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Metalcutting Automation.

Machine tool manufacturer Chiron has developed new automation for its FZ/ DZ16 series vertical machining center called the "Variocell Pallet." A primary objective of this pallet is to allow different workpieces to be clamped in one of 10 pallets mounted on a rotary table. The pallet can be moved into the machining center work area with a transfer trolley that is equipped with driven rollers and that can be moved in three directions. Once in place, there is a handling system that moves each workpiece to the cutting zone and which removes the machined workpieces and the pallet after machining. Chiron has also developed an automation system for older machines, the Variocell Uno, which uses a workpiece handling robot and a workpiece storage unit that handles up to 24 pallets. This is a compact unit, requiring less than one square meter of floor space.

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Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Sep 1, 2019
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