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Metalcasters gather in Orlando in October for AFS Structural Aluminum and Iron Melting Conferences.

More than 230 metalcasters gathered for two AFS conferences--the International Iron Melting Conference and the International Conference on Structural Aluminum--which were held concurrently November 2-4 in Orlando, Fla.

The International Conference on Structural Aluminum featured 32 technical presentations focused on designing structural aluminum components as well as a variety of accomplishments in aluminum casting production, including practical applications for computer modeling and the quenching and control of residual stresses and distortion in aluminum.

During the aluminum conference, Steve Sikorski, Magma Foundry Technologies, Inc., gave a presentation on the integration of casting simulation into the design chain, According to Sikorski, state-of-the art casting process simulation tools allow for the prediction of casting process, taking into account the processing conditions and any residual stresses that occur.

The International Iron Melting Conference featured 37 technical presentations split into three separate sections--cupola, coreless induction and channel induction. The variety of topics presented included an overview of automated refractory installation systems and tips for how an induction melt shop can survive a power crisis.

During the iron conference, Wayne Anderson, CWC Foundry, outlined an experiment to determine if a smaller coke size could be used in cupolas without negatively affecting temperature, alloy recovery and melt rate. The experiment found that a smaller coke size could be used, and that a cost savings could be realized from the transition.
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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