019 Recent Developments, Global Size, Share, Growth Drivers, Business Opportunities, Demand and Comprehensive Research Study Till 2023. Sep 10, 2019 975
NASA Photo Shows 'Alien Artifact' On Mars. Sep 9, 2019 447
Greenhouse gases leave lakes warm on top and cold below: Study. Sep 9, 2019 495
Trump administration pulls plug on energy-efficient bulb rules. Sep 5, 2019 495
Soil Change. Letts, Olivia Sep 1, 2019 298
Preparation of Fast-Degrading Poly(Lactic Acid)/Soy Protein Concentrate Biocomposite Foams via Supercritical C[O.sub.2] Foaming. Liu, Tong; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Mi, Hao-Yang; Li, Heng; Turng, Lih-Sheng; Xu, Bai-Ping Report Sep 1, 2019 6038
Prediction of methane emission from sheep based on data measured in vivo from open-circuit respiratory studies. Ma, Tao; Deng, Kaidong; Diao, Qiyu Sep 1, 2019 5998
11. Environment. Sep 1, 2019 11662
Phytochemical Analysis and Biochemical Characterization of Terminalia chebula Extracts for its Medicinal Use. Vemuri, Praveen Kumar; Dronavalli, Lohitha; Nayakudugari, Poojitha; Kunta, Ankitha; Challagulla, Ris Sep 1, 2019 2011
Methane Source and Turnover in the Shallow Sediments to the West of Haima Cold Seeps on the Northwestern Slope of the South China Sea. Feng, Junxi; Wang, Shengxiong Yang Hongbin; Liang, Jinqiang; Fang, Yunxin; Luo, Min Aug 31, 2019 13708
Trump gives businesses deregulation whether they want it or not. Aug 31, 2019 1235
Blue Corridor - Gas into Engines 2019 Rally launched. Aug 30, 2019 437
5,000 troops coming home:. Aug 30, 2019 476
Trump administration to reverse limits on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Aug 30, 2019 465
EPA proposes easing methane limits at oil and gas operations. Aug 29, 2019 243
CBM(Coal Bed Methane) Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2026. Aug 27, 2019 666
Tlou Energy Loss Widens On Expenses As Lesedi Development Continues. Aug 27, 2019 313
Mars Methane Mystery: Is There Proof Aliens Caused Spike? Aug 23, 2019 488
Scientists Discover Source Of Seafloor Methane. Aug 23, 2019 415
Climate Change Proposed Solution: Feed Pink Seaweeds To Cows. Aug 23, 2019 512
Bio-methane Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2018 -- 2026. Aug 20, 2019 1097
I see a future of beans and fungi. Aug 17, 2019 179
Complete research report on Landfill Gas Market 2019 with top players analysis. Aug 17, 2019 743
Complete research report on Landfill Gas Market 2019 with top players analysis. Aug 16, 2019 758
Fracking causing methane increase; ENVIRONMENT. Aug 15, 2019 150
Methane from Korean trash likely caused its burning, BFP says. Aug 15, 2019 342
11-hour blaze: Korean trash at Misamis industrial zone burns. Aug 15, 2019 506
Mars: Cause of Methane Spikes Still Unknown. Aug 14, 2019 589
Methane Hydrate Market Value Chain and Forecast 2019 to 2029. Aug 10, 2019 1174
UN REPORT'S KEY FIGURES. Aug 9, 2019 321
U.N. warns agriculture must change to slow global warming. Aug 8, 2019 433
MP demands answers for concerned parents. Aug 7, 2019 293
NASA Photos Shows 'Sasquatch Skull' On Mars? Aug 6, 2019 469
Methane hydrate - a natural gas heir apparent. Aug 5, 2019 1357
Scientists identify new approach for converting carbon dioxide to methane. Aug 2, 2019 348
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2019 10966
Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on BP-Adaboost and PNN Series Connection. Yan, Chun; Li, Meixuan; Liu, Wei Jul 31, 2019 6082
Methane in Soil Gas and Its Migration to the Atmosphere in the Dawanqi Oilfield, Tarim Basin, China. Tang, Junhong; Xu, Yue; Wang, Guojian; Huang, Jingang; Han, Wei; Yao, Zhitong; Zhu, Zhenzhen Jul 31, 2019 7414
The Distribution of Dissolved Methane and Its Air-Sea Flux in the Plume of a Seep Field, Lingtou Promontory, South China Sea. Di, Pengfei; Feng, Dong; Chen, Duofu Jul 31, 2019 7887
Blockade of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 4 Enhances Antioxidation after Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion. Wu, Qiongfeng; Lu, Kai; Zhao, Zhaoyang; Wang, Binbin; Liu, Huixia; Zhang, Shaoshao; Liao, Jie; Zeng, Jul 31, 2019 7492
Anaerobic Codigestion of Food Waste and Polylactic Acid: Effect of Pretreatment on Methane Yield and Solid Reduction. Hobbs, Shakira R.; Parameswaran, Prathap; Astmann, Barbara; Devkota, Jay P.; Landis, Amy E. Jul 31, 2019 4787
Govt considers electricity diversification. Jul 31, 2019 520
Startup raises $33mn to vaporize trash. Jul 30, 2019 588
Effect of bamboo grass (Tiliacora triandra, Diels) pellet supplementation on rumen fermentation characteristics and methane production in Thai native beef cattle. Wann, Chinda; Wanapat, Metha; Mapato, Chaowarit; Ampapon, Thiwakorn; Huang, Bi-Zhi Jul 26, 2019 6348
New IEA tool tracks oil and gas-related methane. Jul 19, 2019 494
Neglect of miners' safety. Jul 18, 2019 340
IEA launches new tool for tracking oil and gas-related methane emissions worldwide. Jul 17, 2019 340
11 miners trapped in Balochistan coal mine collapse. Jul 16, 2019 186
Greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector increased by one percent. Jul 15, 2019 273
11 miners trapped in Balochistan coal mine collapse. Jul 15, 2019 178
Balochistan: Operation underway to rescue 11 miners. Jul 15, 2019 203
11 miners trapped in Balochistan coal mine collapse. Jul 15, 2019 202
Methane Hydrate Market to register a healthy CAGR for the forecast period, 2019-2029. Jul 12, 2019 1148
Paper is resource intensive. Jul 12, 2019 110
Future for cows with lower emissions. Jul 6, 2019 198
Baguio taps Japan tech for power, methane gas. Jul 6, 2019 538
Mars Methane Caused By NASA Rover? Jul 2, 2019 496
Where Did Mars' Methane Gas Come From? Jul 1, 2019 423
Characterization of starch and gum arabic-maltodextrin microparticles encapsulating acacia tannin extract and evaluation of their potential use in ruminant nutrition. Adejoro, Festus A.; Hassen, Abubeker; Thantsha, Mapitsi S. Jul 1, 2019 8085
Effect of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events on the Thermal Conditions of Canadian Multi-unit Residential Buildings. Mutasim, Fuad; Ge, Hua Jul 1, 2019 1655
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Performance Enhancement of Polymeric Blend Membranes Incorporation of Methyl Diethanol amine for CO2/CH4 Separation. Mushtaq, Asim; Mukhtar, Hilmi; Shariff, Azmi Mohd Technical report Jun 30, 2019 4652
A Martian methane belch melts away- Operation against encroachment to remain continue on daily basis. Jun 27, 2019 122
Level of methane on Mars drops. Jun 27, 2019 123
A Martian methane belch melts away. Jun 27, 2019 257
Mars Methane Spike Is Now Gone. Jun 26, 2019 446
Mars Signs Of Life: 'It's What We've Been Waiting For'. Jun 25, 2019 398
Nasa's Mars rover detects methane spike; SCIENCE. Jun 25, 2019 223
NASA Rover Discovers Possible Sign Of Life. Jun 24, 2019 450
NASA detects unusually high METHANE levels on Mars suggesting recent alien life; Any methane detected now must have been released relatively recently, according to NASA. Jun 24, 2019 427
NASA rover on Mars detects puff of gas that hints at possibility of life. Jun 23, 2019 909
Bio Methane Market Analysis Covering Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Upcoming Opportunities 2018 -- 2. Jun 19, 2019 1103
Procurement for pilot CBM fueled power plants on track. Jun 10, 2019 171
Bio methane Market Exhibits Ardent Revenue Gains Across Major Geographical Regions during 2018-2026. Jun 7, 2019 993
Cleaner energy services the focus for Hydrenor; ENVIRONMENT. Jun 7, 2019 197
Hydropower Questioned by IDTechEx Research: Better Alternatives Now Exist. Jun 6, 2019 585
Bio methane Market Exhibits Ardent Revenue Gains Across Major Geographical Regions during 2018-2026. Jun 6, 2019 1006
'Cow methane is not to blame for global warming' Science: Animals' impact overstated, says expert. Jun 4, 2019 439
homes plan for sewage works. Jun 3, 2019 335
Homes plan for sewage works; News briefing. Jun 3, 2019 169
Methylotrophs and Methylotroph Communities. Book review Jun 1, 2019 117
Trading Methane for Carbon Dioxide. Jun 1, 2019 618
12. Environment. Jun 1, 2019 29671
Functional Metagenomics Characterization of an Anaerobic Saltwater Bioreactor. Derilus, D.; Forestil, A.; Fortune, J.; Polyanska, O.; Louime, C.; Gervais, G.; Massey, S.E. May 31, 2019 9880
Acetotrophic Activity Facilitates Methanogenesis from LCFA at Low Temperatures: Screening from Mesophilic Inocula. Singh, Suniti; Rinta-Kanto, Johanna M.; Kettunen, Riitta; Lens, Piet; Collins, Gavin; Kokko, Marika; May 31, 2019 11278
A Modern Approach to Analyzing the Flowing Pressures of a Two-Phase CBM and Water Column in Producing Wellbores. Liu, Xinfu; Liu, Chunhua; Wu, Jianjun May 31, 2019 6644
Protective Effect of Methane-Rich Saline on Acetic Acid-Induced Ulcerative Colitis via Blocking the TLR4/NF-[kappa]B/MAPK Pathway and Promoting IL-10/JAK1/STAT3-Mediated Anti-inflammatory Response. Wang, Guanghui; Xu, Bing; Shi, Feiyu; Du, Mengfan; Li, Yaguang; Yu, Tianyu; Chen, Lihong May 31, 2019 6734
Global Methane Hydrate Market 2019 Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Top Key Players and Forecast to 20. May 23, 2019 740
Counter-Intuitive Climate Change Solution. May 21, 2019 750
Oil giant slapped with over PS1m fine for gas blast safety failings. May 21, 2019 420
Firm fined over PS1m for rig pipe rupture; Court: Sheriff says Boxing Day incident could have been fatal. May 21, 2019 432
Oil firm fined PS1.2m over gas safety failures; Marathon made to pay after admitting breaching regulations. May 21, 2019 174
Oil company slapped with PS1.16m fine for gas blast safety failings. May 21, 2019 437
3 killed in tunnel construction blast. May 17, 2019 143
Slash food waste to save world. May 14, 2019 355
Food waste targeted in climate-change fight; RESEARCH. May 14, 2019 171
KT for good: Compost your organic waste at home in UAE. May 14, 2019 888
Future Fuel: Methane-Consuming Bacteria. May 12, 2019 449
Future of fuel may lie in methane-consuming bacteria. May 10, 2019 353
Imagine the 'good switch' through Natural Gas. May 10, 2019 1259
Beef with meat eaters won't help global warming. May 6, 2019 351
Detroit Zoo turns animal waste into clean energy. May 1, 2019 483
Monitoring molecular sieve dryer vessels using TDLAS analysers. May 1, 2019 670
Compressors for steam methane reformer. May 1, 2019 373
The Application of Model-Based Tests for Analysing the Consequences of Methane Combustion in a Mine Heading Ventilated Through a Forcing Air Duct. Brodny, Jaroslaw; Tutak, Magdalena; John, Antoni May 1, 2019 2754
An Areal Assessment of Subseafloor Carbon Cycling in Cold Seeps and Hydrate-Bearing Areas in the Northern South China Sea. Zhang, Yanping; Luo, Min; Hu, Yu; Wang, Hongbin; Chen, Duofu Apr 30, 2019 10300
A General Review on Longwall Mining-Induced Fractures in Near-Face Regions. Bai, Qingsheng; Tu, Shihao Apr 30, 2019 15822
Modeling of a Nickel-based Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor for Steam Methane Reforming Process. Pasha, Mustafa Kamal; Ahmad, Iftikhar; Mustafa, Jawad; Kano, Manabu Technical report Apr 30, 2019 5719

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