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Meta-analysis of asbestos and lung cancer.

Asbestos is a well-recognized cause of lung cancer, but there is considerable heterogeneity among studies in the slope of exposure--response relationship. Lenters et al. (p. 1547) searched PubMed MEDLINE (1950-2009) for studies with quantitative estimates of cumulative asbestos exposure and lung cancer mortality and identified 19 original epidemiological studies, one population-based case--control study and the remainder industry-based cohort studies. The authors assessed the quality of five exposure assessment aspects of each study and conducted random effects meta-regressions. They conclude that studies with higher-quality asbestos exposure assessment yielded higher meta-estimates of the lung cancer risk per unit of exposure and that potency differences for predominantly chrysotile versus amphibole asbestos-exposed cohorts became difficult to ascertain when meta-analyses were restricted to studies with fewer exposure assessment limitations.
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Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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