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Metabolon Acquires Metabolomic Discoveries to Advance Presence in Europe.


15 September 2017 - North Carolina, US-based health technology company Metabolon, Inc. has acquired Germany based metabolomics services and diagnostics company Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH to advance Metabolon's presence in Europe, the company said.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Metabolon said the acquisition of Metabolomic Discoveries on the company's vision to bring the value of metabolomics to regions around the globe based on the promises of the technology.

The addition of Metabolomic Discoveries furthers the company's global expansion strategy and will provide greater access to the European market.

In addition to the acquisition of Metabolomic Discoveries, Metabolon has also established joint laboratory collaborations this year with organisations in China and the Middle East.

Metabolomics is the study of small molecules called metabolites and is a powerful phenotyping technology for life sciences research, population health and precision medicine.

It measures changes in metabolite levels and maps them to the appropriate biochemical pathways to give researchers and clinicians a better understanding of health and the influences of genes, microbiome, diet, lifestyle and drug treatment.

Metabolon's Precision Metabolomics technology screens a metabolite library, using proprietary software to deliver metabolomics data.

This data is currently being used by clinicians and life sciences researchers to gain actionable information and understand genomic and other 'omic data.

Metabolon, Inc. advances metabolomics for precision medicine and all areas of life sciences research. Its Precision Metabolomics is a patented technology for assessing health and delivering biomarker discoveries, innovative diagnostic tests and data for genomics and population health initiatives.

Country: Germany

Sector: Healthcare

Target: Metabolomic Discoveries

Buyer: Metabolon, Inc


Deal size in USD:

Type: Corporate Acquisition


Status: Closed

Buyer advisor: , ,

Comment: Terms of the deal were not disclosed

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Publication:M & A Navigator
Date:Sep 15, 2017
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