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Message from the president.

The CANNT spring board of directors' meeting was held May 5-6 in Toronto. The strategic plan for 2007-2010 was created. This year, not only the board of directors participated in the strategic planning, but also a representation of long-standing CANNT members and previous board members. These members were asked for their opinion on the current strengths, weaknesses and future directions for CANNT. This feedback was reviewed by the board of directors and taken into consideration when creating the strategic plan. Thank you to those who took the time to send in their valuable feedback.


National Nursing Week was held May 7-13, 2007. The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) theme this year was, "Think you Know Nursing? Take a Closer Look." The goal was to challenge Canadians on their perceptions of the role of nurses in the health care system. CNA recommends that nursing week be an opportunity for nurses to invite media, decision-makers and other stakeholders to learn about the achievements and breadth of nursing.

How do we, as nephrology nurses, celebrate our achievements during nursing week? All too often, I think we forget the reason for nursing week and want to know what "they" are getting "us" for nursing week. I'm proud to say that in the unit where I work, we have a task force that has the mandate to plan how we celebrate our achievements. Every year we have a large poster display entitled "Celebrating our Accomplishments." In this display, we acknowledge the various professional achievements such as: committee members, CNeph(C), presentations done at various conferences, nursing research being conducted in the unit, publications, awards and photos of the nursing staff. Also, during the week, we hold door prizes for textbooks and a free CANNT membership as well as other activities. This is an important week for nephrology nurses and to recognize the differences we make in people's lives. If your unit celebrates nursing achievements in a unique way, consider writing it and publishing it in the Profiling section of the CANNT Journal. If one of your colleagues does exceptional work, consider nominating him/her for a CANNT award of excellence.

World Kidney Day was held on March 8, 2007. This is a joint effort between the International Society of Nephrologists and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. This began in 2006 as a method to raise awareness and highlight the importance of renal function and kidney disease. This year, 57 countries were involved including Canada. The Kidney Foundation of Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Society of Nephrology, issued a joint press release this year on World Kidney Day. This press release and other information about World Kidney Day can be found on their website Kidney Foundation branches around the world held a variety of outreach events such as blood pressure screening clinics and educational events on the risk factors for kidney disease. CANNT supports this important event and we will be making more information available to our members for World Kidney Day 2008.

In February, we held a CANNT membership drive. Each time a CANNT member recruited a new member their name went into a draw. Congratulations to Heather Steiner who was the winner of the spring 2007 membership drive and received $250.00. Don't forget the CANNT 2007 conference "Diversity is the key: People, ideas, information" is being held October 25-28, 2007, at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I want to wish success to all nurses who wrote their CNeph(C) on April 14, 2007. Have a safe and happy summer.

Lori Harwood, RN, MSc, CNeph(C)

CANNT President
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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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