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Metalloinvest Picks Derrick Screening Tech.

Derrick Corp. announced in early October the continued successful implementation of its new SuperStack vibratory screening equipment to Metalloinvest's Mikhailovsky GOK beneficiation plant in the Kursk region of Russia. The eight-deck SuperStack offers a significantly higher production capacity than conventional screening equipment in a small footprint, while also offering increased quality of iron ore concentrate. Metalloinvest of Zheleznogorsk, Russia, is a global producer and supplier of HBI and iron-ore products and steel.

The first phase of the project was launched at the Mikhailovsky GOK beneficiation plant during an official ceremony attended by Nazim Efendiev, first deputy CEO, sales director, management company Metalloinvest; Mitchell Derrick, CEO of Derrick Corp.; Miron Boris, general manager of Thrane Teknikk (exclusive representative of Derrick in Russia and CIS); Stanislav Naboko, first deputy governor of Kursk region; and Sergey Kretov, managing director of Mikhailovsky GOK.

During the first stage, Derrick fine screening technology was installed in four sections of the beneficiation plant over the course of a year. Capital expenditures for the first stage totaled more than 1.2 billion rubles ($18.5 million). As a result of the successful first-stage implementation, the fine screening section is projected to produce more than 3.7 million tons of iron ore concentrate, with iron content increasing to 67% compared with the previous 65.1%.

The second stage of the project, launched in August, will involve construction of a new building for beneficiation of concentrate using Derrick equipment. Completion of the second stage will enable the company to produce an estimated 16.9 million tons of high-quality concentrate with an iron content of 68.7% by 2022. Construction of the new beneficiation building and modernization of production will allow the processing of complex ores having a higher iron content and will reduce overburden and production costs. Investments in the second stage are projected at more than 12 billion rubles ($185 million).

Mitchell Derrick said his company's partnership began with Metalloinvest in 2005. "Since that time, we have worked together at Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky to ensure significant efficiency gains in the production of high-grade iron ore concentrate with Derrick's five-deck Stack Sizer screens. I am extremely happy that we are furthering this important alliance with Metalloinvest's decision to utilize Derrick's newly offered eight-deck

SuperStack high-frequency screens at Mikhailovsky. This innovative solution offers over twice the capacity of traditional units in a similar footprint, significantly reducing both the upfront installation costs and ongoing operating and maintenance costs."

Basic Derrick Stack Sizers comprise up to five individual screen decks positioned one above the other and operating in parallel. A custom-engineered single or multiple stage Flo-Divider system representatively splits the feed slurry to each Stack Sizer and then to the decks on each machine. Each screen deck has an undersize collection pan which discharges to a launder with a single outlet. Similarly, the oversize from each of the screen decks collects in a single hopper with a common outlet.

Caption: Among the features included in FLSmidth's Froth Recovery Upgrade package are radial froth crowders designed for greater flexibility and control. According to the company, they reduce top-of-froth surface area and increase froth movement to the nearest radial launder, allowing for either deeper froth or faster froth removal.

Caption: The design of Derrick Corp.'s new SuperStack wet sizing screen allows customers to Install a machine that Increases throughput 2.5 to 3 times the capacity of the 5-Deck Stack Sizer, with a similarly sized footprint.
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