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Metalcasters convene at 108th Metalcasting Congress.

More than 1,450 metalcasters gathered June 12-15 in Rosemont, Ill., for the 108th Metalcasting Congress cosponsored by AFS and the North American Die Casting Assn. The show featured more than 150 exhibits and 50 technical and management sessions covering the latest advances in the industry.

During the Congress, the AFS Marketing Div. and Engineered Casting Solutions displayed the 11 honorees from the fourth annual casting competition. This year's Casting of the Year award went to Alcoa Automotive Castings' hollow rear lower control arm for BMW.

George M. Goodrich, Professional Metallurgical Services, delivered the Charles Edgar Hoyt Memorial Lecture. His presentation, "The Absence of Perfection," detailed the necessity of the metalcasting industry to take advantage of new capabilities and push more forcibly into world markets, thus calling for a successful unification of engineers, managers and scientists to accomplish this task.

The AFS Annual Banquet was held June 12. Rodney L. Naro, ASI International Ltd., and J. Michael Williams. General Motors Powertrain (retired), received the industry's highest honors in the Joseph S. Seaman Gold Medal and the William H. McFadden Gold Medal.

The Congress concluded the afternoon of June 15 with the President's Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting. Oleg S. Fishman, Inductotherm Corp., Daniel Groteke, Q.C. Designs Inc., and Kathy L. Hayrynen, Applied Process Inc., received AFS Awards of Scientific Merit. Further, the AFS Service Citations were awarded to D.J. Couture, General Motors Powertrain, Sara Joyce, Badger Mining Corp., Charles A. Ruud, Carondelet Foundry Co. (MetalTek International), and Daniel J. Torzewski, Indianapolis Casting Corp. David C. Williams, Allied Mineral Products Inc., received the CMI Directors' Award.
Division Number of sessions Attendance Average per Session

1 Engineering 5 154 30.8
2 Aluminum 10 591 59.1
3 Copper 3 98 32.7
4 Molding 7 373 53.3
5 Iron 9 582 64.7
6 Magnesium 2 77 38.5
7 Pattern 1 32 32
8 Melting 3.5 138 39.4
9 Steel 2.5 69 27.6
10 EHS 3 87 29
11 Lost Foam 3 159 53
14 Marketing 1 50 50

TOTALS 50 2410 48.2
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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