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Message from the outgoing National President.

It has been my privilege to serve as your National President during the past year. It was an extremely successful year for ASMC. We--and America--weathered the storm of September 11. We honored our injured and fallen comrades with contributions in their memory. That memory continues in community service around the world.

The program of professional development was placed temporarily on hold; however, shortly after 9/11 we resumed PDIs at the local level. Our overseas chapters faced a special security burden, and the PDI in Germany showed us a herculean effort that overcame that challenge. In total, 40 chapter symposiums took place during the year, culminating with the National PDI in Denver, which drew almost 3,700 attendees.

The certification program continued to make a singular contribution to the professional development of the workforce. Over 2,000 students attended the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course, and over 700 Department of Defense employees achieved certification as Certified Defense Financial Managers.

I have enjoyed visiting and talking with chapter members throughout the world. Invariably, I find that we are a society of highly motivated professionals who are serving our country and simply doing what's right. You represent the best of America, and I salute you. I am proud to be on your team.

Semper Fi.

Robert Magnus, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps National President, 2001-2002
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Title Annotation:American Society of Military Comptrollers president Robert Magnus
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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