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Metanoia, Inc.'s Provider Network Health Assessment Framework Now Usable by 10,000+ Telecom Executives in 189+ Nations.

Mountain View, CA, October 13, 2012 --( Dr. Vishal Sharma, Principal, Metanoia, Inc. spoke recently to Robert Alcock, Executive Director, Intercomms, discussing how operator executives could use Metanoia, Inc.'s robust Provider Network Health Assessment Framework[TM] to tackle the challenges of operating efficient networks that perform optimally, and are profitable.

Speaking from his Silicon Valley office, Dr. Sharma observed, “Service provider executives today face a barrage of critical questions around efficiency, profitability, adoption of new technologies, completion from OTT operators, and the like. Upon analyzing these, we realized two vital facts:

"First, answering these requires a systematic analysis of their business and technology, which is often lacking.

"This begs a framework ( that will allow them to examine the two holistically, and analyze their interconnections. So we cleverly condensed a carrier's operations into a set of core focus areas ( that are fundamental to its business but independent of operator- type, size, geography or vertical. Our framework enables an efficient resolution of carrier issues by mapping each to a core area(s), and then furnishing an effective plan to streamline operations.

"Second, with diversity in systems & technology, industry-wide co-opetition is the key to cracking hard problems. The industry needs to come together in a collaborative environment to contemplate solutions to demanding operator issues, a philosophy that underpins our many leading initiatives (”

Dr. Sharma explained “Suppose we are looking at an operator's network management plan, which is a foundation of service delivery today. Depending on a carrier's specific situation, the health assessment framework would help decide whether it needs to deploy better network management systems, or deploy existing systems better, or operate them better, or perform measurements better, or enhance its back-end OSS/BSS or monitoring systems to perform proactive management. Each of the preceding actions could markedly improve network health, and, thereby, control operational cost.”

Metanoia, Inc. helps operators by: (a) using its historical insight into the eco-system and its Framework[TM] to incisively hone-in on a carrier's business and technology environment and needs, and (b) using its deep understanding of solution providers to immediately identify the best players and strategies to meet those needs.

Likewise, because Metanoia, Inc. has a fundamental understanding of a range of solutions and their applicability within multiple operator types, they can also guide solution providers about carriers that are best-suited to utilize their solutions.

In this manner, the Health Assessment Framework enables Metanoia, Inc. to bridge the gap between eco-system players and advance the state of the industry, while helping both carriers and vendors.

Metanoia, Inc. ( has been providing its expertise to players across the full telecom ecosystem (chip & semiconductor vendors, system vendors, operators & carriers, technology houses, and software/planning tool vendors) since 2001, and helping them solve complex problems. Our contributions have spanned the strategy for, and the analysis, design, and architecture of, systems, networks, and services, to the optimization of the equipment and networks deploying them.

Our contributions have allowed a marquee list of clients (ranging from fast-paced innovative startups and international leaders, to giants in the US Fortune 1000) across 4 continents to accelerate technology design and development or network design and deployment, speed-up time-to-market, slash learning cycles, master complex technologies, and enhance customer-interaction and revenues, yielding benefits many times their investments in our services.

In short, we have been Powering Leadership Through InnovationTM! To learn more please contact us at or at +1-650-641-0082. We will be delighted to collaborate on efficiently solving your problem, and enhancing savings and revenue for you.

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Date:Oct 13, 2012
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