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Metals associations.

Metals Associations

Abrasive Engineering Society

108 Elliott Dr Butler, PA 16001 412/282-6210

Ted Giese, Business Manager

AES offers educational conferences, seminars, publications, consultant services, information and referral, an industry magazine and the Abrasive Engineering Certification Institute. Limited to abrasives, abrasive products and processes.

Publications: AES Magazine; Annual Conference Proceedings.

The Aluminum Association, Inc.

900 19th St, N.W. Washington, DC 20006 202/862-5100 FAX: 202/862-5164

Samuel J. McCracken, Director Communications

The Jobbing Foundry Division of The Aluminum Association numbers approximately 20 member companies which serve the interests of producers of aluminum sand and permanent mold castings. A subcommittee--the Technical Committee on Castings--is responsible for producing a major casting publication, "Standards for Aluminum Sand and Permanent Mold Castings."

Publications: Special Reports on the Mechanical Properties of Sand and Permanent Mold Aluminum Alloy Test Castings.

American Cast Metals Association

455 State St Des Plaines, IL 60016 708/299-9160

Representing ferrous and nonferrous foundries in the United States and Canada, ACMA provides representation for the cast metals industry with the federal government, and serves the foundry industry in the areas of marketing, management, human resources and labor relations.

Publications: Metalcaster magazine; "Washington Focus;" "Human Resource Report;" "Labor Case Comments;" MASH Newsletter; Iron Castings Handbook; "Sources" buyers' guide and directory, and Marketing News.

American Foundrymen's Society,


505 State St Des Plaines, IL 60016-8399 800/537-4237 708/824-0181 FAX: 708/824-7848

Charles H. Jones, Executive Vice President

Services offered by the Society include: over 200 technical publications; computer programs for the foundry industry; technical committee participation; annual Casting Congress and triennial CASTEXPO; reference library with information retrieval and abstract service; technical field services; insurance programs; industry research; and environmental testing for airborne contaminants and leachates.

Pbulications: modern casting magazine; Transactions of Casting Congresses; Control News; catalog of Publications, Software and Services available.

Casting Industry Suppliers


6990 Rieber St Worthington, OH 43085 614/848-8199 FAX: 614/848-5717

William E. Bergdahl, Executive Secretary/Treasurer

CISA is a trade association made up of members of the foundry equipment and supplies industries. Incorporated in 1935, it provides information, education and opportunities for its members, including such services as: collecting, analyzing and disseminating industry statistics relevant to members; providing a forum for direct contact between its members, their customers, distributors, industry associations, government agencies and educators in the foundry industry; and developing ties with international associations that have common objectives.

Cash Metals Institute of AFS

505 State St Des Plaines, IL 60016-8399 800/537-4237 708/824-0181 FAX: 708/824-7848

Fred Schleg, Vice President

Ian Kay, Director of Education

The Cast Metals Institute is the continuing education department of the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc. Courses dealing with metalcasting technology to upgrade foundry personnel are conducted at the Institute's facilities, as well as at various locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Professional Certification in seven areas of foundry operations can be obtained.

Ductile Iron Society

615 Sherwood Parkway Mountainside, NJ 07092 201/232-3080 FAX: 201/232-0771

Keith D. Millis, Executive Director

DIS concentrates its efforts on ductile iron technology pertaining to production, properties and applications. DIS sponsors research and keeps the members informed through a system of meetings and publications of new technology.

Publications: Ductile Iron News.

The Ferroalloys Association

1505 Crystal Dr Arlington, VA 22202 703/418-0333 FAX: 703/418-0333*

John G. Oxaal, President

Services of the Association involve industry-government relations.

Foundry Educational Foundation

484 East Northwest Highway Des Plaines, IL 60016-2202 708/299-1776

William W. Sorensen, Executive Director

The FEF undertakes to provide the cast metals industry with an adequate supply of college degree technical manpower; develop a favorable climate for casting research by directing the interest of a large number of professors and students to the casting field; and promote knowledgeable teaching staffs and practical cast metals courses at colleges and technical institutes.

Publications: University staff directory listing all the FEF schools with key university personnel.

International Lead Zinc Research

Organization, Inc

P.O. Box 12036/2525 Meridian Parkway Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 919/361-4647

Michael Kim, Research Associate

Research and technology services for all lead and zinc castings, both gravity and pressure cast. Database on alloy processing and properties.

Publications: manuals and reports on lead and zinc alloy castings technology.

International Magnesium


7927 Jones Branch Dr, Suite 400 McLean, VA 22102 703/442-8888 FAX: 703/821-1824

Byron B. Clow, Executive Director

IMA promotes the general welfare of the magnesium industry by collecting and disseminating information, encouraging research and publicizing innovative uses of the metal.

Publications: Books, Cassettes, Technical Papers and other Literature; brochure of titles available. Requests for publications to the attention of Sandra L. Hughes.

Investment Casting Institute

8350 N. Central Expwy, Ste M1110 Dallas, TX 75206-1602 214/368-8896

R. Russell Stratton, Executive Director

The Institute is a trade association representing investment casters in 16 countries. It acts as the statistical, promotional, educational and communication voice of the industry. The Institute holds annual management and technical meetings and sponsors industry trade shows and numerous training seminars.

Publications: Conference Proceedings; Industry News Magazine, INCAST; Training Manuals; Videotapes; Industry Surveys; and Handbook.

Iron Casting Research Institute

2838 Fisher Rd, Suite B Columbus, OH 43204-3574 614/275-4201 or 614/275-4202

William F. Shaw, Executive Director

Provides technology transfer and application of known technology into member companies' operations and the development of new technical/operating features. Objectives are accomplished through committees, topical meetings and workshops, plant and lab service for members and castin users, as well as complementary involvement by staff and members in other industry groups.

Publications: technical reports, surveys and extracts--principally for member companies.

Lead Industries Association

292 Madison Ave New York, NY 10017 212/578-4750

Jerome Smith, Executive Director

Services include market development, technology transfer, publicity, advertising, audio/visuals, publications and technical literature.

Publications: Directory of Lead Casters; Properties of Lead and Lead Alloys; Lead for Corrosion Resistant Applications: A Guide.

Non-Ferrous Founders' Society

455 State St, Suite 100 Des Plaines, IL 60016 708/299-0950 FAX: 708/299-3598

James L. Mallory, CAE, Executive Director

The only national foundry trade association exclusively representing the concerns and interests of brass, bronze and aluminum foundries. Conducts surveys and seminars on important industry issues. Annual meeting offers informative and educational presentations on industry and management topics. Sponsors research and monitors government regulations affecting nonferrous foundries.

Publications: Crucible Magazine; North American Directory of Non-Ferrous Foundries; Government Affairs newsletter.

North American Die Casting


2000 N. Fifth Ave River Grove, IL 60171 708/452-0147 FAX: 708/452-0147

Larry G. Hayes, Executive Vice President

Services of NADCA include: education and training courses; develop product standards; public magazine, text and reference books; produce biennial Exposition and Congress; maintain reference library; and field limited technical inquiries, all devoted to matters of diecasting industry interest.

Publications: Die Casting Engineer; Transactions of each biennial Congress; variety of diecasting text and reference books.

Pattern, Model and Plastic

Toolbuilders Assn

P.O. Box 7286 Toledo, OH 43615 419/826-4465

Elmer Kovacs, National Coordinator

Services of the Association include: pattern standards; annual meeting; Buyers Guide; P & M Manual; apprenticeship tests; statistics; cost control; international pattern meetings; and semi-annual technical meeting.

Publications: Industrial Models and Patterns.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

One SME Dr/P.O. Box 930 Dearborn, MI 48121-0930 313/271-1500 FAX: 313/271-2861

Tom Akas, Manager of Public Relations

Educational activities and materials available for manufacturing engineers and managers include local chapters, expositions, conferences, in-plant courses, periodicals, books, newsletter, videotapes, etc. Also, Certification for engineers and technologists; Education Foundation; and related membership associations in robotics, machine vision, computer and automated manufacturing systems, composites, electronics manufacturing, finishing and research.

Publications: Manufacturing Engineering (monthly magazine); Journal of Mfg Research; Tool & Mfg Engineers Handbook; SME News (newspaper); and technology quarterlies on robotics, machine vision, composites, electronics manufacturing and finishing.

Steel Founders' Society of America

Cast Metals Federal Bldg 455 State St Des Plaines, IL 60016 708/299-9160

Raymond W. Monroe, Executive Vice President

Steel casting technical information development and exchange, including technical research projects, regional and national technical conferences, is the driving force of SFSA. The Society represents the steel foundry industry in development of product specification by ASTM, ISO, etc. Regional and national management meetings, collection of industry statistics and production of collateral material for steel foundry sales personnel are also part of SFSA's program.

Publications: Steel Castings Handbook and Supplements; Directory of Steel Foundries.

Titanium Development Association

P.O. Box 2307 Dayton, OH 45401 513/223-8432

Francine W. Rickenbach, CAE, Executive Director

Services available through the Association include the distribution of various technical publications (see below), as well as the promotion of titanium in industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.

Publications: Titanium the Choice...; Titanium Technology: Present Status and Future Trends; Proceedings: 1986 Conference on Titanium Products and Applications; Titanium 1988: Statistics 1979-1988; How to Weld Titanium (Video).
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