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Aramco opens new glass fiber facility in carbon-neutral move. Arab News Sep 6, 2021 272
Electromagnetic Property Analysis of a Bearingless Induction Motor Using Amorphous Alloy Material. Xu, Ting; Yang, Zebin; Sun, Xiaodong; Jia, Jingjing Jun 1, 2021 3895
Evolution of the Amorphous Phase of the Alloy [Co.sub.67][Nb.sub.25][B.sub.17]. Nascimento, Luciano Jan 1, 2021 2737
Notch Effect on Plastic Deformation of Metallic Glass: A Numerical Study by Revised Free-Volume Theory. Yan, J.F.; Meng, W.J.; Chen, Z.; Guo, H.; Yan, X.G. Jul 31, 2020 6303
Amorphous metals to be optimised For 3D printing. Jun 22, 2020 290
Plastic Dynamical Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses. Yao, Shaowen; Cheng, Zhibo Dec 31, 2019 3199
Immobilization of Amorphous NiB Nanoparticles on Mesoporous Supports: Superior Catalysis for Controllably Hydrolyzing NaB[H.sub.4] to Release [H.sub.2]. Liu, Quanxing; Zhang, Jun; Du, Xigang; Mi, Gang; Dong, Yana Nov 30, 2019 4361
Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Polymer Micropart Demolding from a Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Mold. Zhang, Xiang; Wang, Zhenxing; Li, Haotong; Hou, Chuanyu; Kong, Xiaoya; Zhang, Yu Shrike; Li, Qian; S Nov 1, 2019 6387
Liquid metal. Aug 1, 2019 120
Engel Prepares Ambitious Rollouts for K 2019: Smart, circular, automated are among the key themes for Austrian machine maker. Grace, Robert Jul 1, 2019 2421
Morphing Amorphous Materials. Jun 1, 2019 196
Heraeus and Engel Join Forces on Injection Molding Liquid Metals. Apr 1, 2019 309
Victory Oilfield Tech Acquires Pro-Tech Hardbanding Oil Field Services. Aug 7, 2018 222
Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Discovery of Metallic Glass. Apr 14, 2018 1293
Metallic Glasses and Their Composites. Book review Jan 1, 2018 107
Investigation of the Atomic Structure of Ge-Sb-Se Chalcogenide Glasses. Fabian, M.; Dulgheru, N.; Antonova, K.; Szekeres, A.; Gartner, M. Report Jan 1, 2018 8497
Boson Peak and Superstructural Groups in [Na.sub.2]O-[B.sub.2][O.sub.3] Glasses. Osipov, Armenak A.; Osipova, Leyla M. Report Jan 1, 2018 6014
Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Alloy Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. Jiang, Chaohua; Wang, Yizhi; Guo, Wenwen; Jin, Chen; Wei, Min Report Jan 1, 2018 6523
Thermal Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Pavements Heated with Amorphous Metal Technology. Sangiorgi, Cesare; Settimi, Cecilia; Tataranni, Piergiorgio; Lantieri, Claudio; Adomako, Solomon Jan 1, 2018 4235
Complex Dynamical Behavior in the Shear-Displacement Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses during Plastic Deformation. Chen, Cun; Guan, Shaokang; Zhang, Liying Jan 1, 2018 6159
Aussie 'Metallic Glass' may offer solution to India's wastewater problems. Nov 23, 2017 293
Liquidmetal Technologies Inc places order for first die cast machine. Jan 12, 2017 159
Study of the Characterization of Amorphous Alloy [Co.sub.87][Nb.sub.46][B.sub.15]. Nascimento, Luciano; Melnyk, Anastasiia Report Jan 1, 2017 2569
Crystallization Kinetics of Al-Fe and Al-Fe-Y Amorphous Alloys Produced by Mechanical Milling. Nguyen, Viet H.; Nguyen, Oanh T.H.; Dudina, Dina V.; Le, Vinh V.; Kim, Ji-Soon Jan 1, 2017 4517
Effects of Crystallization on the Corrosion and Passivity of Amorphous Pd-Fe-Co-Si-B Alloys. Jang, HeeJin; Lee, Han-Ok; Kim, Hyun-Goo Jan 1, 2017 3317
In Situ SEM Torsion Test of Metallic Glass Microwires Based on Micro Robotic Manipulation. Jiang, Chenchen; Lu, Haojian; Cao, Ke; Wan, Wenfeng; Shen, Yajing; Lu, Yang Jan 1, 2017 4230
Lugee Li Completes Investment in Liquid Metal Shares. Nov 2, 2016 250
Lugee Li Completes Investment in Liquid Metal Shares. Nov 2, 2016 256
Propriedade Microestrutural do Refinamento da Liga Amorfa [Al.sub.54][Nb.sub.45][B.sub.7]. Nascimento, Luciano; Melnyk, Anastasiia; Jamshidi, Lourdes Cristina L.A.; Rodbari, Reza Jamshidi Report Apr 1, 2016 2477
Apple Patent Points To A Future iPhone With Liquidmetal And Glass Case. Dec 17, 2015 412
Liquidmetal Technologies Starts Pre-Production Shipment for Medical Device Component. Dec 17, 2015 218
Liquidmetal Technologies Receives Production Order for Medical Device Component. Oct 20, 2015 175
Injection molding metal (well, metallic glass--like metal). Oct 1, 2015 327
Preparacao da Liga Amorfa [Co.sub.72][Nb.sub.24][B.sub.4] como Catalisador na Reacao de Oxidacao do Metanol. Nascimento, Luciano; Rodbari, Reza Jamshidi; Barbosa, Celmy Maria B. de Menezes; Melnyk, Anastasiia; Oct 1, 2015 6192
World's First Success in Development and Formation of Platinum-based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D Printers. Nov 21, 2014 1291
World's First Success in Development and Formation of Platinum-based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D Printers. Nov 18, 2014 1275
Liquidmetal signs amended sublicense agreement with Visser Precision Cast. May 21, 2014 240
Bending glass. Thilmany, Jean May 1, 2014 332
Scientists find faster way to create glasses as strong as steel. Apr 14, 2014 237
Materion announces introduction of MBG alloy product line by its unit. Feb 18, 2014 239
Size effects: the relation to the percentage of atoms that participate in the deformation of ZrCu metallic glass. Gao, L.K.; Zhao, F.L.; Xu, N.; Qi, L.; Liu, R.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 2344
A Ti/Ti-based-metallic-glass interpenetrating phase composite with remarkable mutual reinforcement effect. Mu, J.; Zhu, Z.W.; Zhang, H.F.; Zhang, H.W.; Fu, H.M.; Li, H.; Wang, A.M.; Hu, Z.Q. Jan 1, 2014 3221
A centimeter-sized quaternary Ti-Zr-Be-Ag bulk metallic glass. Zhao, S.F.; Shao, Y.; Gong, P.; Yao, K.F. Jan 1, 2014 3446
Investigation of mechanical properties and plastic deformation behavior of [([Ti.sub.45][Cu.sub.40][Zr.sub.10][Ni.sub.5]).sub.100-x][Al.sub.x] metallic glasses by nanoindentation. Huang, Lanping; Hu, Xuzhe; Guo, TaoTao; Li, Song Jan 1, 2014 2302
Amorphous alloy: promising precursor to form nanoflowerpot. Lan, Guo; Xie, Zhiqiang; Huang, Zhenwei; Yang, Shengchen; Zhang, Xuhai; Zeng, Yuqiao; Jiang, Jianqin Jan 1, 2014 2503
Nanocrystalline phase formation inside shear bands of Pd-Cu-Si metallic glass. Shao, Yang; Yang, Guannan; Yao, Kefu Jan 1, 2014 2132
Formation and mechanical properties of Pd-Si binary bulk metallic glasses. Chen, Na; Zhang, Hongxia; Yao, Ke-Fu Jan 1, 2014 2469
Up- and downconversion luminescence properties of [Nd.sup.3+] ions doped in [Bi.sub.2][O.sub.3]-BaO-[B.sub.2][O.sub.3] glass system. Ruamnikhom, R.; Limsuwan, P.; Horprathum, M.; Chanthima, N.; Kim, H.J.; Ruengsri, S.; Kaewkhao, J. Report Jan 1, 2014 3485
Surface crystallization in Mg-based bulk metallic glass during copper mold casting. Wang, Xin Report Jan 1, 2014 2574
Selection of the composition with high glass forming ability in Zr-Cu-Ni-Al bulk metallic glasses. Sun, Yajuan; Li, Yumin; Wang, Hongjing Report Jan 1, 2014 3696
Molecular dynamics simulation of structural characterization of elastic and inelastic deformation in ZrCu metallic glasses. Feng, Shidong; Qi, Li; Li, Gong; Liu, Riping Jan 1, 2014 3561
The effect of cooling rate on microstructure and mechanical properties of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses. Fu, Weihong; Sun, Yajuan; Zhang, Wei Jan 1, 2013 2976
Applied pressure on altering the nano-crystallization behavior of [Al.sub.86][Ni.sub.6][Y.sub.4.5][Co.sub.2][La.sub.1.5] metallic glass powder during spark plasma sintering and its effect on powder consolidation. Li, X.P.; Yan, M.; Ji, G.; Qian, M. Jan 1, 2013 3195
Request for registration of suppliers to supply hydraulic pumps, conveyor & V shaped belts, ball & roller bearings, iron pipes, channels, steel flat & steel angles, filters, metallic & metallic & glass tanks, filters & other workshop equipment. Oct 3, 2011 130
New Way Developed to Process Metallic Glass. May 13, 2011 925
Steel-like 'tough and strong' amorphous 'glassy' metal developed. Jan 12, 2011 271
Thermodynamic study on corrosion inhibition of [Fe.sub.78][B.sub.13][Si.sub.9] metallic glass alloy in [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] Solution at different temperatures. Arab, S.T.; Emran, K.M. Jan 1, 2007 5193
Science fiction steel. Sawyer, Christopher A. Sep 1, 2004 738
Modern alchemy yields superstrong metal. Minerd, Jeff Jan 1, 1999 524
Metallic glasses bulk up. Ashley, Steven Jun 1, 1998 1907
New glasses arise from liquid's slow flow. Lipkin, Richard Apr 1, 1995 651
Hot-spot bubbles ease glassmaking. Oct 19, 1991 179
Aluminum adds flex to metallic glass. Knox, Charles Sep 24, 1988 378

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