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Metalworking fluid is tough.

OAK SIGNATURE addresses the rigorous fluid challenges of metalcutting, metalforming, cleaning, corrosion inhibition, and specialty applications. OAKFLO is formulated for typical applications including milling, drilling, turning, reaming, tapping, broaching, sawing and grinding. Typical materials include: cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, and many exotic alloys. OAKFORM stamping and drawing fluids meet or exceed the highest quality standards for a diversity of metalforming applications. These fluids have been shown to provide extreme-pressure lubrication especially for severe stamping and drawing. OAKTEC multipurpose corrosion inhibitors address a full line of in-process and long-term storage RP applications and are available in solvent, oil, water-soluble, and synthetics. OAKSPEC specialty fluids, lubricants, allied products, and processes meet a diversity of customer-specific requirements from fine blanking to laminate stamping, hydroforming to tube forming, and glass grinding to creep-feed grinding. Oak International,

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Title Annotation:product spotlight
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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