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Associations between Body Composition Indices and Metabolic Disorders in Chinese Adults: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study. Zhang, Rong; Dong, Sheng-Yong; Wang, Fei; Ma, Cong; Zhao, Xiao-Lan; Zeng, Qiang; Fei, Ao Report Mar 25, 2018 6386
Astragalus Membranaceus Improving Asymptomatic Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in Postmenopausal Hypertensive Women with Metabolic Syndrome: A Prospective, Open-Labeled, Randomized Controlled Trial. Li, Ning-Yin; Yu, Heng; Li, Xiu-Li; Wang, Qiong-Ying; Zhang, Xiao-Wei; Ma, Rui-Xin; Zhao, Yang; Xu, Report Mar 10, 2018 6478
Shedding light provides opportunity for new treatments. Mar 1, 2018 354
A case of severe glutathione synthetase deficiency with novel GSS mutations. Xia, H.; Ye, J.; Wang, L.; Zhu, J.; He, Z. Report Mar 1, 2018 2610
A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF METABOLIC DISORDERS IN VERTIGO. Bepari, Kamalini; Panditray, Siddharth; Palai, Shrabani; Jyotishi, Bireswar Report Jan 8, 2018 3944
Prevention of metabolic disorders. Report Dec 15, 2017 502
Benefits of Plant Protein. Mangels, Reed Brief article Oct 1, 2017 197
Hyperinsulinism associated with breast and prostate cancer. Ali, Majid Aug 1, 2017 2983
Cardiometabolic disease and herbal medicine: new insights into an old foe. McEwen, Bradley Mar 1, 2017 333
Modifying the microbiota in metabolic disease: an under-utilised clinical approach. Hawrelak, Jason Mar 1, 2017 315
FDA permits marketing of first newborn screening system for rare metabolic disorders. Mar 1, 2017 329
Commentary. Pijnappel, W.W.M. Pim; van Doorn, Pieter A.; van der Ploeg, Ans T. Jan 1, 2017 507
Role of phytochemicals in the management of metabolic syndrome. Cicero, Arrigo F.G.; Colletti, Alessandro Report Oct 15, 2016 12815
Role of metabolic syndrome and pro-inflammatory status as potential Cardiovascular risk factors in twenty to fifty years age group in an urban area. Roy, Suparna; Bhattacharya, Oendri; Dasgupta, Anindya Report Sep 5, 2016 5949
Research roundup. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 246
A systems biology approach reveals converging molecular mechanisms that link different POPs to common metabolic diseases. Ruiz, Patricia; Perlina, Ally; Mumtaz, Moiz; Fowler, Bruce A. Report Jul 1, 2016 6942
Prevention of Metabolic Disorders. Jun 30, 2016 490
New studies on blood pressure, weight loss, and lowering triglycerides. Hudson, Tori May 1, 2016 1732
Study of insulin responses to carbohydrate and noncarbohydrate challenges in insulin-based care of metabolic disorders. Ali, Majid; Dasoju, Sabitha; Karim, Naila; Amin, J.; Chaudhry, Daawar Feb 1, 2016 2657
Arsenic exposure and the western diet: a recipe for metabolic disorders? Barrett, Julia R. Report Feb 1, 2016 1032
Effects of arsenite exposure during fetal development on energy metabolism and susceptibility to diet-induced fatty liver disease in male mice. Ditzel, Eric J.; Nguyen, Thu; Parker, Patricia; Camenisch, Todd D. Report Feb 1, 2016 8742
Exercise not much help to the sedentary obese. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 286
Increase frequency of metabolic syndrome among the cases of rheumatoid arthritis: a case control study. Dihingia, Prasanta; Das, Diganta; Chakraborty, Arpita; Debbarma, Mahendra; Kakati, Sanjeeb Report Jan 11, 2016 2748
The association between treatment for metabolic disorders and breast cancer characteristics. Goldvaser, Hadar; Rizel, Shulamith; Hendler, Daniel; Neiman, Victoria; Shepshelovich, Daniel; Shocha Report Jan 1, 2016 6445
Maternal diet supplementation with n-6/n-3 essential fatty acids in a 1.2: 1.0 ratio attenuates metabolic dysfunction in MSG-induced obese mice. Martin, Josiane Morais; Miranda, Rosiane Aparecida; Barella, Luiz Felipe; Palma-Rigo, Kesia; Alves, Report Jan 1, 2016 6921
Chronic exposure to arsenic and markers of cardiometabolic risk: a cross-sectional study in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mendez, Michelle A.; Gonzalez-Horta, Carmen; Sanchez-Ramirez, Blanca; Ballinas-Casarrubias, Lourdes; Report Jan 1, 2016 10255
In silico evaluation of nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in the ADIPOQ gene associated with diabetes, obesity, and inflammation. Swamy A., Narayana; Valasala, Hariba; Kamma, Sreenivasulu Report Jul 1, 2015 5507
The effects of a structured training program based both on gym exercises and aquatic fitness in women affected by metabolic syndrome. Annunziata, Passalia; Maurizio, Sudano; Vincenzo, Biancalana Report Jun 15, 2015 1644
Histamine intolerance. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2015 421
Vegan diet and inflammation. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2015 795
[alpha]-Cyclodextrin and metabolic disorders. Olmstead, Stephen F. Report May 1, 2015 2948
A rare cause of dermal deposit. Adikrishnan, S.; Trishna, Vaishali M.; Murugan, S.; Veeraraghavan, Mahalakshmi; Rangarajan, Sudha Clinical report Apr 13, 2015 711
7 Tools to help patients adopt healthier behaviors: here's how to use the 5 As, the FRAMES protocol, and 5 other techniques to encourage patients to address issues such as diet, exercise, smoking, and substance use. Raddock, Michael; Martukovich, Rachel; Berko, Eric; Reyes, Christina Delos; Werner, James J. Case study Feb 1, 2015 3760
Fructose tolerance is a concept gaining diagnostic ground. Jan 1, 2015 877
Saliva as a diagnostic tool for metabolic disease risk in children. Nov 1, 2014 826
The synergistic effects of HIV, diabetes, and aging on cognition: implications for practice and research. Vance, David E.; Fazeli, Pariya L.; Dodson, Joan E.; Ackerman, Michelle; Talley, Michele; Appel, Sus Report Oct 1, 2014 11669
A Fraxinus excelsior L. seeds/fruits extract benefits glucose homeostasis and adiposity related markers in elderly overweight/obese subjects: A longitudinal, randomized, crossover, double-blind, placebo-controlled nutritional intervention study. Zulet, M.A.; Navas-Carretero, S.; Sanchez, D. Lara; Abete, I.; Flanagan, J.; Issaly, N.; Fanca-Berth Report Sep 15, 2014 6197
Development of a dietary management care map for metabolic syndrome. Royall, Dawna; Brauer, Paula; Bjorklund, Laura; O'Young, Olivia; Tremblay, Angelo; Jeejeebhoy, Khurs Report Sep 1, 2014 5720
Undiagnosed metabolic syndrome and other adverse effects among clozapine users of Xhosa descent. Faasen, N.; Niehaus, D.J.H.; Koen, L.; Jordaan, E. Report Jul 1, 2014 3789
A patient with metabolic syndrome and the role of the advanced practice registered nurse. Mallory, Ann Marie; Angosta, Alona D.; Kawi, Jennifer Clinical report Jul 1, 2014 4592
Recent trends in management of metabolic disorders of transition cows and buffaloes. Bhikane, A.U.; Syed, A.M. Report Jul 1, 2014 6878
Diagnosis and management of negative energy balance and associated production diseases in bovines. Randhawa, S.N.S.; Ranjan, Rakesh; Singh, Randhir; Chand, Naimi Report Jul 1, 2014 4364
Parturient hypocalcaemia (milk fever) in dairy cows--a review. Kavitha, P.; Sreedevi, B.; Ramana, J.V.; Rao, D. Srinivasa Report Jul 1, 2014 5208
Assessment of therapeutic effect of buffered phosphorus in post parturient haemoglobinuria (PPH) in buffaloes. Yadav, Sushma; Jain, V. K.; Kumar, Rakesh; Sridhar Report Jul 1, 2014 1517
Clinical studies on postparturient haemoglobinuria in buffaloes. Soren, Sanjhali; Srivastava, Mukesh; Kachhawa, J.P.; Soren, Punam; Kumari, Anuradha; Sharma, Ankita Report Jul 1, 2014 2874
A haemato-biochemical and therapeutic study of postparturient haemoglobinuria in buffaloes. Sharma, S.K.; Joshi, Monika; Singh, Diler; Khosa, J.S. Report Jul 1, 2014 1910
Therapeutic management of postparturient haemoglobinuria in a buffalo. Reddy, B. Sudhakara; Sivajothi, S.; Praveena, G.; Venkatasivakumar, R. Report Jul 1, 2014 856
Clinical management of parturient haemoglobinuria in a buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Tewari, D.; Singh, V.K.; Gautam, S. Report Jul 1, 2014 1253
Clinical management of acute postparturient haemoglobinuria in a graded murrah buffalo. Kumar, C. Pavan; Praveena, G.; Sundar, N. Syaama Report Jul 1, 2014 1648
Skeletal disorders and metabolic bone disease. Firoozabadi, Ayati Report Jun 20, 2014 2655
Liver Transplant may arrest neurological damage in a rare and progressive form of Autism. Mar 31, 2014 327
Tyrosinemia type 1: an overview of nursing care. Barnby, Elizabeth Report Mar 1, 2014 5798
A rare cause of opistotonus; fumaric aciduria: The first case presentation in Turkey. Bastug, Osman; Kardas, Fatih; Ozturk, Mehmet Adnan; Halis, Hulya; Memur, Seyma; Korkmaz, Levent; Tag Case study Mar 1, 2014 1864
Basic lifestyle interventions for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Mikolai, Jeremy Report Feb 1, 2014 6395
Sex differences in the metabolic syndrome: implications for cardiovascular health in women. Pradhan, Aruna D. Report Jan 1, 2014 6616
Exposing the 'healthy obesity' myth. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 142
Insulin resistance and environmental pollutants: experimental evidence and future perspectives. Hectors, Tine L.M.; Vanparys, Caroline; Van Gaal, Luc F.; Jorens, Philippe G.; Covaci, Adrian; Blust Report Nov 1, 2013 10923
The application of data mining to explore association rules between metabolic syndrome and lifestyles. Huang, Yi Chao Report Oct 1, 2013 6546
Metabolic disorders tip the scales for CVD risk. Miller, Naseem S. Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 463
Demographic findings of 104 patients with percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/Perkutan endoskopik gastrostomi deneyimi-104 olgunun demografik bulgulari. Cantez, Mustafa Serdar; Gerenli, Nelgin; Ertekin, Vildan; Durmaz, Ozlem Report Sep 1, 2013 3047
Higher plasma vitamin D levels associated with lower biomarkers of cardiometabolic disease. Dye, D. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 170
Successful treatment of cardiomyopathy due to very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency: first case report from Oman with literature review. Sharef, Sharef Waadallah; Senaidi, Khalfan Al-; Joshi, Surendra Nath Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 2056
Oligosaccharide analysis in urine by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases. Xia, Baoyun; Asif, Ghazia; Arthur, Leonard; Pervaiz, Muhammad A.; Li, Xueli; Liu, Renpeng; Cummings, Report Sep 1, 2013 6754
Commentary. Baric, Ivo Report Aug 1, 2013 480
A novel strategy in production of oligosaccharides in digestive tract: prevention of postprandial hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 239
Lucidone from Lindera erythrocarpa Makino fruits suppresses adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells and attenuates obesity and consequent metabolic disorders in high-fat diet C57BL/6 mice. Hsieh, Yu-Hsin; Wang, Sheng-Yang Report May 15, 2013 5711
Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease: a look at the mechanism that drives this inflammatory process: part 1: understanding the metabolic problem. Huber, Gary May 1, 2013 5229
Cardiometabolic risk factors in Iranians with spinal cord injury: analysis by injury-related variables. Sabour, Hadis; Javidan, Abbas Norouzi; Ranjbarnovin, Neda; Vafa, Mohammad Reza; Khazaeipour, Zahra; Report May 1, 2013 5192
The human gut microbiome and body metabolism: implications for obesity and diabetes. Devaraj, Sridevi; Hemarajata, Peera; Versalovic, James Report Apr 1, 2013 9023
Circadian disruption: potential implications in inflammatory and metabolic diseases associated with alcohol. Voigt, Robin M.; Forsyth, Christopher B.; Keshavarzian, Ali Report Mar 22, 2013 6768
Metabolic disturbance and dementia: a modifiable link: dietary changes to correct hyperinsulinemia might slow cognitive decline. Krikorian, Robert Report Mar 1, 2013 2733
Evaluation of the association between maternal smoking, childhood obesity, and metabolic disorders: a national toxicology program workshop review. Behl, Mamta; Rao, Deepa; Aagaard, Kjersti; Davidson, Terry L.; Levin, Edward D.; Slotkin, Theodore A Report Feb 1, 2013 23344
A study of non alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with metabolic syndrome. Devi, D. Vasundhara; Latha, M. Madhu; Sumapreethi, A.; Sharma, S.S.B.; Priyanka, M. Report Jan 28, 2013 3456
CDC recommendations: good laboratory practices for biochemical genetic testing and newborn screening for inherited metabolic disorders. Shahangian, Shahram; Chen, Bin Dec 1, 2012 434
Exposure to tobacco smoke in utero and subsequent plasma lipids, apoB, and CRP among adult women in the MoBa cohort. Cupul-Uicab, Lea A.; Skjaerven, Rolv; Haug, Kjell; Travlos, Gregory S.; Wilson, Ralph E.; Eggesbo, M Report Nov 1, 2012 8702
Physical activity and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2012 930
Dairy and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2012 868
Functional medicine approach to metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2012 687
Intra-abdominal fat area is a predictor for new onset of individual components of metabolic syndrome: metabolic syndrome and abdominal obesity (MERLOT study). Nakao, Yoko M.; Miyawaki, Takashi; Yasuno, Shinji; Nakao, Kazuhiro; Tanaka, Sachiko; Ida, Midori; Hi Report Oct 1, 2012 4136
Effect of lifestyle on metabolic syndrome in Turkish children and adolescents. Nogay, Nalan Hakime; Koksal, Gulden Report Sep 30, 2012 3356
Phthalate exposure changes the metabolic profile of cardiac muscle cells. Posnack, Nikki Gillum; Swift, Luther M.; Kay, Matthew W.; Lee, Norman H.; Sarvazyan, Narine Report Sep 1, 2012 6095
Prolonged acetylcholinesterase inhibition and impairment in object recognition memory in rats subjected to chronic hyperprolinemia. Roecker, R.; Junges, Gm; Lima, Dd de; Delwing, F.; Wyse, Ats; Cruz, Jn; Magro, Dd Dal; Cruz, Jgp Report Jul 1, 2012 3916
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may be one of the terminal end points of metabolic syndrome. Helvaci, Mehmet Rami; Aydin, Leyla Yilmaz; Aydin, Yusuf Report Jun 30, 2012 3168
Cimicifuga racemosa and its triterpene-saponins prevent the Metabolic Syndrome and deterioration of cartilage in the knee joint of ovariectomized rats by similar mechanisms. Seidlova-Wuttke, Dana; Eder, Nicole; Stahnke, Vera; Kammann, Markus; Stecher, Gunter; Haunschild, Ju Report Jun 15, 2012 5185
Prevalence and associated factors of metabolic syndrome among menopausal women in a tertiary center, Malaysia. Nik Hussain, Nik Hazlina; Hamid, Habibah Abdul; Kadir, Azidah Abdul; Musa, Kamarul Imran; Ismail, Sh Report Jun 1, 2012 4013
Resveratrol improves mitochondrial function and protects against metabolic disease by activating SIRT1 and PGC-1alpha. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 159
Acute and long term effects of grape and pomegranate juice consumption on endothelial dysfunction in pediatric metabolic syndrome. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 246
Acute and long-term effects of grape and pomegranate juice consumption on vascular reactivity in paediatric metabolic syndrome. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 263
Hepatorenal tyrosinemia. Kitagawa, Teruo Report May 1, 2012 5551
New test for metabolic disorder biomarkers has been developed. Brief article May 1, 2012 178
Gamma-tocopherol supplementation alone and in combination with alpha-tocopherol alters biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation in subjects with metabolic syndrome. Report Mar 1, 2012 236
Sweetly healthy maple syrup. Oct 1, 2011 329
Dietary omega-3 fatty acids aid in the modulation of inflammation and metabolic health. Zivkovic, Angela M.; Telis, Natalie; German, J. Bruce; Hammock, Bruce D. Report Jul 1, 2011 5175
Water and salt metabolism disorders following transsphenoidal pituitary surgery/Transsfenoidal hipofiz cerrahisi sonrasi gorulen sivi elektrolit bozukluklari. Cakir, Mehtap Report Jun 1, 2011 3771
SHBG. May 1, 2011 2891
SABG interpretation - which method should we use in the clinical setting? Granger, Wesley Report Mar 22, 2011 1147
Endothelial dysfunction, an endocrine metabolic disorder. Flechas, Jorge Report Mar 1, 2011 3140
ADT and the metabolic syndrome: no good deed goes unpunished. Pinthus, Jehonathan H. Report Feb 1, 2011 842
Cyanoacrylate ("superglue") injury to the nasal cavity: case report and a proposed management algorithm. Sira, James; Uppal, Sandeep; Dezso, Atilla Case study Jan 1, 2011 1157
Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic syndrome with rhabdomyolysis. Stunkard, Mary E.; Pikul, Valerie T.; Foley, Kevin Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2011 2945
Exercise is medicine. Teta, Jade; Teta, Keoni Nov 1, 2010 1159
Shared appointments offer financial benefits. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Nov 1, 2010 1512
Endocrine and metabolic disorders in HTLV-1 infected patients. Alves, Cresio; Dourado, Luciano Report Nov 1, 2010 5802
Breakthrough Regenerative Therapy for Newborns with Metabolic Disorders in Qatar. Oct 12, 2010 704
Pathogenetic role of metabolic disorders in children with nephrolithiasis. Utegenov, N.; Aliev, M. Report Oct 1, 2010 1781
This surprising trigger for gluten intolerance may explain why we suddenly get sick. Aug 1, 2010 850
Fitness and fatness: indicators of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease risk factors in college students? Schilter, Janelle; Dalleck, Lance Report Aug 1, 2010 5202
Is soy safe? Busting the myths of a nutritional powerhouse. Rodriguez, Oscar Report Jul 1, 2010 3624
Journal abstracts: normal weight obesity: a risk factor for cardiometabolic dysregulation and cardiovascular mortality. Report Jul 1, 2010 267
Antipsychotic drugs spur metabolic changes. Bates, Betsy Jul 1, 2010 1337
Factors influencing glycemic control in children with type 1 diabetes/Tip 1 diyabetli cocuklarda glisemik kontrolu etkileyen faktorler. Cakir, Seher; Saglam, Halil; Ozgur, Taner; Eren, Erdal; Tarim, Omer Report Jun 1, 2010 7495
HMC Holds 3rd MENA Newborn Screening Symposium (NBS). Conference news Apr 22, 2010 485
Persistent organic pollutant exposure leads to insulin resistance syndrome. Ruzzin, Jerome; Petersen, Rasmus; Meugnier, Emmanuelle; Madsen, Lise; Lock, Erik-Jan; Lillefosse, Ha Report Apr 1, 2010 6361
Newborn screening for metabolic disorders. Kanungo, Shibani Apr 1, 2010 891
Apnea therapy improves metabolic measures. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 575
How can we cure NO/ONOO--cycle diseases? Approaches to curing chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, gulf war syndrome and possibly many others. Pall, Martin L. Report Feb 1, 2010 8618
Metabolic issues can persist even with antipsychotic switch. Boschert, Sherry Report Jan 1, 2010 610
Sugar and testosterone. Appleton, Nancy Dec 1, 2009 1004
Tricyclics elevate metabolic syndrome risk. Jancin, Bruce Report Oct 15, 2009 309
Hyperinsulinemia a risk factor for breast cancer. Jancin, Bruce Report Jun 15, 2009 496
"Sick fat," metabolic disease, and atherosclerosis. Report May 1, 2009 252
Metabolic effects associated to the highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in AIDS patients. Domingos, Hamilton; da Cunha, Rivaldo Venancio; Paniago, Anamaria Mello Miranda; Martins, Diego Mira Report Mar 1, 2009 5214
Plasma leptin and insulin relationships in obese and nonobese humans. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 226
Metabolic danger of high-fructose corn syrup. Flavin, Dana Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 6251
What are the abnormalities that characterize IRS? Nov 1, 2008 839
A variant in the gene for adiponectin--the fat tissue-secreted hormone that is inversely linked to obesity and hyperinsulinemia--is associated with decreased risk of colorectal cancer, new research shows. Brief article Oct 6, 2008 275
Bilateral temporal arachnoid cysts and glutaric aciduria type 1/iki tarafli temporal araknoid kistler ve glutarik asiduri tip 1. Yuksel, Deniz; Sahin, Murat; Gurer, Y.K. Yavuz Case study Sep 1, 2008 1581
Give levothyroxine separately for best absorption. Sullivan, Michele G. Aug 15, 2008 611
Inflammatory biomarkers and risks of myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and total mortality: implications for longevity. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 145
Beware of "normal weight" obesity: take steps to maintain a low body fat percentage to minimize your risk of metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes. Aug 1, 2008 459
Antiretroviral therapy may convey metabolic risks. Mahoney, Diana Mar 15, 2008 569
Propofol-induced hyperamylasaemia in a general intensive care unit. Nanas, S.; Angelopoulos, E.; Tsikriki, S.; Kritikos, K.; Voutsinas, E.; Zervakis, D.; Kanaloupiti, D Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 2408
Hyperinsulinemia and obesity are linked to PCOS in teens. Mahoney, Diana Nov 15, 2007 521
Insulin resistance more severe in PCOS with metabolic syndrome. Evans, Jeff Nov 15, 2007 376
Higher testosterone may upset metabolism. Schneider, Mary Ellen Aug 15, 2007 546
Metabolic dysfunction, testosterone levels tied. Schneider, Mary Ellen Aug 1, 2007 484
CATIE results show overlap of schizophrenia, metabolic disorder. Kirn, Timothy F. Aug 1, 2007 435
Think metabolic error in cases of near-miss SIDS. Walsh, Nancy Jun 1, 2007 450
Gout and metabolic syndrome link reinforced by new data. Dallojacono, Luann Jun 1, 2007 470
Long-acting insulin analogues' benefit questioned. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article Jun 1, 2007 252
Importance of metabolic syndrome definitions in prediction of cardiometabolic risk/Prospective validation in identical Turkish cohort of two metabolic syndrome definitions for predicting cardiometabolic risk and selection of most appropriate definition. Sarac, Fulden; Onat, Altan Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2007 765
Consensus a must for managing thyroid nodules. Lovinger, Sarah Pressman Feb 1, 2007 352
Eat a little, live a lot. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 83
Phenylketonuria. Wright, Kerri; Roberts, George H. Jan 1, 2007 3605
Family history linked to early thyroid diagnoses. Splete, Heidi Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2006 334
Metabolic Syndrome; Overview. Nov 14, 2006 1373
Metabolic Syndrome; Diagnosis. Nov 14, 2006 831
Metabolic Syndrome; Prevention. Nov 14, 2006 489
Metabolic Syndrome; Lifestyle Tips. Nov 14, 2006 959
Clinical. Sep 15, 2006 166
IV ibandronate rivals oral drug on BMD improvement. Sullivan, Michele G. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2006 445
What about high fructose corn syrup? Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Jun 1, 2006 344
Smoking not tied to hypothyroidism. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview May 15, 2006 265
Dizziness, hyperactive caloric responses, otic capsule demineralization, impaired glucose tolerance, and hyperinsulinemia. Brookler, Kenneth H. Apr 1, 2006 720
Clinical utility of bile acid sequestrants in the treatment of dyslipidemia: a scientific review. Insull, William, Jr. Mar 1, 2006 12527
Small thyroid nodules may pose greater risks than large ones. Wendling, Patrice Feb 15, 2006 414
Surrogate tests of insulin resistance deemed more practical. Finn, Robert Jan 15, 2006 697
Weekly bisphosphonate adherence is mediocre. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article Jan 15, 2006 291
Sex hormones mediate effect of PTH in men. Wachter, Kerri Jan 15, 2006 334
Hopes for Fenofibrate in diabetics dashed, primary end point unmet. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2006 504
Treating apnea may lower cortisol levels in PCOS. Bates, Betsy Jan 1, 2006 364
Refeeding syndrome looms for patients with eating disorders. Johnson, Kate Dec 1, 2005 502
Use CRP to gauge risk in metabolic syndrome. Jancin, Bruce May 15, 2005 494
Drug watch system misses hypoglycemic events. Tucker, Miriam E. May 15, 2005 376
Gestational diabetes prevalence almost doubled in a decade. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article May 15, 2005 298
Metabolic risks of atypical antipsychotics dissected. Boschert, Sherry May 1, 2005 483
The new A.R.T. of psychiatry. McKinley, Emily May 1, 2005 274
CV risk persists in atorvastatin Tx of type 2 diabetics on dialysis. Ingram, Jerry Apr 15, 2005 407
Involuntary weight loss: interview with Lisa Capaldini, M.D. James, John S. Interview Mar 25, 2005 619
Internalized racism may affect adolescents' metabolic health. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 252
Metabolic derangement and obesity double-team OA. Feb 15, 2005 565
Food interferes with rapid-release L-T4. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 280
T3 therapy called not ready for prime time. Jancin, Bruce Panel Discussion Jan 1, 2005 611
Metformin may reverse PCOS in some girls: two randomized trials show improvement in weight, lipid profiles of prepubertal patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Jan 1, 2005 711
Islet transplants reduce fear of hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes. Johnson, Kate Dec 15, 2004 315
Metabolic syndrome increases risk of stroke. Worcester, Sharon Dec 15, 2004 336
Loss of motion predicts vision loss in graves'. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2004 587
Gene testing, tailored Tx for atypical diabetes. Johnson, Kate Dec 1, 2004 960
Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease in children. Allen, Patricia L. Jackson Nov 1, 2004 3400
Racism may affect adolescents' metabolic health. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 260
Which anthropometric indices best predict metabolic disorders in Taiwan? Ng, Kim-Choy Jun 1, 2004 4075
When should we treat isolated high triglycerides? Cucuzzella, Mark; Smith, Peter C.; Nashelsky, Joan Feb 1, 2004 1133
Lipid management important for children, teens with diabetes: Ada consensus statement. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2003 743
Set realistic goals for metabolic syndrome patients: assess readiness for change. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2003 948
Waist size nails diagnosis of metabolic syndrome: efficient shortcut. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2003 358
Contribution of selected metabolic diseases to early childhood deaths--Virginia, 1996-2001. Chace, DH; Kalas, TA; Fierro, M; Hannon, H; Rasmussen, SA; Wolf, K; Williams, J; Dott, M Jul 25, 2003 1793
Metabolic syndrome increases risk of stroke: in women especially. Finn, Robert Brief Article Jul 15, 2003 320
Metabolic syndrome starts as young as age 2 years. (High Fasting Insulin Plays Central Role). Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2003 315
Chronic wasting disease in free-ranging Wisconsin White-tailed Deer. (Dispatches). Samuel, Michael D. May 1, 2003 2103
On being downwind from disrupted lives. (editor's desk). Rader, Rick Editorial Mar 1, 2003 1053
Living with trimethylaminuria. Mar 1, 2003 3438
Dietary therapies for medical disorders: finding a way to make them work. (Diet & Nutrition)(Cover Story). Feb 1, 2003 1150
Glycogenosis type VII (Tarui's disease): diagnostic considerations and late sequelae. (Editorial). Editorial Dec 1, 2002 959
Metabolic syndrome. Deutsch, Roger Jun 1, 2002 2248
Fructose intolerance. Sagall, Richard J. May 1, 2002 264
Universal newborn screening. Mar 1, 2002 626
US health authorities approve Swedish Orphan's drug. Brief Article Jan 24, 2002 123
Beer bellies are a growing problem. Brief Article Jan 21, 2002 163
Focus on pediatric movement disorders: ataxia. (ask the doctor). Sanger, Terence; Bartnett, Joy E. Dec 1, 2001 1573
Expert Advice on Health and Fitness. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 639
The case for universal newborn screening. (Healthcare). Hehmeyer, Charles P. Editorial Aug 1, 2001 4627
Pediatric Neurotransmitter Disease Association: dedicated to raising awareness of pediatric neurotransmitter diseases, newly identified inborn errors of metabolism that affect the central nervous system in children. (organizational spotlight). May 1, 2001 1953
Scientists advance in tests on iron and how it affects the brain. (Medical Research Update). Chamalian, David Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 268
Research into cause of infant death. (News & Notes). Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 107
Newborn Screening and Parent Support Groups. Stagni, Kathy Oct 1, 2000 1515
Serving the Family From Birth to the Medical Home. Oct 1, 2000 3281
Carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome. Hirsch, David Jul 1, 1999 1181
Mental Retardation Following Diagnosis of a Metabolic Disorder in Children Aged 3-10 Years -- Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, 1991-1994. May 7, 1999 1633
The family's role in research: partnership between parents and researchers can enable success in battling mitochondrial/metabolic disorders. Longenecker, Angie Sep 1, 1997 690
A challenge for the future. Hacker, Julie Venners Aug 1, 1997 339
Total parenteral nutrition. Collins, Janna C. Aug 1, 1997 728
Long journey to uncertainty. LaGow, Susan Aug 1, 1997 865
Sam's Story. Zirinsky, Bill Jun 1, 1997 1359
Going for the goal: a grandfather fights the clock. D'Agostino, Debra Apr 1, 1997 1748
Infant metabolic alkalosis and soy-based formula - United States. Nov 15, 1996 1542
Unexplained severe illness possibly associated with consumption of kombucha tea - Iowa, 1995. Dec 8, 1995 1812
Troubling insights into AIDs wasting. Raloff, Janet Brief Article Apr 22, 1995 283
Gene therapy possible for Sly's syndrome. Ezzell, Carol Aug 10, 1991 266
Heartaches we can prevent. SerVass, Cory Jan 1, 1991 838

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